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This memory was added on: November 7, 2009

I got a Gabbigail for Christmas when I was about 6. I loved her… UNTIL my three older brothers got a hold of her and used her to swear at each other. Totally ruined it to see that sweet little face utter such profanity! I’d love to find another one if anyone knows how to find one.


This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

My sister had this doll UNTIL!! my Dad got a hold of it without her knowledge and growled in it. Needless to say we never seen Gabbigail again...............P.S. it was pretty funny though! I would love to find another one as we still talk about ole Gabbi every now and then and have a good chuckle and that was 30++ yrs ago.

Thanks for the memories!!


(From the editor: 'Growled' in it??!?)

This memory was added on: June 4, 2008

My sister got a gabbigale doll back in the early 70s and I got a Chrissie doll (grows hair long). They were the best Christmas gifts from our cousins (we were pretty poor). We played with those dolls til they were worn out and my brothers even got a kick out of playing with them. We also received a Peggy Pen pal and Baby Whistle (anybody know of this doll?) too.


This memory was added on: September 7, 2006

I got my GabbiGale doll for Christmas 1972 from Santa. Problem was, she never worked. And since she was from Santa, she couldn't be returned. So, though I loved her because she was so beautiful in my 7 yr old eyes, I rarely played with her. My dad threw out almost all of my dolls when I was a teenager and Gabbi was one of them. I have never forgiven him for that! Sadly, Gabbi not working made me very mad at Santa for bringing me a broken doll. Oh the memories.....


This memory was added on: April 18, 2006

I still have my Gabba Gail doll, only she's stored in some old stuff of my grandparents. I got her for Christmas in 1972 or 1973. They had commercials for her on tv and I remember being REALLY little, 2 or 3 years old, and begging my mom to get me that doll. I think she still works. I have never met anyone else who owned a Gabba Gail doll. Mine wore a blue dress and had a red flower that you pulled out on a string, and yes, you raised her right arm, spoke into her head, and then put her arm down, pulled the string, and she would repeat what you had said. She was my very favorite doll.


This memory was added on: March 8, 2006

I still have mine. I just got her out of my parent's storage. Believe it or not, she still works! My husband, however, does not appreciate her as much as I do. Anyway, I always loved having her repeat what I said, especially when I got reall mad! I got her for Christmas in the early 70's. Can't remember exactly when.


This memory was added on: January 4, 2006

My Gabbigale did a lot of swearing. Problem is, you may remember, that a person could play the last recording....

April Harvey

This memory was added on: January 10, 2005

I had the black version of this doll, w/ the tan dress. I played w/ her until the motor died. My dad tried to fix her, but he couldn't. My cousin Aundrea had one too. This was very high tech for the 70's!

Sharry A.

This memory was added on: April 28, 2004

This may be the doll from my memory !

There was this heavily advertised doll that, when you raised her arm and talked, she'd repeat what you said when you pulled her arm down. Oh, I wanted this one with all the fervor a six-year old girl can work up !

So, when my folks took me on a pre-Christmas shopping trip, I beelined for the display and stretched for the unpacked demo one, gave the gimmick a try. Nothing. Again. Nope. Once more ? Nada. Disgusted, after a few more attempts, I gave her to my dad to put her back, muttering that I didn't want her if she didn't work.

Years later, I overheard them remembering the incident and laughing. Seems that, when my father handed me the demo doll, he could tell by its weight that it didn't have batteries installed, and couldn't possibly work. But it sure was fun watching me try so hard !

And they wonder why I have issues with them...


This memory was added on: April 13, 2004

margaret you're so bad!

This memory was added on: February 9, 2004

my best friend had this doll and i loved it! we used to beg her mom to let us eat in her room o her cool swirly yellow kids table.. and he mom made us greenbeans and i got to use salt.. ! I was so thrilled my parents were such hippies they were purely au natural! I loved gabigale!!! She ate greenbeans too ( no salt)


This memory was added on: October 23, 2003

I remember getting my older sister to curse. I of course took the recording to my Dad. Was great blackmail back in those days for a 7 yr old girl.

Margaret w

This memory was added on: June 13, 2003

She was my FAVORITE doll! I received her for Christmas in 1970 or 71. She would record what I said and repeat it back to me. I only wish I would not have put her in the bathtub with me...

Cheryl C