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HUGO - Man Of A Thousand Faces
by Kenner

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: December 31,2005

I remember getting Hugo for Christmas many, many years ago. I tried all kinds of faces on him. I used to try to see how many I could make without using the glue. I tried to save as much of the glue as I could. Nowadays, of course, a simple glue stick would work just as well. I had Hugo for years and kept him around as a practice head for make-up designs. He got left behind when I moved out, but I still have the fangs and sideburns in my make-up kit as a reminder.


This memory was added on: December 27,2005

I am cracking up at all of these stories of siblings terrorizing each other...all those years, I thought it was just my family. I wish they still made toys like they did back in the 60's & 70's - nothing like a freaky doll to get the imagination going!


This memory was added on: December 23,2005

We had hugo when we were younger. Unfortunately my oldest brother and my youngest sister were petrified of this toy. We always played tricks on eachother so one day my brothers and I hung hugo in a dark part of the basement and lured my sister and oldest brother down the stairs. Needless to say that scared the daylights out of them. The last time we had Hugo in our possession we took a long pole and put Hugo on the end of it. We then walked Hugo to the side of the house just outside of my oldest brother's window. We tapped on the window (with the doll) and we then heard the terrified screams eminating from his room.


This memory was added on: December 15,2005



This memory was added on: December 12,2005

When I was about six years old I would stay the night at my cousin's house when my parents would go on a skiing trip. My cousin had a hugo doll in the house and everytime I would stay the night my aunt would tell me how hugo would run around the house at night time. I don't know exactly what he would do, may just run really fast up and down the hall way, maybe on your way for a late night drink of water. Needless to say, I never looked at hugo when I would pass him. I still have nightmares of hugo running up behind me and slashing my ankles and after I colapse on the floor laughing at me while I try and scream for help, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't make a sound.

This memory was added on: December 1,2005

My dad was talking about this doll tonight and I want to get him one for xmas how would i track one down... any suggestions?? I will pay!!

Anna Heyligers

This memory was added on: November 18,2005

I shaved my friends head and now I call him Hugo! I remember seeing Hugo in the Sears Christmas Wish List catalog and I wanted him but I think I got the Barbie head instead. Yesterday I was telling my 27 year old co-worker about Hugo and she never heard of him so I called 36 year old "Hugo" and he couldn't remember him either, so I googled Yul Byrnner and there was Hugo! Thanks for the memories!


This memory was added on: September 23,2005

I remember Hugo, my little brother had one. Some other kid got his flung up into a tree. I had known he was up there. Some months went by and he must have been concealed by leaves. Well I must have passed his gaze dozens of times without a thought but then one dark night my luck ran out. I was terrified there in the glint of the street light floating above was Hugo evil little puppet guy. I ran home. We would visit him just to fake scare ourselves and attempt to get him out of the tree by day. So much fun. Really we all wanted to be the one to rescue and reclaim him for his own dignity.


This memory was added on: September 21,2005

Wow! There's a collection of repressed memories......

Hugo and I were spies back in the day. We'd share his collection of hair pieces and rubber scars and infiltrate the foreign lands of my sisters' rooms.

We succeeded in every mission with a few fingernail wounds as proof of our adventures.

Needless to say, Hugo was retired from the service when his "glue" became compromised by our feline nemesis, Snowball.

He resided in the secret closet lair, providing guard duty for my baseball card collection until one day when he vanished completely out of site. We presume he became entangled with the nafarious "Mom", and found his way into her cardboard box of doom, and inevitably met his demise in the infamous garage sale of 1989. Hugo's resentment and bitterness at being relegated to a solitary life among the tattered Golden Books and smelly Buster Brown shoes must've taken its toll on him, but when he was in his prime, there was no one I'd rather be in the trenches with..........save for my monkey, Zip. You remember, the chimp in the red overalls and yellow t-shirt? The one with the air bladder in its arm that squeaked when you squeezed it? Ahhh! Now him I stll have on duty, though in my daughter's room of course.

Glenn Heath

This memory was added on: September 5,2005

My kid brother got hugo for christmas one year....i played with it mostly. i just remember the intoxicating smell of the rubber/vinyl accessory pieces.........i still have wonderful christmas memory flashbacks whenever i detect that powerful smell of rubber/vinyl in department/toy stores. it truly reminds me of christmas, as almost all the toys of that era had that same "plastic-y" smell and i just got used to associating that smell with fond memories of a childhood christmas. as for our hugo, well he met his fate by the hand of my mother....she unloaded him at a garage sale, probably not getting more than .50 for him! fare thee well my bald, petroleum based friend!


This memory was added on: August 14,2005

When I was about six or seven I remember my older brother one Christmas morning unwrapping, the box that contained Hugo. Before I could pronounce words properly, I called him Huggo. Isn't it amazing how one letter change can make that name crepy?

Anyway, my brother used to chase me around the house with it. Its bald head and blue-eyed stare scared the shit out of me. Today, now 31, I occasionally still have troubled thoughts about that bloody scary thing!

Chris Elston

This memory was added on: August 11,2005

Oh my god - I completely forgot about this toy until I ran across a photo of it in some guy's personal ad (they apparently share the same name, though the human Hugo is much better looking). What a trip! I remember the smell of the rubber pieces, the fake hair and the tacky glue-like stuff....ahhh...those were the days...I wonder whatever happened to that thing.


This memory was added on: August 4,2005

What a Christmas gift! I remember this little dude better than just about any toy I ever had. That's how unique he was! I remember being facinated by the movie makeup used in Planet of the Apes and other films and Hugo made it possible to be a Junior makeup artist. I remember most people including my older sisters were creeped out by him, but I thought he was great! I will have to find a good one on eBay to add to my toy collection.


This memory was added on: July 30,2005

Oh My God!!! I remember when I was about 5 or 6 I had a babysitter who had a son a few years older than me and he had this toy. He kept it on a shelf in his bedroom,facing his door. You had to pass his room to go from the rec room to the bathroom and I was so scared to go! HUGO used to scare the crap out of me!! I remember I'd hesitate for a min when getting close to his door, then I would RUN past his room as fast as I could to go to the bathroom. I've wanted this toy for years now but had no idea what it was called. This is awesome cause I was seriously telling this story to my girlfriend about a week ago, and I stumbled across this site accidently. I was telling her this toy was probably one of my biggest fears as a little kid, and I've wanted to get one so bad over the last 15 years but have never seen one since the one that terrorized me. I'm so glad I found this site!


This memory was added on: June 16,2005

I remember owning Hugo, but i can't remember if it was my christmas gift or my brothers. I just remember that i loved this doll, thought it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen.I clearly remember sticking all the different noses on my own face, and thinking i looked much more scary with the Dracula teeth then Hugo did.I love this retro doll, but i hope they never remake Hugo. Somethings are better left untouched.


This memory was added on: June 11,2005

I want to buy one! Got one for my birthday in 1976, but FREAKED and had my mother return it. If anyone knows where I can find one, please e-mail me (with HUGO in subject line). Thanks! kylekmd@hotmail.com


This memory was added on: June 11,2005

I remember getting a Hugo for Christmas one year.It soon became one of my favorite toys.I can remember laughing when my dad put the wig on an infant foster child that we were taking care of.It fit perfectly!


This memory was added on: May 30,2005

I remember seeing the comercial for Hugo when I was little and went nuts. I HAD TO OWN HUGO!

My mother being beyond cool searched every store in our area for it, but could not buy it anywhere.

Years later my wife had found it on ebay (Seems Hugo liked living in Canada) and he was complete with his box. The box was ruined from being in storage for a little while (But who cares he has all of his stuff) and I was able to find and buy his comic book ad.

Now he is happy and on display in my collection room.

Tattooed Steve

This memory was added on: May 7,2005

Someone was on some serious drugs when they thought up this thing. I was scared of it though. It was always looking at me. Loved the feel & smell of the wig!! But after a while, the glue stick didn't work so well. I ended up selling it in a garage sale for like $3. What was I thinking?!?


This memory was added on: April 21,2005

I remember the TV commercial as if it were yesterday. The freaky Dracula-like accent when the announcer said "Hugo! Man of a Thousand Faces" made me have to have that toy! Apparently my parents thought Mr. Potatohead was good enough as that's what I got in place of him. My neighbor had it, we both got bored with it after a short time and it he eventually became a BB gun target. It was a creepy toy indeed.

Rob Davis

This memory was added on: April 19,2005

Me and my brother both had Hugo. My sister was born 9 years after me and we used to scare her with Hugo all around the house. It has been a mental problem for her, even at 27 yrs old now she tells me she remembers him clearly. She wont even date bald guys, because it reminds her of Hugo.


This memory was added on: March 29,2005

Hugo was my major Christmas wish after drooling over the department store catalogue. I loved his new soft vinyl smell. I pulled his head off and saw a little swirl of excess rubber that made me wonder if he was made by pouring hot rubber into a mould. I examined tiny imperfections in his painted eyes and imagined a factory worker airbrushing them through a stencil.

I didn't like Hugo's body at all. Under his flouncy artist's blouse his torso was a hard plastic tube with stuffed cloth arms. His interior had rough edges, making him an uncomfortablke puppet. The body and arms were midget-like in proportion to the head.

The brown stick of glue had a fine spicey aroma, and the instructions explicitly said it was non-toxic, so I nibbled away at it. It tasted soapy, somewhat like Thrills, the soap gum.

After the delicious glue-stick ran out, I discarded the body and sculpted new facial features from plasticine. As a young adult I continued to use Hugo in many projects & gags. A favorite was to hide Hugo's disturbing head in an unexpected place- the microwave, the fridge, the toilet...

He decorated my apartment until last year. I decided it was probably poor interior decoration to have a sinister midget head staring at my guests.

He's now locked away in a dark closet, still staring.

Yorga Jugend

This memory was added on: March 8,2005

I never had a Hugo of my own, but the boy who lived across the street from me did -- he had ALL the cool toys. He wouldn't hardly let me play with his toys -- he was a real brat. So now that I'm going through some kind of mid-life nostalgia trip, I've decided that I MUST HAVE HUGO!!! Happened upon this site in my searches. Glad to see that I'm not alone with this fixation...


This memory was added on: March 6,2005

I wanted this doll so badly that I asked for him for 2 years in a row for Christmas. My mom thought Hugo was creepy, but by year 2, she must've figured I really wanted it. Everyone except me thought Hugo was creepy, in fact. I actually made a different shirt for him. It was red and made him look like the actual devil (which wasn't my original intent.)


This memory was added on: March 2,2005



This memory was added on: February 7,2005

I remember getting this toy on a very emotional day. I was about 4 years old (now 31!), living in St-Jérôme, Québec and my parents were going overseas on vacation for a week. When I woke up, I was already sobbing but my anxiety quickly turned into soothing amusement when I unwrapped this present. My brother and I loved it, we played with it for hours and we kept it a very long time.

Marie-Pierre Leduc

This memory was added on: January 31,2005

This had to be one the best toys I had ever wanted. I had so much fun with him. Me and my sister used to glue the pieces onto our own faces.


This memory was added on: January 26,2005

Does anyone remember the vaseline, which you used to affix Hugo's false teeth, eyebrows etc. I remember tasting the vaseline when I dressed up as Dracula for a school disco, and borrowed Hugo's fangs.

Mum and Dad gave me Hugo as a surprise for my birthday (I reckon aged 7 or 8), and I had several days worth of fun out of him, until he was placed on my bedroom window for about 10 years, staring impassively at the neighbours.

he must have been swept up in the big clear-out of 1991 my parents completed after i left for University in '91, along with my old Acorn BBC B computer and Warhammer.

Thankfully I rescued the Samurai army, but Hugo was lost forever.


This memory was added on: December 27,2004

I never had a Hugo of my own, but I sure remember him. I think the Dr. Evil parallel is only coincidence, although I admit it did occur to me as well. I think disguise is always a fun thing for kids. Who will come up with the next Hugo!?

Chris Griffin

This memory was added on: December 23,2004

With Christmas coming up I was just thinking about this toy. It was one of my favorites. I played with it for hours and hours and kept it for years. I sure wish I still had it, it was one of my favorite presents.

Thanks for the memories!

John Z Downey, CA

John Zander

This memory was added on: December 1,2004

My older sister would scare me with her Hugo doll. I still bear the emotional scars from him.


This memory was added on: November 30,2004


I remember my twin brother and I getting this one Christmas morning! Who would of thought that a simple puppet and disguises could entertain us for hour and hours. I remember gluing the hair on each other!!

Thanks for the memories.

Jim Maber

This memory was added on: November 26,2004

This freaking thing was a must as soon as I saw it on tv. I even tried using the fake moustache for my first attempt to sneak into an r rated movie; but my friend made me take it off. Practically cried when I got back from a high school graduation trip to Europe, to find my brother and mom had chucked him, along with a crapload of other great old toys I'd been carefully saving. Makes me weep just thinking about it......

Why aren't toys still this cool?


This memory was added on: November 26,2004


This memory was added on: November 26,2004

The smell was more like the weird, subatomic plastic he was made from; that waxy, rubbery, dense stuff they used to line B-17's with probably.....


This memory was added on: November 19,2004

The best part about Hugo was glueing the scars and abrasions on youself. If done properly you could get a good day or two off of school out of it!

P.S. Did I in years past not see Hugo on the keyboard of the Bare Naked Ladies? Made me drag him out and make new outfits for him all disco like


This memory was added on: November 16,2004

I think he's more like Captain Picard than Mr. Clean or Yul Brenner...but that could just be the geek in me.


This memory was added on: November 5,2004

Hugo had a special smell to him I believe from the adhesive that was used to secure his disguises. I loved my Hugo but he filled me with fear after I made a connection between him and the Robot Gunslinger (Yul Brynner) in Westworld. I had him still until recently. I believe he ran off on his own. I miss him.


This memory was added on: November 5,2004

do you think there is a dr. evil/hugo resemblance?