Bang Box game

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This memory was added on: June 20, 2006

I remember wanting one of these so badly. I hounded my parents repeatedly for one, but they just couldn't see their way clear to buying one, not even for my birthday. Anyway after breaking my leg on vacation, while in the hospital. I finally got one from my Uncle Dan as a "get well" present (and perhaps to get some sort of twisted revenge on my father.) Aside from driving everybody in the house crazy (including my Uncle Dan) I wore that thing out before my cast was taken off. Not due to abuse but to excessive use (and the cast was on a really long time.) Ahhh man, that was "the toy."


This memory was added on: February 19, 2004

I don't know about it being quite in the same league as "Don't Break the Ice" but it was the most fun you could have with a five sided box and a plastic hammer.


This memory was added on: July 3, 2003

I had this game. You had to put a balloon inside the box and then hammer in 12 inch plastic nails into the box. At a certain point, the ballon had to POP and you would Lose. This game was FUN. In the same style as Don't break the ice.

Frank Diorio