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This memory was added on: August 26, 2010



This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

I had a doll that looked like the Crissy doll. But, I recall with my doll, when you pushed a button on the top of her head. Her hair would grow long when you pushed the button and pulled her hair out. But if you just pushed the button, her hair would go short. Did the Crissy doll do this?

Rockledge, FL

This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

Even as a very young child I remember having a fascination with hair. Anytime my older sisters were around, I would ask to play with their hair. When the Chrissy Doll came out, that was #1 on my Christmas wish list and something I felt CERTAIN I wouldn't have to share with my little brother like my Krazy Kar. I LOVED that doll. Her hair was silky, shiney, straight, and a beautiful shade of redish auburn - everything my frizzy, curly, blonde hair wasn't. Back then kids were allowed to play with scissors because most of us knew better than to do stupid things with them. So, I took my mom's sewing scissors and *trimmed* Chrissy's hair every so often. I learned to braid hair on Chrissy. I used to fan Chrissy's hair out across my own unruly locks just to see what I would look like with her hair. I later became a hairdresser because of the inspiration that Chrissy provided me.

When I was old enough to have Barbies, I cut ALL of their hair to look like Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch - you remember, the hair do that was short all around but had the one long flip layer at the bottom. Yeah, ALL of my Barbies suffered that fate. Chrissy only got trims though, until the button in her back stopped working and her hair wouldn't grow and retract like it was supposed to. When I decided I was done with her, I let my little brother use her as a speed bump with his Big Wheel and he would pretend that he was hitting pedestrians on the sidewalk and screaming "Run-away bike, get out of my WAAAAYYY!!" retrospect, probably not a good idea - the scissors were much safer.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

I have to say that this doll eluded me during my childhood. I simply had no memory of her from my youth. It so struck me that I could not recall anything of her; that I needed to seek her out as an adult. Now, a year later, I have about 42 different Crissy family of dolls. Plus, I have a few Harmony, and some Amee, as well. I have no idea how this obscure thought turned out to ignite such a passion for Crissy! My 8 year old shares all the fun with me. I am happy to be able to share the Crissy legacy with a new generation.


This memory was added on: January 1, 2009

I remember I was starting to outgrow dolls, and I can’t remember how old I was when I remember I wanted Crissy. Since I really didn’t play with dolls anymore, my mom got my sister who was two years younger than me Crissy.

I thought Crissy was beautiful. I wanted long hair because my mom had always kept our hair short. It was cute to see Crissy grow her hair from short to long. Til one day my sister decided she wanted to give Crissy a new look. She cut that beautiful lock of hair off near her scalp.

I was so envious of that doll, and instead of my sister’s heart broken, my heart was broken.


This memory was added on: November 30, 2008

OMG! Just reading everyone's memories of Crissy! Some make me laugh and some make me sad...I got my Kerry when I was bout 7 years old for Christmas which would be about 1971. I loved that doll so much and I kept her for years until I finally lost her during all my moves, in and out of relationships, going to college, having kids, etc...I'm 44 years old now and my kids are grown and and married. Well since I've discovered ebay I've gotten several dolls! I have two Crissy dolls, two Velvet dolls, and a Mia doll that I didn't even know existed! Now I am waiting to get Kerry...which if I continue getting outbid, I'm just going to buy her complete! Crissy is the ultimate doll of the century. I have never seen any other doll measure up to her beauty and grace. Everytime I sit at my computer, I look at my girls and smile. I recently got a TLC needing Crissy and I cleaned her up and fixed her hair and it gives me a sense of accomplishment just watching her sit with the others looking as beautiful as when she was first put on a store shelf. Thanks for the memories...

Al Rodriguez

This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

Baby Crissy was my favorite Christmas present (that Santa left outside the front door) ( I think my mother couldn't find her but my aunt did) I remember my aunt is the one who found her outside as she was coming over for a visit! I had Crissy doll and my sister got Velvet, but my sister was not into dolls like me, so I played with both!! I had all the Dawn dolls and the fashion show stage and maybe a beauty salon? My favorite dolls from my childhood. I loved dolls played with them until I was 13 probably. I also liked the Sunshine Family dolls, remember them?


This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

I got my first crissy doll this year when I was 14 and I was super happy because when my mom told me about them from when she was little I HAD to have one!!! Now I have a crissy and a Kerry too!! I love their old funky clothes and I love sewing for them (with help, of course!!)


This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

In the early seventies, I think around 1972-3, I begged and reminded my mother that I wanted a Baby Crissy doll for Christmas. And I reminded her enough times that I was sure she fully understood and couldn't make a mistake. I also had a younger sister who was celebrating a birthday on October 29th. As my parents and I sat around opening my sister's presents, they saved one for last: as my sister unravelled the wrapping paper, to my absolute horror - it was a Baby Crissy doll!

I screamed and shrieked loudly in shock: "I wanted a Baby Crissy doll and she gets one for her birthday!!!" I was sure my mother was the evilest creature on the planet, promptly rolled over on the couch and was sobbing heavily for the next 2 hours. My sister even offered to give it to me but I just batted her hand away. Could it be that my Mom favoured her more or was she just deaf somtimes? I went over and over my technique of ensuring that I would indeed get that doll for Christmas. I questioned as to where I had gone wrong. Eventually, I became exhausted and rolled back over to witness my poor sister sitting there pathetically quite sure that I was going to wallop her for receiving MY gift. She let me pull Baby Crissy's long ponytail and hold her: it seemed to settle me down some. Every chance I got to hold Baby Crissy I did, I even told her that she was supposed to be mine. Every time I looked at Baby Crissy I would feel a twinge of anger and horror and then sadness.

To make matters worse, in 1976 I received a large Holly Hobby doll as consolation. Well, I sneered at the stuffed abomination: no long ponytail that grew when pulled, no cute face, no cute outfit. She just didn't cut it in my world. I rolled my eyes and thought my parents will never redeem themselves, they messed up just too badly. Eventually, I left Holly Hobby in the dust and everytime I came across her somewhere in my house I would just think "Can't you just disappear somehow? Sheesh!!!" I threw her out one day and felt justified and satisfied somehow.

As the years went by, I constantly reminded my mother of this catastrophic mix-up and to this day. I plan to get one from Ebay but haven't found one that is in pristine enough condition, who knows maybe one day I will get to open the present that I wanted so bad but never received.


This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

My first memory of the Crissy doll was at a friend's house. Her sister Lisa owned the doll but let us girls play with her. I also remember being at Ward's and telling my mom that I wanted the Crissy doll; sadly I never had a brand new Crissy. A year went by and my grandma found a Crissy at a church sale and couldn't believe it. She helped me sew clothes for Crissy and I loved to braid her long ponytail. I loved the fact that she wasn't a "baby doll" but a cute, hip looking girly-girl. I still have the doll with her original brown dress that it came in (it may be homemade) and matching reddish brown boots that cannot be removed.


This memory was added on: March 19, 2008

My aunt bought me a Crissy doll for my birthday. She took me to the toy shop and told me to pick my present. I saw Crissy with the aqua dress on top of a shelf and my heart just jumped. I was embarrassed to ask for such an expensive toy but I could not resist. I very timidly picked her. I felt guilty because I thought I was asking for too much. My poor aunt was just a teacher and I knew she did not have much money. My aunt said, “Are you sure you want this doll?”. “Yes”, I said. She said “O.K.” and bought it for me!”. Crissy was not just a doll for me, she was my friend. I liked to sew dresses for her. My grandmother helped me make some home made outfits. I have wonderful memories playing with this doll. Through the years I lost the doll and then my aunt died of cancer.

Thanks to EBay I found Crissy! I bought myself a brand new, mint condition Crissy, with the plastic around her head and pony for my 46th birthday! Seeing this doll again has brought back so many wonderful memories of my beloved aunt who was so nice to buy this doll for me. The doll I bought is an exact replica, except for the knob on the back. Mine was the daisy knob and this one has the simple round knob. But that’s all right. She still has that plastic smell I so remember. The problem I am facing now is should I unwrap the plastic or not. I want to unwrap her so badly. So I have decided for my 47th birthday (or maybe sooner) I am going to unwrap her in honor of my beloved aunt who gave her to me. I am sure my aunt is in heaven and she wants me to unwrap her and enjoy her!


This memory was added on: January 11, 2008

When I was 6 years old, I wanted Crissy so badly for Christmas. I saw a box under the Christmas tree that was shaped like a Crissy, and got so excited. My mom told me it was time to take a picture with our presents so I picked the box that looked like it had a Crissy in it. When my Mom said it was time to take the picture, I thought it was time to open the present. I ripped open the box and screamed at the top of my lungs, "Crissy". My mom then took the picture and I was the only one with an open present. And I was also the one with the biggest smile.

My mom saved my Crissy doll for me and gave her back to me last summer. I gave her to my 8 year old daughter and she has now become a collector. She buys them on ebay and fixes them up. She now has a Crissy, Velvet, Mia, Kerry, Tressy, Cricket, Brandi and Cinnamon. She is on the hunt for a Dina and a Tara. Wish her luck.

Julie Hellwig

This memory was added on: December 7, 2007

I had the Crissy with the orange dress. I loved fiddling with Crissy's hair, and I loved her dress. I remember Mom getting me an orange dress when I was little, and I adored it - not only is orange one of my favourite colours, but I thought it was so great because it matched the dress that my Crissy doll had.

I don't know what ever happened to my beloved orange dress, but I still have the Crissy doll, and she still has her orange dress, along with all her working locks of hair. Fortunately I never tried cutting her hair, although I'm sure I was tempted to. I gave most of my old toys away over the years, but there are a couple that I've never been able to bring myself to let go of, and Crissy is one of them.

Thanks for this wonderful site - brings back a lot of fun memories!


This memory was added on: October 6, 2007

Alex 'Litchko here, Mommy got her Crissy doll in grade 6, hers is an original 1969 Crissy. Daddy brung her from Grandpa and Grandma's house a few weeks ago. Also, a few days ago, Dad also brought another member of the Crissy family called Velvet. Velvet measures up to 15" tall. She has the same growing hair feature as Crissy does. Mommy's Velvet doll was complete with her original box and one of her original shoes. She has misplaced her other shoe like Mommy's Crissy doll does. Also, Daddy brought home a case that says Crumpet on it. Crumpet is another 18" doll, only Crumpet is made by Kenner, another now defunct toy company. Ideal manufactured Crissy. In that case that says Crumpet on it, inside it is doll clothes for the Crissy family. I even saw Velvet's original clothes in it.


This memory was added on: September 25, 2007

I still have my Crissy doll in her satiny turquoise dress. Unfortunately, she no longer has her long red hair. I trimmed it while practicing to be a beautician (which I never grew up to become)! I loved that doll! What great memories!


This memory was added on: June 2, 2007

I actually owned a Velvet Doll...I think she was a relative of Crissy's...cousin or sister. She was blonde and I still have a picture somewhere around the house of me brushing her hair. I think I was 12 at the time and I LOVED her! Thanks for the memory :)


This memory was added on: May 30, 2007

I still have my Crissy doll! (and I am 42 yrsold). She is in mint condition- as I received around my 7th Christmas and was at the age of taking care of things. I also have her original standing carry case. It opens on two sides. One to hold Crissy - wearing her long, tartan-plaid gown and the other side to hold other outfits- which I personally made for her on my own children's sewing machine. I definitley wanted to be Crissy, with those beautiful russet-colored tresses that could go long and short. And she is the only doll I saved from my childhood (not even my Crissy+dolls made it). thanks for the memories!


This memory was added on: May 25, 2007

I used to freak out at night because of this doll. I enjoyed playing with her during the day, but at night I slept with a small nite lite and she was pretty scary looking then


This memory was added on: May 23, 2007

Oh my!

I remember my sister and I going into my grandmother's guest closet to play with Crissy. We played with her for years...then one day we outgrew dolls. As adults, for fun, we climbed up into the closet but she was gone. Gramma doesn't remember what happened to her...I guess she went to the place where all the toys go when we no longer play with them. --sniff--


This memory was added on: May 3, 2007

Questions for Sylvia 1955

1. Are you related to the real-life Crissy?

2. Do you have a newsletter or website dedicated to the real-life crissy?

3. Did she have a display in her home of the dolls for which she modeled? If so, are there any pictures we could see, please?

3. If available, please post here for all of us to enjoy a list of the dolls and dates for which she posed. This way, we could see what our Crissy doll model looked like through the years.

I imagine I am not the only Crissy doll lover who did not realize Crissy was not just an artist's rendering from their own imagination but a real live person.

Thank you very much for sharing any information you may have concerning the real-life Crissy now that we know she was more than just a plastic doll.

With deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness in telling us about Crissy from real life.

This memory was added on: April 25, 2007

I just love my crissy doll. my sister and i had two...great memories...i want one now for me

angie m

This memory was added on: April 23, 2007

I remember my one and only Crissy doll. It was around 1974 and I was around 12 years old. Of course I thought that I was too old to play with dolls. Nonetheless the doll was given to me as a gift from my oldest brother. This Crissy was special because she was call Turnabout Crissy. She was a model and when you pulled her string on her back from her waist up she would turn from side to side. Her dress was a green print. Her shoes were black with white lace socks which were lost as time went by. Her hair stills grows long and winds up short and she still turns. I have put her away in a trunk for one of my daughters but I think now I'll take her out and place in my antique room at home.

Silvia A

This memory was added on: April 9, 2007

My friend had the Crissy doll and I had Velvet. I played with her until the knob broke and her hair wouldn't work.


This memory was added on: April 8, 2007

Wow! I loved my Crissy! I remember taking her and Velvet (purple velvet dress with white sash) to school for Show and Tell. What memories this site brings back. I love it!


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I got a Crissy for Christmas. I was about 5 years old. My younger sister (4 years old) got a Velvet doll the same year. We loved them. I loved to make her hair long, then short, long, then short. I remember my youngest sister cut her hair. I got rid of her shortly after that. (the doll not my sister, although i was tempted).


This memory was added on: April 2, 2007

Wow, this sight does bring back memories. I had a Orginal Talking Crissy Doll from 1971 and her sister Velvet. She was so beautiful. Had her auburn red hair that grew from long to short. Beautiful dark brown eyes and lashes and this wonderful satin pink dress with these pom, pom ties. Also her orginal shoes. I was going through some of my baby pictures and their she was and I missed her.

Through out the years she either got stolen or sold and I never knew for sure what happen to her sister Velvet either. I really wish I had them both. They were my absoultely favorite treasure. I am in the process of repurchasing a doll similar to Crissy but she doesn't have the orginal dress. I miss that pink satin dress. Does anybody know where I can purchase one or have one made? If so would you please email me at Would make a 40 year old mom of 2 adorable girls very happy because then I can share this wonderful doll and memories I had with my children. Thanks!


This memory was added on: April 1, 2007

There is always that ONE special toy that you remember from childhood, and mine was my Crissy doll. In my 30's, I decided that I simply HAD to find an original Crissy doll, but was having a hard time finding one that had the original clothing (underwear and all!) and whose hair hadn't been hacked off. On a Saturday afternoon I decided to stop in at a local flea market, and there was a Crissy doll, thrown in a box, original clothing still on her back, and every hair on her head. I grabbed her up, asked the lady behind the table what she wanted for her and was thrilled to hear, "$10 sound OK?" I got in the car and actually cried. She now sits on a shelf in my office.......a GREAT reminder of my younger years.


This memory was added on: March 29, 2007

I just found my Crissy doll at my parents house. She is in ok condition, but her clothes are gone. My daughter likes to play with her though.


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Hello, I love reading all the memories. December 1970, I received Crissy in the orange lace dress and my sister received Velvet purple dress, we loved our dolls, Jan. 1971 just three weeks after christmas we lost everything in a fire. I was 10 and remember finding my crissy all melted. Well for my sister 40th birthday I bought her a velvet, oringinal clothing and box. I also bought myself a Crissy...well that really started something, I now have over 50 Crissy family dolls, MIP clothing, totes and custom reroots. I am on the hunt for an AA Tressy. Wish me luck. Cathy

Cathy E

This memory was added on: March 14, 2007

Hey lisa, have you sold your dolls as of yet?? I sent you an email and never heard back from you. Just curious I would love one for my grandbaby Trinity. Thanks ,Bridget


This memory was added on: March 14, 2007

Does anyone out there remember Dawn Dolls. They were little tiny things. Prolly about 3 inches tall. Just wondering!


This memory was added on: March 14, 2007

I still have my Crissy doll. I got her for Christmas back in the 70's, ripped her hair all the way out, other than that she still is in pretty good condition. lol


This memory was added on: March 8, 2007

I had the baby Crissy doll, which was the size of a 9 month old. My mom got me Crissy because the other doll I had was too small and thought Crissy would be better. I played with Crissy but she was big and not soft. I liked to brush her hair. Of course, I still played with my other doll, whose name was Betsy and she talked with a pull of a string. My mom used to say I talked to her like she was my sister. I still have Betsy on my desk and see her every night. Unfortunately, I don't have Crissy. I think my mom gave her away.


This memory was added on: March 2, 2007

When I was about 6 or 7, our friend Lisa got a Velvet doll for her birthday, and my sister and I were very jealous. I'm not sure when we got our dolls, but eventually I got Mia and my sister got Kerry. At some point, I ended up with a Crissy doll that I bought with money I had received for Christmas. She had a string that you pulled to make her turn. I still have my dolls now, and even better, I have the clothes that my mom made for them.