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This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

The Star Grazer

The Stargrazer became the F-40-A Stargrazer when I was in Highschool and drew adventure comics for my friends and me. The series lasted something like 3 years and was based loosly on the old science fiction TV series UFO (made in England). I must have drawn about a thousand pictures of the Star Grazer in that time. With my other comic strip stars we shot down dozens of UFOs.

A two seater fighter, it gradually developed from a sub-orbital interceptor to full scale inter-planetary capability. It eventually replaced both Sky 1 and the Moonbase interceptors on all 4 moonbases. (yes, eventully there were four). The Stargrazer grew a radome on the nose, air refuling probe, twin 40mm (37mm) cannon nacelles on the aft of the winds, and ventral fins. It couild carry twin multiple ejector racks identical to those on the F-4 Phantom. It could also carry wing-tip tanks. There was also a 20mm vulcan cannon in the forward fusalauge. The front of the plane was designed to blow away from the rest of it if there was an internal explosion. It was fully capable of firey re-entry and landing on planets. It had both an ejection capsule and ejection seats. On later models the refueling probe was replaced by a refueling well like on the F-16.

I still have my old Stargrazer. It has since lost it's original paint job and is currently painted Air Superiourity Grey with USAF markings. It still has all 3 wheels and all the wheels retract. The dive-brake/engine cover is still fully functional. The black plastic canopy is still in tact. Both of the "experimental" paper decals on each side of the fusalauge are long since gone.

The last model make of the F-40 was the F-40-K before the Stargrazer was retired and replaced by the F-42 (matchbox "fighter jet") The K version carried Photon Torpedoes instead of 37mm cannons. It was designed to fight BIG spaceships.

I love my old F-40 Stargrazer, and I guess it'll be a family heirloom. For a very old toy and played with quite a bit, its in very good condition. The mint date on the belly says 1970.

Charles Tarrant

This memory was added on: June 5, 2007

hey guys i had all of the ones they put out ..when i was a kid i miss them when we moved they got lost...and i said to my mom they are gone..she said you missed place one took now iam on the hunt...for them.. so allen carter...if you would like to sell any let me know.....thanks..

anthony muro aka batcuffs

This memory was added on: September 6, 2006

I still have my Hot Birds On Target Set in the original box. The only part that is broken is the plastic bumber at the end of the line. I flew my birds down the stairs, which apparently resulted in too much speed. The plastic bumper broke when the plane impacted it. Great toys. I also have my original red line Hot Wheels in the wheel carrying case, metal car tokens, track and Super Charger.


This memory was added on: July 29, 2006

I dont remember the name of this hotbird but it had one big gull or dimond shape wing with 2 uprights my best friend and i found out if you drop it in a pool its hard to beet how it flys anyone have one for sale?


This memory was added on: July 27, 2006

I loved these... they were like airplane versions of futuristic concept cars. I still have 2 left in very played-with condition but they were definitely solid. The landing gear usually went first and the little hook that attached in the top for the string immediately lost, but other details such as airbrakes and flaps seemed to hold up and still function 30+ years later.


This memory was added on: June 15, 2006

I had one of these - I believe I had the same model that's pictured on the site. The thing I liked best was when you sent it into "flight", it make a cool - well cool at the time - sound that echoed through the contoller. The controller had a handle and a crank to wind up the line. Anyway, the sound was generated by the vibration of the plane's guide hooks rubbing against the cord as it went along - pretty much a string and tin can concept....but it worked! and I agree with the others who've mentioned the weight....Those suckers were solid!


This memory was added on: January 2, 2006

In 1973 my then best friend and i found out if you let the hotbird that look a bit like a gull wing go at the top of a pool it flys damm good.Try it if you have an old kind of beet up one.I would love to buy one can any one help? Thanks. Dave Pomerleau.

Dave Pomerleau

This memory was added on: January 3, 2005
To Alan Carter: Lucky man!! I am serious HotBirds collector and would love to get hold of any/all your HotBirds in Blister paks. If you are interested please let me know at logueydog@

Have a great day!


This memory was added on: September 13, 2004

I remeber getting a HotBirds set for Christmas one year. I anguish over the thought of how my parents just "gave it away" after I had joined the Air Force. Would love to buy a set from Alan Carter or some other interested party.

George Alan Yarchak

This memory was added on: July 2, 2004

Man, I loved my Hot Birds. My favorite, the "Ski Gull" was my perfect fantasy airplane. After playing with it for years, I kept it on the bookshelf above my bead until I went to college.

And last year my mom pulled it out and asked, "Wasn't this yours?" It was missing the skis (anyone got those?), but it's back on the shelf of my den, right along side my Zeroid robots!

Randy Murray

This memory was added on: October 17, 2003

I remember seeing this ad plastered all over just about every comic book I had and still have fron the 70's


This memory was added on: October 1, 2003

I didn't remember having this until I saw them years later in a collecting toys article. My amin memory is that they were HEAVY. If you threw them to simulate flight, you had a good chance of breaking whatever was in the flight path.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2003

*LOL*! You guys sound like my brother (an avid toy and comic book collector). He has these dreams of walking into some dead old lady's attic, and finding all of her long since grown-up son's toys and they're all still in there, and in mint condition! This toy was pretty cool, I have to agree. I wore the fishing line out from over-use, I think. My friends had these too, and we would go to each others houses and see how much stuff we could bang-up after the parents at the previous house kicked us out. After we used up everyone's house...we moved on to another toy...I think it was the SSP Racers. The dogs weren't too fond of that toy either....getting their paws bashed up by some plastic car barreling across the floor. I particularly liked the scuff marks they left on mom's linoleum floor.


This memory was added on: June 7, 2003

Alan, I wish I had your job! I've always dreamed of walking into an old hardware store and finding old toys just sitting on the shelf. It's been 15 years and I'm still dreaming! Please email me, I've got some unopened items you are looking for and you've got some that I'm looking for.


This memory was added on: May 24, 2003

Back in the early-1980's, I was helping clean out a large warehouse that my company had purchased. The warehouse had previously been used by a department store during the 1970's and to my great joy we found approximately 100 cases of early-70's Mattel toy sets including Hot Wheels, Sizzlers, Hot Line trains and Hot Birds. Our company president told us to do as we wished with the found items as long as we got them out of the warehouse ASAP, so we obliged by splitting up the bounty between the four of us who were cleaning out the warehouse. I still have 8 Hot Line train sets (6 in unopened boxes), 57 Hot Birds (49 in unopened packs), 48 Sizzlers (25 in unopened packs), 8 Juice Machine rechargers (7 in unopned boxes) for the Sizzlers & HotLine trains, 500+ Hot Wheels cars (350 in unopened packs), 29 Hot Wheels Heavy Weights trucks (18 in unopened packs) and 36 Hotwheels Rumblers motorcycles (24 in unopened packs). I'd be willing to trade some of these for other early-70's toys such as Whizzer spintops and Major Matt Mason astronauts in pristine condition.

Alan Carter

This memory was added on: May 21, 2003

I loved these. My brother and I got one each one Christmas, then another one the following year. Outstanding. I still have mine.

Though we never really did the fishing line thing. They were just cool to hold in your hand and making all sorts of Thunderbirds-style whooshing noises.


This memory was added on: May 15, 2003

These were cool because the "flight line" (nothing more than fishing line) would make a whining noise as the jets glided down it. The designs of the various planes were far ahead of their time (remember this was the early 70's) & greatly resemble modern F-16's, F-18's & Russian fighter jets. Along with Tinker Toys, I also credit these toys for my being an aeronautical engineer due to the fact they made me extremely interested in aircraft at a young age.


This memory was added on: May 9, 2003

I dive-bombed the coffee table countless times with one of these babys. They were, as I recall, pretty damn heavy. The trick was tying the "fishing line" they came with tight enough so it wouldn't sag halfway throught your flight. I had the dark purple model. Don't remember the name though....

Joe Wiseman