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Hot Wheels
by Mattel
Hot Wheels

Read memories from others.

More memories from:    2003-2005   

This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

My brother and I spent countless hours playing with our Hot Wheels. One of our favorites was the head-to-head race, with the starting block that would release both cars at once for a downhill race.... remember that? And of course, you HAD to have the finish flag gate that told you instantly who had won!

We had the Jackrabbit Special Hot Wheels cars, made popular by the cartoon show. I am proud to say that that one car, our beloved Jackrabbit, was never ONCE defeated! It retired with a perfect, unblemished record, even beating the supposedly faster, heavier cars, such as the "Heavy Chevy".

Ah, youth!

Patrick Koenigstein

This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

Can you say BEST TOY EVER, man these were my favorite toy.I turned 16 when they came out and I had a newspaper route that paid me $8.75 a week, most of that went for Hot Wheels and track.If I only had now what I had then.There was a sporting goods store about five blocks from our house and they sold Hot Wheels, the 60's Monogram, Revell, MPC, and AMT models also Aurora and AFX slot cars; man was that a GREAT store.My brothers and I became WELL known figures in that store.We had the Python before it was called the Python, at the time we purchased it it was called the Cheetah.Yeah CHEETAH we only bought it because we liked the name, after it got the new name we didn't buy that model anymore.We also had the Beach Bomb with the surfboards out the back........, excuse me I think I'm going to cry thinking about how we destroyed them running them into each other at high speeds thru a Super Charger. Damn Idiot Kids, but we did have FUN.

Larry L

This memory was added on: August 18, 2009

Growing up as a kid in the 60's was AWE-SOME, the days when kids actually played and used their imagination instead of having a machine do it for them. At one point the only cool toy cars were the Matchbox-Lesney ones but then around 1967 came one of the neatest inventions ever- HOT WHEELS! Growing up in Northern Ohio with fall being such a fun time, must have been all that orange stuff in those Hot Wheels packages reminding us of the Browns, pumpkins and piles of leaves.

My cousins, who are now all grown and polished in the U.S. Military, kind of got serious in adult life [they like real guns] but I still like to get out my Boss Hoss Mustang and revel at how fast it rolls. Matchbox cars were great but all of them rolled like 2-ton trucks [if the wheels stayed on]. Thanks to Ebay us Boomers can round up all the neat Hot Wheels sets and tracks we wanted as a kid but were too poor to own [even had to make our own baseballs in those days, a rock-filled plastic ball we cut open and filled then taped up with our Dad's electrical tape]. Long live the 60's, Hot Wheels, JFK, the Apollo program and Boomer Power!!!!!!

Gary Melari

This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

Nothing more fun than having friends, even older brothers, come over and race thier fastest aganst my fastest. We tried to keep everything as accurate as we could just like real drag racing events.

I kept my huge collection, till my Nephew was old enough to appreciate it, and I passed them all to him. Red Baron, the motorcycles, Sizzlers....and didn't Hot Wheels make a Train? He still has them 25 years later, most are like new.


This memory was added on: June 20, 2008

These memories were also felt here in Kingston, Jamaica when I was a youngster in the early seventies. I think the fat track was 10 feet long and there was the lap counter and a 4 car starter modules fitted off to the side. The cars would have a little flange to fit to the back end of the cars with 4 slots. Each car would be assigned a pole to fit in a different slot to count laps each time the car passed through the the lap counter. That was very cool. The only problem was the batteries in the goose pump would finish when the the fun was just starting. We used to play for long hours, morning to evening. Hot Sizzlers were real fun!


This memory was added on: May 20, 2007

Nothing even compared to the fun of having a hot wheel track spread out over the entire living room floor and playing with the tune up tower. Those days of the early 70's are treasured memories, they were part of America in simpler times.

Michael C.

This memory was added on: May 13, 2007

My two boys grew up playing with my old Hot Wheels cars. They've still got the plastic wheel carrying case I must have got in 65-66. Remember that? My friends would bring all their cars over and we'd have races all afternoon. We had the booster thing - don't remember what it was called. First it was the one with the rubber band that you had to reset every time a car went through, and then they came out with the battery model. It was sad to see how over the years they moved from the metal to plastic for the cars. My favorites were the purple El Camino and the silver Mustang. Fast cars!!


This memory was added on: May 8, 2007

we hid presents in the basement and i couldn't resist peeking..i let the cat outta the bag by pointing out a hot wheel set from a comic and saying how cool it would be to get one..they were my babysitter all day..just set 'em on the window sill and i was good for hours.


This memory was added on: March 23, 2007

I remember the cartoon "Hotwheels" & the "JACKRABBIT SPECIAL" along with he the Ford woody & the Dexter's Demon" The Only Character I can remember in the cartoon was "Tank" and of course I was a collector of the original hotwheels, sizzlers & Chopcycles"?


This memory was added on: March 20, 2007

The note below by BJF 1959 helped me remember a Matchbox slot car set that I played with as a young boy. The track had this moving circular spring inside the slot of the track. There were 2 lanes on the track. You stuck a special plastic pin to the bottom of any car. You placed the car on the track and the pin would fit into the spring. The spring moved when you would press down on the handheld control. I will be opening this same boxed set this weekend and (hopefully) be playing with my racetrack for the first time in about 35 years. My dad saved the set and the box. How awesome is that? Does anyone else remember this unique kind of track? I cannot find such a thing on the internet.

Bob Horan

This memory was added on: March 16, 2007

I still have the Red Baron and Paddy Wagon cars shown on the first page. I also still have my 1969 vinyl pop up garage where the orange track can either go underneath the covered section between the gas pumps and the building or on the side of the building. I have not seen any other of these garages ever on e-bay. The cardboard and plastic sets I bought for my kids 10 yrs ago all have broken, my 1969 vinyl garage looks almost the same as the day my dad bought it.


This memory was added on: February 28, 2007

I am so trying to find one of those matchbox plastic garage things. My brother used to have one and I do remember the cheap plastic. I think it was like blue and red on the outside or something but yeah every car had their own spot and you put them into those blue plastic things that slid into the case. I'm trying to find one for my son. I thought it was AWESOME!


This memory was added on: February 23, 2007

I was a Hot Wheels boy. I would buy one once a month at least. I don't have any of my old ones and taht is too bad, but I think the Hot Wheels from the 1970s were better made then then ones today. They just felt more solid back then.


This memory was added on: February 8, 2007

Wow, I had a similar X-mas experience. A friend of mine gave me a carrying case full of Hot Wheels. It was around mid-70's. I thought it was the coolest thing. The one care I remember the most was the funky "paddy" wagon. That was my favorite car. The case was made out of some cheap glossy plastic with a white or light blue liner inside. The cars all had their own space to be put into. I can't remember how many it came with, but it was just the best thing ever!!

Rockwell St.

This memory was added on: January 28, 2007

My older brother love these things and had an extensive collection and still does. He was very protective of his hot wheels. My friend got a sizzler the original and a Hot Wheel track. I got one of the later Sizzlers that virtually blew his car off the track. Btw, we had the fat track as well, remember the fat track?


This memory was added on: January 22, 2007

Better than Matchbox...


This memory was added on: December 17, 2006

well i was 3 or 4 when they hit the market my mom got me started and i have been buying ever since i love little cars and enjoy all the differnt kinds i will be selling all kinds to move on to new ventures

thanks todd


This memory was added on: December 5, 2006

True Story, kid that stayed across the street "David" found a trash can filled with old hot wheels cars!!! From then on he started collecting them. He had this huge collectors case. When David's reclusive parents allowed him to come outside (which seemed like once every leap year when the moon was full)We would say, "Dave go get your cars" and he would pour them out on the porch and we would form a circle to take turns picking the ones we wanted to play with, we would do that for hours. Every now and them one of us would have one to add to the pile but no one had as many as David.


This memory was added on: December 5, 2006

I was excited when Mattel re-released the original Sizzlers toy products after 30+ years...the memories came flooding back... I remember having many of the original redline Hot Wheels back in '68 (The first one I owned was The Torero). I remember hours and hours of fun that I and my neighborhood friends had with the various sets HW and Sizzler sets. It's more exciting to me that I get to introduce my 4 year to them, just as I was when it they first hit the stores (he knows Hot Wheels already and has 3 track sets)

[Let's not even get on Hot Wheels, I started collecting again in '97 when I found out all the original ones I had back in '68 , if brand new in the package, are now going for like $400 - $500 or more on eBay!!! Can u say....investment?? He doesn't know I have like about 300 or so in boxes stashed away...don't breath a word!]

Anyway...I am excited, nostalgic, etc. It was a big thrill to see the Giant O Sizzlers Set, Sizzlers, Juice Machines and carrying cases..all in the original package styles in Target. Christmas Day will be a day of racing for sure. The memories for me are grand!


This memory was added on: November 30, 2006

Even girls loved Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars (where's the category for Matchbox?? My favorites! ;-) I think it all started when my dad used to let me steer the car while sitting on his lap... And being able to "drive" myself on the Disneyland Autopia. I've always loved cars and couldn't wait to be able to REALLY drive. I'd play Hot Wheels and Matchbox with the neighborhood boys when I wasn't playing Barbie or board games with my girl friends. My brother and I both collected them.

Kim T.

This memory was added on: November 13, 2006

Just last week I received a Target circular and low and behold they had a Hotwheel Sizzler Giant O race set which comes with a Juice machine and car. I was at my local store bright and early the next morning picking one up for the kids for Christmas. I also bought an extra Juice machine and Sizzler car case which holds the Juice machine and 4 cars. OBTW it came with an extra car included! I've been totally bitten with the bug again 35 years later. I've been searching the auction sites and picked up new Sizzler releases of the Mustang,Firebird,Cuda,Camaro and Mark IV. I told my mother about the rerelease of the Sizzlers and she could remember them and giving them to my brother and I for Christmas one year. I plan on giving them to my sons at the family get together at my parents house this Christmas so that we can relive old memories. My brother should also be there and I'm sure he'll get a kick out of seeing them again and playing with them with the kids.

Nick A.

This memory was added on: November 8, 2006

FYI - Christmas of 2006 the oldstyle Sizzlers Big O Racing Fat Track is available at Target with the Juice recharger gas pump. And just the other day I dropped by TOys R Us and found a huge box of open stock plain old orange straight track. Looks like they are making a come-back in a big way.


This memory was added on: November 2, 2006

I recently visited the Peterson Car Museum in Los Angeles where they had an extensive Hot Wheels display. I was looking in the case of the original set and nearly fainted when I realized how many of that set I had. I remember the tiny metal clip on badges that came with them. Sadly, I have no idea where any of them are. I mentioned it to my mother and she said there may be one in her junk drawer. I had tons of track. We had a long house. I start at the back of the house clipped on to the top of a chair with a high back. It would have enough momentum to make it all the way down the hall to the top of the steps. Down the steps, around a loop, across a short span at the bottom and into a high banked curve into the sitting room. There it hit another high banked curve sending it back toward the back of the house. Then through a supercharger, another loop and the finish flag gate at the end. Who needed video games.


This memory was added on: October 12, 2006

I can't remember which sets my brother and I had, but I remember we pooled our orange tracks together with and couple of neighbors and raced those little cars out of our second stroy bedroom window. I seem to remember a clamp that we had on the window sill for two tracks. I think the car had to stay on the track to win. It didn't matter we raced those cars for hours. 2 seconds down and tehn run through the house to race again.

Tom Johnson

This memory was added on: August 18, 2006

My earliest memories ever as a person involve Hot Wheels. While I was living in Rhode Island, I first got a Super Charger Race Set. It contained a Lime Gold Twin Mill, and for the life of me, couldn't remember the other car. As with everyone here, I also had hours of enjoyment that stimulated my imagination. The next several years saw that set disappear, due to numerous "housecleanings". Luckily, I was able to purchase this same set last week via eBay. What a joy that was! Second memory was getting a Spectraflame light blue Corvette Stingray for Christmas 1969. Lastly, in Christmas 1975 while living in Guam was fortunate to get the Thundershift 500, which I still have. To this day, I still buy the cars I like, namely the production cars (the concept cars I find the designs being a bit too wild). I have thousands of them now, and am also buying back Sizzlers that I once owned. I guess I really never outgrew Hot Wheels.....

Arnedo Hernandez Jr.

This memory was added on: May 18, 2006

I still have my old HotWheels resting in my Rally Case. I saved up for 2 months just to get it. Its amazing to me that HotWheels cost just about the same now as they did back then (70's) I now collect the comic books and whatever else I can that is related to HotWheels. I make it a point to pick one up for each of my son's when I buy one for my collection. I probably have close to 1,000 HotWheels cars I have been collecting throughtout the years, in no order or fashion, I just buy the ones I like or think look cool.


This memory was added on: May 11, 2006

How much I liked 'em? My mom had to come to the school and have a private meeting with the principal before she got my Boss 302 Mustang back, then I had to wait an additional MONTH as punishment before I got it, and by then it was all scratched up and the axles were all bent up...I still have the car. No wonder I'm so screwed up now....


This memory was added on: May 6, 2006

this is just a question. i have boxes full of hotwheels that i am trying to get rid of from the 60's on. alot of them are still in packages and some are not. if you know anyone that would be intrested could you please let me know. thank you Jerry


This memory was added on: April 13, 2006

Bought my favorite of all time, the JackRabbit Special, at an antique store. Went back a year later and got the PaddyWagon. Now if I could just find the BossHoss Mustang from the HW Club..

Brinke Guthrie

This memory was added on: April 12, 2006

I recently started working at a company that takes old 8mm film and converts it to DVD. We have this huge archive of films and being home movies you see A LOT of Christmas mornings.

We have tons of movies where kids are receiving the same Hot Wheels toys I had back in the late seventies.

You can check out the archive at Home Movie Depot.com. You should be able to search the archive for "toys" and see what I'm talking about. I've tried to identify the play sets but sometimes it's near impossible!


This memory was added on: April 6, 2006

Hot wheels are simply classic awesome toys. Had the Thundershift 500 for my sseventh birthday.I would race against my dad and inevetibly one of the cars would take air of the high bank turn. put several holes into the drywall.


This memory was added on: March 5, 2006

i have been looking for the hotwheels train set that was its own layout and case for years for my son, i cant find it anywhere.i remember the race car set like that.all my friends had one. the first time i saw it i think it was in a magazine and i would wear that page out just looking at it and telling my mom and dad thats what i wanted for christmas, this was the spring catalogue mind you. we lived by a train yard down in Colorado so i would just look out the window and dream of driving the trains all the time.and listening to the noises they make was always cool. those were the good ole days.i also got the train set for christmas...it was awsome, i played with that thing till i was about 14 "guilty pleasure", i love trains. then my mom did some spring cleaning one year while i was at school and thought that i was too old for it and got rid of all my star wars stuff and my train set....it was a sad, sad day.... so 2 generations later, my son is into them and im not gonna do what my mom did.


This memory was added on: February 23, 2006

Hi, all. Wonder if anyone remembers a diecast racing set I had when I was a child? It consisted of 2 lanes of hot wheels-style track, with single loops and with banked curves at either end. The banks were clipped on to yellow poles, atop grey plastic bottles, with a brick appearance. You could fill these with sand / water to give the whole thing more stability. The cars were propelled round the track by spring-loaded launchers. These were black, with a red handle on top, shaped like a shark fin. Each time the car went through, the player had to 'load' the launcher by pulling back on the handle until the mechanism locked into place. The action of the car entering the back of the launcher tripped the mechanism, firing the car our of the front again. I seem to remember the tension of the spring could be adjusted by a screw placed at the front of the launcher. I got the set for Christmas and set it up with my dad - in front of the fire! I was heatbroken when we came back after Christmas lunch to find that one of the launchers had melted.


This memory was added on: February 23, 2006

Oh yes! Hitting the sibbling with the bright orange track! I'm guilty! Hot wheels were great! I had the double loop track and all the need banked curves. Always loosing the purple track connector pieces. I had the launch device and most of the early cars! They are all gone now! Including all those great Matchbox cars! I had most of those too! Flying cars into the wall 


This memory was added on: February 5, 2006

All you girls need to leave Hot Wheels alone and go back to your Barbies and Easy Bake ovens!


This memory was added on: January 26, 2006

Boy, do I remember Hot Wheels! I had many Hot Wheels when I was growing up and I remember pushing those small cars all over the house, crashing and smashing them into the baseboards and walls and driving my parents crazy because they were afraid that they would step on my Hot Wheels and fall onto the floor! Everytime a new Hot Wheels would come out, I would literally beg my mom to buy it for me. I brought my son plenty of Hot Wheels when he was a child for Christmas and birthday presents. I don't remember how many Hot Wheels I brought for him, but I do know it's a lot. I hope he would do the same thing when he gets married and have a son. I love those toys!


This memory was added on: January 14, 2006

The only bad about the Hot Wheels is the track. My mother would use it as replacement for a belt.