Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces

Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces Share your own memories of this toy

This memory was added on: July 8, 2012

OMG!! My Cousin and I both got a Hugo at the same time and we played with him heaps! I remember the smell of the glue it was unmistakable. My Dad and Uncle dressed my baby brother in Hugo’s wigs & moustache once and took photo’s! GOOD TIMES

Matthew T

This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

I can't believe that I found this site! This Hugo toy caused me a lot of grief when I was a kid growing up in the 70's! I think I was in 4th grade when this Hugo toy came out. Kids already picked on me all the time because of my name and when this toy came out, it became pure torturous HELL! Kids would say, "Hugo! Go get the brain!!!" rubbing their hands in an Igor like fashion as if I was Frankinsteins helper!!! Man that ticked me off!!! The one and only toy that would haunt me for most of my life!!! I hated Hugo with a passion and now I'm trying to find one!!!! Lol! I guess it's time to make peace with my longtime evil arch enemy!!!!


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This memory was added on: August 18, 2009

Oh my god this has made my day finding Hugo!

I remember Hugo being around from before I can remember and even my earliest memory of him was that of pure evil and foul ugliness!

He was owned by my older siblings who were punk rockers and they used to paint his face in vile evil colours with their lipsticks, thick black mascara around the eyes with stage makeup to make puss oozing wounds. They would leave him out for my mum for when she came back from the pub. Being a puppet, you could pull his string and his arms would go up making my mum scream blue bloody murder whilst we laughed and laughed.

A few years passed and my brother and I put pins in his head, mutilated him in allsorts of ways, and Hugo getting older and more and more ugly, looked like he was some sort of murderous freak from hell. Although he got uglier and uglier, he still remained intact. LOL My mother was a bit of a hoarder and refused to throw him away, as we grew up, his place still remained on the bedroom windowsill facing the house across the garden from us.

Much to our surprise, a woman of nervous disposition who had just gone through a very nasty divorce AND I might add, her son who bullied me relentlessly for 2 years found Hugo to be the source of all her troubles and came around to the house one day to hysterically accuse us of putting the voodoo on her. Finding this hilarious we would crouch down under the windowsill when we knew the woman to be looking through the window and pull gently on the strings, making Hugo's arms go up menacingly at the same time as turning his head to look at her. I can only imagine the nightmares she must have had!!!

Man the laughs we used to have! Good old Hugo! Unbeatable, indestructible and pure undiluted evil.

Angela XX

This memory was added on: August 18, 2009

I love Hugo and was so happy to find this page. Hugo was a xmas present for my big brother Wayne back in 75. I was only 4 but remember that weird glue smell. Hugo was quite scary back then but he was just a toy. Sadly my lovely brother died aged 22 and shortly after that I ventured onto my mothers loft looking through stuff, maybe trying to find links to Wayne because I missed him so much. There, in the gloom and cobwebs in a Tea chest I found HUGO and god was he scary! I think the years of being left up there had got to him, I was scared to even look him in the eye - but he was what I needed and so he came to live with me. Over the years Hugo and me have moved house many times, he has lived in cupboards, lofts, boxes...anywhere where he couldn't get to me ( I thought he might drag his torso with his tiny arms over to me when I was asleep and do stuff to me!!!!). We have been though so much together, marriage, divorce, 2 kids, dogs, cancer, Now I am a single mum and Hugo lives in my study where

I do my writing, on a shelf with only his wig left, but I wash it sometimes and comb it and tell him he has a look of John Lennon. I think the years have softened him, now he looks kind and peaceful and no longer scary. But I still wouldn't sleep in the same room as him....just in case!


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

Hugo... The only toy that out lasted all the others..but was it really a toy? Unlike all the other garbage toys that were recklessly scattered around the basement, Hugo was always carefull stored away after use each and every time and never shared with a friend. I kept him on the top shelf in a closet behind a vast array of train sets and afx car tracks. A unknowing individual could have easily misplaced a small but important wart or fake eye. still in the box til this day. hugo was only ever used by myself and never in the company of the little bugger does look sure is f--d up how other people enjoyed the little dude as I did..I do not remember even begging my parents for it..but they claim I did...


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

gotta love him!..I found him in the attic recently and was reminded of the times my friends and I would take him out with us to concerts, culbs and parties in the late 70's early 80's...he does not have his disguises ..just his beautiful bald head and blue eyes...I was tempted to sell him..but i know he would haunt me in my dreams...he's here right next to me now giving me the unhairy eyeball just talking about it...I hear Hugo...and I obey....


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

I have been trying to figure out what this thing was for a long time...

When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade ['82 or '83]...we had a big toy chest in the classroom...and in that chest was a bunch of donated toys, including a Hugo...but, I did not know what he was at the time...I just knew that he horrified me...I thought the thing was hideous and scary...

Years later...I started collecting vintage toys...and I thought back to this my vague memory of it...I thought maybe it was an Uncle Fester Doll...but it wasn't...

It was Hugo...Man of 1,000 Faces...and now, I want one of the ugly little devils...

Funny to see it again...I bet the one at elementary school so many years ago, is still there...terrorizing little kids...

Uncle Roy Hoggins

This memory was added on: December 14, 2008

I was dying for a Hugo doll for Christmas. I got him, and the minute I had him out of the box I covered his head with glue for his wig. I didn't have any glue left, and he was a lot less fun. Dang.

GJ Nelson

This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

As it seems with a lot of folks who have written in none of my friends seem to remember Hugo.

I got him for Christmas as a ten year old in 1975 and played with him for hours. This was a true "A Christmas Story" moment as I had been seeing the T.V commercial for months and constantly asking for him as a present. Not saying "you'll shoot your eye out" but "he is too expensive" made me think that it was a lost cause and that I shouldn't "count on it" as dad would say with a smile.

Well, the big day came and after opening all my presents and also waiting for my brother to do also... all of a sudden, there in the back was HUGO.....

WOW what a day.

Thanks for the fun,

Ken Holzer

This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

Those memories of "Hugo, man of a thousand faces" were awesome. I thought I'd add mine.......

I was 5 or 6 in 1976 (I believe Hugo was only produced in 1975 but I'm not sure). On the back of his head it has 1975 stamped in tiny numbers. Yeah, he was sort of scary, but also sort of safe and calm looking. At first I would make different faces and display him......but when I turned like 10 or 11 Hugo unfortunately became a victim of my numerous karate attacks. Man I beat the hell out of poor Hugo. But I still loved him. He was a rock. First of all that plastic is invincible. But you could beat the crap out of him and he would remain exactly the same. Eventually of course, the body broke and yet that head remained.

Then came my pot years. I would blow smoke into his head and let it come out his mouth........I would put a joint in his mouth and smoke it through his head. For years the inside of his head smelled like a bong. But one thing was for sure......Hugo was here to stay.

And then came the LSD this point we're all like 20. At this point Hugo has been cleaned well and there are no more antics with him. He was now some sort of freaky/psychedelic shrunken guru. We would stare into his eyes and a whole bunch of fun stuff would happen and we'd pass the head around so everyone could "see into Hugo". Now........I'm a bit older but things haven't changed much.......

Hugo is now 33 years old. He is now part of the family. He travels with us and goes to concerts with us....... Hugo has seen The Grateful Dead and Phish and many many others. Hugo has been on our car antenna, and carried on a stick above crowds. Hugo has been to about 20 different states. Another great activity we have is "bowling for hippies". What you do is, at a nice jam band festival, you find people who they're REEEEEEALLY having a good time.......and without them knowing, you roll Hugo past them (on grass of course! I would never jeopardize Hugo on concrete!)......and that expression and reaction you get as Hugo bumpity bump bump bumps.....and lands right in front of them......hopefully staring up at freak for about a second, then they hear us laughing, then they laugh.....then I make a "little head" joke......ah,'re the best!

Hugo has now become the all-seen and all seeing. He gets the benefits of old age. When we camp he gets set up to enjoy the absorb what he can so that when others look at him, under the right conditions......just perhaps.......Hugo will share with you all that he has seen. And maybe reflect back some of the many groovy people who have stared into Hugo.

Thank you,

[Editor's note: John, dude, you are one freaked-out maniac. We have got to party together sometime.... ]

This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

I was doing a Google search when up popped the word Hugo... Hugo?? Oh yes Now I remember Hugo man of a thousand faces. I received Hugo for Christmas 1976? from my parents. I was very intrigued by the creepy toy and spent hours trying different faces for my Hugo...thanks very much for sharing


This memory was added on: June 20, 2008

I am 10 uears old, two years ago when my Nan passed away my Aunt found her Hugo in the loft, she threw him in the skip, I asked if I could have him and she said yes - she found the box and most of his pieces in her room. I play with him alot, I have been asking everyone if they remember him from the 70's but no-one knew who he was - I'm pleased I found this site and you all love him as much as I do.

Callum F, 1997

This memory was added on: May 18, 2008

Just today, I was going through boxes of stuff from my childhood (I'm now 44 - so the stuff is pretty old!!!!!) when out of a giant cardboard box that I thought was photos, came Hugo himself - in his original box with all of his original pieces and even a dried out glue stick that was used to stick the items to his face! I used to play for hours with Hugo . . . giving him hundreds of his 1000 looks!!!! Boy did he bring back memories!!!! I showed him to my 6 year old daughter; we are planning to design some more looks for him tomorrow . . . Mother's Day! What more can a mom ask for!!!!


This memory was added on: March 19, 2008

I was just reminded of this toy today when I heard my friend say he was a man of a thousand faces. That brought my memory of Hugo back vividly. My sister received him either for Christmas or birthday gift and I always snuck it away when she wasn't home and played with it. I loved that thing. I have to admit now that I see the picture again it is a little creepy but hey, I'd love to have it back again! My kids would absolutely go nuts laughing at it and I'm sure they'd play with it for hours just like I did. I also remember the distinct smell of it as some other people had mentioned. I'd love to open the box and just smell the plastic. Sounds a bit weird - ok, a lot weird, but only those of you that had one would understand right!? I would so love to have it back again!


This memory was added on: April 18, 2007

Funny I was recently talking about my Hugo Puppet - "man of a thousand disguises" and no one ever had heard of him/it. Now to find a site dedicated to him is amazing - I feel "misty". It was a memorable year because that same birthday I also got the Jaws Toy. Hugo was my favorite around 74/75. Oddly enough I can still remember the way he smelled - a really distinctive rubber/plastic smell! Wish I still had one!

Todd S

This memory was added on: April 17, 2007

I found my Hugo in the attic where it has been sleeping since 1974 when I received it for a birthday gift. Like the rest of you I begged for him and when I finally was presented with the much anticipated Hugo I didn't want to damage him so I never used it. I'm pleased to say that now 33 years later his tomb was opened and he is just as I left him in mint condition with the plastic bag still over his face. The glue melted in the attic but it and the pieces were all in sealed plastic bags. The original price tag is still on the box $10.44. I was going to list him on ebay with other toys of my youth all saved in the attic but now that I see his creepy face again I'm keeping him. I can't wait to scare the nephews with him! Still, I wonder what he would sell for on ebay. I doubt there is one available like this mint in the box and still wrapped.

Satis House

This memory was added on: April 6, 2007

I had a Hugo when I was 6 for Christmas in Hawaii. I played with that thing for hours, like many others for some strange reason I liked to smell the damn thing something very odd about the plastics and materials, linda like eating that white paste when we were kids, we all loved that wierd metallic taste. Anyhoo maybe I am just wierd, but it was a freaky puppet back then, and when I see it here it brings back fond memories though

D. Norton

This memory was added on: April 3, 2007

Yes , Hugo was a Christmas or birthday gift for my son in December in the 1970's. It was a strange gift...but he had fun with it.Now thinking about it...this was a more advanced Mr. Potato Head with a weird twist to it. I was a young I was ok with it. Now I think...this is weird !!!