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This memory was added on May 31, 2011

I had a blonde dancerella doll. She was a Christmas present from Santa, I am guessing it was 1967 or 68. You pushed down on her pink crown and her leg came up and she spun around and around. I thought she was the most beautiful doll there ever was with her pink crown and tutu. I wanted to look and dance just like her. I don't know what ever happened to her. I am 49 now and still think about that doll and how much I would love to have one!


This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

I had a danceralla doll when I was younger, I LOVED HER. She was beautiful and I played with her for hours.
When she twirled I felt as if it was me dancing in a pink tutu. :-)
Then during one summer vacation my cousin stayed with us and she never had a gentle touch.
I instructed her not to touch her and out of spite she broke her leg and I have been upset ever since. I wanted to keep her to share with my daughter but that never happened and to this day I still want my Dancerella doll.

A.C Smith

This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

I had the 1968 Dancerina, in the beautiful pink TuTu. Unlike Danceralla, this doll did not fall and she would spin as long as her batteries lasted. One dreadful day, my younger sister asked the doll "Can you dance down the stairs?" She then threw my doll down the stairs, her crown busted, her right arm came apart and her foot shattered. That was in 1974, was 13, I am now 47 and I have been devastated for 33 years. I just want to replace my doll.


This memory was added on: March 13, 2009

I wanted this doll when I was younger and used to sing the song all the time (not that I remember it anymore). My Mom said she couldn’t see spending the money on a doll that twirled around twice and then fell over. It must have left an impression though as she found one years later, when I was 18, and bought it and had it restored. I had no idea until she gave it to me as a present the night before I got married last summer (when I was 33). And the scary thing was I knew exactly what it was when she brought it out!


This memory was added on: March 13, 2009

I also remember this wonderful doll - mine was called Dancerina and from the moment I saw her I just had to have her. I was about seven years old. The Christmas I got her I had opened all my gifts and there was no dancerina - I was heartbroken. Then my father asked me to go get something from the other room and there she was in all her pink splendor! I can still remember the joy of that moment all these years later. It was a magical doll, and a magical time.

Age 47

This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

I recieved this doll for christmas in 1978 from my favorite uncle when I was seven. I am now thrity-seven and my dancerella doll sits in a chair in my bedroom today. Of course she has a different outfit and she has no shoes but I still love her. Amazingly enough she is the only toy I have from my childhood. She has a broken right leg which I glued back together instead of getting rid of her. Wish I could find someone to fix her. Keeping her around reminds me of what a joy my childhood was and seeing her everyday reminds me of my uncle who happens to still be my favorite uncle. That xmas was one of the best growing up.


This memory was added on: May 8, 2007

I didn't have a Dancerella doll. My parents were not the type to indulge in fad-type toys as we didn't have a lot of money. However, my best friend Jennifer had one we played with at her house, and better than that, she changed the song to "Nancerella" when we sang it while we played!


This memory was added on: March 2, 2007

Well I never actually had this doll but my sister sure did. The thing is, that this was a very popular toy that year (Well at least that wht I'm told). Every store my parents went to, it was sold out. It was really late Christmas year and the doll was nowhere to be found. So on their way home they saw a small pharmacy opened and they decided to give it one last try. Just like in a movie there it was, the very last one left and my sister went nuts over it. Now that’s one of the classic Christmas stories, I guess they still can't belive that they found it.


This memory was added on: December 27, 2006

Hello I am trying to locate the instructions for the Dancerella Doll by Mattel made in 1978. I have contacted Mattel and they told me that they do not have instructions for dolls that old. I would appreciate it if anyone knows how to get the instructions if they would e-mail me at victorianlady60@charter. net. thank you.

margaret e

This memory was added on: December 19, 2006

I got my dancerella doll when I was 2 or 3 years old. My mom told me she would get her for me if I stopped sucking my thumb. I got her and never sucked my thumb again! I loved her, but I had the same problem as some others with the hair wrapping around her crown. I'm not sure what happened to her, but I still remember her as one of my most favorite childhood toys.


This memory was added on: December 10, 2006

I got my doll when I was about nine and I had her for about two hours when my dad spilled coffee on her tights. You couldn't take them off and we never did get the stain out. I finally got rid of her when I was in my late teens and the battery compartment got messed up. I wanted to get one for my niece when she was little but couldn't find her anywhere. She's 18 now and it's too late.


This memory was added on: November 6, 2006

I totally loved my Dancerella! I don't remember how old I was when I got her but I do remember making her dance all the time. Eventually her hair started to get twisted up into the crown so I wasn't able to play with her much after that. I still have her though and she reminds me of good childhood times.


This memory was added on: October 25, 2006

When I was a boy I would love my Saturday morning cartoons. One of those Christmas months Mattel did this onslaught of commercials for this doll- I never had a desire to own her (being a boy) but I had to hear the song at least once every half an hour while I watched my Bugs Bunny and Cosby Kids. As a result, here I am, almost forty years old... and I STILL know all the words to it. Is there any way to purge this song from my memory? I'm sure I could find better use for those synopis than Dancerella!

Tim Price

This memory was added on: October 6, 2006

The best Christmas I ever had was the year that I got my Dancerella doll, I was eleven years old, and everyone wanted one. In fact it is the one Christmas that stands out in my memory. I really wanted that doll, and when I found it under the tree on Christmas morning I was just over joyed. I played with her until she fell apart. I would love to get one for my daughter. They just don't make those sort of dolls anymore.


This memory was added on: September 21, 2006

I got my dancerella doll in 1978 I was three years old. I had the aa one she was the best doll in the whole world! I remember playing with her she was my favorite doll and I remember I would have to sit down and unwind the hair from around the crown. I am now 31 and I have two little girls I wish Mattel would remake this doll I would get each of my girls one and one for me too!


This memory was added on: September 14, 2006

I received Dancerella for Christmas in about 1967 when I was living in New York...oh I wanted that doll so badly--I worked myself up into a frenzy and was so happy when she was there under the tree on Christmas morning. However, after the installation of batteries, she didn't work..I can still remember the feeling of complete heartbreak! My parents tried to get me another one right after Christmas, but the stores were sold out. I now live in Scotland, U.K....imagine my total surprise when I found a Dancerella mint in box in a bric-a-brac shop in a remote Scottish town--I think it must have been fate! I would like to ask if anyone out there remembers Timey Tell? She was Dancerella-like...I think she was made by Mattel around 1967-ish. She had shocking pink clothing, blonde ponytails, and a big plastic watch attached to her set the time on her watch and then pulled the string in her back, and she said something about the time. Wow, I really wanted that doll--when I got her for my birthday, I felt like a princess--I can remember forcing everyone at my birthday party to sit down and admire her!


This memory was added on: August 23, 2006

Wow! I forgot I had this doll! I was very very young - maybe 3 or so. I remember the feeling of having to pull up her crown and hold her head to make her spin, and found it slightly freaky that that was how she moved. I really liked it and remember my parents playing with it with me just because they thought it was so innovative, but also my dad had to help me figure out how to work it. I remember the hairnet, and I think I remember eventually taking the hairnet off and her hair getting messed up really easily. I really liked this doll but I don't ever remember growing up with it. It either broke (which I don't remember) or more likely, it was given away when we moved when I was 5, when a lot of stuff was scaled down for packing. Anyway though, I thought I had a good memory until this site jogged it a bit! I really enjoyed that toy!


This memory was added on: June 25, 2006

Dancerella was so pretty, me and my 2 sisters fought over her and broke her. I dont even know whos it was, we just fought and fought. We use to sing the song over and over, YOU CAN MAKE HER DANCE AGAIN!!!!


This memory was added on: June 20, 2006

I still have my Dancerella. Perfect condition, in the box and she still works! =)


This memory was added on: June 18, 2006

I had Dancerina. Loved her!! What is the diff between ella and rina?


This memory was added on: May 18, 2006

I grew up in a single family home and we had very little money. I attended a Catholic school on scholarship and it was obvious that I was. But I remember that one week in December when I was in third grade we were asked to write letters to Santa, children without money usually know early that Santa isn't real, but I went ahead and wrote the letter anyway so I wouldn't get in trouble. I asked for a doll and a ballerina outfit. The last day of school the bus driver dropped us off last and drove us all the way up our long driveway to our little house. I didn't know why and I didn't care it was cold out and I didn't have to walk! I remember seeing the driver hand a box to my mom as I ran off to change my clothes. On Christmas morning I learned that Santa comes in all shapes, sizes and occupations as I opened my beautiful Dancerella doll, the answer to both of my requests, a doll and a ballerina outfit. Its the happiest memory of my childhood, I slept with her every night. I lost her when my family had to move. Christmasses have gotten much better for me and my own children, but none of them compare to the Christmas of my Dancerella doll!

Tami Grant

This memory was added on: May 13, 2006

WOW, I haven't seen a picture of my doll in SO long, such memories!!! I received my Dancerella doll the summer when I was 6 years old. I was in the hospital getting my tonsils out and my parents gave her to me. I have NO idea where she ended up over the years, but I would LOVE to have one again. :)


This memory was added on: April 9, 2006

I have DANCERINA and only recently found out the difference between Dancerella and Dancerina. Ohhhh, what a joy. :) I was just a little gal when I got her. She's still in beautiful condition. I know I even have her record stored away somewhere. Now I'm a dance teacher! How cool is that? She's a special doll. There's nothing like Dancerella or Dancerina out there these days. :)



This memory was added on: April 6, 2006

What a trip! I actually still have her, her crown is cracked, and her hair is a nightmare, but I still have her!!!


This memory was added on: March 9, 2006

`I first got my Dancerella doll when I was about 8 or 9. I was so excited I could not afford my lesson so this was the next best thing. My fist doll broke it was replaced next Christmas and that one broke also. I still mis her I hope that Mattel will make her again

V. Joseph

This memory was added on: January 30, 2006

My mother just returned to me my beautiful Dancerella doll from 1978. I was surprised to see her in MINT CONDITION still with her hairnet in place. I am offering this doll for sale on E-bay starting today, 1/30 if anyone is interested, search e-bay for Dancerella Doll. She is lovely!


This memory was added on: January 26, 2006

I can't remember how I got the doll, but I left mine at an old gas station on the way to Houston one summer. My mom loves to recall how I would cry and say, "mommy, I miss my dancerella dancerella dancing ballet!". I remember loving that doll dearly. The gas station owner ended up posting it back to me, and we were reunited! Until her hair got tangled in her crown and she didn't turn anymore...


This memory was added on: January 11, 2006

I have great news! I found a Dancerella last week at an antique shop in Hickory, NC. I have searched high and low for years to find her again and I got really lucky. She was in perfect condition so I bought her. My 10 year old daughter thinks she is great just like I did in 1972 when I got her for Christmas.


This memory was added on: January 11, 2006

I had a friend who always got the latest "thing" and if the latest toy or whatever came in more than one style, size, color, she probably had one of each. Anyway, this one particular Christmas Santa left me a Dancerella, (although I was thinking it was called Dancerina).My friend had also received one from Santa but this was the only time in my childhood that I had anything she had, and we had lots of fun playing with our Dancerellas together. I remember there was a record (made from some type of cardboard) that came with her that played music from "The Nutcracker". The crown on her head is what you used to make her "dance" by pulling the center piece up. I no longer have the doll, just some fond memories of yesteryear.

Laurie Wheeler

This memory was added on: January 2, 2006

I loved that doll!! It was my all time most favorite toy (and I'm saying this 30+ years later!) My sister was so jealous that it was mine and that I would not let her play with the ballerina. We were just talking about the doll last week and not even a week later I came across your website...this is such a cool website!!


This memory was added on: December 13, 2005

Oh my goodness!!! I typed in her name and there she is. Oh how I miss my dancerella so!!! I took such good care of her. I went to another state one summer when I was still a little girl and when I returned, my mother had given most of my dolls to my then young cousin (who is now 27). Well, she didn't take care of Dancerella and mom had to throw Dancerella away. I don't blame anyone because I knew even then that money was tight and they just were letting my little cousin have some dolls to play with. But oh how I sure do miss Dancerella!

Dancerella's friend

This memory was added on: December 7, 2005

Seeing this doll just brought me to tears, Its the only toy that I wish I still had and wanted to pass down to my daughter one day. I don't have a lot of details about the doll but she was black with beautiful black hair and she had a crown on her head. It was something special about the crown on her head and I can't remember what it was. If I ever get my hands on this doll again, I would value it like an expensive piece of art.

Ms. M

This memory was added on: December 1, 2005

My parents separated and then divorced when I was four. Unfortunately, during the separation, my Dancerella was left behind at my father's house. In the years that followed, every time we went to visit my dad, I was not allowed to take my dancerella back home with me. After a few years, I no longer got to stay at my dad's house for visits so I didn't get to play with my Dancerella any more. My dad has since remodeled, remarried and sold the house. To this day, even though I am married and have kids of my own, I feel a strong tie to that Dancerella doll and wish I still had her.


This memory was added on: November 21, 2005

I loved my Dancerina Doll! She is now broken but I still have her and hope one day someone could fix her. My mom saved her for me and gave her back to me when I got married 22 years ago. She was a beautiful doll with blonde hair to match my hair. Thank you for this website. It brings back some great memories.


This memory was added on: November 9, 2005

I just adored my Dancerina doll !! When I was just a little girl, I would "flit" around the house (as my Mum would say) performing for whomever would indulge me. I later went on to study and dance with the Boston Ballet for several years. I still have my doll and admire her often.

Maureen Ryan

This memory was added on: November 1, 2005

Baby Dancerina was my favorite doll, and I was thrilled to get her! She was so beautiful and graceful. My only regret is, when I grew up, I sold her to a doll seller during an antiques & collectibles sale in our local mall. I wish I'd never sold her! I'll have to keep looking on ebay for a really excellent quality Baby Dancerina to replace her. Guess I've got those "Baby Boomer Blues"...we should never sell our most prized toys!


This memory was added on: September 16, 2005

I remember I wanted a Dancerina for so long and finally my parents got me a baby Dancerina - it was the best present I ever got up until then, I'm sure. Although I seem to remember a witch named Esmerelda whose eye lit up, as well. The funny part was that I ended up growing up to be a professional dancer - I wonder if Dancerina had something to do with that?


This memory was added on: August 14, 2005

I had the only Black Dancerella doll in existence (well, I like to think so). A male friend of my mother's found her for me, and she slept on my bed for years. When she was dancing, I just knew that I could take her to Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and charge money so that people could come and see her dance. I was really impressed with her myself. I wish I still had her. Guess I'll have to hit Ebay to see if there's one there.


This memory was added on: August 8, 2005

I was in the focus group for this doll. I remember then nabbing my mom and me at a mall in the San Fernando Valley and I got a Marathon Bar for watching a commercial and answering questions. I remember saying that Dancerella looked like Annette Funicello.