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This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

I thought Stretch was a Hunk when I was younger. He was my first infatuation...I thought he was so strong and cute! I had him for 1 yr or so, then my mom's cousin came down from Alaska :( He wanted to show me how strong HE was! He pulled and pulled my man ...his arms got thin and fraile...I was nervous for him!!! Then I noticed a rip forming with a drop of brown Goop :( Oh Nooooooo! I was telling him to stop! But it was too late, stretched kept gooping at the seams! Bye Stretch, I'll miss you :) Also the " Stretch XRay " was the toy name someone wanted... youtube it.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

Wow this brings back memories.

I got a stretch Monster for Christmas sometime around 1979 - It was the favourite present that year.

Of course I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and start stretching him. My dad, being a big kid at heart was so eager to see me have fun on Christmas morning that once he got the thing out of the box, turned to me and said "Let's stretch his NECK" - and promptly pulled stretchy's head right off.

Luckily Christmas wasn't ruined as the head was quickly replaced and we determined that the neck was not a good stretching point.

I think good ol' stretchy provided several months of entertainment until the day he disappeared.

I found him sometime later, in the back of my closet, oooozing red syrup. Seems my younger brother had tried to stretch him and stretch him and stretch him until he broke - and then he quickly hid the evidence in the back of my closet . RIP Stretch Monster. You were loved.

**My brother denied such an act of stretching until he was about 30 yrs old and then finally confessed!!


This memory was added on: June 4, 2008

Yea.. brother & me got a stretch monster each around xmas 78/79. I was 4 or 5.

We woke up christmas morning and looked in the sacks santa had left at the foot of our beds. Possibly the best toy I ever had.

I recently got one of ebay... Looking great for his age :)


This memory was added on: September 25, 2007

My Stretch Armstrong experience was short but sweet. It’s all I wanted for Christmas and truly the only toy I remember loving. When I finally got it, I was elated to say the least. I got to enjoy him for about an hour before I bounced him on one of the old exercise mini trampolines (you know, the ones you used to jog on) and he crashed into an old glass oil lamp my mom had. Well, the glass shards cut him open and that was that. Goo oozed out everywhere and he was ruined. I pouted for days because it was the only present I wanted. My 5 year old daughter loves to hear the story and wants me to have one to this day. It’s all she talks about and is saving her money to buy me one, but unfortunately it’s a tough find. Why won’t Kenner come out with a new updated one? I know all us 70’s kids would kill to have one. Kenner , are you listening????


This memory was added on: May 30, 2007

My son did the photo for the box that "Stretch" came...not sure if my Mom still has the box but would love to see it if anyone has one to post son is the one with the crooked hair cut...he cut it himself the day before the shoot!!


This memory was added on: May 3, 2007

I received Stretch Monster for Christmas sometime in the late 70's. I remember being so happy unwrapping that box! I only had him for a short time, I made the mistake of putting him in my toybox and he was crushed :-( goo everywhere. The original box he came in is still on a shelf in my parents hall closet...


This memory was added on: April 25,2007

My brother and I got a Stretch Armstrong for christmas. Within a week, we had a small leak in him. My mom stuck him in the refrigerator and he turned hard as a rock. This was probably our favorite toy next to our wind up eveil kenevial motorcycles.


This memory was added on: April 4, 2007

This was my favorit toy. I remember on Christmas morning when I open the gift and seen him on the front box. My eyes pop out of my sockets. I rushed to open the GEM and played with him all night and day. WOW One of my favs.


This memory was added on: March 22, 2007

I remember getting Stretch Armstrong and playing with him a lot. Eventually he was put in the attic with some other toys we had. After some time had passed, I went to the attic on a hot summer day and thought I would look in the box. There was Stretch's head with a bunch of gooey, syrup-like stuff all around him! So much for Stretch!


This memory was added on: March 22, 2007

My fil gave my boys this toy in 1994.. He passed away in 1995 and we have cherrished this little guy ever since.. he is packed away safe and sound for them to keep when they are much older!


This memory was added on: March 18, 2007

Oh yea... stretch armstrong! He was awesome. We would pull as far as our little muscles would hold. He does stretch a ways! We used to poke holes in it to let that red goop ooze out..poor stretch! :)


This memory was added on: March 17, 2007

I wasn't around when Stretch was cool, but I remember getting a few Vac-Men (purple and orange, I think) for Christmas when I was about 5 years old. I was trying to find out what they were called for the longest time, then came across a Wikipedia article about Stretch Armstrong that mentioned Vac-Man. I figured they were pretty much the same thing... all I remembered about Vac-Man was he was like a rubber glove filled with sand and had a plastic head. Then I typed "Vac-Man" into Google image search and confirmed Vac-Man was my toy. After more research I came across this website.

Timothy Benton

This memory was added on: March 6, 2007

I Remember Stretch Armstrong i recieved it for christmas once. I had several of them because they would always leak. I wish they could reissue them. I miss the stretch dolls.


This memory was added on: February 26, 2007

I recieved a stretch armstrong as a cristmas gift in the was one of the best toys i ever had,untill my mean cousin zastrow plunged a #2 lead pencil into the arm of the doll.i think he wanted to know what was inside the doll.the syrup inside was brown in color and dried quickley.i would like to see new stretch armstrong type toys one day.

Richard Robertson

This memory was added on: February 22, 2007

rad, i had the monster,and me-n-my freinds had a final slay the moneter party[he started leaking] be blasted him with screamer hawks from raydeen,and missiles for mazinga.then lit him up chemical warfare style with dads charcoal fluid.needless to say i didnt see any new toys that year until x-mas,but i can definitely say it was totally worth it.

tommy gunn

This memory was added on: February 19, 2007

I remember my sister or me had a stretch armstrong when i was about 5 and then when i had my 6th birthday i got the stretch monster but i cant remember what happened to either, hmm i do have a recollection of hovering over a stretch armstrong with a sharp object and plunging it deep within him with a ferver, and the light reddish syrup inside came gushing out, and i really wanted to taste that syrup badly but was told that it was deadly poison previously by some of my friends back then. however i believe i stuck a tiny finger up to the syrup and quickly after looking around sucked my finger and it tasted sweet and I was thinking wow poison is sweet?? so anyway thats about all the memory i have left in my 34 year old head sheesh 34 already hmmm oh well toys out now in no way compare to the fun of the toys back then also if anyone knows of a toy back then that was a doll like stretch armstrong but you could see blood coursing through its body when this button on it was pressed and also it was clear and see thru and you could see all the weird insides like its brain and such please write on this board and let me know what this doll was named.


This memory was added on: February 16, 2007

WOW, It's sad to think that when I was little, I watched my Vac-Man slowly die, almost like a pet would. He'd split in one arm, I'd play doctor and patch it up....then a few days later, the other arm....until finally he snapped. I would kill to have that toy again.


This memory was added on: February 14, 2007

my dad innocently hit me over the head with mine. He thought it would be soft. It wasn't. After that my head was soft. Say...what ever happend to strech monster? Where's the love?


This memory was added on: February 13, 2007

boy, what a time that was! i got that toy when i was 4 years old. now i'm 35 and still think about the good old days. wherent they great? the 70ies? i also hat the old batmobile and all the figures of batman including robin as well from mattel. i really miss that time. stretch arm strong was great! i tried to pull his arms as far as i could. sometimes i think that the people living in the 70ies had much more fantasy and inspiration compared to now. i wish there is this magic again some day in my life as it was when i was a child living in canada. regards from vienna!


This memory was added on: February 1, 2007

my brothers would put him in th freezer to stop his leaks


This memory was added on: January 26, 2007

Stretch Armstrong was really cool and I had one when I was a kid. I was curious about what was inside so I took out a steak knife from my kitchen and cut open to look at the goo. I was cool except now my Stretch Armstrong was ruined... I should have thought about that before I jumped into action with the knife. Curiosity killed the cat!

Dana Hansen

This memory was added on: January 24, 2007

not to overly excite anyone but i heard that they might be bringing stretch back.....stay tuned :)


This memory was added on: January 22, 2007

My dad got a stretch monster as a joke for xmas. Much to everyones supprise I ended up dragging it around dressed in doll clothes. And yes wrapped in a blanket. One day my dad asked me if he and my uncle could "play" with stretch. They made a good effort to tape his arm back on but poor stretch dried up shortly after. Im not sure I'll ever get over him.


This memory was added on: January 19, 2007

Man, why did I want this toy so bad? All it did was stretch! But thats the best thing about being a kid (or a cat) you just like things...well.. because. I'm not sure if I got Stretch and my bro got Stretch monster or vice versa but man we played with them for a good 2 days and had to cut them open (of course)to see what was inside that made 'em so darn stretchy! Oh yeah, and Stretch looked like 80's bodybuilding legend Tom Platz, except Platz was way bigger, thought I'd mention that.

michael m