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HUGO - Man Of A Thousand Faces
by Kenner

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: December 31, 2006

I got Hugo when I was around 11 and I remember I took him to school after Christmas for show and tell. I did not know one other girl who had Hugo. I had such a great time changing his appearance and sticking the scars and fake hair on myself and my little sister! I do remember the glue was gross and very sticky. Seeing him again brings back a lot of memories. Thanks


This memory was added on: December 29,2006

I had Hugo when I was a kid and enjoyed lots of playtime with him...alone. Eeeewh, that sounds weird! No wonder people (including my own family) gave me odd looks whenever I took him out of the closet--wait a minute! You know what I mean? Right? Anyone who had Hugo will. I had very quiet times with Hugo, no espionage. I'd put a disguise on him and gaze at him a while and then take it off and clean up the glue (which took forever). I even sent to Kenner for extra glue sticks, but eventually I was content just to have staring contests with Hugo (which he always won) and caressing and smelling his head, which reminded me of a baby's. Come to think of it Hugo was a lot like Mini-Me from Austin Powers. I miss Hugo. I don't remember what happened to him. He just sort of disappeared like many childhood pleasures...perhaps recalled to his mysterious spying organization (what else were the disguises for?) Hugo was my very own weird gay uncle. What a toy!

chris reidy

This memory was added on: December 23,2006

My brother always wanted one of these for Christmas but he never got one...does anyone know where i can find one of these--if there are still any out there (and he WAS the baddest Doctor there ever was!!!!)


This memory was added on: December 20,2006

We did "A Christmas Carol" when I was in third grade and I used Hugo's eyebrows as a mustache to play Mr. Fezziwig (my own choice). However, we did two performances and I managed to lose one of the eyebrows in between shows. So, I moved the one remaining over and I had a little "Hitler" mustache for the second show! In addition to that disaster, Hugo never had two eyebrows again...

Tom M.

This memory was added on: December 18,2006

For some reason today I remembered this doll from my youth.12-18-06 I can still smell the plastic and using alcohol wipes to clean him. I'm pretty sure Hugo was sent to the trash at some point during my childhood but don't remember when. Anyway it's good to see that Hugo is still living on in many peoples memory and on their shelf!


This memory was added on: December 16,2006

i got caught trying to 'nurse' my Hugo. I was about 5 years old and I am a boy and I was pretending that Hugo was my baby. I am so humiliated.I still deny that I was nursing it.


This memory was added on: December 12,2006

I asked Santa Claus for Hugo every Christmas, but I never got one. I sure wish I knew where to get one.

Karen Carter

This memory was added on: December 2,2006

After reading about Hugo here, I went out and bought one for each of my three girls recently. They dress them up, carry them off on unique adventures, and have a lot of fun with them. I think my oldest is working on a "fun with hugo" web page. A great, weird and kinda scary toy!


This memory was added on: November 17,2006

Hugo was my special plastic buddy! We spent hours just hanging out and wearing special disguises. Oh what fun we had back in the hay day of my youth. Hugo, oh Hugo, where are they?


This memory was added on: November 9,2006

Hugo was a big hit in my house back in the day although he did eventually wear-out his welcome. At this point he was frequently used for slingshot target practice in the basement. My parents managed to hold on to some of the disguises and just this summer donned one of the wigs on my 2 month old son. Would love to post the photo.

Hugo Clark

This memory was added on: November 4,2006

I remember scaring the neighbors with my Hugo doll. I would take the body off and place a flashlight in his neck. His head would light up beautifully and I would hold it up to someone's window at night while they were watching tv.


This memory was added on: October 1,2006

Hi! I would love to find a hugo doll, complete and in the box for my 36 year old son. it was one of his most treasured toys and he has been trying to find one. Also any fisher price toys from the same era. you would make one very happy mother, if you can help me find a hugo for him. thanks so much~


This memory was added on: September 22,2006

One of my older sisters got Hugo in his prime, but he so frightened my younger sister that my mother had to take him away and he was kept in my parents' closet for years.

I have him now, but no disguises. He is actually more frightening without the disguises. Hugo owners know what I'm talking about. Just stare at him. He looks right past you. Right around you, like he has already killed you and is just thinking of a place to dispose of you.

My friend's dog is scared of Hugo, and often visitors who stay in the guest room where Hugo is will ask that Hugo be removed so they can sleep at night.

On a lighter note, those Dairy Queen sundae helmets fit nicely onto Hugo's head. Try it!

Jubilation T Cornpone

This memory was added on: September 9,2006

I wanted Hugo so badly! My parents (products of the 50's) deemed him a "boy's toy" so they wouldn't buy him for me. For years I have driven them nuts with the guilt of how my childhood was deprived by not receiving that creepy little puppet. Every time I read an Archie comic I would see his cool ad taunting me! Finally, at age 38, I purchased him myself from ebay just today. None of my friends remeber him and they all think I've gone nuts but I can't wait to enjoy him for myself and proudly display him in various rooms in the house wearing different faces. I'm sure he will be all that I dreamed he wiould be!


This memory was added on: August 29,2006

I agree with the suggestion that Hugo was on some level was an inspiration to the dr. evil character in Austin Powers.

My biggest Hugo memory is the way the box smelled when you opened it. It was either the glue, or the plastic, or the fake hair? But it had a smell, that if you smelled again, it would takw you right back.


This memory was added on: August 16,2006

i loved the hugo doll.i actually found one at an antique flea market many of years ago,about fifteen to be exact. the doll intrigues me, very life like and kooky.i first saw it as a child at our local department store as i was not allowed to buy such a hideous doll and the on the pee wee herman comedy special. i admire hugo and the obscurity he has as he leaves a legacy and an era behind.


This memory was added on: July 28,2006

I was going thru some boxes in my parents attic when I ran across Mr Hugo! How exciting! I brought him right home and placed him on top of the file cabinet! I think he freaks out my teenage daughter, but I sure am enjoying him again!


This memory was added on: July 26,2006

I loved Hugo...he was great..Still have him..lost most of his face stuff. My friends were over the other night and we were talking about old toys. Well, I brought Hugo out and he was a hit!!! My friends were dying. They did not know who he was. Hugo kind of freaked them out becuase he was staring at them. They always talk about that night and how he is freaky. Hugo is back in action and out traveling with me. I Enjoy the response he gets

Lori Beck

This memory was added on: July 20,2006

Bald people used to scare me. Hugo was bald, ipso facto, I was scared of Hugo. In an ironic twist of fate I am now bald, however I still haven't conquered my fear of the results of follic fallout.


This memory was added on: July 9,2006

Welll.... I was very young, the day my next-door-neighbor pulled out the Hugo doll & we spent part of an afternoon makin' weird faces with him. But the sad thing is... as I got older, I became convinced it never really happened-- I don't recall ever hearing any other MENTION of 'Hugo', except for that one day I played with him. No tv jingles... I've been thinkin' the whole event was probably just a very realistic, weird dream that didn't actually happen. Recently, I read an obscure mention of a Hugo puppet on a blog... did some checking & yup-- turns out it really happened. Freaky!


This memory was added on: June 21,2006

What a great toy! I remember sitting with this for hours and changing his look to try to scare my sisters.

I recently picked one up on Ebay and the laughs and interest it brought upon people was amazing.

Someone should put this toy out again.


This memory was added on: June 17,2006

Hugo has been with me since 1975 or so. I still have many of his warts, noses, scars, and hairy thingies that both he and I wore while incognito. He was given a lower torso and Hawaiian print shirt for his trip to Brice Canyon in 1997. He went as himself, fearing that he may loose pieces of his disguise. More recently he has been receiving regular make-overs courtesy of my three children. Unfortunately he scares them as much as he fascinates him so he spends his off hours lurking in the closet. We shall never part.

Kelli Jacobson

This memory was added on: June 5,2006

I only aquired a Hugo a few years ago when my step dad recovered one from one of his client's attics. He gave it to me, briefly describing what it was to me. t wasn't until now that i decided to look it up and am very amused at the torment it caused all these children (or the amusement for the sadistic kids). i don't have any accessories and had no idea before now that any existed, but im proud to say i own him in his purest form. - also, he doesn't smell one bit.


This memory was added on: May 11,2006

This toy scared me when It came out. Never knew why untill years later when I first saw PeeWee Herman. I immediately made the connection. I scared my young daughter with Hugo and made her cry, so she made me throw it out. Man, were the toys back then great, or what!?



This memory was added on: May 5,2006

Hugo was awesome. I got Hugo as a christmas gift one year. We used to put him on a broom stick and attack people with him. He was kinda creepy though. He had to sleep inside the closet at night with the door jammed couldn't take any chances ya know.


This memory was added on: April 30,2006



This memory was added on: April 28,2006

I actually still have Mr Hugo in the original box and all pieces included! I even have the glue stick!! This is one toy that I still love to pull out of my collection and enjoy!

Carla Horner

This memory was added on: April 21,2006

My sister bought me Hugo at a Toys r us just for kicks. he was always a great pal. Later on in life (Around Jr High) I went on a youth camping trip and took Hugos head with me. Late one night I put Hugo up on the mantle of the fireplace and covered him with a hat. The lights were mostly off and very dark in the cabin. Two girls were sitting in front of the fireplace and I asked them if they would like to meet Hugo. I pulled the hat off the mantle and let Hugos head drop at their feet. I have never seen such panic in all my life. You could hear their screams for miles. I could not stop laughing that night. Thanks Hugo for all the great memories.


This memory was added on: April 8,2006

Hugo still lives with me, (although now he is just a head, I lost the rest in my childhood). Hugo was the best x-mas present Santa ever brought me. Now as I have travelled the world, I always take photos of Hugos head in various sites of intrigue. I plan on finishing Hugo the heads travel photo album. I will be sure to post it when I finish it. Long Live Hugo!!!


This memory was added on: March 28,2006

In 1989 i was in Australia on a train and this crazy little bald thing was sticking out of some kind of utility basket and I took it,I just had to have it!!It has been here with me,in Vancouver,ever since His face was dirty when I got him and I have never washed it,it seems to ad character I sometimes wonder where he has been and where he came from..I have been collecting toys forever and he is definetely one of my favorite..Spooky and mysterious!


This memory was added on: March 26,2006

i had my hugo one xmas when i was about 7,none of my freinds had ever heard of hugo i never asked for hugo for xmas he just appeared one xmas day the hours of fun i had with him it was the best present but everyone else was a bit creeped out by him. their was quite a strong plasticky smell about him.i live in wales,uk was hugo mainly sold in the usa ?can you still buy hugo ?

kevin perry

This memory was added on: March 23,2006

wow seeing Hugo this morning was emotional for me. This toy meant more to me than all my action men. just seeing the box has brought back so many happy memories. Long live HUGO!!!

sheldon lazarus

This memory was added on: March 17,2006

My brother and I both got Hugo for Christmas one year (we are four years apart, but we always got one gift that was the same). What an absolute treat. We regularly glued Hugo's scars, moles, moustaches and eyebrows on ourselves and had quite a ball with this toy. My parents actually had to send for additional glue sticks because we played with this so often.

Hugo was creepy looking, I'll give you that, but considering the hours and hours of enjoyment my brother and I got out of putting the accessories on Hugo, and ourselves, this was a GREAT toy!!

I'm thinking Hugo may still live in our toy boxes in the attic of my Mom's place - maybe I'll have to dig him up, although I'm sure the glue is petrified by this point!!

Danielle Kelly

This memory was added on: March 11,2006

As a child I recieved a Hugo (don't call him a doll)and it was amongst my favorite toys of all times(way better than Stretch Monster). I lost him, or more than likely blew him up with a cherry bomb, as a young teen. One day, years later, I found another Hugo at a yard sale and bought him for a mere $1, a steal! We made him the mascot of our college street hockey team and he endured many slap shots,proving himself as a real international man of adventure. Hugo was always perched upon our bar at parties for all to enjoy his chisled features. Sadly, proving how sick our world is, he was kidnapped by a jealous predator and in his place a ransom note requesting a hefty $1000 for his safe return. Hugo was never to grace our home again. My only regret is that Hugo never lived to see all of the advances in hair growth products we know enjoy.

michael mozitis
march 15 1968

This memory was added on: February 27,2006

This was the most awesome toy I ever owned. I remember when I got it as if it was yesterday. I was on a family trip to Gettysburg, PA probably about 10 or 11 years old (I'm 41 now). We we're staying in York, PA and that's where I say hugo in a window of a store. I'd seen him on TV and always wanted one. I sem to remember it being a kind of expensive toy. I drove my parents nuts and finally convinced them to get it for me. I think I made some deal about an early birthday present or something. I don't think I owned any toy that I used as much as hugo. I eventually lost most of the parts and had only "old bald hugo" left and maybe a nose and a chin. Damn I loved that toy. They just don't make them like thay anymore.

Shawn Kelly

This memory was added on: February 20,2006

What a spooky cool toy. If you had a younger sister like I had then this toy was perfect for hours of enjoyment. I would always put mine on her dresser or at the foot of her bed. Sometimes I would rig up the arm with a piece of string to move Hugo's arm and really freak her out. Unfortunatley when I was 13 my house was destroyed by a fire in 1979. I lost all of my cool retro toys. Between my two older sisters, my younger sister and myself we had about 60% of the toys listed on this web site. My cool retro toys, Aurora monster models, beer can collection, wacky pack cards, and hundreds of other cool 70's stuff gone in one evening. There will never be a decade as 'cool' as the 70's. The cool toys, 70's music, political tensions, the vietnam war, and of course those clothes. Long live the 70's.


This memory was added on: February 12,2006

I was surfing the net and somehow Hugo popped into my head, I think from an Ebay ad. I had this toy as a kid, and remember how my thumb fit into the chin piece. I have not thought of this toy for 25 years, what a sensation to have it all rush back. Wow.


This memory was added on: February 5,2006

When my friend Scott got this for a birthday gift I thought it was the coolest thing ever. About a week later I was spending the night at his house and Hugo was on his dresser. The more I looked at him, the creepier and more evil he became. About ten o'clock I feigned illness and had my dad come and pick me up. I'm certain that I cheated death by the hands of Hugo that night. I think Scott felt the same way because we never played with Hugo after that but we did use his scars and stuff. I hesitate leaving this message because I'm sure Hugo is still out there trying to track me down.

Pete S
pete szczepanek@accessbusinessgroup.com

This memory was added on: January 23,2006

my cousin had that freakin' doll and it scared the absolute crap out of me every time we went over there. He used to keep it in his basement towards the back....there it would sit, just a torso of pure evil, staring waiting for the right time to come to life and take revenge on the little kids who dressed him up like a puppet. I mean who in there right mind would think this doll was a great toy for an 8 year old to play with. Still have nightmares of that decrepit smell and those soulless eyes and I will never get over it until that thing finally sneaks into my room and smothers the life out of me.


This memory was added on: January 21,2006

Wow! Okay, this site officially rocks! If it just had "Krusher" "tootsie toys", "Matchbox" cars "AFX racers" and the "Micronauts" it'd probabally have all my favorite childhood toys on it.

Hugo was the creepiest toy I ever had as a kid. His pseudo-plesant smile, odd blue tunic and progressively yellowing complection (from the glue-stick) creeped me out (of course, so did the Mickey Mouse Club). That's probably why I loved the toy so much.

I was terribly allergic to the glue-stick, and would break out in hives every time I played with it, but I didn't care (except for the one time I used the glue to affix Hugo's accessories to myself -- I was a mess for weeks after that).

I even went to the extent of finding other "dolls" at garage sales in the neighborhood just to cut them into pieces to make my own accessories, and eventually started making my own out of silicon DAP painting the new appliances with acrylic paint.

I actually (partially) credit Hugo with my interest in prosthetic make-up appliances that eventually lead to my entering USC film school with the intention of persuing a career in special effects make up in film.

Maybe it wasn't the intention of the toy designers but this "doll" was the key to the imagination of this little boy. GI-Joe may have had all the action, but Hugo was the master of espionage.

I just wish they'd have given him a body. Legs are so integral to the posing of a figure. I don't think I would have loved him any more, but I'm sure he could've had more fun.

If they'd just bring back toys like this and the "thing maker" the world would be a better place (if only for me!).



This memory was added on: January 19,2006

Oh my! I never realized how much Hugo looks like a bald Robin Williams! Wasn't this the greatest toy?! I am so glad so many people remember him. Is Kenner still in business?? Maybe with so many posts they will bring him back.

I played with him very often. I remember always using the mole for a booger and thinking that was so funny!! And the smell!! It is almost real after reading these posts


This memory was added on: January 18,2006

I received Hugo as a Christmas present. It soon became one of my favorite toys. Take a look at my tribute page to the "Man of a Thousand Faces."



This memory was added on: January 10,2006

yeahy! hurrah! I just LOVED this toy as a child! nobody seems to remember it! Ive posted a few notes on various websites and Ive had no joy so thank you you've made me very very happy!aaah memories!

kerry gordon

This memory was added on: January 1,2006

My 4 & 1/2 year old son wakes me up way too early in the morning. He always says he want to go downstairs so I tell him to go. When he say "you go" I always answer "Hugo, I remember Hugo, man of a thousand faces" Then I launch into long tales about Hugo, his scars, mole & unique smell. It usually buys me some extra time in bed & my son loves hearing about it.