Kreskin's ESP Game

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This memory was added on: April 3, 2007

This was more than just a game, it truly answered the questions I put to it. I discovered the game back in the 70's while living in Calif., if it wasn't for real, why did they take it off the market?


This memory was added on: September 9, 2006

I just got one at a garage sale last year (2005). I wouldn't call it just a game... but maybe it is because I have abilities others don't. I guess I'd compare it to a Ouija... if you don't believe or understand it won't work. I love it.


This memory was added on: April 17, 2005

"[H]ot on the tail of the Ouija Board"? Er, Ouija boards under that name were first marketed in the 1890s. "Kreskin's ESP" didn't hit stores until well over 70 years later.

My mother had this set: a pack of cards with colored dots, a pack of cards with symbols, and a pendulum. She kept the pendulum for decades. For all I know I might still have it somewhere.


This memory was added on: March 2, 2005

Ha! Used this to hip-no-tize a friend once and had him steal money from his dad's pants pocket. Oh, no wait thet was Soupy Sales. Had this one. Kreskin hit all the talk shows back then. The game (if you want to call it that) never made much sense to though. Seemed too much like homework. Plus you can only get your sister to hold the cards up for so long before they realize you're just guessing anyway.


This memory was added on: March 31, 2004

Too much information.


This memory was added on: October 30, 2003

You can make one yourself with a large washer and about 6 inches of string. We learned this from a magic book when I was a kid and made one. You have someone hold the string with the weight dangling down and tell them a swing one direction is "yes" and the other is "no".

It does work, its on the same priciple as the ouiji board though actually works better. People subconciously twitch their hand in the direction they expect it to move. The pendulum string amplifies the twitch into visible motion. It's self-reinforcing. As they see it move, they start believing and expecting it to move more, which makes the hand twitch more, etc.

You can do a very impressive mind reading stunt by having someone pick a card, then hold the pendulum over the card and ask them yes or no questions ("is it red?" "is it a diamond?" etc.) One warning, every so often you encounter a steely-controlled skeptic who can disassociate their thoughts from the answers and it will fail miserably :)

The phenomenon is somehwat related to hypnosis in that the person being asked the questions is providing the answers through their imagination that the pendulum is going to move, which explains the connection with Kreskin. (The same kind of people who can't be hypnotised, and they are relatively rare, can defeat this too.)


This memory was added on: October 1, 2003

I picked it up at a garage sale. It's not really a game, I guess, but more of a psycic test. I think I failed....


This memory was added on: June 17, 2003

i once rented a house and this was left in the basement because no one else wanted it either. i left it there because i thought what an idiotic lame-o piece of junk. had no idea it was a collectors item. wish i'd taken it. shows how much I know.


This memory was added on: June 6, 2003

I still have this game at home in my closet. I think I'll break it out and test my ESP skills.


This memory was added on: June 3, 2003

This was hot on the tail of the Ouija Board game which it tried to emulate. You know - mysticism, fortune telling and all that. I never really knew if it was "real" or not. Kind'a fun though.