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This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

I remember getting Time Bomb for Christmas. We just started playing and I was very frightened of it! My younger sister enjoyed it. Every time it came to me I would turn away or duck from it. My Mother who was also playing with us told me to quit being a baby and just catch the damn thing. No more did she say that she shot at me relatively hard and smack right in the mouth I got it. Broke half of my front tooth off, needed a root canal and a crown for it. I was very traumatized and we never played with it again. Not sure what happened to it, think my mom gave it away. My sister and I get a good laugh out of it now knowing I wasn't the only one who survived Time Bomb! LOL!!!!


This memory was added on: May 14, 2007

One of my favorite games, played it all the time. I found one on E-bay and bought it but it was a red one, not the black one which I had. Still cool, my kids find it amazing when I tell them about how to play it.


This memory was added on: November 6, 2006

Anyone know where I can get one?? This toy has been duct tapped together from such repeated use. All the grandkids have played with it and it's now on to the geat grandkids!

D LaGrow

This memory was added on: November 1, 2006

I remember playing with my cousins time bomb game christmas day. my cousin threw it and it went through my hands hitting me in the mouth and breaking one of my front teeth in half. My aunt called a dentist who lived nearby and he left his family and took me on the back of his Harley to his office to put a tempory cap on the tooth. The motorcycle ride made quite an impression on me.


This memory was added on: September 29, 2006

How was this played?


This memory was added on: May 28, 2006

Where can I buy one! I had one when I was just a kid, but the candle burned out long ago, and the time bomb never did.

I want one. It brings back memories of being hit in the face, and getting chipped teeth.


This memory was added on: May 26, 2006

This cracks me up after so many years to hear about this game. The only thing it did to me or my wife was make fat lips or break braces. I believe they took it off the market after so mamy law suits!


This memory was added on: April 30, 2006

I remember begging my dad to play Time Bomb with me one day. He said he was tired but I bugged him until he did. We were playing and he threw it a little high and it hit my mouth. It shattered my front tooth and he felt so bad. He got the worst of it when my mom come home and saw what he had done. I don't remember playing to much after that.

Debi C

This memory was added on: April 14, 2006

I recently ran across an old family movie with me unwrapping my TIME BOMB and then playing with my dad. You can tell I was afraid, I was waving my hands, I let the bomb drop and then covered my ears before I retrieved it off the ground, I frantically threw it back to my dad --panic written all over my face! I was also wearing a granny gown night gown and curlers in my hair! (I must have been 8)

My 9 year old twin boys thought the movie was hilarious and were are now searching far and wide to buy our own time bomb!

Life was good!

Cynthia (1960)

This memory was added on: March 6, 2006

Time Bomb holds a place of infamy in my childhood memories. I was tossing the Time Bomb with my dad. The bomb slipped through my hands and flew straight into my teeth. It shattered my tooth into little bits. It was painful at the time...but a great story to tell my kids today.