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by Ideal

Read memories from others.

More memories from:    2003-2005   

This memory was added on: December 31, 2005

My cousin had a baby Crissy and would not let me play with it, so when I was 16 I found my first one in Hollister, MO. flea market (south of Branson). Been collecting ever since, I have 37 now and only one Black Crissy, they sit around a table like they are having a party, (Dad helped me make the table) and I take pics like they are my kids. My parents while out hobnobbing will buy me shoes and stuff to go on them (LOL) I put them all in red or red velvet dresses. My whole family helps me now.


This memory was added on: December 30, 2005

I am 43 and I had a Velvet and later a Cinnamon. I loved them both and took very good care of them. I still have them and they are in good condition. I remember thinking that Velvet was the prettiest doll I had ever seen @ 8 yrs of age. I recieved her for my birthday that year. I met my best childhood girlfriend the same year. She was sitting on her porch playing with her "Crissy" and I stopped and told her I had a "Velvet". I went home and got her and came back. My mom made several outfits for both of our dolls.


This memory was added on: December 26,2005

Oh, I got a black Crissy doll for Christmas one year and I loved her! But I also have five brothers, and one afternoon their GI Joes ambushed my Crissy and set her lovely hair on fire. So, I rubbed all the fuzzy stuff out of two of their GI Joe's head! Ha!!!


This memory was added on: December 20,2005

I will always cherish the special memory of how I received my Kerry doll. In 1970 our church had an auction and my father bought two friends of Crissy dolls, Kerry and Tressy, for myself and my identical twin sister. For the first time I can recall I was given first choice of which doll I wanted. I chose Kerry and have kept her carefully ever since. I even have her original outfit and shoes. As I was a tom boy and didn't play with dolls I think my twin was surprised that I would even want a doll, but Kerry went straight to my heart. I may have decapitated her Barbies but Kerry was never to be messed with. As for those who wonder at others thinking the price for a Crissy doll was to high for their parents to afford, may have forgotten that jobs didn't pay well in the 70's. Our family had six soon to be seven children in it and my Dad could not afford 10 dollars a piece for a doll. I know that he paid 5 dollars for each and a nice lady in our church made extra cloths for both dolls. I just had a long distance chat with my twin and it made her go rummage through her things to find her doll, she did, and we had a wonderful stroll down memory lane. She even admitted that if she had been let to chose first she would have chosen Kerry, but she loves her Tressy too.


This memory was added on: December 6,2005

It's funny when i read how crissy was so expensive back then. I have crissys in their boxes with price stickers still on them, and they cost $9.50 brand new. that's expensive???


This memory was added on: December 6,2005

When I was seven I got a Kerry doll. She was part of the Crissy family. She was beautiful with long blonde hair and bright sparkling green eyes. I found one just like her on E-bay and this christmas my seven year old daughter will be opening her Kerry doll just as I did at her same age. I hope she is as enchanted with her as I was.


This memory was added on: December 2,2005

I remember when I got my Chrissy doll it was the one doll that my mom had warned me not to mess the hair up by combing it too much. One day I was getting my hair cut and the beautician asked me what I got for Christmas. I told her that I got a Chrissy doll but she's no fun cause I couldn't play with her hair or take it down or anything. When my mom heard this, she said ok go ahead what's a doll for if you can't have fun with it. I still have my Chrissy doll at my mom's house. Her hair is kind of messed up and she has just a shirt on and no pants. I wish that I could find some clothes for her or make some. I have a 3 year old daughter and I'd love for her to have her.


This memory was added on: November 29,2005

Don't remember what year I got her for Christmas and still have her. My mom made cool clothes for her and I still have them too. She is in great shape and stands on a shelf in my sewing room. Her bellybutton still works and my daughters think she is cool. They have enjoyed changing her clothes with me and fixing her hair. I still love Crissy very much. She was very expensive back then and I know my parents couldn't afford her. She reminds me of how blessed I am.


This memory was added on: November 28,2005

I have a factory wrapped hair to floor crissy, a factory wrapped black crissy (1970), and a shrink-wrapped baby crissy in pink gingham. I love those dolls.


This memory was added on: November 28,2005

Hi Julia, your doll sounds like "Tressy", probably the 2nd issue with the twisting waist, judging by your description of her outfit. She is the only "big girl" with dark hair. Do you still have her? I love Tressy too; I've got about 5 or 6 of her in various ensembles hanging out at my house. She's a little harder to find then the others, but she can be found on e-bay. Hope this helps!



This memory was added on: November 27,2005

When I was seven or eight I made a Crissy commercial in NYC. During the shoot, I was in awe of this beautiful doll. That day I was not permitted to take one home, but later the director promised to send me one. Several weeks later in the mail the Crissy with the green taffeta dress showed up at my house. I've told this memory to an avid Crissy collector and it's been fun sharing this memory...however I don't know what my mom did with my Crissy doll. I no longer have her...but i'd love to have one. Also, if the director of that commerical (Crissy with the green taffeta dress and girl,me, with long hair) is out there....sir, thanks for your kind words to a little kid! They've made an impression on me ever since!!! Nancy Wilhelm

Nancy Wilhelm

This memory was added on: November 26,2005

Crissy came to live w/ me Christmas Day of 1971. She was the first issue w/ the round knob. I loved her long red hair. My older sister used to help me style it w/ her curlers. She went to kindergarten w/ me, and my cousin's house who had a black Velvet, and for car trips w/ the family. She was my constant companion. I used to pretend she was my sister. I had to give her away when we moved from NYC to CA. But now I have another Crissy doll, and I even have an extra outfit for for her. I also found a black Crissy, which someone didn't love too well, b/c her short hair around her face is almost gone and part of her ponytail is missing. But she needed a good home , so I bought her. I still like to relax by combing Crissy's long red hair. I sure miss the days of 18" fashion dolls.

Sharry A.

This memory was added on: November 25,2005

I got Crissy for Christmas at my uncle's house when I was six. Going back with her in the car to our house, I wrote my name and address on the side of her carry tote in red crayon, just in case she got lost. I guess I was worried! She is a really beautiful doll, and is still in great condition.

She is now lives with my friend's daughter, who is six. The little girl was complaining her mother gave away Velvet, so I gave her the doll as a "loaner". If I have my own girls, she comes back to me.


This memory was added on: November 18,2005

one christmas i got crissy and my little sister got velvet and we were so exicted! i wanted to cut crissy's hair but i was afraid to so i convinced my little sister that if she cut velvet's hair it would grow back and she believed me and cut it and of course it didn't grow back and she was devastated. we are now in our 40's and everytime someone brings up the subject of dolls she'll remind me.


This memory was added on: November 16,2005

When I was eight or so my freind had red head Crissy. I just NEEDED to have one!!!!! For some reason I was partial to Black haired dolls. (maybe cause I'm a brunette?) So I got the black haired 18" doll who I've always called Crissy till now. I guess she isn't. (Does anyone know who she is? She isn't Mia. Her face is different and she's 18") Anyway, I always wanted a blond 'Crissy' also and dreamed about it so much I actually convinced myself I had one. Now after going through my moms attick (I know, guilt trip 30 years later taking up mom's attick space--) I realize I never actually owned the blond! BTW, if anyone knows who she is I'd love to know!!


This memory was added on: November 16,2005

Julia again. I forgot to say, her dress is aqua with lace sleeves.


This memory was added on: November 10,2005

I loved making doll clothes for my daughter's Crissy doll, I wish I could find one today. It brings back lots of memories of fun times with my daughter.


This memory was added on: November 9,2005

LOVED Crissy! My mom got her for Christmas for me when I was eight years old. The following year she got me several clothes made from Crissy patterns by a seamstress she knew. The clothes were beautifully made even if they weren't actual Crissy clothes. There was a beautiful white satin wedding gown, dresses and pants and shirts. I was so thrilled, I spent hours styling her hair and dressing and re-dressing her and displaying her when I was done. Too bad my dad gave her away to some other little girl when I was 13. I never wanted another doll after that. I didn't even realize you could collect them after I came across one in a doll store window display in '86 and brought her home. I was so thrilled, I had my Crissy doll again! Now I have 7 Crissy dolls, 3 Velvet dolls, Mia and Cinnamon and can't wait to collect more.


This memory was added on: November 9,2005

When I got my Velvet in 1973, I was in heaven and couldn't stop looking at her and the different pictures of her on the box. When she turned one year old, I made her a small cake and my brothers and I sang Happy Birthday. I still have my Velvet with her original pink dress with purple bow and I always have her out. My sisters and cousins can't belive I still have her and ask me how I took care of her for so many years. When I got married, she was the first thing I packed since I was moving away 1500 miles away from home. Now I have Baby Crissy who I bought on e-bay this past summer. A doll I wanted badly when I was 12. I have her out so I can appreciate her. To this day, I have never found a beautiful doll other than Velvet and Crissy. So now I own 2 Baby Crissy's and I have 4 Velvets. I took Velvet to school to show to my students and to let them know why they should take care of their things....to appreciate later. They all loved her. I would love to give one to each girl in my class.....maybe one day.


This memory was added on: November 6,2005

I also have a chrissy doll.I still have it .My daughter has it in her closet.


This memory was added on: November 5,2005

I was eleven when crissy first arrived. i remember my friends having her but i didnt get one. now i am 47 and i have got 6 girls of the family and i am rapped that i finally have her after all these years.


This memory was added on: November 4,2005

Still have my Krissy doll in her red dress and go-go boots! :) I get her out every now and then, brush her hair and check she's still that swinging chick from the 60's!


This memory was added on: November 1,2005

I too cut my Crissy doll's hair and rolled it up into the head but it creeped me out to see that hole, so I gave her to the kid across the street from me.


This memory was added on: October 29,2005

How I loved my first Crissy doll! I was captivated by her superlong hair, and she was the only present I asked for for my 6th birthday. My wonderful aunt/godmother got her for me. I wasn't too skilled at styling Crissy's long hair at that age, but I still played with her all the time. I'll be 41 soon, and I still think she's the most beautiful doll produced--beats Barbie any day.


This memory was added on: October 28,2005

I had a Chrissy and a Velvet doll. They were awesome. I cut Chrissy's long hair and ended up rolling it up into her head, so that was that, knew not to do that to Velvet.


This memory was added on: October 22,2005

I love my Kerry doll and my Velvet doll and my three Crissys.I have a tip: I f you want to dress your Crissys in other clothes, put Teen Trends clothes on them. My daughter helped me on that.



This memory was added on: October 15,2005

Oh, my wonderful Kerry doll. I want to get Tressy and all the Dinah and Bandi dolls.........


This memory was added on: October 12,2005

When I was eight years old I received a gorgeous "Look Around" Crissy for Christmas 1972. She is the one who wears the dark green plaid taffeta dress. I also received five or six outfits for her to wear that Christmas. I still have that doll although she isn't in the best of shape. The next Christmas I received a baby Crissy, which I also still have. My mom made her many darling outfits that I received with her for Christmas 1973. I recently became somewhat obsessed with buying Crissy family dolls on Ebay. I've purchased about 15 dolls and am rerooting their hair, touching up their face paint, etc. and will give some to my niece when she is a little older. The Beth Gunther book is such a delight to read. She identifies all the Crissy family dolls ever made as well as each of their outfits. There are also original Sears, Penneys and Ward Christmas catalog ads to look at. I am surprised that Crissy was so inexpensive. At least to me, $7.95 sure isn't much these days! It makes me sad for all the others who've written saying their parents couldn't afford to buy them one. Beth's book is a wonderful resource and is usually available on Ebay. Truly, the Crissy family dolls were among the most beautiful dolls ever made. I sure wish they'd release them all again. They were pure quality.


This memory was added on: October 5,2005

My grandmother had a Chrissy baby that I loved to play with when I visited twice a year. I begged my parents for one, but it was 1988 or 89 and crissy baby was hard to come by and my mom refused to spend that much at a doll store or flea market considering some of the dolls weren't in great shape. My dad was in New York on business and spotted Crissy Baby in a doll store going out of business. Needless to say what a shock waking up on christmas to a brand new crissy when you didin't think you would ever even own a used one. I love that doll and now own two. Most little girls my age had never heard of this beautiful doll. I was blessed to own her and love her.


This memory was added on: September 25,2005

When I was 10 years old, my Mom gave me Velvet at an early x-mas present. I played with her so much until I was about 13 years old. When I was 12, I wanted Baby Crissy so bad but couldn't afford to get it, we were 8 kids. I just bought Baby Crissy on eBay and I can't stop admiring her. I ended up buying another one just so I can add another pony tail to the first one and I noticed that the face of the second was different than the first. All in all, I am super happy with Baby Crissy and I still have Velvet. My daughter loves to admire them with me. I catch myself playing at times and I'm 42! They both bring back sweet memories of my childhood.

Lidia 1963


This memory was added on: August 31,2005

I received Crissy for Christmas when I was 9 years old. My mother taught me to sew using the Simplicity patterns for her. I still have the doll, her brush, her instructions, and all the clothes I made. The box was lost 5 years ago when I moved, it was crushed. Thankfully, Crissy was fine. My 4-year-old daughter recently discovered Crissy, so I bought her one on Ebay. Then while cleaning my mother's sewing room out, I found the patterns I had used. Now we are making Crissy #2 her own set of clothing. I still love playing Crissy with my daughter.


This memory was added on: August 29,2005

My brother was tormenting me by playing keep away with my chrissy doll. He started slinging her by her retractable ponytail and all of the sudden she rocketed across the yard. There stood my brother with her ponytail still in hand. I don't remember what punishment he got - but he deserved it!!


This memory was added on: August 27,2005

She was my absolute favorite doll! I,too,still have my Crissy doll and I'm 47. My cousin and I would play for hours with Crissy. Ahhh...to be young again!


This memory was added on: August 25,2005

I, too, still have my Crissy doll in the box and I'm 42 years old. I loved her so much that my mother's friend made her a whole wardrobe of mod clothes. When I look at these clothes, I can't believe anyone took the time to make them, they are so cool and I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth..I probably was to my best friend who used to play barbies and dolls with me until we fell asleep.Those were the days!


This memory was added on: August 15,2005

Christmas morning, A red headed doll, just like me. The first I had ever seen. My mom had bought her for me with hard earned money and sewed all the outfits as soon as the patterns came out. She bought her after I had cancer, I survived and so did my love for my first Crissy. I still remember the thrill of watching her hair grow.


This memory was added on: August 9,2005

I loved my Crissy doll. I still have her and I am going to be 41. She's a little worn and of course I used to use magic markers as make-up on her. But otherwise all she needs is a good bath. I will give her to my daughter in a few years. I had alot of fun playing with her and I'm sure my daughter will also. Nobody could ever forget their Crissy doll.


This memory was added on: August 7,2005

I always envied the girls who owned Crissy and Velvet dolls. Today my 10 yr. old daughter and I collect Crissy family dolls! We have Crissys, Velvets, Kerry and Mia thus far.

IMO, Crissy is the most beautiful line of dolls ever issued. We also collect Barbies and I love those as well. However, now that I've learned that Mattel owns everything from Ideal that had to do with Crissy, I know why she hasn't been reissued for a new generation. That's a true shame and whoever sold her to a competitor who would just lock her away in some dungeon should be very ashamed, don't y'all think? Maybe one day we'll rescue you, Crissy and friends.

PJ Hedrick

This memory was added on: July 27,2005

I loved my Chrissy doll! (I'm a red head too.) I also loved Velvet. I used to love to comb her hair. Then one day my brother go a hold of her...he pulled all the hair out as far as it would go, and knotted it up so it wouldn't go back in!!! I remember crying and being so mad at him.


This memory was added on: July 24,2005

I had a Chissy doll. I loved her, I still remember that fresh vinyl smell. I also remember almost selling her when I was a child to another little girl. I backed out at the last minute, boy was she mad! Anyhow, I forgot about her until my mom mentioned a couple years ago, "oh, I sold that Chrissy on my rummage sale". Boy did my heart sink. I have been bidding like crazy on Ebay to get another one, but I keep getting outbid.


This memory was added on: July 18,2005

hello, i got i a crissy doll when i was three she is the big style, she is in good shape.I was wodering about her outfit though, i can't remebember if she came in shoes or socks but she is in a white with yellow trim and yellow flower on th top. I took her everywhere for years and bought her regular baby clothes o-3months. My parents set up at a flea market and a lady told my mom that she shouldnt let me play with it because she was worth alot of money, when i was 18 she would be worth 18,000. So i wasnt able to play with her any more. I still have her, i want to give her to my daughter but i want to know if these are her orginal clothes. i bought another at a aution in case i had another girl but she is different she doesnt have eye lashes and her faces is bigger.


This memory was added on: July 16,2005

I had a Velvet doll, that same Christmas, my older sister had gotten a Crissy doll, I loved my velvet doll, and untill I came upon this website I had forgotten all about those dolls.


This memory was added on: July 12,2005

I was about four or five and the neighbor girls had Crissy and Velvet dolls. It was Velvet who captivated me, I wanted her so bad I could taste it. Unfortunately, my parents weren't the kind to indulge their kids, so I never got Velvet, even though I sighed over her picture in the Christmas Sears Wish Book for a couple of years. Well, guess what. I'm an adult now and if I want Velvet, I can have her! I've got about six right now that I won on eBay. Okay, I know that's overdoing it, but I plan to clean them up and re-sell them, keeping only one or two for myself. ;-)

Oh, this is probably common sense, but beware when you wash Velvet's purple velvet dress; the velvet bleeds all over the cream trim at the neckline, sleeves and hips.

I don't sew, but since the A-line dress looks so simple, I might try my hand at a dress or two for my Velvets.


This memory was added on: July 7,2005

I loved my Crissy and Baby Crissy doll. What a great Christmas present. I'm sure I played with them for many years. Then as the years went buy we had a yard sale and my Mother sold my girls. I never got over it. I still think of them to this day.........

Carolyn Missert

This memory was added on: July 3,2005

I had a Baby Chrissy doll. I remember very well the tragic day my male cousin took the scissors to her hair! It was very tramatic! Inever really played with her after that. I still have her although she is very much worse for wear and lives at my Grandmother's house. I don't have her original clothes, she is wearing "real" baby clothes. I guess since she is such a beloved icon, I should try to track down some clothes for her and get her cleaned up!


This memory was added on: June 29,2005

I remember wanting a smaller doll and being dismayed Chrissy was not the same size as all my other dolls who had clothing. My mother loved the Chrissy though and I think she almost wanted her for herself ! But over time I grew to like Chrissy because she had red hair like I did. Chrissy went out the door with many of my other childhood toys as I outgrew her. My mother Marion died recently and when I saw a Chrissy doll in a store in the original box I knew I really wanted to purchase her. I did and brought Chrissy home & washed her hair (wig shampoo is great) and mended some of the small tears in her lace yellow sleeves of her dress. While fixing my 'new' Chrissy up I had a wonderful time revisiting my childhood memories and as Chrissy was one of the last dolls my mother bought me --for I was into Barbies at that time more than other sizes of dolls-- it is precious to have her now. I happily think of my Mom choosing Chrissy and how she loved the face and hands and arms on the doll. Mom had good taste...because now as an adult, I too, think Chrissy is gorgeous!


This memory was added on: June 20,2005



This memory was added on: June 17,2005

I was one of those girls who would watch with envy to see the other girls bring their fresh new Christmas Chrissy dolls to school. I had so badly wanted a Crissy doll and my parents could never afford one. My neighbor had two, Velvet and Crissy and we would play for hours. Now that I am 40, I bought three of them dolls off of e-bay. Velvet, Crissy and Cinnamon. (Looking for a Kerry Doll). Took me over thirty years to fullfill a childhood dream. See? All good things do come to those who wait!

Robin White

This memory was added on: June 15,2005

I buy and sell Crissy Family dolls and clothing if anyone is interested.


This memory was added on: June 12,2005

I love my Crissy doll! I still have her and she is my favorite doll ever! She is the late 1969/early 70's model with the long, auburn hair and big brown eyes. What is interesting about this doll is that I have the same hair color as the doll and brown eyes! In fact, one time my brother saw my Crissy doll from the back (could only see her hair, not her body) and he thought it was me!


This memory was added on: June 7,2005

where can I get one? I lost mine in a fire when I was about 13 - I'd had her for only a year. the black one.


This memory was added on: April 21,2005

When I was a little girl and first saw Chrissy advertised, it was all I could think about and dreamed of getting for Christmas. My parents looked all over town for one, because there was a "run" on them at Christmas, and a shortage. They finally found one and I rated that Christmas right up there with one when I got an Easy Bake oven. I didn't keep Chrissy, or the Easy Bake oven or any of my other toys, but last year I was able to find most of these toys on ebay, and bought them. I have six boys, so no girls to pass on my Chrissy doll, Easy bake oven, Francie w/Grow and Pretty hair or Liddle Kiddles, but I love knowing that I've got them all in my closet, to take out and remember, from time to time. I think my Chrissy doll only cost around $25.00 on ebay, and she's in great shape! Thanks for having this site so we can share our good memories!

Paulette C.

This memory was added on: April 13,2005



This memory was added on: April 5,2005

When I was a young girl in NYC, I made a commercial for Crissy. I had so much fun that day. They had a hair stylist just for the doll and dozens and dozens of Crissy dolls set up with all different hair styles. I had long hair similar to crissy and got to play with her all day. The director later mailed me one of the first available dolls. I wish I still had it and I wish I had a copy of that commercial.


This memory was added on: March 27,2005

I never owned a Crissy doll but I remember as a little girl at Christmas in New york, I was with my dad and fell in love with this doll...I wanted it so bad for Christmas but we could not afford it. I am trying to get one with the orange dress and shoes, but they are so expensive...I suppose she will continue in my little girl dreams forever.

sor tropf

This memory was added on: March 25,2005

i remember my first chrissy doll. Nothing better than the smell of a new doll. Its that new plastic smell. That smell is to a kid what the new car smell is to an adult. I got her hair in knots the first night and because my best friend was African/American and I had seen how her mother always put vasaline in her hair I thought that was the trick. Well I ruined my chrissy doll. The first night.


This memory was added on: March 11,2005

I fell in love with Crissy the moment I saw the first television add. I received the original Crissy doll for Christmas that year and her little sister Velvet the year after. I still have my Velvet doll (she's in great shape) but somehow Crissy took a real beating and I eventually lost her. Last year, I found another original Crissy at an "antique" store while on vacation. The doll and her clothes were in perfect condition in the original box. I had to have her and have her I do. All the memories came flooding back, it was like finding my childhood again!!!!

This memory was added on: March 10,2005

I loved my Chrissy doll. Mine ended up in the garage toy box and some how a little mouse got tangled in the hair and when i sought it out of the box it had maggots and dead mouse tangled in the hair. :( Sorry to be gross but its a true story.


This memory was added on: March 10,2005

Crissy... A child who lives in my heart continues to adore her as if it were yesterday I was eagerly unwrapping the newest edition to my collection. For four consequetive Christmases, I received four baby crissy's! My eldest brother literally threw the large box at me the 4th year, after all the gifts were opened and I thought I received nothing but clothes - ugh! I wore major tears of disppointment (Brat!) and then came the wailing cold box (it was stored in the snow outside!) at me. The joy far outweighed the pain of this event, until I saw she was a black version. Mom and Dad couldn't find a white version so they bought the black. I had never seen a black person, let alone doll at my age. Do you know she turned out to be my favorite, being so different?!?! I still have all four dolls safely stored away!!

At 34, I am a Crissy shop-a-holic! I am slowly building a collection of the Crissy family, but only MIB versions. EBay sales don't always satisfy this hunger. I did buy two BRAND NEW NEVER-REMOVED-MIB Kerry and Mia dolls from a toy show.

I don't have children, but maybe one day I'll share my dolls with some little person who would enjoy them at least a touch as much as I do!

Crissy - the BEST of the Best of Dolls!

Brandee Pieranunzi


This memory was added on: February 27,2005

I have the pink gingham baby crissy also, a black baby crissy and a twirly beads crissy. all factory wrapped in cello, mib, and yes, my pink baby's box is still wrapped in plastic too. she's very rare, especially in that condition. my black baby crissy doesn't have her instruction sheet, though. i've also got the crissy book, and i love reading it. crissy was so popular that i never understood why she was discontinued so abruptly. they were such quality dolls, if they were taken care of they're just as good now as they were new. i don't ever remember seeing the commercials (maybe i saw one crissy commercial, and i think i remember seeing a cinnamon commercial). my friend across the street had a crissy (the kind with hair to the floor), and when i saw her i thought she was the most beautiful doll ever. I still do. i never got her as a kid, but thanks to ebay i've made up for it (even though i'm ashamed to admit what i paid for them). the crissys i have now are my most favorite posessions.


This memory was added on: February 25,2005

Still have my original 1970 Crissy. She is in perfect condition as I always took immaculate care of my dolls. No clothes though. Our house when I was growing up went through two catastrophics floods and lots of our toys were ruined unfortunately. I am haunting ebay to get clothes. I would like to get Kerry, her blonde cousin for my collection as well. I always thought that the Crissy line of dolls were some of the prettiest production dolls ever. Crissy forever!


This memory was added on: February 21,2005


I didn't have the Crissy doll, but I had "Tubsy" does any one remember this doll? It came with a pick or yellow tub, and you turned a switch on and she would move her hands up and down as if she was splashing and turned her head from left to right. I find it on Ebay occasionaly, I think I have mine yet, but not sure where she is.


This memory was added on: February 19,2005

How exciting to know I'm not going crazy! I do not remember when I got my Kerry doll but I do remember just loving her! I think she was my inspiration to become a hairdresser!I would see how many tiny tiny braids I could make! We didn't have much money growing up, so we didn't have very many toys, so what I had I remember very distinctly. I have started a little collection of them now and just can't get over how pretty they are! I have 4 boys so I am knee deep in testosterone! I need this hobby! My husband thinks I'm nuts. He can't stand even looking at the dolls, you would think I was showing him some feminine hygiene product or something!Oh well, girls will be girls!!


This memory was added on: February 1,2005

I had the swirl-n-curler (?) Crissy in the orange and white plaid dress with orange sleeves and that plastic thing you stuck in the hole in her head with the prongs to wrap her hair up to curl it. For some unknown reason I played with Crissy and paperdolls(? I think she babysat them--I had Baby First Love and Drowsy paperdolls)and her boyfriend was 'Ricky' Springfield on the cartoon Mission Magic(who later became Rick Springfield of General Hospital and Jesse's Girl fame-he broke Crissy's heart!) My younger sister had Velvet in the white victorian dress with violets on it and I remember being confused that the doll's name was Velvet and had violet eyes...she also had baby Crissy and I remember thinking it was the biggest baby doll I ever saw--I don't think she could even carry her when she first got her!

Ravyn Giuliani

This memory was added on: January 27,2005

when i was 13, mom bought me a 1982 re-issue baby Crissy for Christmas (i guess she wanted her little girl back - as if it were that easy!). i wasn't one to play with dolls much, and i never removed her from her box, but i always thought she was kind of special with her pink gingham outfit and pink bubble gum lips so i kept her stashed in my closet. i held on to her, and even managed to keep her through several moves. even her plastic shrink-wrap that was wrapped around her box is still intact. now looking at ebay prices for baby crissy, i can't believe they fetch those sort of figures. who knew? my husband is always on me to sell her - yeah right, honey!


This memory was added on: January 14,2005

I had Velvet and loved that doll. Did anyone think it was weird that she had a knob in her back to"shorten her hair" and a button in her belly so that you could pull her hair out to make it long? I used to take her on long road trips w/ my family. I'd use a squirt gun to get her hair wet and put it up in the plastic rollers and then stick her head out of the window to dry it. Those were the days.......


This memory was added on: January 13,2005

I had Chrissy also. I made her clothes on my sewing machine. I spent hours dressing her and undressing her. SHe was one of my favorite dolls. I got rid of her (like most people) when I outgrew her. No I have been looking for one on Ebay. I'd love to have another one. Its amazing the things you enjoyed when you were younger. They don't make dolls like they did when we were kids.

Judy Rae

This memory was added on: January 8,2005

I just loved my Crissy and my Mom and I made clothes for for her. It is so fun to look at them now and remember the old days! My girls think the clothes are weird and strange but they were in style in the 1970's. Unfortuately I still have the clothes but I can't find my Crissy.

Alaura Cornelison

This memory was added on: January 2,2005

Gee Vanessa, It's funny you should mention that about Special Ed. It was when I discovered that my (now) 7 year old daughter had Learning Disabilities and ADHD (through her rejection from various city-run programs and her regular public school kndergarten) that I seriously began to collect the Crissy family dolls, and I cannot help but feel there is a connection there, although I am at a loss to explain it -does anyone out there have any theories about this? Thanks everyone, and hope all you Crissy-lovers have a wonderful New Year!