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Electro Shot Shooting Gallery
by Marx

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: May 31, 2011

Got mine from Jason's Toy store in Woodhaven around 1970. This is without a doubt my favorite Christmas present of all time. The gun was no plastic piece of garbage like they make now. It was awesome and you could make it where it would just keep shooting. I would love to have this again. I remember it was expensive for the time but well worth it.

Anthony B.

This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

My dad one day when up to our attic and said he had a surprise for me (I thought it would be something like a playstation or something). But, when he came down the stairs he was holding his old electro shot! It was older then me and Iím 14! It is AWESOME. I love shooting the ďtraveling targetĒ and the bell! It's awesome!

James Young

This memory was added on: January 1, 2009

We were reminiscing about best Christmas gifts and this toy came to mind. I couldn't remember the name as I described it to my kids. Obviously, I found it on line. My recollection was that it literally ate batteries and the marbles would arc. My father's solution was to wire an HO train transformer into the gun. It was brilliant!! You could adjust the voltage and the force of the marbles. In machine gun mode it was an animal. Unfortunately, we eventually got a little to aggressive with the voltage and burnt out the gun's motor. If only I could of exercised a little more restraint. It was a great toy!

John T.

This memory was added on: December 22, 2008

Born in 1958, I got mine around 1964 while living in Queens, NY. It made such an impression on me, especially the lion head with the open mouth, that a seed was planted for guns and hunting. I met very few gun owners and hunters growing up there, but as an adult I developed a passion for both. Iíve hunted all around the world, and still have the same enthusiasm and wonder while on the hunt, that I had all those years ago in a row house in the city! Iíll be providing one for my granddaughters and grandsons as they can handle the toy. Incidentally, I remember being disappointed that I failed to dissemble the toy to shoot the steel balls free of the game.


This memory was added on: April 12, 2008

I got mine when I was 13 in Brooklyn NY. This, along with the Hot Wheels Factory, was one of the best toys I ever received - ever! On the extreme left

There was a series of targets that were different sizes, and if you flipped a switch, the BB's would collect inside the back of the game. We used to see who could fill up the target until all of the pellets were gone. What was it about the clown head that made every one want to tee off on it as soon as the game started?!!

I also remember the BB's would get stuck bebetween the revolving duck wheel and the lion head target. And wasnít there a spring loaded silver arm that did something when you hit it?

I'd buy one in a minute and show these kids today what real fun is all about!!!!


This memory was added on: October 23, 2007

I loved this toy! But thinking back on it now at age 41 I honestly wonder how my parents could stand the racket this thing made! Heh. Kids are noisy enough by themselves!


This memory was added on: May 30, 2007

lousy childhood dad died mom left passed around family member to member only thing got me thru my electro shot shooting gallery what a blessing and fond memory

j gary

This memory was added on: March 22, 2007

I can't recall whether it was us who had one of these or one of our friends down the street. The TV ad is something I have a good memory of, from back when the public would actually accept something so hokey. I guess it tended to resemble a pinball machine, when you come to think of it, only the FPS of the balls was nothing, compared first to BB guns and then to real guns, in the process of growing up as a target shooter.

I was reminded briefly of this game when I was at Disneyland and did the 50 cent Shootin Gallery there in Frontierworld. This one used light beams, however, so it wasn't quite the same. I understand that carnival shooting galleries in the good old days used real rifles--imagine that today.

At least you can still buy things like cap guns at Wal*Mart.


This memory was added on: March 22, 2007

what memories, I was given this as a gift for christmas when I was 5 years old, one of the best toys I ever recieved. Sadly I remember throwing it out when I was about 13.I am going to buy one for my 8 year old nephew for his birthday hopefully.

william mattes

This memory was added on: March 10, 2007

I think this was favorite toy of all time! Two weeks after Christmas my older sister (she was 16...I was 9) "accidentally" stepped on it and cracked the plastic case.....To this day, to her chagrin, I still remind her about it every Christmas when I call to wish her and her family my best for the Holidays. My Dad, who could fix anything, did his best to glue it back together...but it was just never the same. Still have it...with the legs, and the gun (which still works the last time I checked) Maybe one day I'll find an intact case put it all together and my sister will finally get some peace and quiet.....

Thanks for the picture, and reminding me of great Christmas memories growing up... Miss and love you Dad!


This memory was added on: March 7, 2007

I Absolutely loved this toy. Single shot or bursts of automatic fire...it didn't matter. It could entertain groups of us for hours. As someone else mentioned, you just needed fresh D batteries...And we went through a ton of them.

We all broke toys as kids, but when I think about the demise of this classic I still want to cry. I used to keep a large white bucket (like the kind that had maybe a gallon of ice cream in it)on my closet shelf. It was full of coins, mostly pennies. Yes, pennies. Well, one day I was trying to get this bucket down and it slipped out of my hands and crashed through the plastic protective cover. And that was all she wrote.

It's been years since I have thought about this toy. I stumbled across this site and have since given myself a case of the warm and fuzzys. I hope your memories are as good as mine.


This memory was added on: January 6, 2007

I didn't have this one, but I did have "Marx Pistol Polo", a 2 player game where you would try to shoot a yellow ball to your opponent's side, using a pistol that shot steel balls. You can find pics of it by doing a search on Ebay.

Stevie B.

This memory was added on: December 5, 2006

Aw man, this thing brings back memories. I got this for Christmas one year, didn't even ask for it. It turned out to be one of the best toys I had. I loved how you could switch from rapid shot to single shot. It made so much noise but it gave hours of fun. I don't remember breaking it, I think it got lost when we moved. I would love to have this again


This memory was added on: December 3, 2006

I got one of these from a garage sale , in the mid 70's, I was about 14, I had always wanted one but it never found its way under the tree. We spent several days being marksman until it broke open and all the bb's got lost and mom stepped in and sent it to the cool toy graveyard..


This memory was added on: November 24, 2006

You lucky kids. I wanted one sooo badly that I still gripe to my mother today for not getting me one. I never let a Christmas go by without reminding her how she let me down. Perhaps I should let her off the hook since she has covered my behind financially several times but as you all know that shooting gallery was great and perhaps it is just kharma getting even with her.


This memory was added on: November 4, 2006

I got one of these back in the early '70's. My brother and sister and I spent countless hours playing with this. Then one horrifying day one of us tripped and dropped the darn thing and broke the outer shell. Not to be defeated, we figured out how to rig the gun to shoot the pellets while detatched from the safety shell -- what amazing fun!!! This really horrified my mom and it eventually disappeared. I'd also love to get hold of one of these for old time's sake

Alan Bubacz

This memory was added on: November 2, 2006

Wow! I got this for Christmas one year, boy did I have a blast playing with this!


This memory was added on: October 9, 2006

I loved this toy so much! I played it for what seemed like foreaver until one of the legs broke. I kept it for a long time and used books to prop it up, and kept on playing. I know I had it at leaset 5-6 years!!! All you needed was some new batteries and you were off! I would love to own one today, my kids would love it!!!

Scott Parker

This memory was added on: September 27, 2006

my mothers boyfriend was a truckdriver. i remember rideing along with him, early 70's, i a "real semi", you remember the flat nose semi's, before aero-dynamics. we went to marks toys, in n w pennsyvania, and picked up a load, and i got to keep one......all on my mothers good looks! i've had an appreciation for guns, everscince!

troy eckonen

This memory was added on: August 20, 2006

My brother (5 years older) got one for Christmas in 1968? I remember it looked sooooo cool on the tv commercial, rock the clown, shoot the ducks, some wierd psychedelic wheel that turned round (that reminded me of the beginning of the twilight zone. We had a ton of fun with it, and had it for years!


This memory was added on: August 10, 2006

Before Playstations and Gameboys, there was this toy . I used to spend hours playing this amd never ever got tired. Where can I get one?


This memory was added on: June 4, 2006

This was my best game as a child and i still have it but the top plastic glass was broken when i moved.So i am looking for a used one to fix mine.Maybe by the time my son turns six i will have it fixed or some one will make the game again.


This memory was added on: May 11, 2006

Oh Boy! This was one of those toys in the 60's that I really wanted but because it was too expensive or something I didn't get. How cool it looked in the Christmas Catalog! I would have broken it anyways.

Gary Melari

This memory was added on: April 18, 2006

This was my all-time favorite. I got one in 1968. Remember, this was decades before computer games. My wife surprised me 10 years ago and got me a working one off e-bay. My kids even got a kick out of it. It was just a cool, amazing toy for that time.


This memory was added on: April 1, 2006

This toy was, and is definately on my top five list of my all time favorite childhood toys...I remember when I got this one christmas, I wasn't expecting it because I didn't even know it existed at the time...I played this alot with my dad because he was a gun collector and enthusiast...This was one of those games/toys that I played with till it ' died ' ... I still hope to find and obtain a working versions of one of these on Ebay someday soon...This is one of the greatest websites on the net today I think...


This memory was added on: March 28, 2006

I had the one similar to this, The Rattlin' Gattlin' Gun. It had the hand crank with the old west scenary. What a great toy. The noise it made drove my parents crazy. God, I miss it.


This memory was added on: March 13, 2006

This thing kicked butt. I believe there was a manual model that was available also. It had a hand crank to fire the balls. My brother and I got a second hand one from a flea market years ago and hooked it up to stronger voltage batteries and practically blew out the backdrop before the motor finially smoked. Whoo HOO!


This memory was added on: January 30, 2006

I remember my father buying me this. I enjoyed it for hours in my basement.

Lisa Wales

This memory was added on: January 1, 2006

I had one of these and loved it! The only thing was, it wasn't an "electro-shot" shooting gallery. I forget what it was called exactly. It wasn't a "magic shot shooting gallery" either. It was just like the "electro-shot", same exact targets and shooting range encased in plastic with the little legs and it was made by Marx, but instead of a tommy gun you had a colt 45! One shot at a time semi-auto style. You could get it shooting pretty fast, but not like the autofire of the "electro-shot". As with a number of my favorite toys, my cousins broke it for me.

Kevin Whitelock

This memory was added on: December 20, 2005

Wow!! I have always thought about this toy since I was a kid. I have a 4 year old son who is helping me relive my childhood. (I have just built a Lionel train table in the basement and it is growing) I have been thinking about the shooting gallery a lot lately and started looking for it on the internet. I now know my quest will not be complete until I find one of these and beat my son at it :)

Another thing I noted from reading the posts is that we are all very close in age. You can almost tell what years this shooting gallery was sold by looking at our dates of birth. Great website!

Mark Johnson

This memory was added on: December 12, 2005

I've got two Brothers, one that's two years older, and one two years younger than me. Our favorite Christmas was the year we got an Electro Shot Shooting Gallery, a Verti-Bird, and a Skittle Pool set. I don't think we left the house the entire Christmas Vacation. My Mom wanted to kill Dad for getting such loud toys that were being played with constantly. My plan is; for next Christmas I want to have good quality versions of each of these games. Then invite my Brothers over and surprise them. I've got a year, so if anyone has good ones for sale(reasonably priced), let me know.

Bill Hoff

This memory was added on: December 7, 2005

I just got one at an auction. Nya Nyaaaaa!

Sir Greg

This memory was added on: November 20, 2005

This is the best toy I ever got for Christmas. I was eight or nine when I got this. I played with this toy for endless hours. I do attribute this toy to my love of guns and shooting. I think my brother threw it away while I was in the Army. Couldn't be more upset. I couldn't locate one of these for years, didn't know the name brand, etc.., but was determined to find it and was successful by looking on Ebay. I would love to have one for my kids to play with, but the price for a used one it extremely high. Why don't they make toys like this anymore. A toy like this would be the seasons favorite year-after-year. 10x better than anything being sold these days. How many Christmas toys do you remember from your childhood? None left so great a memory in my mind than this one.

Tim Rainey

This memory was added on: October 28, 2005

I just KNOW I had this game when I was 5 or 6 years old. I was a tomboy and I loved stuff like this. I loved going to see "gunfights" in Panama City too. This game was great, me and my dad and my cousin Ricky played it a lot. I remeber later me and my little brother had a game called "Shootout at O.K. Corral" this game was cool and had real BB's too. you would shoot at plastic cowboys on your opponents gun.. FUN!! Does anyone remember this game? My mother was always filling up boxes to take to the Salvation Army, if not, the trash. Who knew there would be an E-bay????????????///


This memory was added on: October 3, 2005

My older brother had this and I kicked his butt many a time in shootouts. A great toy!


This memory was added on: September 15, 2005

Wow! One of my favorite all time toys. If you had an Electro Shot Shooting Gallery, you were the kid who had all the others banging on your door. Those were the days.........


This memory was added on: September 15, 2005

As a US Marine from 1982-1986, I set the all-time Marine Corps range record for recruits at Camp Pendleton in 1982. Needless to say I owe it all to the best damn present I ever got for Christmas; my Electro Shot Shooting Gallery!


This memory was added on: September 5, 2005

I remember the commercial on T.V. I remember Christmas morning when I went to the livingroom and opened the present...WOW this was a gun.A REAL B.B. GUN and my parents gave it to me.I loved shooting the ducks,the clown and the little score holes.What a noise this thing made.I loved it.To me this will forevery be the sound of Christmas morning.


This memory was added on: July 25, 2005

I got this toy for Christmas and loved it. What a noisy thing but lots of fun!


This memory was added on: July 15, 2005

What a toy!!! Every year we watch "A Christmas Story" (you know, the one where Ralphie wants a Red Rifle BB Gun)...well, I tell me daughter about this special toy I had and she can't believe it. We were poor, but I had a twin brother so my parents often purchased something we both could play with...and did we ever. I would give a thousand dollars if I knew what happened to it. As they say in the movie, "best toy I have ever, or will ever, receive".


This memory was added on: May 21, 2005

Found this page looking for the exact name of the game. My mom came to visit today and brought a bunch of my old toys for our 7 and 4 year old.

They've been through 2 sets of batteries already...


This memory was added on: February 5, 2005

i loved this toy! what a blast!! id spend all afternoon playing with it they dont make toys like that anymore im glad i grew up in the late 60s and 70s all the toys from that era were awesome !!not like the toys today

mike g

This memory was added on: January 17, 2005

I got one about 2 years ago out of the trash, didn't have a clue as to what it was. Didn't know the yellow legs went with it would have grabbed them too. Got it home along with a pickup box and trailer of goody from the spring clean up (trash day). Anyway popped 4 batteries into it. Wow it was the best thing I picked up. Still play with the thing saving it for my kids, don't believe they will be able to find a currently made toy like it.


This memory was added on: November 23, 2004

Hey....I still have mine...and it still works. Makes the same great loud annoying noise as always. I fired it up a month or so ago. The plastic is scratched up and the paint inside has dings and chips in it. We loved playing with it 35 years or more ago. I remember when dad ordered it from the Mongomery Wards catolog for us.


This memory was added on: November 19, 2004

One of the greatest toys of my youth. I wish you could still buy them. I would love to get one for my sons. It had semi- auto or fully auto fire. I must have put a thousand hours on it; I have no idea what happened to it.

This memory was added on: November 15, 2004

Had one when we were "kids" (aren't we all still kids at heart?). Came across one at local antique market, and just had to have it again! Still play it once and awhile!


This memory was added on: November 14, 2004

Wow I remember that game that was cool. I never had one myself but my best friend did I remember playing it for hours. I did have Tin Can Alley though as a kid I loved that too shooting the cans off the fence.


This memory was added on: October 19, 2004

I remember playing with this toy all of the time. I loved it!!! I loved reading other people's memories of it as well. I forgot that it was loud. I think I ruined it by taking it apart because I wanted to try to use the BB gun alone.


This memory was added on: October 5, 2004

I had one in the mid 70s. I loved it so much, i would get in trouble for playing with it in the middle of the night. I wish i knew where to get one now.

Wayne Niles

This memory was added on: August 25, 2004

I begged and threw fits to get this for Christmas when I was in fourth or fifth grade. You could shoot it one shot at a time or flip the switch to full automatic. I loved that machine gun effect. I don't think I got bored until I was at least 40!!!

Mark Russell

This memory was added on: July 28, 2004

I remember asking my grandmother to buy me this toy. It was expensive, but somehow she bought it anyway. I can remember tearing open the Christmas wrapping. I played it non-stop. Christmas day, my grandmother got sick and she died the next day. I put the toy away and never played it again. I still have it in the original box. It's still a special topy for me.


This memory was added on: April 23, 2004

i loved this game i remember the tv ad

'' hit the switch and its a rapid fire machine gun''

the good old days when toy guns were fun

ray ayling

This memory was added on: April 18, 2004

this was agraet toy but like most boys I tried to take it apart,lost the steel shot and preaty much ruined it.all & all it was one of the coolist toys I ever had


This memory was added on: April 16, 2004

I too absolutely loved this game. I did not own one, however my neighbor did. It has been 30 yearssince I've played this toy and I still dream of playing this game. I am looking to purchase one, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I will pay a finders fee. Thanks...... JFRISKE@ULTRAFAB.COM

Joe Friske

This memory was added on: February 23, 2004

One of my favorite Christmas presents I had ever received. I spent many hours playing with it and trying to shoot the pellets into the lion's mouth. It is ashame that they don't make great toys like this anymore.


This memory was added on: January 27, 2004

I remember on Christmas eve, it was quite late but my sisters and I were awaken by the loud clatter of this game being played by our father. He was laying on his stomach having quite the grand time. As I remember it was probaly 3 or 4 in the morning and we were all downstairs taking turns until the sun came up.

John Merkle

This memory was added on: January 15, 2004

We could not afford one then but I have one now that works great and me and my grandkids play with it from time to time.


This memory was added on: January 11, 2004

I absolutely loved this!


This memory was added on: October 30,2003

I was just thinking about this toy, one of my favorites from childhood. I think we eventually managed to lose one of the legs somehow so we had to prop it up with books and it wasn't quite the same.

Boy I loved this toy though. Loud! Violent! what little boy could ask for more? I'm still amazed that my "no toy guns" mom bought it for me. I think she rationalized it was okay since you could only aim at targets and none of them looked like people :)


This memory was added on: August 27, 2003

Yes I too enjoyed the thrill of trying to decapitate the clown head with the auto-fire mode.. My gun, however, broke one of the electrical contacts off off the battery case and refused to fire.. I put it away in my grandmother's attic and forgot about it. Well she sold the house last month and to my surprise, hidden away in a corner of the attic was my prize, still exactly as I had left it.. Now I am trying to put it back togeather and repair the electrical problem so my kids can see what we did for fun..


This memory was added on: August 22, 2003

I got this one for Chistmas around age 12. It was great. Sadly, it only lasted about one month before it jammed and refused to fire. I asked a neighbor to take a look at it. He placed rubberband around the motor casing which fixed the problem for a short time. I remember how much noise it made and how I didn't mind as long as it was working. Other kids on my block all wanted a chance to try it.


This memory was added on: July 14, 2003

I had this game too, I think my Dad played it more then I did. Only problem was the machine gun always jammed and you had to keep turning the knob to unjam it. I loved to shoot the clown head.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2003

It's funny....I almost had the equivalent of an orgasm when I first saw this toy. Of course, I twisted mom and dad's arm nearly off their shoulder if I didn't see this toy under the Christmas tree. Of course, I did get it after a lot of whining. I also got a couple of other Marx shooting gallery type toys. One I remember quite well....was this rifle that shot these little rubber suction cup type bullets about 2 inches long at this tin litho stand up target with various animal graphics on it. I don't remember the name of it, but it was cool.


This memory was added on: June 21, 2003

Oh yes i remember it well. there was also a bell that you could ring. This was by far one of the loudest toys on the market and i remember not being allowed to play it during certain tv shows.

Dennis Cline

This memory was added on: June 11, 2003

Man, I had totally forgot about this toy. As I recall, it belonged to my older brothers, but I played with it quite a bit. I seem to remember some duck targets that you wound up and they went around in a circle.....I too thought about trying to remove the gun and use it in one of our many games of army we used to play....those were the days....

Al Rothfuchs

This memory was added on: May 17, 2003

I got the Electro Shot Shooting Gallery one Christmas, probably when I was 11 or 12, I suppose. It was fun to play, shooting those steel chrome pellets at the targets, although with the weight of them it didn't have much velocity. I actually thought about removing the 'automatic gun' from the main unit, thinking I could use it against 'real' targets (well, 'real', as in the hapless bug that happened to be around, that is!).

It makes you wonder where, or how, those great toys were disposed of. But I guess they met the same fate as our collective shoe boxes of baseball/football trading cards.


This memory was added on: May 15, 2003

We had one! My God, I loved that game! I had forgotten about the lion head, but ahhhhhh yesssss!

Ken Fagin

This memory was added on: March 21, 2003

A friend of mine had one. I was jealous. It shot small "pea sized" chrome balls. I can remember some of the targets. A plastic lion on the back, you could shoot into its mouth. There were also some "flip" tartgets (4) you could hit the top one and it would flip the bottom part down and vice versa.