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This memory was added on: February 21, 2010

I inherited a bunch of classic Joes from my older brothers and *loved* 'em! I remember those guys with the real hair all getting somewhat random mangy bald spots. Apparently my older brother got one of those classic Joe scuba divers for Christmas. He promptly went out into the rain and tried to send him under the street through a storm drain rushing with water... apparently cave scuba diving is as hazardous for Joes as it is people, and he never returned.

Later I got one of those bionic man-type guys... Mike Power was it? The last I saw of him was when I tied the end of our rope swing to his forearm (which he was holding with his little kung-fu grippy hand, of course), got the rope whipping back and forth rhythmically, then let go and sent him and then sent him sailing off between the redwood trees. Needless to say, when the rope came back all that remained was the arm and hand, still realistically gripping the rope. I looked forever to find him, but he apparently vanished into another (probably safer) dimension!

Craig Polson

This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

Over here in the UK we called him 'Action Man' (G.I. Joe would have meant nothing to us). I had two, black hair (the bad guy, always the German) and orange hair (who wore the Green Beret uniform). I used to have them fight each other. I had no idea back in the late 60s what a Green Beret was and that they could never have met in combat. It was only years later, too, that I realised my Action Man figures looked exactly like Robert Mitchum.

Gordon in Scotland

This memory was added on: November 30, 2008

Ok, picture this Christmas 1975, I got my GI Joe from the Eaton's Catalog (I live in Canada). I was 4 years, old he came with the camouflage outfit and and his army accessories. I can't remember as a 4 year how I wanted a GI Joe, but there must have been commercials on TV at the same time during Gilligan's island re-runs. Then to top it off the Eaton's catalog came to my door step, and like most 4 year boys, I went right to the toy section and dream about owning that toy. I probably drove my mom stir crazy from October 1 to December 24th. I remember when I open the package and felt like wow my GI Joe, Santa you never let me down.


This memory was added on: August 2, 2008

As a kid growing up in the 70s I never had my own GI Joe; they were expensive imported toys here in the Philippines. What I got was a cheaper alternative, a Johnny Hero sports foam and wire bendable figure. I liked it nonetheless. But I would spend hours in the toy shops drooling over the different figures and sets Hasbro put out. Then a couple of decades later, I was bitten by the collecting bug, and I now have some 200 vintage GI Joe figures and another 100 newer re-issue figures in my collection, apart from a large collection of other vintage collectible toys. Back to being a kid, with a vengeance :)


This memory was added on: June 20, 2008

I remember hearing about GI Joe in the fall of 1964. I wanted one ASAP. However, my folks gave me a Johnny West cowboy instead. I later got a Joe, some military gear and a Spy Island set. When I started going to school by city bus, I had a chance to shop around on my own. I bought four Joe knock-offs. Then, I hit the jackpot, a store had all of the SOTW carded accessory sets for $2 ea (this was the fall of 1971). I bought them all over a couple of months. My "squad" was then able to go on missions armed to the teeth :-)

When I got into my teens, my mom threw the whole collection out. I started collecting again about ten years ago and now have about 18 old Joes, a five star jeep and a sea sled. I have bought some Dragon and other new figures. However, the only action figures I have been really happy with are the ones from the 1960's. My youngest son (age 6) is pretty keen on Joes and has several 40th anniversary sets. We have had some good fun playing with them and just looking at my old Joes.


This memory was added on: April 22, 2008

Even now as a 40 year old adult Im still collecting GI Joe Adventure Team toys. Like many boys, Gi Joe was one of my favorite toys to play with. There is something special connected to all of us as far as a toy we were attached to as a child. I still get excited when I find a new Joe toy from the past, just like when I was a kid. I wish I could go back to the 1970's and visit my favorite local toy store and just buy everything I could find pertaining to Gi jOE Adventure Team toys. Well, at least I do have the memories, that's a whole lot right there.

Carteret, NJ

This memory was added on: March 19, 2008

I loved my G.I. Joe, and as an adult have bought all the retro anniversary re-issues (though I don't play with them). I got the USAF pilot, with the helmet, etc., but without a plane to put him in, there wasn't much to do with it. Eventually they made a plane for him and I got one, but it was cheap and cheesy and patterned after a US Navy Panther jet (?!). Don't think it lasted too long.

I also had the Mercury Astronaut and the capsule. Not sure why they made it grey plastic instead of black like the real one. I still loved it, though.

My favorite had to be the Frogman with the real black rubber wet suit. My Mother cursed and broke fingernails trying to get that thing on and off him! I had a great time playing with it in the bathtub. Also had an assortment of Army outfits and accessories. I used to take the pistols and play GI Joe the Spy before they did any of the "Adventurer" stuff.

Does anyone remember "Stony"? I wanted another G.I.Joe, but my Mom got me a Stony instead. It was the same size as Joe, but cheaper. It had Army fatigues molded on, so you couldn't change outfits. Also, the legs were hard-molded so you couldn't move them, but the arms were articulated and the head would turn around. I think it came with a helmet, some weapons and other gear, which were useful.

Frederick, MD

This memory was added on: December 18, 2007

I loved my GI Joe. My first one had the yellow plastic head/hair. But then, one Christmas the new GI-Joe with life like hair came out. I wanted one so bad, but I couldn't afford to buy one. So one of my friends (who by the way was one of the "bad influences" my mom told me to stay away from) encouraged me to swap my GI Joe head for the one in the store with life-like hair. I guess you didn't know the heads are held on with elastic bands. Well so I did it and now had a new head on my old Joe. I did actually replace the one is the store, so it wasn't really like stealing. Anyway, I loved my GI-Joe and had all the different uniforms including the scuba diving suit. At some point it all got sold at a garage sale, but I still have the foot locker.


This memory was added on: November 4, 2007

I am writing this from my cousins computer okay but anyway i remember my firstJoe.It was a Land Adventuer and loved it. By 1977 i had almost every set ever made! I remember my favorite was the Mummy's Tomb but i also liked the ATV better. I have included a list of my child hood joes:

Land Adventurer
Air Adventurer
Action Soldier (mom picked it up from a yard sale)
Mummy's Tomb
Big Trapper
Space Capsule

That all i can think of at any rate.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2007

I never really though about my 1964 or 70's fuzzy head joes until I was 35 and my mother sold it in a garage sale for 1.00 LOL ......it was original, and had talk tags and worked PERFECT..... now Im collecting all the vintage fuzzies I can . LOL


This memory was added on: May 10, 2007

Wow...what memories. I was just telling my son about my GI Joe toys...he loves the Sigma 6 GI Joes, but they're just not the same as the vintage 12" figures. Which leads me to a question. Does anyone know how to purchase vintage GI Joes other than ebay? I am particularly interested in the arctic GI Joe set that was made probably around 1970. There was Joe, he had a white snow suit, parka, 3 sled dogs, a sled, snow boots/shoes, and probably some other stuff I don't remember. The greatest part I remember about playing with GI Joes was pouring ketchup on them for blood!! That was the good 'ol days when imagination ruled. Anyway, if anyone knows of a great contact for what I'm looking for, that would be great!


This memory was added on: May 6, 2007

g.i. joe was one of my all time favorites. i had the watch tower, a truck that towed a command post, table settings, small dynamite, guns, clithes galore... i even shaved his hair all off to try to make him have a marine style hair cut. gradeschool scissors are not very sharp though. i still have him tucked away in a partial marine dress uniform. i use to think that the accessories were so cool. the latest style accessories are 100 times more detailed. these kinds of toys kept my brother and i occupied, no video games out then. that was when kids had living imagination, not annimated immagination.

Don H.

This memory was added on: May 4, 2007

I had several "Joes" in the collection and played with them even into early junior high. That earned me the nickname "GI" which, to be honest, was the least offensive nickname I earned over those years.

I never liked Joes' hands because they didn't seem natural for holding weapons. We got around that by getting Johnny West "dolls" [always hated that word] and taking their hands out. Somehow...I don't recall how, we then replaced those at the ends of Joes' arms with the more natural West hands. The skin colors didn't line up but we either didn't care or we used a long-sleeved uniform.

Joe really was a better boyfriend for the Barbi; Ken was a wuss!


This memory was added on: April 9, 2007

wow, let's see, the adventure team joes were a big part of my life growing up. i was 7 in 1970 and the first time i saw the "fuzzy heads" was in a sears christmas catalog. my best friend at the time was lucky enough to have not only the original 5 star jeep but what i considered the crown jewel of gi joe play sets, adventure team headquarters. we played countless hours and countless cenarios at the headquarters . i only had about 4 joes myself and i was damned lucky to have those. you see, i had one of those old school step fathers who hated anything resembling what he called " dolls". he was all about the traditional " boy toys" from the 50's like cap guns, footballs and slot cars, which i had aswell:) so my joes had to "sneek" into our house avoiding the nasty nazi( step dad) at the end of the hall. helped smuggled in by my mom :) the joes helped me escape a lonely,hellish childhood ( sorry about being a downer here :) so fast forward to today, i no longer have my original joes but ive made up for it with many of the AT repros and sets. that child's sense of wonder comes flooding back to me when i look at my joes.


This memory was added on: March 21, 2007

That's funny that you mentioned the additional scars. Mine had 'em too along with premature balding. My brother, two years younger, was rough with his. We always got the same toys but his easily distinguished by the lost limbs. His made no "soothing sounds" as we slept. All we heard were moans and screams! It's a wonder we got any sleep, I guess it was all the hard playing!

Joe Doe

This memory was added on: March 12, 2007

It's been years, But I can still here joe speaking:"This is gonna be rough, can you handle it" "We must get there before dark, follow me" "The adventure team is needed in habitat, right away" and then the famous line when string gets pulled to full extention, never been quite sure exact words but something like "set a steen, headcourters here". Wow, the good old days things were simple.


This memory was added on: February 27, 2007

I used to play with my cousins late 60's military joes and early 70's Adventure Team joes. I have Christmas pictures of me opening my own Land Adventurer and Yellow Helicopter. I had these and many others through the 70's to go with my Johnny West, Big Jim and Megos. I remember the last retail purchase I made of the old 70's joes. It was in a large toy store, like toysRus but different name, and it was like 78 or 79. They had what must have been a case of Sandstorm Survival sets, 3 or 4, up on a shelf. This was a large set that consisted of a jeep, tent, aligator?, inflatable raft and equipment. I remeber opening the box in the back seat of the car on the way home and thinking how cool it was to find something that I hadn't seen in stores in years. Of course now my thought is I should have bought all 3-4 of them. I'm sure they cost next to nothing on the mark down! I don't have that set any more but a few accessories suvived. In the 80's I bought 18 assorted old joes at flea markets and garage sales, which i still have. I've just recently picked up some of the repros that are out there. Cool stuff, then and now.

Steven S.

This memory was added on: February 27, 2007

Being a girl I loved a barbie dolls around age 9 and 10.n But I felt as though Barbie was lonely. I asked for a man for her and my father brought home a GI Joe doll. Wow was I glad that day. I'd play for hours about GI Joe telling Barbie he had to go off to war and he mighy not return, or about their wedding day when Barbie wanted a her dress to be white but Joe wanted it to be army designed. Now years later I still remember.


This memory was added on: February 12, 2007

GI Joe was my favorite all time toy. I had 18 different kids of Joe's. My favorite being the astronaut with the silver suit. Man I loved the space suit and helmet. I grew up playing with all my friends in the yards of New York City. We set up battle scenes, bunkers, camps and all kinds of cool things. All the accessories gave us so many options to play with. It was just endless hours of fun and imagination. I tragically lost all of my Joe's in a toy shed cleanout but recently have started collecting 12" action figures from GI Joe Timeless Collections, BB and others. I have divers, SWAT, artic soldiers astronauts, football players, 'Nam, firefighters, Police, MP's, chemical warefare soldiers, etc. that I have custom built for my new collection. I guess the only difference now is that I never play with them so they always remain new. Cool! One day I hope to pass my current collection to my kids and keep the legacy alive!

John Dones