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This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

I searched and finally found the Instructions for this game for all of us:

"Hands Down" Slam-o-matic
Deck of cards

Each player takes his place around the Slam-o-matic and selects a "Numbered Hand" on it.
Remove the blank cards from the deck. (Use them as a replacement for cards which have been damaged or lost).

Players cut cards. Highest card deals. Dealer shuffles the cards and deals four cards, one at a time, to each player. He places the remaining cards, face down, on the table within reach of all players.
The player to the left of the dealer draws the top card from the deck. Any pair such as two fours, two sevens, etc. or if the drawn cards makes a pair, entitles the player to slam down his Numbered Hand located on the Slam-o-matic. As soon as the slams down his Numbered Hand, the other players should follow at once. Players must react quickly, for the player who is last to slam down his Numbered Hand is the loser on this play (indicated by the number appearing on the top, in the center, of the Slam-o-matic). The player with the pair, places it face up on the table in front of him to be counted as part of his score.
He then selects any card-without looking at it-from the losers hand. If the card picked makes a pair, he can slam the "Slam-o-matic" again. The player continues picking cards and slamming the Slam-o-matic until he no longer has a pair in his hand. At any time the player can either FAKE a "Hands Down" play or pass. A player must say "PASS" in order to end his turn.
A player may FAKE a "Hands Down" play by going for his Numbered Hand but not touching it. A fake is successful when one or more players are tricked into touching the Slam-o-matic.
Each player touching the Slam-o-matic during a fake move, loses one card which is picked by the player who is doing the faking. However, if the player who is doing the faking touches the Slam-o-matic, but does not have a pair, he loses a card. The card he loses, is picked, unseen, by the player to his left and placed at the bottom of the deck.
When a player no longer has any cards in his hand, the game is not over and he is not out of the game. However, the player is not allowed to slam the Slam-o-matic during a "Hands Down" play until he has accumulated at least one card. He does this by picking from the Deck during his turn.

In case of a FOUL (where the numbered paddles gather in the center of the Slam-o-matic without clearly indicating a number) the player whose turn it is picks the top card from the deck and proceeds in the same manner.

The Smiling Joker is used as a wild card, it can only be used once. For example: The Good Joker and any numbered card are considered a pair and are played in that manner.

The Sad Joker is a penalty card and will cost a player valuable scoring points if caught with it at the end of the game. The only way a player can get rid of the Sad Joker is to have another player take it from his hand when forfeiting a card.

The game is over when the last card is taken from the deck. The player taking the last card may complete his entire turn.


This memory was added on: June 10, 2006

We had this game when we were kids - and yes, it was the coolest game ever! We never had any problems understanding the rules - it wasn't that complicated I don't think. Anyway, this game was long ago forgotten about until I found a vintage game at a yard sale today and just had to buy it to show my kids. Only problem is that the instructions aren't in the box, so I've joined the ranks of "those who never quite knew how to play" lol - maybe I'll check with my sister if she remembers the rules. It is always such fun to take a trip down memory lane.... :o)


This memory was added on: June 8, 2006

hands down. Does any one know how to play??? I think this game would be a lot more fun if we actually knew the rules! ha ha ha Does it even come with instructions? I found it in the basement. It's like 10 years old.


This memory was added on: May 27, 2006

I have fond memories of this game from when I was a child...loved the game! I guess when you are young it is a blast! It seems a little silly now that I am an adult...although what a classic game. I found it at the Goodwill store for 88 cents intact except for the instructions - so excited to find it and for the price! Thank you for posting the instructions!


This memory was added on: April 13, 2006

I brought my old game home with me last year and play it every once in a while with my friends. It's still fun! As for the rules, you just deal 4 cards and take turns drawing cards until someone has a match. When they do, they put their hand on the slap-o-matic. The person who had the match draws a card from the last person to hit the slap-o-matic. You avoid the joker and try to pass it on to someone else. My joker is bent and barely held together, probably from my friends not wanting to get this card!


This memory was added on: April 12, 2006

someone put the directions on this site if u have them .would be apprecciated by all

paul noah

This memory was added on: March 18, 2006

People are asking how it was played--I know it came with a card deck, and it seems that somehow you'd draw cards, perhaps like "Go Fish", trying to get pairs...and every now and then, you'd get a "Hands Down" card and that's when everyone was supposed to hit the game piece, and whoever's "hand" got there first won it?? Something close to this.


This memory was added on: February 10, 2006

I know I played this game but I cant remember the point of it just alot of slapping. Does anyone remember the object?


This memory was added on: November 13, 2005


My sister and I had this game, many hours of fun with it, but does anyone remember the Archies, jug head and the gang? Sue


This memory was added on: August 7, 2005

Loved this game with my siblings. Have played it for hours with my own children. No matter how many times you've played it, you still get flustered and y ou still laugh.

PJ Hedrick

This memory was added on: June 20, 2005

My Grandmother bought one of these games for my older sister; I happend to find it yesterday. We never knew how to play it, and there is no instruction manual. I want to play it with my 4 year old...does anyone know how the game is to be played?


This memory was added on: March 7, 2005

Me and my sister got one for Christmas one year we played with it to death, it was so much fun that when I was grown and had my child I wanted to share that fun with him so found one at Toys R Us the little s*** hates games so needless to say havent played it much, maybe when he has kids they will play with me.


This memory was added on: January 16, 2005

We got this for Christmas about a hundred years ago. It looked so cooool on the comercials! I remember my brother in law reading the directions and they called it the "slam-0-matic". I still giggle about that...ah the good old days!


This memory was added on: November 18, 2004

I am with Karen, this was a stupid game!


This memory was added on: October 24, 2004

Mark and I got one of these for Christmas in the late 60's or early 70's. We played this one alot together and with neighbors. No doubt about it, this was one of the most exciting games e had then. I was bad to make a fake move to make Mark slap the hand.


This memory was added on: August 31, 2004

The first game my brothers, my oldest sister, and I got for Christmas. My uncle was trying to teach us to play, and it wasn't my turn yet... I kept saying, I have it I have it!!