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This memory was added on: November 7, 2009

OK, am I the only female that had the Six Million Dollar Man? He was a much more masculine boyfriend for Barbie than Ken could ever think to be! Even after losing an arm and half a leg all the Barbies still preferred him. That is saying something about Steve Austin!


This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

One of my earliest memories is getting a Six Million Dollar Man ACTION FIGURE! (Its Not a DOLL!) for my 4th or 5th birthday.

My grandmother also got me the space helmet and radio back pack. It was and still is to this day the coolest of toys.

Over many years of playing in the sandpit, the bath, up in trees, the car, etc, Col Austin one day came to grief during a parachute mission from the top of the carport. Whilst using a parachute set designed for GI Joe. Joe was smaller and lighter so his parachute could slow his fall, safely landing him on the ground.

But, Steve plummetted and his leg broke off at the knee. Dammit! I was devastated! But hey - We can re-build him…. He never parachuted again and has retired to a shoebox in the back room.


This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

I loved the Six Million Dollar Man. I couldn’t count how many times I ran around my house in slow motion, going “na-na-na-na-na.” I remember the day I went to class and there was a kid with the Six Million Dollar Man action figure. That kid was the proverbial Man that day. The one thing I remember most is how the figure had a hole in the back of the head that you could look through, and see through Steve Austin’s eye. Kids lined up to look through the hole, and I remember waiting my turn and seeing through the hole at the little crosshairs on everything. That feature alone made me think this figure was one of the coolest toys ever. I never did get my own SMDM figure, which I still regret to this day.

Nigel M.

This memory was added on: June 20, 2008

I had one as a kid, but he was so big and clumsy compared too my little Gi.joe's and He-man figures that I didn't play with him so much. And the fact that his leg fell off on numerous occasions also had something to do with it I guess ;) Sold him on a flea market. Years later I found another one along with Oscar and I decided I liked him enough to buy him back, and I'm glad I did. A few years after that I found a complete Maskatron for less than 2 dollars. Now HE KICKS ASS! What a cool figure. If I had that one as a child, man...then the adventures would have lasted a lot longer!


This memory was added on: December 7, 2007

There was nothing that compared to my desire for all things 6 million dollar man. I had Steve Austin... a man barely alive, Bigfoot, and Maskatron. I loved Maskatron, honestly it was too much toy. He did so much it left no room for pretend play. That means it was such a cool toy I was more fascinated with design that with the fantasy. His legs would pop off his face changed it was the best action to date. Here's the funny, I was so excited to have Steve Austin that it took me at least two months to realize that the motor that came with him was for lifting using the button in his back! It was the best toy ever.


This memory was added on: December 7, 2007

WOW, all the memories came rushing back to me when I saw this. I was really into the Six Million Dollar and my parents were kind enough to give me most of the dolls and equipment as Xmas gifts. I called my mom to see if she still had them. She confirmed that she still has Steve, Oscar Goldman, Bionic Bigfoot, and Cyborg along with the Lunar module all packed away awaiting for my son to play with. I spent hours playing with these and enjoyed every minute. Who needs video games when you’ve got cool toys to stimulate your imagination?


This memory was added on: June 4, 2007

iam 42 years old and i was very poor living in a poor country and i remember one of my favorite tv shows was a six million dollars man so when the action figure came out in the stores it was very expensive for our family it was a toy i was not able to have, i just dreamed about it.

raul garcia

This memory was added on: March 23, 2007

I remember His 1st Mission when He went somewhere in the middle east & busted thru a wall to rescue a prisoner & he asked in a Middle esatern accent " How did You learn to do that" Steve Austins famous words were " Vitamins"


This memory was added on: March 12, 2007

OHHH!! I just lost my mind.. I was 7, my brother was 8. It was Christmas 1977,all I wanted was The Bionic Man , the one that you can look through the back of his head and see what Steve saw. COOL. OK...????. whats going on.?? my brother got his..ok ..breath...I slowly turned and looked for a reasuring look from Mom.. she looked as puzzled as I did..MAN,,I must have done something bad, Santa is punishing me.. this was the saddest day of my hole 7 years. went to my room and got back into bed. after planning an attack on my brothers STUPID Steve..I called my dog Sheeba..she will make me feel better..and when I get my GODZILLA (the one with the red eys) to rip stupid steve from limb to limb..sheeba will bury him where no one could find him..well after a long day, my mother asked me if I would like to go get a BIONIC man after the hollidays, YES, so,now I was feeling better, but 'stupid steve was still in for it,, just for the was Pat played with him everywhere I was...huh!!..3 weeks later I was playing with my Bionic man in the basement, when I saw something under the clothes dryer. I pulled out a chewed up bionic torsow.. (with wrapping paper all over it....

scott smith

This memory was added on: February 14, 2007

When I was in Elememtery school in NJ my best friend Steve and I would pretend we were Bigfoot & Maskatron, though we knew we were pretending, another boy Johnny thought he WAS the SMDM. We would pretend fighting each other in gym class and this little guy would slash at us with the bionic sound and we would just howl. We did this out of fun in school, but outside we would play for hours around the neighborhood re-enacting SMDM scenes...Good times, great show, fun toy!


This memory was added on: January 28, 2007

I had the Steve Austin action figure. It was much bigger than all the other action figure. After a while his shoe were never stay on. hahahah, my mother was upset because his shoe was always laying around. I guess Steve was sort of a slouch!!! haha


This memory was added on: January 21, 2007

My older brother had the doll, and the stickers. We loved that show as a kid-the Venus Deathprobe, Bigfoot, Bionic Woman, etc all were great. Every Sunday at 8 we watched it-RELIGIOUSLY. Fond memories here too. Thanks.


This memory was added on: January 11, 2007

I still have my Steve Austin though I haven't checked up on him lately. My father brought it from a trip to Houston. Later I found a set of replaceable arms: One had a laser that worked with a battery (OK, a small light bulb), another, a compartment with a secret gun and another with an oxygen mask. I wanted the parachute too, but maye i wouldn't be healthy for him to jump from the second floor. The rollable skin of all the arms was gone with the time.