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SSP Racers

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: December 26,2004

We had lots of fun with the SSP Racers. Although it was over 30 years ago, I remember the the name of my SSP car was the Blackjack. The color was (of course) black and had a kind of rocket look to it. My freind and I would stack a few books and then lean an LP cover against them for a takeoff ramp. The cars were very accurate as they flew through the air, and almost always landed perfectly. I had a few scuff marks on the carpet. To me, most of the toys of that era are better than the stuff I see today.


This memory was added on: December 22,2004

My brother and I used to race these in our family room. We even placed a pet gerbil in one of the cars. He survived. That same gerbil was also launched into "space" in an Estes model rocket. Again, he survived.

Randy Wells

This memory was added on: December 18,2004

The sound they made, zeeeerrppppp.

We used race them through soapy water and make them spin out while belting out the song to speed racer. Lauch them over ramps made out of books in the living room. Picking out the exact color for Santa's order.

chris connolly

This memory was added on: December 17,2004

I remember getting the Smash Up Derby set for my 4th birthday. I was really excited. We went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and when we got home, I found my rip cords chewed to pulp by our dog. That was a bummer. On a lighter note: Walmart sells Smash Up Derby!!! They have them at my local (Calgary, Canada)Walmart for $10.00! I was going to buy it, but I got a sense from my wife that she might have already bought it for me as a gift :-)


This memory was added on: November 6,2004

Man, does this bring back memories. There were a bunch of us who used to race them on the playground at recess. Sidewinders and Can Am Racers were real popular. I had the only Eliminator dragster; it was blue and definitely the coolest looking of all the cars, but I got my butt kicked every time we raced! After my mother got sick of me whining about losing all the time, she took me over to King's department store and I saw this ugly mustard colored Laker special. It was the only one they had. I really didn't like how it looked, but my pride was at stake now, and I figured anything was better than what I had. When I brought it to school the next day, everybody laughed at how it looked. Now the pressure was really on. I already had the reputation of having the slowest SSP, and now I had a funny looking, puke yellow one. Then my life changed forever. We all pulled our T-sticks, put the cars to the pavement, and let em go. My ugly, puke yellow, mustard colored Laker special smoked everybody! Had to be a fluke, right? No way! I owned the racecourse from then on out. Well, it didn't really change my life forever, but it did for at least a few weeks until the snow flew and we had to put the cars away for the winter, and as it turned out, forever.


This memory was added on: October 20,2004

Wow - - I had the most fun with these. Growing up in Chicago, and getting one for Christmas - - would go to the school yard (was usually a big patch of ice somewhere) and rip and let it go! My car would shoot across the playground in like a second! Man...to be back in those days!


This memory was added on: October 16,2004


This memory was added on: October 16,2004

I remember getting my first SSP at Xmas in 1972.It was a Laker Special in the obligitory purple! My younger brother got one too.His was a bright green Eliminator.His SSP was cooler than mine but mine lasted way longer!Best memory was on school vacation watching two other brothers racing a pair of Sidewinders on the beach where we would go for summer holidays.The SSP flying accross firm sand was the best! The other memory was playing "chicken" with an opponent and their SSP.Great fun times.


This memory was added on: September 25,2004

I remember racing the"smash up derby" '57 Ford against my friends'Shiny"modern" models and winning every time! 'Must have been the lighter weight from not having doors,hood or trunk lid...sure as h... wasn't the aerodynamics! Ahh those black marks on the floors and dented baseboards...and that noise! My mother hated them as soon as they came out of the box,even though SHE was the one who got them for me at christmas 197...i can't even remember! You know you're getting old when! By the way,ther's a company called kid connection who just released a new version of the smash up derby set with two Chevy Nomads...'found it at Wal-Mart's


This memory was added on: September 25,2004

just like the rest of you guys I have great memories of playing with the smash up derby set my twin brother and I spent hours and hours smashing them up until all we had left one day was hunks of plastic with a spinning wheels inside (still worked thou!)

now i have a little boy and would love for him to have a toy like them Do they make a new version ?

Grant and graham- New Zealand

This memory was added on: September 23,2004



This memory was added on: September 17,2004

Hi all, I remember my smash-up cars and all the fun I had playing with them when I was a kid. I've searched around to get some for my boys and the only place I can find any is on ebay...and complete sets go for $50 - $100. This got my mind working about perhaps ordering in a bunch of these from a foreign manufacturer who makes them... just like they did when we were kids...and they could probably be sold for about $20 for a new in the box set of two cars, the ramps and gyro pull strings. Whatdayathink - would anyone be interested in something like this?


This memory was added on: September 7,2004

Being from the Racing Capitol (Indianapolis), the spirit of racing begins at an early age. I remember "the guys" and I would spend our 3rd and 4th Grade Spring recess periods racing these gems every day leading up to the Indy 500. It became so competitive that friendships were often pushed to the limit. But in the end, I am sure we all really had a blast no matter who won or lost!!!

Ed K.

This memory was added on: September 2,2004

Anyone remember the drag racing finish line timing tower?It was great.It had the starting lights of a drag racing christmas tree.When it flashed green the timer would start.When your car passed under the tower,it hooked a line that stopped the timer clock and had a checker flag attached.The tower included a timing card that you could calculate your car speed using the track/room length and the elapsed time on the clock.This tower finally put to rest who had the fastest car on the block.I wish I could find this tower.


This memory was added on: August 29,2004

i will probably never get back to this site but would like to instill one of my many wonderings of life! I too had these cars...they were GREAT!It actaully had a sense of power and pretty much lived up to the advertisement.Ok heres where its gonne get scary kids......I just put SW4(starwars IV)on puase. I couldnt take it anymore!! I know george lucas stole the "laker special" to make Luke's "land speeder".........maybe some will think me mad, others sheer genius! alas its was another fine toy i had that the "evil bitch from hell"/stepmother sent to oblivion.Also sent my Conan#1/countless eerie/creepy and Vamperlla comix to the dump too......they may take my treasures but they will never steal my dreams!!! So in closing I say this "remember...not matter what remember those of you that can of an era when society was changing and not for the better in my own mind.Its more advanced now it is alot of things now.But! one thing that has left and is gone forever is an age of innocence!Im going back to star wars and a fleeting glimpse into an age of 25-50 cent matinee movies on saturdays.making my own paper kites until the "evil one" had to let me buy my own "bat kite" because i saved my money from selling watermelons that summer!Remeber when "planet of the apes" came out??? i became awestruck!......any old guys out there thinking from yesteryear now??? i hope so....hope it puts a smile on at least somebody's face! take care folks!!!!!


This memory was added on: August 27,2004

(sorry for my blank entry earlier folks!) Smash-up derby: the toy I always wanted and never got! Time for me to get over it, I know but I remember seeing the ads for it on TV and thinking how cool it would be to play with it. Maybe it was the toy you could repeatedly break yet easily repair again that was the charm. Anyway, I envy those of you that still have the set or those of you recently acquiring them on-line somewhere. Smash one up for me!


This memory was added on: August 24,2004

Oh yeah! skin burns, black marks, certain death jumps, Sid-like customizing. The only thing left of my beloved SSP cars and bikes are 4 wheels. One of my HS science projects was a DIY mini soap box car to be judged by max distance down a ramp in the HS hallway. Inspired by their awesome performance and their 'salvage only' condition, I fitted 4 SSP wheels in a lame (but colorfully decorated) wooden frame with vegetable oiled holes. I would have won had it not been for that damned alignment problem. As it was, I lost to couple of girls with a hokey covered wagon looking piece of crap...but hey, I've still got the wooden racer-don't know why! Oh yes, good good memories............


This memory was added on: August 21,2004

I had the orange one in the picture. I loved this thing because you could really let one rip! The sheer speed of these things put a heck of a bruse on ankle...


This memory was added on: August 21,2004

Hehe, those things were awsome...my mother hated them because of the thick black lines I'd leave on the kitchen floor with them (worse than boot scuffs lol). I too had the bicintennial smash up derby set...deffinitly my favorite:)

This memory was added on: August 13,2004

The cars were all awesome, but nothing held a candle to the Evel Knievel SSP stunt bike! Not only could you jump it and knock things down, but half the fun was in seeing how far you could fling Evel off the bike while doing stunts. I think my sister's Barbie dolls are still in rehab due to the trauma experienced by E.K. Memories similar to Michael Richards (aka Kramer) assaulting his sister's dolls on that comedy show "Fridays".


This memory was added on: August 11,2004

Well, there is a memory. I had two of these cars. I cannot tell you exactly what kind of cars these are, but I can describe them. I got them both for Christmas in 1977. One was a car with a wide grill on the top of the car with exhaust pipes on the back. The front was also grilled but not as wide. The other one was pretty strange. This one was very skinny in the front and at the back it had little fins, two of them on the top. That thing was strange let me tell you, and the sound they made, man, you could scare someone to death if you wanted to. Those were among toys that could do that, because they had very distinct sounds.

Larry G

This memory was added on: August 1,2004

I had a set of SSP Racers around 1972, and I remenber one of them being a VW Beetle. Great fun. I miss that toy.


This memory was added on: July 22,2004

I remember playing with these at my grandma's house, i had the derby cars, and i remember her getting upset at me and my cousin for hitting her wood work with them!it was so good to stumble across your site,as i could not remember what or who made those fun toys.I want to buy them again,if i can find them!Thank you for the flashback!

matt huff

This memory was added on: July 20,2004

We had Revrods in the UK.Slightly smaller but just as rugged. I've built up a large collection over the years of both the 1970-78 Denys Fisher Revrods and Kenner SSP's including the sets and T-zzzers which were the smaller version released in the very early 80's. A few boxed,some sealed in box and others still carded. Its time to let others enjoy them so if you are interested,i will send you a pic. If you want to buy one,let me know.


This memory was added on: July 9,2004

All the boys in the neighborhood would play with these for days at a time. The only thing that would stop us was when the plastic holding the axle in the vehicle would break ("No mom, I wasn't beating it") and the wheel would skew. Time to beg for money to buy a new one.


This memory was added on: July 8,2004

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, the birth place of SSP's. I had a customized RAM JET that I made super light. I would race my neighbor for pink slips, that car won me a lot of SSPs.

They should have made the T-stick better.

A Mirsky

This memory was added on: June 26,2004


This memory was added on: June 26,2004

Man, SSP racers were the greatest. Mom made us run them outside because we dented up the trim in the house. You could realy get it going if you tugged the T-stick really hard. It sucked when the T-stick broke and you had to use a little piece of it. I loved the demo derby cars and used mine long after the "exploding" parts were lost.


This memory was added on: May 17,2004

OMG these were awesome, my brother and I owned many...my favorite, the Jet Star, was confiscated by the lunch lady and never seen again, I hated her guts....


This memory was added on: April 12,2004

SSP cars were awesome. My brother and I was just talking about them this past easter, we both had the black jack cars and will be looking for them on ebay.


This memory was added on: April 12,2004

I liked the SSPs, but hated the demolition derby models. The commercial showed the cars driving up ramps simultaneuosly and crashing head-on in mid air. You could never make this happen with your friends. You would sopend 5 mintutes clipping the dooors and other pieces on, then you would send it up the ramp and it would miss the other car. Better to just run them into the wall.


This memory was added on: March 29,2004

I had several different cars, but my favorite was one of the stock car models. I wore that thing out but it was always fast. I think I still have a shiny green Laker Special in a box somewhere. Of all the toys I had as a kid, I think SSP cars ranked second only to Hot Wheels. It would be great to see them brought back for all of us "big kids".


This memory was added on: March 26,2004

SSPs!! Man those were a blast my neighbor and I wouldv race all day long! My 3 favorites--- The Bonny Bike, The Laker Special, and the very best, Lime-grenn Siamese Slingshot!


This memory was added on: March 16,2004



This memory was added on: March 8,2004

I don't remember what ones i had, but that was the best days i have ever had, i remember being in the hospital for a month and my grandma brought me one up, and i used to run that thing up and down the hall in the hospital, used to drive the nurses crazy, where does the time go. i sure miss those days..


This memory was added on: March 3,2004

I loved these things!! But I didn't have a problem with getting my hair rolled up in them. My problem was the carpet down the long hallway in our house. I also remember pulling the rip cord and then holding the car in my hand and using the spinning wheel as weapon. The nieghbor kid and I had plenty of unexplainable burns on our arms. Great fun!


This memory was added on: March 2,2004

Why does it seem that these things kept getting taken away from us? Only to one day finally disappear...I think I know why. My brother and I had constructed a ramp at the end of the sidewalk leading to the backdoor into the house. Past this backdoor was the landing leading to the basement stairs. Our logic was that we could prop open the back door, send the SSP's down the sidewalk, hit the ramp, fly over the entry stoop, over the basement landing and down the steps in a gorgeous arc that would end at the base of the stairs downstairs safely on a pile of pillows for a landing area. Well, we nailed it...two SSP's sent hurtling forth at a frightenting velocity...just as planned...down the sidewalk, up the ramp, shoot through the back door and hurtling dangerously down the basement steps. The next sound we heard was Dad coming up those same steps wanting to know who the **** put those two big holes in the drywall at the base of the steps downstairs in the basement. Last time I saw my SSP...thanks for the memories gang!


This memory was added on: February 23,2004

My younger brother and I would spend hours playing the the cars that smashed together and the parts popped off. There was another that I believe was called "Classy Crashers," or somthing like that. If memory serves it there was an orange Roles Royce and a cranberry Lincoln Limousine. This toy proved to be as much fun as the Rock 'Em' Sock 'Em Robots that we had.


This memory was added on: February 12,2004

SSPs were awesome. Such a simple design idea yet so perfect.

I remember making ramps for my SSP cars to jump off of using the board from a Monopoly game (or any other board game) and encyclopedias.


This memory was added on: January 23,2004

I remember I had two a blue one and a red one I was trying to remember the name of them and found your website. This was the only toy my sister couldn't break and the neighborhood bully was too stupid to operate.

Lee Jones

This memory was added on: January 17,2004

Wow, you've all made me get choked up. I share so many of these same memories. My nextdoor neighbor and I had several SSP's between us. I played with those things more than any other toys I ever had, truly a boys dream. We started taking them to school until they became a nuisance and were banned. I had forgotten this until last year when Bey Blades were banned at the school where I now teach! It must be something about that violent rip-cord action;) After running those SSp's through every imaginable terrain and environment my neighbor came up with the ultimate stunt, run them through a wall of flames. We doused an SSP with gasoline we had barrowed from a gas can in the garage and ran it through a flaming puddle of petrol on my neighbors driveway. Needless to say, we could only do this several times before the chassis would start to deform and the big rubber wheel would rub. I know this sounds really stupid, but you must remember that these were the days when you could watch Evil K. tumble across a stadium floor like a ragdoll on the Wide World of Sports! All great fun and we never got hurt. Thanks for all your memories.


This memory was added on: December 15,2003

I had a blue Laker and when you pulled the stick, sparks came out - it was the coolest! I also had the Smash-up Derby ones and I had fantastic fun with them until our family dog, a poodle, actually ate the main parts of the cars. My friend and I had just crashed them into each other, and the stupid dog attacked them and chowed-down. I still don't like poodles!


This memory was added on: December 10,2003


This memory was added on: December 10,2003

i just bought stockcar smash up off ebay and cant wait untill its delivered.i loved all those 70s toys.take a look in toys r us all the modern toys are crap!


This memory was added on: November 30,2003

I had the purple Plymouth Superbird and I ran it so much out on the driveway that the tires were worn down to 1/2 circles. It had a rubber nosecone on the front. Used to launch it off the Evel Knievel ramps.


This memory was added on: November 26,2003

I Loved my Lime Green "Laker Special". We would bring them into school and race them on the playground. I saw one kid who had a Purpler Laker Special and boy did I WANT that One. A great toy, like all those from that time. No movie tie in, no cartoon to go along with it. And it only performed one function, it was YOUR imagination that made it fun for hours. Maybe the toy companies should have kept that idea. There's no better toy than a kid's imagination.


This memory was added on: November 19,2003

I had the SAME reaction recently, helping my nephew assemble Beyblades -- the cord reminded me of my old SSP racer, really slick long and bright blue. SO much cooler that dumb ole Beyblades.


This memory was added on: October 17,2003

These were great I can remember have one along with my brother. They rocked. But I never had the hair problem. How did you guys get them stuck in your hair??????????


This memory was added on: October 17,2003

I remember owning an SSP racer. It was the envy of all my friends who also had SSP's. Mine was called the laker special if I remember correctly. For some reason, none of the other kids could obtain one like mine. We would bring them to school and race them during recess. I had a real sense of pride knowing that mine was unique in my small childhood universe, and mine would usually kick ass among my competitors! Those were the heady days of the early 70's...


This memory was added on: October 1,2003

I had a dragster, but my favorite cars were the Smash Up Derby ones. I think mine were the 57 Chevy and the Nomad. We had a big pile of dirt in back of the house and it was fun to launch them over it and then see them smash upon an "unsuccessful" landing! They did get a bit gunked up with sand, though...


This memory was added on: September 4,2003

I'm Irene. I hated that dumb thing ! I still cringe and pull my foot up just thinking about it .It tore me up AFTER burning off 20 ft. of sidewalk ! And he did carry me home once he was done rolling on the ground from laughter. Good to know I know I was right up there with cats and dogs as fun-to-torture victims. ;) Hope you guys have outgrown that !

Irene Younger

This memory was added on: September 3,2003

My sister Irene remembers my SSP Bonnie bike. One day in front of my house I saw her walking towards me about 20-30 feet away. I told her to watch how fast it will go pass her. It hit her very hard on her barefoot. I was laughing and she was crying. She reminds me about it every now and then. Just today I bought a vintage SSP and I'm going to Email my sister a photo of it.

Mike Robres

This memory was added on: August 21,2003

Wow! I cant beleive that there are others out there who share the same memories of this toy as I do. I was so proud of my one and only model that I was able to con my grandparents into buying. I only wish I had saved it Bryan


This memory was added on: August 5,2003

I have to say I still love this toy ; i have memeries of it as beng my favorite even more than GI Joe ( The large Ones ) and klackers , We would spend ours letting that thing go back and forth building ramps and just racing them , The mother of all SSP was the black widow , then I got that gleem in my eye when they came out in coloured chrome awesome . I think this would still be a runner for the younger generation today. does anyone know if they are still being made somewhere on this planet? feel free to mail

12 Sept 1965

This memory was added on: July 30,2003

I remember around 1970 when my older brother and I went to the Frederick and Nelson's Toy department in downtown Seattle to hang out (we didn't have much money back then to do anything else). He took one out of the package and pulled the cord and had it shoot down the isle past the other Christmas shoppers. Those were the days...

Bill G

This memory was added on: July 17,2003

I also had the Blackjack racer & I thought I was the only one who got it caught up in my hair! I just wanted to see how it would feel bouncing off of the top of my head. I pulled the cord & listened to the whine next to me ear. The next thing I knew my shoulder-length brown hair was wrapped around that wheel to the roots. My mom cursed as she worked the wheel out & I remeber my dad laughing til tears ran down his face.

Tracy Thorpe

This memory was added on: July 5,2003

Mine was a bright blue and my sister's was bright green. We really enjoyed them. I appreciated the fact that my mother bought them for us, even though we were girls! I remember our cleaning lady's grandson brought his SSP to our house and we raced them on the front sidewalk.


This memory was added on: June 22,2003

I had the smashup derby cars that were painted up in the bicentennial year colors of red, white, and blue...even the jump ramps had some type of red, white, and blue sticker on them. The station wagon was red with white stars or something while the sedan was predominantly white with blue hood. It's been years since I had those, but I still can remember that whine once the cord was pulled.


This memory was added on: June 21,2003

I had the top fuel dragster one. i loved it, the dog hated it.

Dennis Cline

This memory was added on: June 15,2003

I had a Kenner SSP Blackjack car when I was 5 until one day my mom took it away from me. You see, these cars have a gyro wheel in the center which is activated by a plastic strip with teeth that turn the Gyro when you you give it a swift pull. The car then makes a loud whirring sound like a siren.   The reason mine was taken away was because I got a mischievious idea one day. I saw our 20 lb tom cat relaxing under  a tree one summer morning back in 1972  I think. I quietly snuck up behind him until I was about a tail lenghth away, Well I pulled that rip strip as hard as I could , As that car let out an ear peircing scream that cat  to my suprise did not run away but instead  came at me with claws out wildly flayling and hitting their mark, Me!  That cat went up me down me back up again til I was sa cratched  up bloody mess.   I ran in the house and exclaimed to my mom " look what that cat did to me!" She replied, " WHat did you  do to that cat?" with that she took my car and ripstick out of my hands and never to see that car again. I think it got sold at the great  Yard Sale of "73.  I hadn't seen one since until I looked for one on Ebay . Now I have a whole Fleet of them .

Fred Fairbairn

This memory was added on: June 7,2003

Whhhhhattt a fantastic toy. I remember getting my hair caught a few times. I loved just pulling the rip cord & watching the wheel spin soooo fast. I still have "Smash Up Derby" in the original box. My son is now old enough to play with me. I want time just to stand still playing with these great toys. I bet these days these toys would be banned because someone would say how dangerous they are. Where are those great toy innovators today????

Dan Curbis

This memory was added on: June 6,2003

Maaaaan! What a memory! I bought my son a Beyblade and saw the Tstrip and remembered racing my SSPs down a crack where two of our carpets met. I think I got mine from a gas station


This memory was added on: June 3,2003

I had the smash up derby cars and loved to blow them apart then put them together and do it over and over all day long and not getting in trouble for breaking my toys.


This memory was added on: May 20,2003

I loved these cars! Shiny and fast! Easy to operate (as long as you didn't lose your zip cord).


This memory was added on: May 15,2003


Ken Fagin

This memory was added on: May 13,2003

Actually it blows me away that after all these years i'm sitting here with one of those ssp's in my hand right now. Its a blue car called the GT Coupe w cord and its nearly in mint condition. I saved it all these years. I had a whole collection back then. I'm 38 now but just holding this car brings back the best days of my life! I only wish i could find full color photos of the other models.

Doug Lebo

This memory was added on: May 9,2003

I agree with the pull cord sting as being painful, but try getting your hair caught up in the gears of that big rubber wheel. Nothing beats the look on you mom's face when you walk into the kitchen with the "Black Widow" hangin' off the side of your head. Yeeouch!!

Joe Wiseman

This memory was added on: May 2,2003

hehehe.. another toy my mother hated! And who could forget the sting to your face that "zip cord" made if you pulled to hard!


This memory was added on: April 17,2003

A fun toy! It went like H-E double hockey sticks. The only thing I didn't like was the sting from the gear toothed, pull stick.