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Major Matt Mason
by Mattel

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

Although born in early 1963, I was still aware of the growing space race before the end of the decade, and embraced it by wishing for just about every space toy on the market at the time! My parents were wonderful people, and with little fanfare in the late 60's I received the best space toy ever, Major Matt Mason. From what I can recall, it was the black-strap version complete with the usual accessories. This was followed Christmas' later with Sgt. Storm, Callisto, the Unitread with Space Bubble, the Astro-Trac with foam wheels, and my favourite accessory, the Moon suit. If I did have any other Mason gear the years have wiped them from my memory. Like some future collectors though, all my figures and accessories went for mere pennies in a garage sale in 1980 when my parents, siblings and I moved from my childhood home. At 17 years old, I could care less about any toys I may have once cherished. After all, there were girls and cars to contend with.

Now I see the same items on e-bay for sometimes ridiculous amounts of cash, especially the MOC items. I still find myself getting close to bidding on a Matt figure in good shape just to have to display in my recording studio, but like my wife says, "it won't mean anything since it wasn't yours". True, to a degree. But I can still be reminded of what at least was a more innocent and less complicated time (at least for a child anyway), when anything was possible, and man was flying to the Moon.

Dale Nosko
Production, Newcap Radio Alberta

This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

I was around 8 years old when I got my first MMM, that would have been the first set with Matt, rocket pack, sled and moon suit. I hadn't enjoyed playing with a toy as much as when I got first got Captain Action. It wasn't long after that I grabbed up Sgt. Storm on his space trac, and bought an additional Matt on the trac. For Christmas that year I got the Thunderbolt Space Cannon with Capt. Laser from Sears, and the next year received the space crawler with its space bubble and three rocket/probe decks along with the yellow and blue companions. I think the Blue African-American was named Jeff Long. Those were great times with the first moon landing and space being such a big part of American life back then.

Andy Vaughn

This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

My brother Michael and I were great fans of Major Matt Mason -- although my favorite was the guy in red with the blonde crewcut, Sgt. Storm. There was also another guy in a dayglo orange suit (I think his name was Doug Davis or something like that), but we always made fun of his wavy hairstyle (I mean Major Mason and Sgt. Storm had that military look, but the orange guy looked like he just didn't belong in space). He was the "red shirt" in all our adventures (a la Star Trek), and always seemed to be eaten by the alien or decapitated by some horrible accident. He met his end in the Great Volcano Episode, when we buried him in (cold) ashes from the fireplace, and added water to it. All his paint peeled off and he kind of melted and stayed kind of sticky, and we threw him away (it was a burial with honor).

The green-headed guy was named Kalesto. It must have come out in the late 60's, right around the time of the moon landing in '69. My mom was trying to find it while we were vacationing in Ohio, and everyone just looked at her like she was crazy when she asked them, "Do you have a Kalesto?" I remember he had this veiny white crease on the top of his head -- they made a point of showing it on the commercials. There was another alien released a year or so later who was pink and purple, had sunction cup hands and feet, and a face that looked kind of like something out of a Dr. Seuss story, named Scorpio. Not a big seller, I think. We had the roll-out adventure mat of the moon, complete with the snap-on craters, and the big blue bubble that you could hook onto the back of the moon vehicle.

Wow ... Hot Wheels, Bing Bang Boing and Major Matt Mason. I've enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I wish the toys out now were as cool as the ones I grew up with. Everything how has a movie, TV show or video game to provide the backstory and adventures; back then, we made up our own adventures, and they were more inventive and complex than anything out today.

Diane C.

This memory was added on: October 7, 2008

As A GIRL, born 1963, I l-o-v-e-d Major Matt Mason. He, & all of his stuff, belonged to my elder brother, born 1961. I didn't play much with the accessories, but I played the heck out of MMM every chance I could get him in my hands. He made the 'best', & perfectly-sized boyfriend for my Rock Flowers dolls. The line of Rock Flowers had, I think two, different guys to choose from, but my one guy ALWAYS got thrown over for MMM. Just imagine, AN ASTRONAUT for a boyfriend, ohhhh it was grand. And when I 'was' able to sneak him off & get him in my hands, what was better than his squishy, ripply self? And the helmet, too wonderful, & his cutie boots that would clack-clack together when moving him around were great too.

I remember how dingy his white parts would get, & how I would always sponge him off nice & clean before inviting him to play with my dolls. I'm sure my brother never knew why his MMM would show up with a clean body from time to time. And my-oh-my was he handsome! It wasn't until last year whilst reading around about him a bit that I learned he was named after the "Matt" in Matt-el. How cool. Ah, just wanted all you fine fellows to know Mr. Mason was 'never' without lots of pretty girlfriends. He was definitely SWOONED OVER.

G. Annie

This memory was added on: August 23, 2008

In the grocery store with my Mom back in 1967 and there hanging from the spinning toy rack was this cool white rubber astronaut with a helmet and a space sled! Talked my mother into paying the $2.50 and for Christmas got the Space Station and Crawler, too! Down the road Sgt. Storm and the rest of the gang and accessories. Can still remember that low purple glow of the space station beacon every Christmas under the tree with the lights out. Thanks to Ebay got em all back with my originals found in my Mom's attic, including Callisto with the green head I punctured like a voodoo doll with a straight pin about 100 times [savage!]. Seen other MMM's on Ebay with burns and scrapes so I wasn't the only monster I guess! Never be the same.

Gary born 1957

This memory was added on: July 6, 2008

I was born in 1964. Growing up in this era, Christmas was a huge event of wonder. Toys were there to stimulate your imagination, not feed it like a modern video game.

One of my favorites was Major Matt Mason. He was a little smaller than G.I Joe, but unlike Joe, Mason was an Astronaut, and nothing was cooler than that! He came with a space station, a Gemini Capsule, moon sleds, and even had a green skinned alien nemesis!

Luckily my friends also got parts of the collection so that when we met we had almost the entire world of supplemental things for Mason & company..

A word of caution for anyone out there under 15 reading this: Hide your toys kids. You'll get tired of them for a little while and that's when Mom and Dad will clean them away. But a day will come when you will remember them like the old friends they are. you'll be glad if they're still there.

Michael B
"The difference between Fiction and Reality is that Fiction must be Plausible."

This memory was added on: January 11, 2008

Oh my God. Here it is Christmas 2007 and I just happened to stumble on this website because I wanted to see if anyone else remembered Super Toe because I bought one for my nephew who is 6 and one for myself (because I couldn't resist).

Anyways, then I see everyone else's comment about the Six Million Dollar Man figure (which I had) and then Mego Batman (which I had too), but I was having trouble remembering who this MMM figure was..until I decided to take a peek and the photo you put up there!

So this was the poor astronaut I had when I was 9 and 10 years old who was always getting beaten up by Steve Austin (who was always the biggest bully), and the Mego Batman! I never had a name for him and I never really knew how I ended up with him. Obviously, I had no idea until now what his name was or what the deal was with him.

It's funny because I really didn't have that many toys growing up but it seems that the few I did have are ALL the ones that are on this website. This really brings back memories for someone who will be turning 40 in early January, but still remembers what it felt like being ten years old in the fifth grade in Boston, Massachusetts in 1978 when the Red Sox and the Yankees' Bucky Dent broke my heart for the first time!

AV3 - 1968
Boston, MA

This memory was added on: May 2, 2007

All I remember was that most of the dudes in my class had MMM, Storm, Davis, and Long with all the accessories because their parents were loaded. My parents were scraping by but they got me MMM until it was used and abused. Then, they'd buy me another one with maybe a couple of other goodies (jet pack and space sled). I wasn't deprived but I surely wanted more. Hell...I even got high smelling the new ones! I also remember that the kids that had all the stuff always hogged them and never let me play with them....the PUNKS! Anyways, it was the greatest toy of my entire childhood. GI Joe....pffft....as IF!


This memory was added on: March 21, 2007

Yah, Matt was pretty cool. I remember a yellow Matt, and a blue one I believe. No female astronauts, though. I guess that was a bummer for Matt but just as well for my brother and I who didn't want to see any sissy astronauts join the mission. It was bad enough some relative had the bad taste to try to add a Kent doll look a like to my brother's collection. It was the brunt of jokes for quite a long while. His name was Georgie boy and my Dad and I would bug him with our version of the Seekers song,

"Hey there! Georgie BOY Swinging down the street so fancy free, nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there inside you.

Hey there! Georgie BOY why do all the boys just pass you by? Could it be you just don't try, or is it the clothes you wear? You're always window shopping but never stopping to buy. So shed those dowdy feathers and fly a little bit. ...."

It would kill him, but honestly what a cruel and tasteless gift for a boy!! Oh well, I don't think my brother suffers any emotional wounds, he is a 6' 3" 230 lb bearded biker and laughs about the recollection with the rest of us now.

Joe Doe

This memory was added on: March 18, 2007

I had a MMM and it was great. My next door neighbor had one too. For Hanukkah, he got a space crawler. I was so psyched! I went over to play with it. We let it go down the hallway...about ten feet, and he turns it off. I said, "what's going on?" He said, "I don't want to waste the batteries." Everytime I went over to play MMM, he did the same thing.


This memory was added on: February 15, 2007

When I was a kid in Cortez, Colorado, one of my friends was moving. His mother had told him to get out of her hair, so he came over to my house with the greatest toy I had ever seen. It was this astronaut figure in a plane that really flew! We played all day with that thing, and I never thought to ask him the name of the toy. When I went the next day to ask him, they had moved. From time to time for the next thirty years, I would describe this toy to my friends, hoping that they would know what it was. No one knew, until I was working in Redmond, Washington and happened to ask a coworker. "Of course", He said, "That was Major Matt Mason. I just got rid of about eight pounds of that stuff. I wish I had known you were interested." Now I had a name, and the internet. I eventually told my sister and her boyfriend, who own a collectables business on Ebay named "Goshwow". I asked that if they ever ran across one, let me know and I'll buy it from them. This was years ago, and last Christmas, what to my wondering eyes did appear under the tree, but a Major Matt Mason figure (He's not a doll!). It was the greatest gift (other than when my wife said "Yes") that I had ever recieved.


This memory was added on: February 4, 2007

Lots of great memories of playing with Major Matt Mason and Sergeant Storm as kids with my brothers. Riding them on the Rocket Sled or flying them on a string across the room wearing their Flight Suit -- magic.


This memory was added on: February 2, 2007

I can only echo the thoughts of so many others here. MMM was my favorite toy. I had several of the figures and a few of the machines, most notably the Crawler. Was that ever great. The hard shell space suit was cool too. And the flying backpack. My brothers and I also had Zeroid robots which - while not part of the MMM line - were just about the coolest toys imaginable and great companion pieces to MMM. Could there ever have been a better time to be a boy than the late-60's/early-70's? The toys were just awesome. There is just so much now. Kids are buried in toys. Do any stand out as special the way those 60's toys did? For one thing, in those days, you got toys only at Xmas (well maybe not everyone but that's the way many people I know recall it). The fact was toys were simply unobtainable in some stores until Xmas. Some didn't even open their toy departments until December. MMM, Zeroids, Hot Wheels, Thunderbirds . . . great toys. I remember the hours spent with my brothers and friends racing Hot Wheels and exploring snow drifts and summmer backyards on space missions with MMM. What a great toy to have at that point in time - the Apollo era. What a great time to be a boy. I have none of them now. All given away long, long ago. I wish I had kept just one or two of my MMM items, a few Hot Wheels and my Zeroid. Sigh. And to think of what those things are worth now! Of course, mine were well loved so they would not fetch high prices. Even so, I wouldn't sell them if I could have them back. Ah well, time to get back to reality.


This memory was added on: December 23, 2006

I had, for some reason, lost the memory of MMM over time....but now at 47 I find myself the father of a 1 year old boy and remembering all the great toys I had growing up.....looking over this and some of the MMM web sites I can remember now having most of the various sets, and also of the time I spent playing with the space station , esp at night w/the beacon going ! Can't beleive it has been so long......I may try to build up a few pieces but it would be hard not to play with them as my son gets older !


This memory was added on: November 23, 2006

A friend of mine, Patrick Stone, and I both got Space Crawlers for Xmas, '66 or '67. I lived by a hospital and in the winter they'd plow the parking lot and the snow piles would be really high where they piled up the plowed snow, probably 12 ft or so. We'd take the space crawlers up to the top of the piles and let them go down. They rarely got stuck and it was remarkable how well they worked. The motors were strong and survived lots of frozen Nova Scotia winter temperatures and snow. We weren't kind to them and they took all the abuse we could think up. We never used them with the Major Matt Mason characters in them when we did them in the snow as they'd fall out all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if Nasa uses the "wheel" confguration sometimes as it worked really well!

Ian Taylor

This memory was added on: November 3, 2006

Like most boys growing up in the late 60s I wanted to be an astronaut, and Matt Mason was clearly my toy of choice. I only had a few pieces of the set...Matt, Sgt Storm, Doug Davis, (though, I didn't ever know the names of the red or yellow astronauts as a boy...my mom always removed them from the packages and set them out on Christmas morning)space crawler and bubble, and maybe one other item. Sadly, my love affair with the Major ended tragically in the summer of 1970. I had been playing with my entire collection next to the large creek that passed near our home when my mother called me to dinner. I left my toys, and that night there was a HUGE storm. I went down in the morning to find all of my toys washed away. I was devastated. I searched for them for weeks but found nothing. They were never replaced, but in recent years I've picked up a few things from Ebay. Sigh.

patrick miller

This memory was added on: May 25, 2006

My brothers and I had the entire collection and played with them even after their wires broke and their arms flailed. Of course we had the entire collection, dad worked for NASA. If we had only kept the toys.

R. Michael

This memory was added on: May 11, 2006

Entered a memory earlier but after reading other's I thought of something else- I used to love torturing my toys for some reason and when I found my Callisto in my mom's attic his head was punctured a zillion times with a needle like he was a voodoo doll. Bought another one on Ebay and he had a wound in his rear so I guess I wasn't the only savage kid! How about those colors of these guys? Simply awesome toys...

Gary Melari

This memory was added on: May 5, 2006

Major Matt Mason-the Gumby for the Apollo generation. I played with my fireball cannon and sled and backpack with the string cable for days upon end. I remember even bring Major Matt to the dinner table a few times. I sure wish I had saved him after all these years. I did find some older Matt Mason books in an antique store though.

Brian B.

This memory was added on: April 28, 2006

Holy cow this is so cool.. I grew up with all the Major Matt Mason stuff.. I had the space station, crawler, MMM, Sgt Storm, the yellow guy (can't remember his name) and my fav Callisto with the laser weapon that shot out the string. I've looked on ebay and can find all that stuff - some day I will. I still have the crawler - thats a start! My fav all time toy, though, was the Verti-bird, but Major Matt Mason was right behind.. Awesome stuff.. kids these days don't know what they're missing..


This memory was added on: April 26, 2006

My mother and I were in an old ByRite grocery store in 67 and on this spinning rack I saw this card with a cool white astronaut with a white helmet on it- "Ma, can I have one?" came out and as I remember it was $2.99 or something and I couldn't believe it, I got it! One thing led to another and on Christmas of the same year I got the ultimate space toy, the MMM Space Station! It became a tradition to set it up by the Christmas tree every year and there was nothing like turning all the lights but the tree and the Beacon off and in that mystical glowing fly my newfound Sgt. Storm from the hallway to the living room like he was Superman. Like something out of a dream! When my mom passed away we were cleaning out her attic and I found EVERYTHING including my Crawler, Bubble, Callisto, Jeff Long and other accessories. Thanks to my wonderful wife I've since completed my collection and have it in the center of a spare bedroom upstairs. And you know, it takes awhile to warm up but that Beacon still glows purple like it did almost 40 years ago!

Gary Melari

This memory was added on: April 25, 2006

Matt Mason was everything to me growing up in the 60s/70s. In the UK the kids loved all things American(Batman/Superman etc)and the Major just blew us away. Of the many things from my childhood this toy along with Scorpio and Captain Lazer evoke such powerful sentiments of charm and happiness. I also had a Zeroid by the name of Zintar and they will never be forgotten. I wish my own kids could experience them, a healthier option than Playstations and Gameboys.

Johnny B-Movie

This memory was added on: April 13, 2006

Matt Mason. The Man. sam250624@aol.com nailed me to a T. EVERYthing he said was me- so much so that my wife wondered if it was actually me that wrote it.

Had every single piece of MMM there is. The Space Station was the best. I remember it on Christmas 1967. Being the stickler for detail I was (even at 7 years old) I noticed IMMEDIATELY that SOMEONE had put one of the decals on backwards on the top floor control panel..the ultimate sin.

But I had it all- Space Crawler, Astro Trac, Callisto, Sgt Storm, Doug Davis?, The blue ball thing, Firebolt, XRG-1 Glider, carry case, Command Console. Sadly, it's all gone long ago..I think most of it went when my parents said 'oh you should just sell it before me move' from Ky to Tx.

Shouldn't have done THAT. But thanks to my wife I have a perfect condition MMM, as well as a gently-used Cap Lazar.

Someday...maybe a new Space Station. Someday.

To infinity and beyond! (No, wait..wrong astronaut....)

Brinke Guthrie

This memory was added on: February 19, 2006


I still play with my collection -- my brother and I had everything, plus dupes. It made the rounds over the years -- my nephew lost alot of the stuff. Finally the boxes are in my house. My four year old loves it! I'm thinking of recreating the plastic inset for the moon base command center. I have a fragile cracked original. May scan and copy onto a plastic overhead?


This memory was added on: January 6, 2006

I got the Major Matt Mason Satellite Locker when I was about four years old in 1968. This item didn't come in a package. It was just a vinyl suitcase with shelved compartments and a picture of Matt standing in a bubble window. (There is an extensive website having each toy listed with its picture alongside a technical description and brief history of this "billion dollar Mattel franchise.") Well, my parents are not as cruel as this holiday story will sound. Leading up to Christmas- Mom and Dad's version of getting coal in your stocking was their mention of the possibility of Santa bringing me "just an empty box." On this Christmas morning after tearing off the wrapping of this packageless, bare, seemingly second-hand present; I noticed it to be completely empty. When I asked them why a new astronaut to add to my collection was missing, they humored each other by telling me that indeed this was one of Santa's "empty box presents." I took this as any four year old would, by running off screaming "THIS IS THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!!"to hide in the basement.

Brian Jones

This memory was added on: December 20, 2005

When I saw the movie Toy Story a few years ago it all came back to me how mean I was to my Major Matt Mason. In Toy Story, there'sa kid named Syd - or something like that. Anyway the kid was pretty evil with his toys and the hell he put them through. There was a little bit of Syd in me when I got my MMM. He was fun and all, but whenever I got bored ol' MMM was in trouble! I remeber popping off his soft rubber head, heating it up in my Strange Change time machine, and then plunking the pliable head into the crank vice that stamped the Mattel logo into his face. And like the figures that actually came with the Strange Change toy, the major's head would eventually return to it's original shape (or fairly close to original). How evil of me!! The space crawler was so powerful, it nearly broke my fingers a few times when I palyed with it. The best thing I did with the crawler was to wait for my oldest sister to fall fast asleep and release the crawler into her bed. It was powerful enough to draw back the covers and on its own and scare the heck out of her! I loved the winch that was attached to the crawler too.


This memory was added on: December 18, 2005

I remember having a ton of GI Joe stuff as a kid growing up. Then came Major Mat Mason!!! My grandmother was the one who always knew what the best toys were. I think she had a direct link to Santa.

I got the action figure and the space crawler for Christmas late 60's. I can still picture the box and remember the sound it made as it crawled with the wagon wheel like spokes. Even after I broke one it still managed to crawl with a thud as the missing spoke made it hit the ground. The black winch cable and orange hook ring was very strong.

I will visit ebay and check out the cool Major Mat Mason toys.

I loved and had many cool space toys growing up and Major Mat Mason was the best.


This memory was added on: November 25, 2005

I had a Major Matt Mason, with the sled, and a small red "crawler" (I think it was a basic accessory.) Some of my friends had other units.

(I still have my Major Matt Mason, hidden away.)


This memory was added on: October 19, 2005

Major Matt and his Moon Base was my Red Ryder Blue Steel BB Gun with a Compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time. I still have a clear memory of that Christmas morning. How I longed to own that toy. The many weeks of waiting, night after night of staring at its picture in the Sears Wish Book, or the Wards catalouge. Screaming at my mom to come into the parlor every time the commercial was shown on TV. Finally Christmas morning arrives. I was awake before everyone. Mom always choreographed Chirstmas to the smallest detail. Anyone who opened a present without the full family in attendance, was risking their life. But I could not wait. So I crept to the tree and pulled out the box of an appropriate size for the toy. I peeled back a tiny piece of paper, and I could swear I heard a chorus of Hallelujah. I had got my Christmas wish. I quickly, and quietly, turned the box over, and put it back in its place. The appartment we lived in had two parlors, which were dubbed the front parlor, and the middle parlor. When the rest of the family finally arose. We would gather in the middle parlor to unwrap our presents, while my father would bring the presents from the front parlor. Presents were handed out one at a time, and the rest of us watched while that person opened it. When my father brought in Major Matt, that little piece of paper was dangling from the bottom of the box, for everyone to see! When I was 21, I was almost involved in a motorcycle accident. That was the only other time I felt such intense fear. But nobody noticed, and later that night, under the lights of our Christmas tree, the moon base beacon was surveying the throw rug terrain for signs of alien life. Matt and I had the first of many missions to come. We lost mom a few years ago, I wanted to share this memory of a fantastic toy, and a mother who made every Christmas perfect. We were not a rich family, but you would never know it at Christmas time. We baby boomers had the best toys ever created!


This memory was added on: September 21, 2005

Man o' man! This was the best toy in the world! I had the Giant alien man (can't think of his name the one in the picture on the left)he had a jet pack on his back, when you push the buttons his eyes his chest and gun would glow! I had the space Station, the space Crawler and I believe something called a space Tracker? But I don't know what happen to them. They got lost some where between NY and Va when we moved. I think I had six or eight Major Matt Masons. Man those were some great toys.


This memory was added on: July 24, 2005

My bro and I had the whole moon base with the girders and the plastic windows, several space sleds and that vehicle that slid down the string. I remember Sgt Storm (he was in a red uniform I think), we had him and several Major Matts and wasn't there a guy in a blue uniform too? Oh yeah, there was an inflatable tent too for when they would go out on missions. I agree that it was a lot more interesting than GI Joe. That was back when Mattel made cool stuff. Anyone remember Zero-M spy toys? Dude!


This memory was added on: June 30, 2005

Major Matt Mason is that which gave me the desire for making my trade of illustrator. It was my door towards the imaginary one and the interest of science fiction! I always have a model close to my drawing table, and I always look at it with nostalgia.


This memory was added on: May 31, 2005

I remember getting Major Matt Mason and the Space Crawler for Xmas 1967. Wow, what a great toy! It definately was my favorite. My little brother got a Billy Blast Off and we would play for hours. One day, the martians got a hold of MMM and threw him in the fireplace. I never got a replacement, but thanks to Ebay I have all the astronauts and Callisto. Great to walk down memory lane. Where did the time fly?


This memory was added on: March 2, 2005

I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had with Maj. Mason. I had him and the moonbase with the glowing blue light. For some reason I connected with this tpy much more than with G.I. Joe.


This memory was added on: February 19, 2005

I remember finding a Sgt Storm figure as a child in about 1972-73. He had the backpack with the string and the sprial disk the spun when he slid down the string. I played with this figure constantly, the joints (which were rubber coverefd wire) finally btroke. so my parents bought me more of the figures. I had Major Matt Mason and a hovercraft looking thing that he would stand on. I also remember the figure with the hair that looked like butterscotch. Each figure had a differant color uniform. Mason was white, Sgt Storm was red/orange and there was a yellow one too. I had forgotton about even having these until the other day they just popped into my head. It took about 5 minutes to find info on the internet about them...

keith stab

This memory was added on: February 13, 2005

for years i have had the memory of an astronaut doll i found in my backyard. this was around 72-73. he was dirty and grimy,but i loved playing with him. i never knew it was a well known doll,he was just the rubber astornaut doll to me. i started thinking about him,did a search and here i am.


This memory was added on: February 4, 2005

Absolutely the best toy for its time. I had the space station and the space crawler. Also I had this weird little hover-scooter thing that you were supposed to hook up to a horizontilly suspended string (I never DID figure out how that was supposed to work.) Eventually, I tried to find undesigned uses for parts of the space station: I tried using the top hexagonal level --the one to which you'd affix the space crawler legs and use it a a winch to haul supplies to the other levels-- as a Frisbee. End result -- I have a half-inch scar in my right eyebrow where one of the hexagonal points caught me. I probably should have had stitches but I was too scared to tell my parents about it because I knew I'd get spanked for doing something that stupid.

As I was telling my 8 year old daughter about this being my favorite toy when I was her age and showed her pictures of it on the web, she observed, "Hey, that's not a moon base it's a doll house." Damn kid...

The Major

This memory was added on: January 29, 2005

The Space Crawler was the coolest toy I ever owned. And I distinctly recall thinking that one of the other astronauts in Mason's crew had hair that looked like butterscotch pudding. Weird what you remember....

North Shore Mike

This memory was added on: December 31, 2004

Nothin better than tying Major Matt Mason & his buddy Seargent Storm to fan blades on the ceiling fan back in about 1967 or 68. Those two dudes handled the Hi Speed G forces pretty well. Turnoff the lights and get out the flashlights and the result was a genuine spacewalk .... especially if we were snacking on space food sticks. Like their distant cousins, Gumby & Pokey, they too would come very close to melting if left on the Zenith TV for as long as 5 hours. But, remember ... with Zenith ..... The Quality goes in before the name goes on.


This memory was added on: December 29, 2004

I've got a picture of me and my family on the porch in Schererville, Indiana, me holding my new Major Matt. Must have been right after Christmas, I don't recall. I didn't have many accessories. Just a "skid" kind of thing. Probably most of the fascination came from feeling like you were "part" of the space race.

Thanks all for sharing.


This memory was added on: December 9, 2004

I remember very cleary when I was given my first Major Matt Mason. I was standing in the kitchen where I grew up, frantically trying to open the package of my new Major Matt Mason. I was about 7yrs old. My mom made me a tall glass of Tang and I was off to the moon.

Brian McCormick

This memory was added on: December 8, 2004

I had the Scorpio alien action figure. This toy was one of the ones that stands out from my childhood. Some time ago I tracked this toy down and found it's current value (well current for the time I looked it up) and am shocked by what I could have gotten for it. It's too bad I didn't know then what I know now.


This memory was added on: December 1, 2004

I was always a GI Joe man. But my friend loved MMM. When we got together we used to argue over which toy to play with (they didn't work well together because of the size difference). I have to admit MMM's motorized Space Crawler was cooler than Joe's Jeep. I liked the green alien too (Callisto?) with the weird pump-activated weapon that pushed out a bit of string. Considering the pre-microchip technology there were some very clever toys in those days.


This memory was added on: November 1, 2004

Very cool toy. I had a white one and I think a small space scooter. I also had the Talking Command Center. I always wanted the big walker but never got that one. I also vaguely remember a tank with a light up canon, but I don't think that art of the set. The Major Matt Mason doll didn't last long, but the Command Center I think hung around until the mid to late '70s.

Steve Johnson

This memory was added on: September 25, 2004

Major Matt Mason! Second only to Captain Action as being the greatest 'boy toy' of the 60's! I remember buying the first pack which had Matt, his jetpack, jetsled and explorer suit! I soon graduated to almost every accessory in the vast collection.

I recall receiving the Space Cannon set from Sears one year for Christmas, which had all four astronauts, and Capt. Laser!

I also had the Astro Tracker and the Space Bubble! They just don't make toys like this anymore! It definately fueled the imagination!

Andy H

Andy Hajny

This memory was added on: September 16, 2004

Coolest toy of the 60's. I remember when you slid him down on a string to make it appear as if he were flying, the back pack had a little disk with a spiral painted on it that would spin and would look like some kind of hypnosis device. Cool stuff!

Phil Honaker

This memory was added on: July 15, 2004

Earliest child hood memory. Play with Matt as he climbed up the netting of a hockey net my older brother got for Christmas. How long did it take for Matt's back pack string to tangle up? Hundreds of minutes to untangle I remember. I also was lucky enough to get Billy Blastoff. A pre-school version of Matt Mason. They hanged out and did lunch exploring space and my parents basement and back yard. Any space stuff was quick to grab my attention. I also recall the giant Saturn V plastic model rocket made by Testors. It was 4 feet tall!!! I was shorter than the rocket. Toys of the 60's and 70's cannot be compared. They ruled! In fact, in 1995 I drove by in Hawthorne California (L.A. area) the old Mattel building (3 story black glass building) that made my toys, just based on the fact of how much toys I had from them as a kid. Hotwheel's, Matt Mason etc. Mattel's offices moved down the road to a much lagrer building in El Segundo.

Rick Rockwell

This memory was added on: July 12, 2004

Most people I know don't remember Major Matt. I do though. He was more cool than GI Joe to me because we were in the space race at the time.


This memory was added on: July 11, 2004

The favorite toy of the decade!! Or so I believed anyway! Lost my set when I moved as a child so I decided about a month ago to recollect them. I wish Mattel would bring this toy line back! I have children that are grown now and they think the toys are cool! I remember as a child growing up near a creek! Matt, Doug, storm and I would explore only to be attacked by my neighbor and his band of evil callastos. May the memories of Matt and crew live long and prosper!!


This memory was added on: July 7, 2004

I still have most of my originals, and I had most of the figures and vehicals, but the reason why is bittersweet because my parents were involved in a divorce and my favorite toys were stored away. I remember they were so much more in tune with NASA than anything else. The only other toy I saw that related to NASA was the G.I.Joe space capsule that a friends older brother had. I really liked the Colorforms aliens also too which were scaled well. (Unlike that giant guy from the 1950s trying to have a second go seen on the left in the site's JPEG... and I guess everyone's big foam wheels disintegrated as in the pic on the right). In hindsight the black astronaut was a positive thing and I remember the tag line I think about Scorpio "friend or foe, you decide".. The tracktor pulling the bubble was neat though I guess it wasn't such a good ride inside as the seat inside the bubble usually didn't remain upright.


This memory was added on: July 2, 2004

My biggest memory is NOT getting one! It was fall 1967. My family was living on the brink of poverty in a spooky old farm house north of Tallmadge Ohio. No neighbors, no place to go except school. I saw a MMM commercial and thought I would die if I did not get one. Broad hints, lots of prayer to no avail. Socks, an orange and a 'Missionary Bible Stories'book. (I still have it!) Hadn't thought of it forever when I stumbled on this link from MEFI. Bottom line, I did not die but it is still one of the most poignant memories of my childhood. C''est la vie. I think I got more mileage out of 'imagining' having it than many did who got it and played with it for a week. I would like to see one in person just for grins to 'see what I missed.' :)

David Hardy

This memory was added on: June 26, 2004

je dois dire que major matt mason a change ma vie pour toujours et a ete jusqu'a meme oriente mon metier d'artiste.


This memory was added on: May 13, 2004

Major Matt Mason had to be the coolest action figure doll ever...(for boys) I remember that Matt and another astronaut came with a multi- level space station. Both astronauts had space jet-packs with a spool of cable (Nylon string) that enabled suspension and movement as if in space. Like any doll, there were quite a few accessories...What a Blast from the Past!


This memory was added on: May 5, 2004

We never had the action figures, but we DID have Major Matt Mason wallpaper in our bedroom...probably for about 5 - 7 years...


This memory was added on: February 6, 2004

Thanks for creating this site. Maybe I can get rid of some of the blank stares I get when I talk about Major Matt Mason. I think I had most of them, but I rarely talk to anyone who remembers them. What a wonderful blast from the past.


This memory was added on: January 20, 2004

I frequently take trips through eBay to look at this wonderful action figure. I still remember how this toy smelled. Lots of MMM goodies on eBay.

Take a look........


This memory was added on: November 6, 2003

I had these although I was under three (but I am not sure if the age appropriate warnings were on the products yet) and I had a whole collection of space toys -- which I wish I still had today. I chewed the feet off my action figures and I was teething when I got them

Meg Godlewski

This memory was added on: October 30, 2003

This was MY serious toy as a child. My mom didn't allow army toys (now that I'm an adult I kind of agree with her) but I could have Major Mason dolls because they were explorers, not fighters.

Like other I had problems with the wire armature breaking inside but my older brother showed me how to peel the color off them and we made the old ones into black suited astronuats, astronauts in trouble (broken arm/leg) and all sorts of things.

I had just about every accessory. The jet-packs (regular and talking), the Moon Crawler, the Space Station. two different space ships (the big one and the one that was just a bridge but was also a carrying case and had lights that lit up), and just about everything else they came out with.

I even had the alien with the rubber head that had a flashlight inside so his eyes and mouth would glow yellow!

I wonder where they all went? I probably sold them in a garage sale or gave them away when I was too old to play with them and not old enough yet to appreciate them again.


This memory was added on: October 25, 2003

Yeah, we certainly got our dose of "adventure/action figures" back in the 1960's and 1970's, didn't we? This was really cool, but so was Captain Action, G.I. Joe, Big Jim, Action Jackson, all the Marx figures etc, etc, etc.....


This memory was added on: October 19, 2003

I was First in the race when MMM came out in 1966 (or 67). I remember that my first "Matt" was an all-white rubber (with black paint where required) figure...found out the rubber was not painted when my Grandad's spaghetti sauce stained the left leg permanently.

Over the years I had the lot...including the XRG-1 glider and SCORPIO.

I've spent many a dollar in the last few years rebuilding my collection...including 2-1/2 complete Space Stations (makes one of them 6 levels high!), 3 UniTred Space Haulers, and all 4 astronauts - Matt (white suit), Sgt. Storm (red suit), Doug Davis (yellow suit) and Jeff Long (blue suit). A wonderful collection...will put up a website when my new project is finished - a "prototype" of a recon mission-system toplanets with oceans (adapted from the MOON-stuff): Project DEEPS (Deepwater Expeditionary Exploration of Planetary Seas) - gonna be cool.

Great to be 45 and 10 again!


This memory was added on: October 1, 2003

I had the white suited Matt and the space crawler. Man, that thing could crawl over anything! The winch was pretty strong on it too. It's amazing the power you can get out of two D-cells.


This memory was added on: September 3, 2003

As a kid in the 60's I had the one with the red suit. I remember not playing too much with it because it was a doll? About 5 yrs ago I just had to buy another Clean one for about $30.00. Very nice toy to collect.


This memory was added on: July 2, 2003

I had a few MMM's and tons of accesories. Not cheap now on EBAY, now. One of the accesories I had was the Space Station. Really cool. Until, of corse, I taped fireworks, "Sizzlers of Piccilo Pete's" can't remember now, (sold locally in Quebec), to the legs, pointing down and lit them. All this did was melt and scorch the bottoms of the legs and made alot of noise. Burned the hell out of the legs. Didn't even lift off, as planned.

Clearly, this ruined my Space Station.

I don't ever remember what happened to all of my MMM stuff. I'm sure I lost interest after my failed lift-off FIASCO.

Tyler MacDuff

This memory was added on: June 30, 2003

I remember having nearly the entire set.....the Space Crawler, Astro-Trac and the coveted Space Station.....My earliest memory though is getting several Matts for Christmas and the overwhelming smell of rubber that consumed the room when they were all opened.


This memory was added on: June 28, 2003

it was 1967. for christmas i got a major matt mason. i was so excited. i unwrapped it and played with it all day. that night it attacked my entire family. major matt mason actually caused serious bodily injury to many members of my family. he was not a very nice astronaut...nor a very nice christmas gift. we never celebrated christmas again.

link artletter

This memory was added on: June 5, 2003

This was the absolute greatest toy ever for a boy growing up in the '60s. It was especially cool when it was totally based on real NASA stuff. It was still fun when the Sci-fi figures were introduced, like Callisto and Capt. Lazer, but the realistic period was the best. I must of been out of them by the time Scorpio came around because I don't remember him at all.

Gary Zimmermann

This memory was added on: May 19, 2003


As a kid in the late 1960s the race for the Moon captivated me. I remember being half asleep and being woken up by my Mum too see the first Apollo landing and I made sure I had Major Matt in one hand and the Action Man astronaut in the other.

(In England GI Joe was known as Action Man as I'm sure you are all aware).

By the way, great site.

Martin Gainsford

This memory was added on: May 15, 2003

Definitely one of the coolest toys ever. The only drawback was the wire skeleton which had a short lifespan & invariably penetrated thru the rubber arms/legs after breaking in two. There's a cool Major Matt Mason website that has all of the MMM accessories such as the space crawler, space plane, jet pack, etc. as well as the entire MMM family. Just "Google" Major Matt Mason & it'll take you there.


This memory was added on: May 9, 2003

MMM had the coolest line of accessories, second only to the GI Joe AT playsets. I really dug the the green-headed Calisto figure with that little purple string shooter on his shoulder. One Saturday afternoon my Dad was burning leaves in the backyard and I decided to have one of my MMMs to be the victim of an unfortunate moon base explosion. Since they were basically painted rubber with a thin wire frame, he turned into this truly scary-lookin' blackened thing that yu could still pose. He became a space monster with which to threaten the other MMM team members.