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This memory was added on: February 21, 2010

One of my buddies had this and it was sooo cool, but I never got one.I did get Mattel's Agent Zero M toys which were pretty cool too.I had the radio rifle, movie camera, small camera pistol and some sort of rocket launcher bazooka.Man the 60's were great. Nintendo and Playstation - COME ON KIDS, PLAY REAL GAMES!

Larry L.

This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

Now, you would think a little girl wouldn't even think twice about James Bond. However, my parents used to take my brother and me to the drive in and I can remember watching all the James Bond movies. So of course, I wanted the attache case.

How I played secret agent. The red bullets that shot out of the pistol and yes the attache case. The invisible ink and decoder. It was so much fun.

Thanks for taking me back in time!


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

I remember as a kid my best friend had one. I wanted one so bad but never got one. We used to play with that all day long till We got called home for dinner. Another friend had the secret sam kit and we`d play spy agent all summer long. Those were the days! They are now reproducing 2500 of these kits and taking orders, so I will finally get one 40 yrs later.


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

Yeah, my Great Aunt sprung for the JBAC- and it wasn't even a big holiday... now That's a GREAT AUNT! Any of my friends who was worth his 00 License had one and we would all hack around in the big, wealthy estate next door to us. My one imaginative buddy put the sniper scope in his mouth and said it was the "THUNDERBALL" Re-breather device: SHEER BRILLIANCE! Anyway, I had to get all dressed up to go out and eat at Pal's Cabin in West Orange, NJ. Pretty crumby... But Wait- I took my James Bond Pistol and Silencer under my dumb sports jacket- Now I'm cool as all Get-Out! I got through that extra half hour of coffee and cigarettes without pulling the knobs on the vending machine or jumping around the restroom foyer. By the way, can any kid really not lose that little slidey piece that covers the scope attachment area on his pistol?


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

This was the greatest present I ever received. Better than the ABA basketball, the match box cars, the 3 story car garage, the HO scale race cars, the Monkey Division guns, the combat machine gun, and all the wonderful toy soldiers…Wow, was I a lucky kid. All these years later, I have the cars and the soldiers. I have baseball cards and books and tons of things from my childhood. But all I have left of the James Bond attaché is one of the business cards….where you could only see 007 with the card inserted behind the red (I think) plastic. This gift was so cool…..sophisticated…..I’ll never forget it!

Rob Adams

This memory was added on: March 4, 2009

I was only 7 when the James Bond Attache Case came out and I remember it being one of my most prized possessions when Santa ;) felt it in his heart to leave this under my tree that Christmas. I would carry it around the house, playing secret agent day after day. The other memory that sticks in my head is that my Mother wouldn't let me shoot the bullets, so she confiscated them.

I remember when I built my first computer that we able to connect to the internet, the searching capabilities were right up my alley. I love looking for memories online, seeking the toys and TV shows of my youth. Ebay has been such a Godsend for me.

There was another toy that I was never without, the Mattel Agent Zero M camera that opened into a cap gun. God, I loved that toy!

Good times. Thanks, Mom and Dad and family!


This memory was added on: March 4, 2009

To this day the James Bond Attaché Case is the greatest single gift I ever got. The pure magic that came along with being able to play Bond was mesmerizing to me growing up in not so exotic suburban Chicago. I remember that for weeks after getting it I could not bring myself to take anything out of the case and spent some serious energy and thought to hiding it so my younger brother and sisters could not get at it. Alas, the case was broken and the pieces lost about six months later when my little brother snuck it out of the house and took it to his school. I tried getting another but was never able to replace it. I now search the internet occasionally to see if I can find one. If I ever find a complete example I will snap it up and keep it away from my brother!


This memory was added on: March 4, 2009

There were three toys to have in the mid 60s the Man from Uncle Pistol/Carbine kit, the 007 Attaché kit and the Johnny Action kits. I had all of them. My parents didn’t have a lot of money but when it came to Christmas my mom always made sure that we were well taken care of. I always thought that the plastic gold plated scope was a very poor choice. There were no optics in the scope it was just a piece of plastic with a hole down the middle which did nothing. And when you were not using the scope you had to put a little cover over the top of the pistol to keep the red bullets from falling out. I was always looking for those bullets.

Unlike the Man From Uncle carbine which had a functioning magazine which held caps this had firing bullets. They came out at a decent speed but where nothing like the Johnny Action Weapon kits which I also had. The Johnny Action kits had spring loaded functional bullets. The bullets had a bullet and casing that would be pushed together until detents kept the bullet in place. When pulling the trigger a center punch hammer would knock the bullet lose and man would it fly.

And the Johnny Action Rifles were crazy powerful. A friend of the family was in the army at the time and he could not believe how accurate the rifle was at up to 30 feet and the scope worked too. But back to the Attaché case. It was just cool. I remember taking it to show and tell at school and the ooohs and ahhhs it received. It is a classic. So for cool it is the Bond toy, for realistic function it was Johnny Action and for daily fun outside with friends loved my Man From Uncle Carbine. I could put the pieces in my pockets and we started to play I could fit all of the pieces together and have the coolest gun of any of them. And I loved to check my magazine all of the time. Classics, being a kid wasn’t so bad after all.

Frank Obrad

This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

Reading all of these ads has really been a treat... almost a time transport.

Although we were poor, way early I found methods to make some money. My parents were cool in the fact that if I made the money, I could buy whatever I wanted. I delivered circulars, picked up a lot of soft drink bottles and sold for the refund on the deposit...remember when?

When these came out, I just had to have one so I saved and saved and saved. I spent a lot of time on my bicycle riding the streets in the little town where I lived picking up bottles and also delivering circulars, helping the neighbor who was a little old lady with chores and before you knew it, I had the money.

I had to order mine...the wait was almost unbearable. It came in a cardboard overpack that I have to this day. It was almost magic, when I got this, although I was a small child in white t shirt and jeans with patches, naaa...I was Bond...James Bond. I cherished this toy. Soon, I believed that James needed a little more firepower, so I cut a hole in the blue liner and added another gun. ( I regret this now!)

Each time I took it out of the cardboard overpack to play with, it was pure delight. I have a sister about my age and It was a delight when she would try to get into my attache case and the booby trap ( I always had a cap on mine) would pop as she moved the opening knobs wrong. I did shoot her with the red bullets a time or two, just in case she was a counter intelligence agent, but was careful as I had a very stern warning from Mom about such things.

I can distinctly remember how much fun I had with this and the pride I took in keeping it nice. I kinda feel sorry for kids today as they dont have such items to play with and the pride that can go along with obtaining such a neat toy.

I remember that I came up with a couple of "extra" things that I thought should be in the case and actually wrote the manufacturer a letter. I was surprised and delighted that they took the time to respond back to me with a return letter...wish I had kept it!!

Finally my sister did learn to get into the case without a cap going off and then...I really needed the extra gun...She was transported to being an international agent also. Great fun with her and the attache.


This memory was added on: January 1, 2009

I have to agree this was one the best toys of the mid 60’s. My 6 year son was playing with his circa 2008 cap gun and this attaché case was a flash-back. I had to see if there was on eBay just to show him my favorite gun kit. Great to see it I am feeling 6 again… My career may have been influenced with this toy and Bond in general as I build electronic toys that the feds have been using for years..


This memory was added on: December 6, 2008

I had a case similar to the one in your picture. The difference was there was a rocket launcher at the bottom of the case as you carried it, in the place where the rifle scope attachment is in your photo. My memory is that there were two holes cut out of the side of the case and you could choose to either file the plastic shells from either the spring loaded Walther PPK or the rocket launcher from inside the case. Which I did. My memory is that I held the case up to my pre-school sister and fired the rocket launcher shell straight into her forehead at point blank range. She needed stitches to repair the damage and I caught hell, and deservedly so. I've always used this story to make a point that the toy companies would never make something like this today and I'm glad that people see fit to preserve these items for posterity.


This memory was added on: October 7, 2008

I never really thought it was odd that I wanted the 007 Attache Case, I mean, there was Honey West, a groovy spy girl. Anyway, I REALLY wanted it. I wrote it on my Christmas list at least 10 times. It was totally the coolest present. Years later, my mom told me she had to go to about 8 stores to find it.

Thanks Mom,


This memory was added on: August 2, 2008

Very Cool!! I had a couple of different spy attaches but I don't believe either were the James Bond version. The one I remember best would shoot a plastic bullet from within the case and also had a small camera that was mounted in the case so you could secretly take someone's picture. My other great spy memory was of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. decoder I got one year for Christmas. My cousin, who was a year younger and lived up the road got one as well. His family moved away in 1969 when I was about 13 years old. We used to send letter back and forth and would always sign off with a P.S. which we encoded with our decoder. I wish I knew whatever happened to that thing. Thanks for jogging my memory.


This memory was added on: March 10, 2008

What a cool surprise to find this blog about the 007 Attache Case when I Googled it. I have recently found mine which I got for a Christmas present in 1965, and am thinking of putting it up for sale on eBay. I am shocked to find that one that seems to be in similar condition to mine (I have a few pieces that the seller doesn't, and vice versa) has a starting bid of $350.00! Holy cow!



This memory was added on: February 1, 2008

On one very memorable Christmas morning I was faced with the realization that Santa did not see fit to leave The coveted James Bond Attaché case under my tree. While other gifts were well received, an empty place remained in my heart for the one toy I knew could deliver me to my true calling as a sophisticated, international spy. In the weeks leading up to the holiday the case had been highly advertised and I could imagine how suave and dangerous I could be if only I could possess this cornucopia of secret agent stuff. As the morning progressed I played with the assorted cars, truck's and games I'd received with a reasonable level of joy and happiness. Tradition in our home was to continue our Christmas by bundling up (usually still in our PJ's) to travel a few doors down to the home of our favorite cousins. Here we would exchange gifts and show off what Santa had delivered. Any expectations of the case had fully diminished and I was looking forward to whatever else I would get.

As I began to open the gift from my aunt and uncle I couldn't believe my eyes as I gazed upon the holy grail. "The James Bond 007 Attaché Case" was mine. It could shoot a plastic bullet out the side of the case, It had a gun with attachments to take it from a pistol to a rifle and a collection of decoder contraptions and a notebook with a lock that would set off a cap if you opened it without proper knowledge of the mechanism. This was simply a dream come true. As time went by the various parts of the kit began to disappear and eventually it became clear that being a secret agent was probably not for me. In spite of that, whenever I think of the Attaché case I can't help recalling what I still consider, iIn a life that has been filled with good things, possibly the best gift I ever received.

Jack Veliky

This memory was added on: January 23, 2008

I read your cool thread about the James Bond attache case. I had something similar but come to find out, much rarer. I got the Multiple Products James Bond Secret Seven set for my birthday in 1965. It didn't have a case but it had a lot of neat attachments like a silencer, scope, missile launcher and could be made into a rifle; and it had a smaller gun as well. It was probably the same gun as in the attache case. I have searched the web from time to time but have never been able to find another one. For christmas that same year I got the Ideal Napoleon Solo and the Illya gun sets at the same time. I remember tearing them from the large format cardboard packaging. Now I would just like to have the packaging.

Scot Ennis
Shelbyville IN

This memory was added on: May 26, 2007

OMG! what a blast from the past! I wasn't allowed to see James Bond movies when I was a kid they were considered too racey and vulgar. What can I say I was sheltered. Hell, I can still remember being dragged out of line at 8:00 pm in the summer by big sister after waiting in line for three hours for Planet of the Apes. My mother's fear was that we would be out past curfew by the time the movie got over. We didn't even have a curfew in our town! Any way... My rich friend Steve got one of those cool 007 attaches I think for his birthday. It was the coolest thing I had no idea it was from the movie til I was older. we would play army and he always had the spy thing going on. That year for Christmas I got A Johnny Seven One Man Army that was a total surprise. I can still see it set up on its wicked cool tripod under the Christmas tree I almost jumped out of my skin, I had never dreamed that I would get such a cool thing... finally I had something that Steve didn't have! And I could anniliate him when we played Army.

1956 yeah baby

This memory was added on: May 18, 2007

I can't believe I'm seeing this. This was the greatest toy I ever had. Someone mentioned it the other day and I Googled it. What a surprise to see it again.

Rick L

This memory was added on: April 26, 2007

When I was about 10 or 11 I wanted to be a secret agent just like 007. A friend of mine took more direct action. He wrote the govenor a letter telling him he wanted to be a secret agent for the state of Texas. The Govenor wrote back explaining that Texas had no secret service. The closest thing Texas had to the British Secret Service was the Texas Rangers. He sent my buddy an honary ranger badge and a 007 attache case.


This memory was added on: December 6, 2004

James Bond was always fond of fast cars, yachts, and exotic locations, and this attache case could let kids play at being the famous British secret agent. Just imagining what it must be like to ride on Ferretti Yachts for sale or chase bad guys all day long is enough to make any kid dream of life as a secret agent.