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This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

I loved playing with my Barbie & friends when I was a child. My Barbie was a brunette Bubblecut. I also had several Skippers & Skooters. They were actually my favorites. They looked more like me & my friends. I just couldn't relate to Barbie. She looked more like my Mom, so I used my Barbie for Skipper & Skooter's Mom, & my brother's Ken for their Dad. They had many great adventures. I had a Barbie house & a Skipper house. My friends also had Barbie & Skipper houses. They were made of cardboard and all the furniture was too. You could fold up the houses and stuff all the furniture inside & take them to your friend's house. My Dad also made me a picnic table for my dolls and a tent that was for my brother's GI Joe. He was nice enough to let us use it for the dolls many camping trips. He also had a horse that we used for Skipper & Skooter to ride on. We put the dolls in the bathroom sink in the winter when they wanted to go swimming & in the summer we took them outside & used my Mom's scrub bucket for a pool! We spent many happy hours playing with those dolls. I still have two of my Skippers and a Twiggy doll that I got when I was almost too old to play with dolls anymore. I have since bought some Skooters and a Barbie that looks like my Bubblecut. You never get too old for dolls!!!!!!!!!


This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

Barbie had a best friend, Casey. I wanted her so bad...but it wasn't my birthday or Christmas time. But the doctor said I had to have my tonsils out. When I woke up after the operation, there she was...right on my stomach! My dad said I had to have her since my nickname was Casey also!


This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

Finally, I found pictures of this doll case online! I never knew the name or the year it was made so I had to do a lot of searching before I finally found it. Just looking at the case picture and the two hot pink twin beds inside brought back memories of playing for hours with my Barbies on my yellow and orange round shag rug in my bedroom. I would make a semi circle of the carry cases and my favorite was this one. I loved it because my Barbie could invite her friends to sleep over and then they would plan an adventure for the next day which of course would be in a few seconds. What wonderful memories!


This memory was added on: July 6, 2008

Between the ages of seven and eleven, Barbie was my life.

My mom made tons of clothes for my Barbies as well as buying tons of outfits.

My older sister had a Barbie as well. Hers was blonde. Mine was brunette.

Later I got Ken. Barbie and Ken got married. She got a job singing in a night club. Ken stayed home. They were certainly ahead of their time.

I tired to maintain my figure just like Barbies for years. I guess she was a role model for me in the looks department.

Maybe at the age of 55 I should get another Barbie. I could sure use some inspiration!! hahahaha...

Bonnie B.

This memory was added on: December 18, 2007

Where do I start? This doll was a MAJOR part of my life as a girl. I’m still waiting for my own body to “morph” into this vision of what I thought for sure would someday be my reflection in the mirror! Boy, was I ever mislead! Anyway, my girlfriends and I created these dramas with story lines worthy of being made into “Made for TV” movies on the Lifetime channel! We made furniture out of empty tissue boxes and borrowed our brother’s G.I. Joe dolls for Barb ie’s boyfriend since we never did get the Ken doll we asked Santa for. Somehow those little green plastic army guys ended up in our “ Barb ieville”, as well.

I still have my Barb ies displayed on my shelf that I keep for special items in my bedroom. I also have my picture of me in front of the Christmas tree with my first Barb ie doll. Barb ie continues to amaze me and I still check out the Barb ie isle at Toys R Us.

Barbie enthusiast forever!


This memory was added on: May 19, 2007

I loved Barbie's as a child! They were definitely my favorite toys and I had all kind of Barbie stuff; many cars, houses etc. My dad worked at many countries and he used to bring me usually at least 2 different Barbies at the same time. My mother counted all my Barbies few years ago and I had almost 100 of them :D I also had many Sindys, Petras etc.


This memory was added on: April 19, 2007

I loved my Barbie fondest memories from the early 70's are when I got my first Barbie. I rember her to be the Malibu swimsuit...towel and groovy sunglasses. I also got Malibu bathing suit, towel, and groovy glasses. I also remember getting Quick Curl Barbie for and white long dress with black bow. Curling iron and combs accessories. I had a Barbie Camper...which I wish I still had. My best friend Ann, had a lot more Barbie stuff...she had PJ and Barbie with the fringe outfits...I never got those...but the ones that I did have I treasured. I also had a Dawn doll. I had lunch boxes with Barbie on them also for 1st grade-4th grade. I can't express really into words why Barbie was so special to me. But she is a fond memory. ANd I have all the dolls that meant something to me in a doll case in my living room today at 42 years of age. I will never outgrow my fondness for Barbie. Oh, and I had a Barbie phone that played a record of Barbie and Ken talking. Wish I still had that too.


This memory was added on: April 3, 2007

I love Barbie. I'm 46 now. And I found a store that sell used stuff, and I found that they have Barbies for less than 2$. The other day I got 15 for 0.50 each one. I repair hair and I doing crochet for the Barbies. Now I have 30. And I enjoy do dress. Happies old days are back. Itzy Madison, WI


This memory was added on: March 24, 2007

My first Barbie was a 1973 "baggie" 1971 Talking blonde Barbie. I was a 12 year old boy. My secound Barbie was Malibu Barbie 1972. Now I am a 46 year old transsexual woman who collects vintage Barbies and looks like my 1971 Talking Barbie.


This memory was added on: February 26, 2007

Oh boy all this talk about Barbie brings back so many fond memories of my childhood. I loved Barbie and her friends as a little girl and would play with them for hours and hours non stop. My first Barbie was a My First Ballet Barbie from 1985. I loved that Barbie so much and I got a My First Ken to go with her. I made Barbie and Ken make out like crazy. I had a Mexican Barbie whome I used for being the housekeeper. Barbie would constantly order her around disciplining her, keeping her a busy housekeeper. I had so much fun playing with my Barbies. It's all I practially did after I buying my first Barbie. My life turned into Barbie world. Though sadly one day our dog chewed up all my dolls and they were destroyed so I had no other choice but to throw them into the trash. I was was so heartbroken. Well, that's my story about Barbies. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Barbie was like no other doll I ever had.


This memory was added on: January 29, 2007

I love Barbies, well vintage Barbies. I would play Barbies with the girls down the street. They had so much barbie stuff. They used to make me play with this ugly barbie because they were older and mean to me. Well now I have that ugly barbie and she is not ugly to me anymore. She is a fashion Queen Barbie. I just hated her when I was little with painted on hair and those stupid wigs. The other girls had the beautiful rooted hair dolls.


This memory was added on: January 28, 2007

That was Ideal's Jody doll. 9 inches tall. 1975. My cousins had that one.


This memory was added on: January 28, 2007

So many old favorite toys are found when an attic or basement is cleaned out, and Barbie dolls are no exception. Home and building maintenance work can be drudgery, but finding a beloved toy can make the whole job worthwhile. If you're tempted to hire a NYC cleaning service to do clean out for you, just think of the toys you could rediscover if you do the work yourself.

This memory was added on: January 10, 2007

I remember the growing boobs Skipper! It just popped into my head a couple of days ago, which lead to my googling it and ending up on this site!! I loved my barbies and my dreamhouse, which was later used as a batcave by my brother and his Batman and Robin dolls! Does anybody remeber Tiffany Taylor, the bigger doll with blonde hair on one side and brunette on the other and you could turn the top of her head? The barbie-sized version was Tuesday Taylor....I loved the Dawn dolls as well, especially Angie! I'm trying to remeber the doll that was a little smaller then Barbie but bigger then Dawn, she had red hair down to her feet and was dressed in 1800-style clothes with a brim hat like the Amish farmers wear...anyone???


This memory was added on: January 9 ,2007


EVERYONE PLAYED WITH BARBIE & her friends when I was growing up! Malibu P.J. and Skipper were cool too! I had the Malibu Skipper in her orange bathing suit, REMEMBER THAT? I grew up in the early 1970s, and the only competition then among the girls in the neighborhood was how many cool barbie things you had! I loved the townhouse, and the camper! It was definitely a different time then, less complicated, and we didn't need so much to play, we had less, and use our imaginations/thinking skills more. Ahh, the good old days!


This memory was added on: January 4, 2007

I really liked Barbie, though I wished she had more Ethnic friends at the time. I'm 40, so when I was a child during the early 70's my options were limited, however I still had fun with my Malibu Barbie and those Big "Jackie O" blue sun glasses she wore to match that sky blue swimsuit of hers! Before the Growing up Skipper doll came out, I would pull of the head of my Skipper doll and stick on the body of her big Sister Malibu Barbie...the doll heads were also fun to take to school and put on the end of my pencils!! Ha-ha! And you thought Barbie was just play with!


This memory was added on: January 3, 2007

My older sister had the largest collection of Barbie's that I knew of growing up! She had "Black Christy" (the black version of Barbie) and Skipper. Skipper was so cute with her bangs!

My best friends and I would make Barbie go camping and use our socks as sleeping bags. We'd use shoeboxes as cars and the ruffled tissue paper from the Christmas cookies as skirts. My favorite memories were making "houses" for Barbie using hardcover books. They'd stand up perfectly and you could create the most elaborate mansions. Oh man, we'd go from dawn to dusk without eating, just playing with our Barbies.

We had the Barbie dreamhouse with the elevator, the department store, the RV, the pool, the Corvette, the original McDonald's and best of all... we had our imaginations.

I'm 30 now, and my kid hardly plays with Barbies. I still have an original "Twirly Curls" Barbie from my 6th bday in 1982 and had it not been for a vain streak of nostalgia on my part last summer, she would still be unopened. Black Christy is still with our family... minus her chewable feet.

My most memorable dolls were: Peaches and Creme Barbie Malibu Barbie some hawaiian Barbie with long, long hair Skipper Jem and her band The Sunshine Family Cornsilk Cabbage Patch doll named Penelope (as a kid I thought her name was Penny-lope)


This memory was added on: January 3, 2007

When I was a little girl in 1978 or 1979 I owned a long pink dress skirt and white shirt Barbie doll !

Elizabeth Lapicola

This memory was added on: January 2, 2007

I am sure that I had Barbies before I could even remember, but the first one I remember was called Barbie and the Beat. She was a singer and came with a tape. I played that thing to death. I also had another barbie tape. I played them until their poor little guts got stuck in the tape player. I miss being a little girl and pretending to be Barbie.


This memory was added on: January 2, 2007

My first Barbie was actually a Midge. My aunt gave her to me in 1965 or 66. She had a bubble cut, and freckles. As I grew older, Barbie was the only gift I really wanted to get! If someone bought me clothes, they had better be for Barbie! Luckily, I was the next to youngest grandchild on my mom's side, so I had older cousins who doted on me and indulged my whims. I still have My Malibu Barbie (among others), a Barbie Country Camper, and the Sears exclusive Sleep n' Keep Case. They are work quite a bit, but I don't think I could ever part with them!


This memory was added on: December 28, 2006

A few memories I have from my first Barbie days...sneaking the "good" outfits from my older sister to put on my Barbie doll...I had the red head Bubble cut barbie. Boy did I get in trouble when she caught me. Also, I remember playing Barbie with one of my boy friends. He had all the cool GI Joe stuff and could rescue Barbie from all kinds of dangers. My Barbie was in love with GI Joe. He had more muscles than Ken.


This memory was added on: December 27, 2006

WOW! What can I say? My world revolved around dolls and Barbie was definitely number 1! Though I had Kiddles, the Sunshine Family, and Dawns (why isn't there a memory place on here for Dawn?) Barbie dominated everything. I was an only child and my dolls were my playmates. My first Barbie was a TnT with long brown hair that came in a pink checked shirt (I think it came out the year I was born - 1966). I have NEVER been without a Barbie doll! My favorite outfit was a long pink ruffled dress. It came with squishy shoes. My Ken talked and had a mod suit with a red coat and a HUGE glittery tie. I'll never forget the Christmas I got a Barbie house. It was two stories tall and the furniture came apart in pieces. There was a swing in front of the kitchen and a shuffleboard game in front of the living room. The outside of the house was printed with flowers and stuff. Part of the furiture is gone but I still have most of it and those two dolls and outfits. I still have the majority of my dolls and toys ( I had no one to break them except me!) Now that I'm adult I'm trying to replace the few things that are mssing or broken. I LOVE that there is a place to share precious memories of our childhoods!


This memory was added on: December 25, 2006

I grew up a "Barbie Girl", but you know the first Barbies I recieved were the Mod Francie, the Curly haired Francie, talking PJ, talking Julia and the Barbie that you could bend her arms, legs and hands. My daughter grew up a "Barbie girl" also. I still have most of them.


This memory was added on: December 21, 2006

I loved Barbie...I looked forward to Saturdays so I could play...I am a 70's Barbie child. P.J. was my first Barbie, then Malibu Ken, then Skipper.


This memory was added on: December 5, 2006

Hey it takes a real man to admit he played with Barbie (uh, not me of course) but other guys. My cousin had the mobile home and the some kind of hot tub...yeah baby...wokka wokka...It was the weirdest thing, I remember being 7 yrs old playing Barbie with my cousin


This memory was added on: December 3, 2006

I had Malibu Barbie. Not Barbie but her cousin Francie, maybe? She was a tad bit shorter than Barbie. Lost the sunglasses early on but had the beach towel a while. My best friend had Barbie's British friend P.J. and her blonde braids. I was so jealous of that doll!

My firts Barbie was Twist & Turn Barbie who had brown hair that flipped up in the back.

My 3rd and alst Barbie had that Carol Brady shag haircut, blue hot pants, and talked. She came with a telephone, a tray holding 2 glasses of drink, and a purse. Only phrase I remember her saying was "I think I'll call Ken". I was really too old for Barbie then and didn't keep her long.

My niece had so many Barbie dolls that none were as special to her as mine were. I would love to have that Malibu doll again. Ah the memories.

Cajunlady Marie

This memory was added on: December 2, 2006

I started playing with Barbie dolls when I was 6 in 1962. I reluctantly stopped at 14. Every now and then I would visit the Barbie aisles in toy and department stores and admire them. I had boys and no girls, so I didn't have an excuse to buy any new ones. Now, my kids are grown and I'm retired, so I dug out all my old Barbie stuff, cleaned all the dolls and washed and ironed all their clothes. I don't even iron my own clothes. I just recently started collecting dolls after my husband assured me that I wasn't going through a second childhood, and that I wasn't crazy. After reading your thoughts and memories, I feel right at home. Thanks!


This memory was added on: November 16, 2006

Barbie was the only entainment back then and still is now! Wow! I was fortunate to be able to keep all my barbies, houses, cars, vans, motorscooter, boats, swimming pools, furniture and clothes from my childhood. I was particular about them then, and am so now more than ever. What a collection! I love it and get upset thinking of what will happen to it after my time here on earth. I live and dream Babs. No other toy compares to her. Keep on Keeping on.... She's a beaute.


This memory was added on: November 16, 2006

OMG! What a site. I loved my barbies. My favourite was Malibu Barbie with her cool California tan. I also had a Barbie camper (that came with a plastic campfire) and used to travel the world (in our backyard); me and my Barbies and my brother and his Big Jim.


This memory was added on: October 24, 2006

I too used to own one of the large yellow Barbie motorhomes. I can't see anything either I just wanted to have a look at one for old times sake really. I am not sure what ever happened to it though.


This memory was added on: October 2, 2006

I have always loved Barbie,even now i collect them and still have most of the dolls that grew up with me.I have looked high and low trying to replace a few very dear dolls without any luck.I have been trying to find some miniature barbie dolls,(i used them for barbies children) can't find them anywhere.Does anyone remember them? have any links to where i could getthem.


This memory was added on: August 21, 2006

I had a PJ doll, and several other Barbies, but when Dawn dolls came out, I much preferred the Dawn dolls. Between my sister and I we had just about all of them. We also had the fashion show, and dress shop, and tons of the clothes. Does anyone else remember Dawn Dolls? My favorites were Angie, the brunette, Glory, the redhead, and Jessica, the glamorous airline "stewardess".

Miss C

This memory was added on: August 8, 2006

when i was 6 i loved barbies and now i am 44 and i play barbies with my child.


This memory was added on: July 30, 2006

I wish I had all my oldies. I had a couple of Barbies, a Ken and a yellow case, but was more into Tammy dolls. I've been trying to find Tammy in her original blue outfit on ebay. I remember having hours of fun with my 3 neighbor friends. We would take turns playing on each others front porches. I really miss those days!


This memory was added on: July 15, 2006

I loved the Heart Family Barbie (and her family, too of course)... I`m so glad to have a daughter now, so I can look at the shops and on the internet for new and old barbies- and nobody laughes at me *lol*- I`m surprised, how much things are available for Barbie now- why not, when I were young and spent lots of hours playing with my barbies? I remember, ) always wished a fairy barbie, but that time... no chance.

Barbie will always fascinate little girls and grown ups in every country....


This memory was added on: July 10, 2006

My sister and I got Barbies for Christmas the second year they were out. We also had her "Dream House" which was all cardboard and another piece which was also cardboard. I'm not sure of the name. It was some kind of dress shop. My sister had the Ken with the peach fuzz hair and I had the original Skipper. We didn't have too many original Barbie clothes, but we had some neat things the my aunt made for us and my mom knitted a few things. I remember a beautiful black knit coat with a white angora collar. My friend Kathy played with them for hours on my grandmother's big front porch. Unfortunately we don't have any of that stuff any more. I remember we gave it all to Kathy's family who didn't have money for that kind of stuff. She was three years younger than me and she had three younger sisters.


This memory was added on: June 27, 2006

I had only the Barbie look-alikes until I was a little older and begged my Mom for a real one for Christmas. My cousin had everything imaginable and I was soooo jealous. That Christmas I got Western Barbie and Kissing Barbie with the square button on her back that would pucker her lips for a kiss. She wore a white dress with little kisses all over it. Western Barbie had a white pantsuit with fringe on the sleeves and a plastic cowboy hat. I played with my dolls until I was 14. My grandmother lived with us and was a seamstress so I had a never ending supply of fabric to make clothes and furniture with. I have no idea what ever happened to my dolls. Several times I've been tempted to buy a doll and play again. For a while I became addicted to playing SIMS because it was an acceptable way to regain that childhood imagination again. I'm pretty sure I'll end up building a collection, hiding away on bad days and playing Barbies again just for sh*ts and giggles.