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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
by Marx

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

Cleaning out the basement after Christmas, found original Robots in the original box, I got them as a gift. The toy was purchase at a " Super X Drugstore" for a whopping $11.99 and they still work just like the day I got them. My two boys played with them and said what a cool toy, and in the bottom of the box a pad of score cards empty , to score each round.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Born 1962

This memory was added on: August 23, 2008

Best memories of this toy are the thrill on Christmas Day of opening that BIG box and hearing that Zingy noise when the robot's block was knocked off. Stuffed the box with the old Christmas paper so it got thrown out [money down the drain]. Big mistake!- Put heavy oil on the arm punching rods which gummed the whole operation up [9 years old and not a Chevy mechanic yet] but got another set when I was in my 30's. 60's toys were the best!!!!

Gary born in 1957

This memory was added on: March 24, 2007

DO NOT buy the current version. It is terrible. The arms get stuck/tangled, and you have to hit the button with your hand to actually knock his block off. It is nothing like the original. Loved the old one though. I actually went and bought the new one awhile back after we saw the Nissan? Truck commercial.


This memory was added on: February 12, 2007

I remember playing with the robots for hours. I bought the new version a couple of years ago for my boys and yes I agree it is a sad attempt in bringing back a great toy. The heads as I remember were much louder as they went up. I would pay $50.00 for a new one if it had the original specs.

John mcPherson

This memory was added on: February 6, 2007

You guys are great with your stories!! I too had a great time with this toy as a youngster! I am a graphic designer that works with the company that now makes this toy. It was my job to redesign the RSR logo and packaging. At first they just wanted me to design a male action figure package look and later they told me that our games department is going to release the original game!! I was more stoked on getting a game than doing the logo and package design. When It came out I too was dissapointed in it's size and play action : ( The product designers HAVE to stick to an overall cost or the toy doesn't get made, so they had to downsize it. I write this today because I am working on a retro RSR logo today, right now, I don't have the complete story on why they want it, but I'm sure we will all see something new out there in this brand.


This memory was added on: January 22, 2007

I bought one from the mall just a couple of weeks ago. Though I am a grown man, I still love them. Back in the Christmas of 1966, my twin brother Luis and I got one for both of us from our grandpa. We played it a whole lot. My thumbs were really sore after each round. Red Rocker was my favorite. The "wwwwhhhhrrrr" was the sound of victory(unless you lost). I wish my mom would've not sold it. I was mad. The one today Makes a boring pft sound you can't really hear. Everyday my son and I play the one I bought. Blue Bomber is harder to get his head up. THIS IS THE BEST TOY EVER!!!!!!!!!!


This memory was added on: January 13, 2007

I didn't realise it had been re-released or released under another name originally.

I have the original UK version that was called Raving Bonkers that I have to begrudgingly Ebay as I am emigratnig to the States :-(

Lee Harris

This memory was added on: January 9, 2007

I remember the older Robot set was much heavier.And when the heads popped off it was much louder and more distinctive.Does anyone else remember this?I bought the newer version from Toys R Us and took it back because it was so cheap that the whole ring would move around(because it was so lite)and the robots were just harder to box and knock the head off because everything is so much cheaper.The arms are lighter so they don't pop the head off without jerking the whole ring around! I took it back.I would buy the older game ANY DAY.But I am so disapointed that I couldn't share the glory of this game with my children.You have ruined the whole game! Bring back the original specifications!


This memory was added on: January 1, 2007

There was a similar game at the time... it was more of a thumb war game... does anyone remember the name?


This memory was added on: December 15, 2006

hi when i was a kid i day get many new toys as cuddnt aford em so always got the kids next door hand me downs and guess woh 1 of em was why dont thay make things like this n e more


This memory was added on: November 14, 2006

I remember playing with these when I was little and the unusual noise it would make when you made contact with the robot's jaw. My brother and I used to play all the time and one time he asked me if I wanted to play and what I didn't know was that he had disconnected the wire to my robot so that I couldn't defend myself. We still have them around the house somewhere.


This memory was added on: November 9, 2006

To the two people that mentioned the human boxers (Mr. Bigg, Paulo) - I had that version, as well. The 45 record that came with it was nothing but the ring bell going off, then crowd noises with the "thump-thump-thump" of boxing gloves striking flesh!

If anyone else remembers this version, please e-mail me the name. IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!


This memory was added on: November 1, 2006

In the UK they were marketed as "Raving Bonkers" (yes I know....1970s marketing people were obviously on a roll that day...or were rolling something anyway).

The set I had was rather pointless - the blue robot's head released really easily when you punched him, while the red robot's head was incredibly difficult to release.

As a result, if you got the red robot you always lost. Or, if you persuaded your mate to swap sides half way through the match, you always ended up with a draw.


This memory was added on: October 21, 2006

Oh sure we had those. Lotsa fun. kinda idiotic but great!!! I always was the blue one.


This memory was added on: October 14, 2006

I had a game that was a copy of rock'em sock'em. It was two boxers. Their red nose was the knockout button. If you hit them on the nose they would fall. Instead of spring propelled fist you had these squeeze grips and they boxers fist were propelled by the air of squeezing the grips. It came with a record that you would play and it had the bell ring for the rounds and the crowd would cheer. They were well made and the boxers were chisled. They had painted on 5 o'clock shadows. No one remembers this game but me. Any one remember this?


This memory was added on: August 29, 2006

I almost got fired from a job because of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

I was working in a Department Store as a Stock Boy for the Bargain Department. We shared the floor with the Toy Department.

The Stock Boy for Toys & I used to hide in the back and have Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Tourneys. We would get caught all the time -- and told "next time, you're fired."

Well, being stupid teenagers, we pushed it...

Ah, what the heck, it was fun.


This memory was added on: August 7, 2006

WE had them when we were kids(I think we got them in 1872)We loved to fight them and that buzzing noise when his block got knocked off!The red one was better than the blue one so it was a challenge but we wore that toy out!I have seen the recent re-issues but they are smaller and cheaply constructed compared to the original Marx .Plus they don't make the buzzing noise so it is a deal breaker for me!


This memory was added on: July 18, 2006

I live in Colchester, England. In the mid 1970's (I was around 8)my dad entered a competition in a boxing magazine (The Ring, I think) to win a boxing toy. Several months later a very large parcel arrived out of the blue (with no covering letter) - it was the prize - we had won. I think it came from the US. It was only earlier today did I find out the name of the toy and I was gobsmacked. In a million years I wouldn't have remembered the name. Anyway, I have begun my re-acquaintance with RESE Robots through their appearence in Toy Story. There I was enjoying the film with my children and tho' & behold there they were Rock Em & Sock Em. Now that I am finding out more about them, does anyone remember if they were widely available in the UK or was I one of a select few? Better still, did anyone else win the game from the competition? I'd live to read more.

Ray Black

This memory was added on: May 21, 2006


p ficraRRA

This memory was added on: May 11, 2006

Back in the mid-60's I still remember opening that box on Christmas day [it was SOOO big] and seeing that I was lucky enough to have gotten my RESE Robots! Of course the original box got stuffed with all the wrapping paper and thrown out. I'll never forget that Zingy noise when the robot's heads got knocked off. It was kind of funny and scary at the same time. The big mistake I made was putting this real gooey oil on the buttons to make them work better and they stuck so bad you couldn't get them to work. Plus the oil collected all the dirt which made it even worse. Not a good idea! Sooner or later I trashed the whole thing. Got another one when I was in my 30's at a flea market but it didn't work good either so I sold it on Eay [just have to remember that special Christmas memory!].

Gary Melari

This memory was added on: May 11, 2006

We had "The World Champeenship Of All Time,Robot Boxing Matches" on the porch of my house and the kids would line up to play. Everyone wanted to be my friend when I got this. I plain wore it out. The red 'bot developed a glass chin and bluey's right arm simply wore out. After it broke, seems dem bums weren't really my freinds after all...


This memory was added on: April 19, 2006

Ever had a thumb cramp? Wrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Tim Walker

This memory was added on: March 17, 2006

I had friend in the Air Force in 1973. He never had them as a kid and had always wanted them. We found them in the Barksdale AFB Base Exchange Toy store at Christmas time and he bought a set for himself. We spent hours/days/weeks in the barracks with these guys to pass the time when we weren't serving our country at Ground Zero during the Cold War. Beer and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!! Life was good.

Doug Wilcox

This memory was added on: February 10, 2006

My baby brother(5 years younger) had these and this is how I first started whippin up on him untill he was old enough to really fight with me. He always had to be the red one and of course he always got what he wanted so I was always the blue. Helluva good time playing with this. Do kids today enjoy stuff like this?


This memory was added on: January 27, 2006

One of the best games ever!!! I have a son know and I must get this for him. The age of computer games has taken over this type of game.


This memory was added on: December 29, 2005

I would play this with my older brother. Whenever I beat him, he would start beating me-(literally). It always led to us fighting.

Great toy!!


This memory was added on: December 20, 2005

mine broke...


This memory was added on: December 17, 2005

I played this a few times at a friend's house, and made short work of them - they began to disassemble quickly after awhile. I actually owned the Martial Arts variation - two warriors going at it, which lasted much longer.

Draconis Blackthorne

This memory was added on: December 3, 2005

I remember my brother and I used to play the rock em ' sock em' robots until we had blisters on our thumbs.

We played that game so many times, by the time we gave it away, you could take one or two shots, and both of their heads would pop up.



This memory was added on: November 14, 2005

Rock'em Sock'em Robots was one of those toys that I was deprived of as a child, but got a new one for my son recently. (and for me!) I was sure dissapointed that the heads don't make that ratcheting sound like I remember from the old TV commercials. It's still cool, though. The red one always wins!


This memory was added on: October 25, 2005

Man I used to love that game! My cousins and I used to play it all the time.

Billy Williams

This memory was added on: September 20, 2005


Dean Karr

This memory was added on: September 15, 2005

Great toy! Only wish they could throw some jabs or haymakers. My dad and I would play for hours while eating cakes that my sister would make from the EZ Bake oven.


This memory was added on: August 7, 2005

My brother and I played his to death. Want to get him new ones for Christmas but many people say that the new ones don't work as well? Anyone know?

PJ Hedrick

This memory was added on: July 22, 2005

I've got an org. 1966 Rock'em and Sock'em I'm about to sell. Both heads pop up and make the sweet sound..zzzzzzz Both robots work great! One of the posts was cracked,but reglued-otherwise in overall great condition. $125.00+shipping call me at 304-724-7663 or email me at: sweettasting420@aol.com



This memory was added on: April 12, 2005

OH I wanted those darn robots SO BAD but it was a boy toy so my parents never would buy it. I guess they would rather me binge on the easy bake oven then make a racket fighting those things with my sister...


This memory was added on: March 19, 2005

My cousins had these when I was little and I used to love it when they'd let me have a turn. We alternated between this and the Karate Men sets. Fast foward to the present, I found a set of these that didn't look like the original, though it was the same size. It was Rock 'Em Sock 'Em, but it had fancier looking robots in Silver and Purple. I got the whole thing put together, and their heads wouldn't even pop up unless you pounded them w/ your hand! What a jip! I took that thing back to Toys R Us. A few years later I found the smaller set that looked like the original. I was thrilled. It worked the same, but the ropes and posts would come off if you got too rough. But it was still fun. I'm kinda glad it's smaller 'cos it's easier to store when it's not in use.

The world would be a better place if all of life's conflicts could be settled w/ a 2 outta 3 victory w/ a set of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

Sharry A.

This memory was added on: March 10, 2005

I agree with Tom 1962. After a while the heads would get jammed in the down positon and no matter how hard you hit them they would never pop us again. Bummer! They weren't any fun after that.


This memory was added on: March 6, 2005

Red Rocker vs. Blue Bomber.... Rock'em Sock'em Robots... 'NUFF SAID!!!


This memory was added on: March 6, 2005

Cool Cool Cool Oh for the days of my yester year I suddenly finding myself missing my brothers.... I'll call them in Denver soon.... Thanks...Rock'em and Sock'em....... By the way which one was Rock'em and which one was Sock'em...????

Steven Herrera

This memory was added on: January 25, 2005

I'm looking for rock'em sock'em version with humanoids boxers,no with robots. PLEASE HELP ME.....


This memory was added on: January 13, 2005

Loved this toy when I was a kid. I kept tripping over it on the (constantly cluttered) floor and breaking the posts holding the ropes. My dad, bless him, kept writing to Marx Toys to have them send replacement posts (they would!). He was also the only who could get the broken "X" shaped piece out of the hole so a new post could be put in. Both this toy and my dad were awesome!!

Totally agree with the comments about the new version. I thought I was crazy thinking it was smaller than in my day until I checked this site. The pieces of the new one never seem to stay clicked together either. When I think how we POUNDED on my old one...


This memory was added on: December 8, 2004

I DIDN'T have Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and still feel deprived. WHAAAA! Actually, most of the neighbor kids did (c.1970), so I wasn't totally left in the cold. Can still hear the headpop sound... No longer felt rotten after getting a Daisy Buffalo Bill Commemorative BB gun, but that's another post.

St. Al

This memory was added on: November 25, 2004



This memory was added on: September 25, 2004

I go along with jb1967...I had all of these great toys!

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots was great! I played with them by myself several times! They were so fantastic to look at...and freakin' huge...nothing like the retro-set that MB has put out.

Andy H

This memory was added on: September 16, 2004

The Blue robot was better. What a cool toy!

Phil Honaker

This memory was added on: August 22, 2004

My older brothers had this game and played with it until it was no longer "playwithable"!! LOL My 8 years old boys got a new version of it last Christmas and it just wasn't the same - much more cheaply made it seems. But then again it could be my age!


This memory was added on: August 9, 2004

Ah, those things were fun. I first saw them at my Grand mother's house. I liked tthe sound tthe head popping off. You know that sound that was supposed to bee ooooooh, but is bzzzzzzzz instead, I loved that. I got a set for Christmas of 1977 and had them for a year. They are gone now. Boy, I wish I still had them so I ccould share them with the younger generation.

Larry G

This memory was added on: August 4, 2004

What a toy? Why isn't it on sale now rather than the lame elecronic efforts on offer today. I played for hours with this toy. The blue one was easily the best!!!!


This memory was added on: July 29, 2004

I loved RockemSockem Robots. For me it was that satisfying 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' sound the head makes when it pops up. Just last month we were babysitting our niece and nephew and my husband came home from the store with, you guessed it, RocxkemSockem Robots! I had no idea they still made them. He and I were TOTALLY into it while the kids just watched. Although it 'felt' a little chinsier than I remembered I was still giddy. My red robot was the first one to get in a stinging uppercut to his blue chin....and.... it wasnt there. The sound of my youth was gone. We both looked at each other disgusted. What good is RockemSockemRobots without that sound? Stupid cheapo knock off. Wee took it back and got a refund.


This memory was added on: July 14, 2004

LOL, I wanted RESER and for about three years I begged for it for Christmas. Never got it. Heartbroken every year. Then, I finally grew out of it, didn't have it on my list, and, well you guessed it! Got it when I didn't want it any more!


This memory was added on: July 7, 2004

I always wanted this toy, but I think my mom thought it was too violent. Hmmm...wonder why she let me play football and wrestle later on.


This memory was added on: June 30, 2004



This memory was added on: March 14, 2004

I had the original robots and then about 1979 I got a version that had the robots looking more like astronauts, anybody else get that one?

Bud malone

This memory was added on: February 27, 2004

My kid brother got these for Christmas and we played with them for hours, days on end. Our parents would MAKE us put them away for awhile. We'd sit at the kitchen table and go at it!

I've checked them out on eBay and bid a few times but they always go to a ridiculous amount! Everyone says the originals were better. But if I could get my hands on either version for a decent sum, I'd buy them in a heartbeat. I'd love to play them with my daughter and then, of course, there's always my still kid brother who just turned 40........


This memory was added on: December 17, 2003

I remember this under the tree when I was a kid. Great gift, but you got tired punching the buttons.

And the heads stopped working after awhile..


This memory was added on: October 25, 2003

You gotta admit.....this WAS a TRUE "boy-toy". None of that wimpy Steve Scout nonsense here. Two nasty lookin' robots beating the s**t out of each other. How cool is that?


This memory was added on: September 26, 2003

I really, really, really wanted a set but I NEVER, EVER (boo hoo) got anything that was on t.v. -- EVER! I spent hours going through the Sears Xmas catalogue, and of course droolimg over everything on Saturday morning. But it's a fact that other than Hot Wheels (which I hated and did not ask for) I was strictly a generic toy recipient - never the brand name kid. Rats!


This memory was added on: September 25, 2003

I had this game even though I am a girl! I was the best at this game. Sadly, I played alone alot too, because I am an only child. Whenever someone came over that Christmas I talked them into playing with me. This game rocks!

In the 80's, a younger cousin of mine got the much cheaper Ninja Turtles version (that cost more). The heads wouldn't even stay down long enough to play and of course that Ziiiiiiigggggg sound was not there. I felt sorry for him (my cousin), because he didn't know what he had missed.


This memory was added on: September 4, 2003

I have many hours with this toy. With mine I always wanted the blue guy cause his head seemed stronger. Inside the robots, under there arms they had plastic gears that broke. I repaired these with epoxy glue.I spent about 2 days fileing down the gears just right. I have seen one on Ebay in the box go for over $200. I remember there is a differant color one from the 1980's I should try and find.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2003

My younger sister and I had this game when we were preety young. Since it was a hand-me-down from some older kid in the family who got sick of it (though I still don't understand how that is possible), it broke after a relatively short time in our house. Instead of pestering our parents to fix it, my sister and I decided to improvise. I had a wise idea: Putting cardboard soda pop boxes on our heads, hands, and feet and pretending *we* were the robots! It was great fun for a few weeks until my sister somehow whacked her head on the corner of a wall and had to get several stitches. Good times. :)


This memory was added on: July 10, 2003

Thank goodness for "Rock 'Em sock 'em robots..kept my twin boys from killing each other..seeing them reminds me of those days so long ago! the twins are good friends as adults...thanks Rock 'Em! and Sock "Em!

Kathy Recicar

This memory was added on: July 3, 2003

I used to have one of these, and when I saw one at the toy store, I had to get it for my 4 and 6 year old kids. It is ok, but instead to the distinctive ZZZiiiinnnngggg sound when you get a knock out, the new one makes a disapointing PSft sound. Did the old one have an actual noise maker in each robot?


This memory was added on: July 1, 2003

What a great concept for a toy!

The only problem -- It always seemed like one of the robots had a glass jaw. Sometimes his head would even pop up when he THREW a punch!

Make sure you got the other robot and you'd always win.


This memory was added on: June 21, 2003

My friend across the street always wanted to be the red one. so i can remember sitting alone at the blue controls and beating red senseless until it would pop at the slightest punch. he got wise after the head started poping when he would throw a punch

Dennis Cline

This memory was added on: June 17, 2003

is there any toy on this site that i DIDN'T have?


This memory was added on: May 27, 2003

One of my fondest Christmas day memories was playing Rock 'Em Sockem Robots into the night with my older sister until my wrist were numb (back in the pre-Carpo Tunnel Days -ha!). I wish they would reintroduce the ORIGINAL game not this cheap version trying to be passed as the real thing.


This memory was added on: May 20, 2003


Had this as a kid too but think in England it was called "Battlin' Bonkers" for some reason. The noise when the head shot up was great and I can almost hear it now.

Martin Gainsford

This memory was added on: May 18, 2003

I used to play them all the time alone, the red one named Captain Kork, and the blue Roger....


This memory was added on: May 9, 2003

As sad as it may sound, I loved rock em sock em robots so much, that if no one would play, I would try and play it on my own.

Whenever the head would pop up on one or the other robots at the end of the game, my dear old mums cat would reply with a similar sound, very strange indeed. I really wish they would release an adult sized version for us over 30s, it beats a PS2 any day. If anyone knows where I can get an original or a repro of the game, please e mail me.


This memory was added on: May 9, 2003

Ok I dont feel so bad about coming out of the closet and admitting I played Rock'em sock'em robots alone when no one else would play.