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This memory was added on: September 19, 2009

I picked up a vintage 11 inch Durham Industries flatsy at a flea market. The doll looks different from all the ones I see on the web. It has blond plastic hair, but hair is SHORT..stops at the ears (which are clearly visible). Hair is exactly like other 11" Flatsy's hair (same curves, etc.) , but there are no ribbons or "piggy-tails".

Could this be a BOY Flatsy?


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I am so glad to have found your web site!

I am sitting here with a Flatsy and I cannot remember when I received it. I also cannot verify that it is an original and not a knock-off but I can confirm that it is NOT one of my Flatsys from when I was a kid on Long Island. This one has long orange hair, a flowered skirt, orange top with a blue vest that has a white and orange flower. I also have with her a blue animal carrier that has a pink dog and cat (one piece). Her orange comb says FLATSY on it. Can anyone identify this doll?

As for playing with Flatsys and other dolls, mine enjoyed time around the Tupperware pool with my Dawn dolls. I don’t see much written about THOSE ladies! J

- Liana

This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

I got my Flatsy Patsy when I was around 7. She had the prettiest pink hair. I never played with dolls, but you know I LOVED her! I carried her everywhere (by the hair). One day my older sister, Dana, drew a bikini on my Flatsy with blue ink! I never knew why! I probably bugged her first like little sisters do. :o) I still can't remember what her original outfit looked like because all I can remember is that ink bikini.

Strange thing... I've never met anyone else who remembers the Flatsy Patsy dolls either!


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

As a child growing up in Sydney Australia, I remember the Flatsy Patsy ads on our black and white tv. The girl across the street (Robyn Slattery) had all her dolls positioned on a shelf in her bedroom from the tallest bride doll down to the shortest doll....and of course it was Flatsy Patsy. Sometimes I was allowed to touch her. I know I never got one myself in fact I remember wondering why I couldn’t be the proud owner of one too!

Well... 37 years later my daughter Holly and I are walking through a doll show in Wynnum, Queensland and who should stare back at me from one of the displayed than Flatsy Patsy!!!!! I’m sure I yelled out just a little too loud in my excitement... but hey, a Flatsy Patsy is a Flatsy Patsy! (I bought her of course.) I told the story at church the other week as a children’s address. I talked about waiting and how we have to wait a long time for things sometimes but that God knows what we need and when. Low and behold.. today a lovely lady in the congregation brings two Flatsy Patsy dolls and gives them to me!!!!! One has denim ‘peace sign’ pants and a greyish top and the other is a boy with orange hair. I can’t even remember Ideal making Flatsy boys!!! The one I bought at the doll show has a striped skirt and green plastic top (joined together). Wow... it feels like you’re getting something off your chest talking about it. Thanks that I could share that with all the Flatsy Patsy fans.


This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

Hi, I had a flatsy patsy doll and I loved her dearly. I got her for my 7th birthday. She is now somewhere in my mums loft!! No one seems to know what I’m talking about when I mention her, up until I found this site I was beginning to think I had imagined her.


This memory was added on: December 14, 2008

This is me & Flatsy x-mas '69:

Flatsy Patsy

Cynthia T.

This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

I took my treasured Flatsy doll with me on a family vacation from Colorado to California. She went on many adventures as we camped our way through Utah and Nevada. My Mom warned me not to bring her with us when we went to Disneyland, but I couldn’t just leave her in the car. I distinctly remember where we parted ways…I left her in my purse on the Peter Pan Boat ride before you get to Treasure Island. I was so upset, we went back to look for her, but of course she was gone. We checked the lost and found, but Flatsy was gone forever. I hope who ever found her, took her on more adventures and loved her. I never got another Flatsy doll, but I did take my Wishnik Troll to Hawaii. I still have him, blue hair and all!


This memory was added on: October 7, 2008

I still have mine!!

Although mine is the one that has blue hair and a blue "space outfit" on.

I just always called her Flatsy but could never remember if that's who she really was!!


This memory was added on: June 20, 2008

I had some Flatsies as a kid that I loved. I took the Fashion Flatsy (a bride as I remember) to kindergarten, and I guess some other little girl really loved her too because she disappeared never to be seen again. The lesson learned could be summed up as don't trust other kids with your Flatsy! I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one still getting over the tragic loss of flatsy.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2008

I had a flatsy patsy - I loved that doll - none of my friends remembers them - it was so great when I found this website - I thought it was along shot but was amazed whrn i fopund this site - I can now feel reassured that I am not mad and they did exist - I wish I still had mine


This memory was added on: May 18, 2008

I remember loving my flatsie dolls. My favorite was the one dressed like a nurse. It came with a baby carriage and a flat baby if I am remembering correctly. I also loved the song: “Flatsie flatsie she’s flat and that’s that!

Sue M

This memory was added on: February 8, 2008

I remember my flatsy with the long dark hair. I loved that doll. I often brought the doll into the bathtub with me. After one of our play tub times, I needed to dry her off. So, being a smart 6 year old, I threw it into the dryer. Unfortunately, she melted into a blob. It still makes me sad!


This memory was added on: November 18, 2007

I remember my flatsy doll so well, I have the long blonde haired one with black ballerina suit with black shoes. My sister and I always played with them with our Barbie's. I always had the blonde haired ones and she had the dark haired ones. We both still have them and I get her out every once in a while. I have not seen any flatsy dolls since the 70's.


This memory was added on: May 22, 2007

I loved my flatsy with black hair and a red pull along wagon in which sat her lttle black dog. i would love to still have her. I was really excited when my friend susie said she ahd one too. Neither of us have them any longer


This memory was added on: May 1, 2007

I still have a flatsy doll. Her name is Flatsy Patsy. She has beautiful long golden yellow hair in braids and has an orange and pink bathing suit. I also have her bath house and hair brush. I just found her the other day in a box of my old memorabilia. What a joy to find her. My almost 2 year old granddaughter just loves to carry her around the house. I'm wondering if I should put her away for safe keeping.

Sharon Goebel

This memory was added on: April 30, 2007

I remember my flatsie doll...her name was pattsie. I was 6 years old and had to go into the hospital and my mom bought me one. I loved it. Wish I had held onto her....


This memory was added on: April 12, 2007

I did not have the regular dolls, but had a box of 3 paper dolls with outfits. They were Sandy, Candy and Filly Flatsy and I LOVED them! In fact, I still have them and get them out from time to time and my daughter and I "play" with them. What fun to share my memories with her today!


This memory was added on: March 14, 2007

so i'm making a doll and i realize while i'm sewing that she is going to be flat, i'm not really a doll maker, when out of nowhere comes the chant..."flatsys, flatsys, they're flat and that's that" oh my god i couldn't beleive it, i hadn't thought of that commercial in thirty something years!!!! never had a flatsy doll, but was a flatsy myself and sure i had my share of teasing from that commercial. wow. the brain is surely a strange organ. what else is hidden in it's grey mass. i wonder.


This memory was added on: March 14, 2007

I still have a couple of Flatsy dolls, the blonde with the little pink coat, and the red head with the colorful pants and top.


This memory was added on: February 25, 2007

I still have my green haired flatsie doll. She has a mod suede-ish mini- dress with a pearl dutton and blue hot pants. I use her as a book mark. My son chewed off a toe when he was teething. She is from 1969. i also have an upsy-downsy. Somewhere my sister has my kiddles and a kiddle circus bear necklace. I love my toys. Now I collect homies but the retro toys are my faves.

jeannie mayo

This memory was added on: February 20, 2007

my twin sister and I had flatsy dolls with houses' that we hung on the wall. does anyone know where to get these? my mom regrets ever getting rid of these!!!!!


This memory was added on: February 18, 2007

All I remeber is the stupid commercial, Flatys, flaties, their flat that's that. Now I get to sing this to my daughter and my girlriend.


This memory was added on: February 11, 2007

i remember those dolls, i had a grandma one in a rocking chair, i had small and larger ones with brightly colored hair like blue and pink, and i also had a boy flatsy with a hot dog stand, i wish i still had them, my next door neighbor"borrowed" them and never returned them, or i would still have them, as i still have the sunshine family dolls. i threw nothing out. I would love to see another flatsy for old times sake, i would definately purchase it.

janice weidner

This memory was added on: February 11, 2007

Never had the Flatsy doll that I can recall, however the commercial "sticks"..Flatsy, Flatsy.. she's Flat and That's THAT!... OK... well maybe i got teased with that song in junior high as well....Probably why I remember it. I did have a HEIDI doll.. you pushed her bellybutton ( an obvious outie) and her hand flew up as if she were waving.. HI HEIDI!.... she came in a plastic "purse".. she was smaller than the barbies so always had to be a "kid". Anyone remember the HEIDI doll? think she had a little red dress... and you reset her arm by pushing it down.. then just push her bellybutton again.. Schwing..HI HEIDI!


This memory was added on: February 4, 2007

I remember my flatsy dolls especially the baby holiday one with the pink hair and the light blue one piece (pjs). I've asked MANY people around my age if they could remember what they were or if they even remembered them at all. I kind of thought maybe I was imagining them all together until tonight when I was search on ebay and there she was my baby holiday flatsy doll. I'm just having a good feeling right now seeing her again. Wow it takes me back.


This memory was added on: February 2, 2007

Hi everyone, I'm from Australia and had Bonnie Flatsy. I remember her little boat and the picture frame. All I had left of her as I got older was her beach hat, which I gave to my Busy Barbie doll. Looking back at that era, I love the psychedelic fashions and packaging, everything looks so bright and happy. :)


This memory was added on: January 12, 2007

I hated the "flatsy" doll when I was little. It was my worst nightmare. I was small for my age and the boys would sing that song (which I still remember) at me, and call me a flatsy doll. Things have changed, and kids grow, but when my sister showed me the web site, I remembered it all.


This memory was added on: January 7, 2007

I too thought my best friend and I were the only people in the world who had / heard of Flatsies. I remember having a short white haired granny, with nightdress and a little bed - does anyone remember her? i also had a tall girl with a cool pink leather coat and pink poodle. Where they are now is anyone's guess!!!

Paula Radford

This memory was added on: January 5, 2007

It is so funny that I came across this web site today! The other day, my neighbor and I were reminising about our Flatsy dolls that we had. Today, I figured I would go onto the internet and look up the old favorite. Back then, I didn't know many girls that had one, and didn't realize how popular they were along with the great memories they left. I still have the long golden yellow haired Flatsy. Even though I played with her so much that her hair is a mess and she needs clothes, I still love her! She is definitely an icon in my childhood memories! I also have a baby Flatsy that went along with her. It is shaped into a baby laying curled up in a circle shape the size of a quatter. I have never seen one like that on the internet. Anyone have one, or know about it, let me know. Well, I very much enjoyed reliving my childhood for a few moments with all of you and hope the legacy of Flatsy lives on. Maybe we will see a time that Flatsy will make another appearance into the land of toys, but for now, let our memories live on!!!!


This memory was added on: January 2, 2007

I had a Flatsie Doll I think her name was Dewie... She had white/silver like hair and she came in a pink rain coat with a matching hat.


This memory was added on: December 23, 2006

I'm so having a "retro-moment" now coming across this site! I remember having a blue-haired Flatsy doll, which I adored along with all of my barbies,cher, honey hill bunch , jj walker dynomite doll(yeah, I had one of those too!!) and other toys. I just turned 39 last week and looking at the doll brought back great childhood memories.Back in the 70's there was nothing like the Saturday morning cartoon line-up eating a big bowl of Boo-Berry cereal!