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This memory was added on: May 31, 2011

When browsing through an antique store with my daughter, I stumbled across a Little Kiddle. The memories flooded back. I got home and dug out some old stuff from my hope chest and there she was "Slipsy Sliddle". In perfect condition but missing the slide. I remembered giving "Lola Little" to my big sister for her birthday when she was 9 and I was 7. As big sisters go, she made me give her hints, and she guessed her gift. Nevertheless we loved our Little Kiddles. She will be 52 this Saturday. I purchased a "Lola Little" in great condition on Ebay. I am so excited and can't wait to give it to her this weekend. This time ....NO HINTS!

Cindy A.

This memory was added on: September 19, 2009

Love your site – it brings back such memories...

When I was 7 I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I had a broken leg and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. My Grandmother insisted I get a little “happy” gift each day while in the hospital. Therefore, each day my mom would bring me one of Grandmother’s gifts and each one would be a different Liddle Kiddle. I still have all of them in great condition and have them displayed in a room in my house. Wow, was that a way to make a kid happy while in traction in the hospital. I still love my kiddles and of course love and miss my Mom and Grandmother Nancy.

Thanks for the memories.


This memory was added on: August 18, 2009

OMG! I am so excited to learn about this site. I still have my Lily of the Valley Liddle Kiddle (alas, minus the oval bubble-case she came in), but she graces a shelf in my antique armoire. She is in great shape & has what I like to think of as her Lily of the Valley scent~

My parents were hard workers but lower-middle class & I can remember wanting a "Barbie with bendable legs" for as long as I can remember~ like my girlfriends all had. Not an easy commodity when you lived in a remote area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where there were no stores to shop in; all was done by mail-order from either the Sears or Montgomery Ward catalog. Dream books to us kids! Imagine my delight when I received the Dawn doll for Christmas! I had Chrissy and my friend had Velvet, and I had Baby Carrie who sat in her own tub you could fill with water & she turned her head from side to side & splashed her hands into the water. She had what I thought were her first two "real" teeth like a real baby would have!

When I was really little I got a Mrs.. Beasley doll like Buffy from Family Affair had ~ you could pull her string & she would talk like the wise old lady she was. My string broke on the first day due to my over-zealous need to hear her talk. :(

THANK YOU for warming my heart with such fond memories!

Lori from Michigan

This memory was added on: August 18, 2009

I remember wanting a Liddle Kiddle so bad that one summer day, I had my step dad to take me to every toy store we could find just so that I could buy one. I remember the Liddle Kiddle I went home with was Kologne Kiddle Sweet Pea. I'll never forget the time my step dad took to help me find one little doll. I am not sure that I realized at the time that Liddle Kiddles came in so many different mini sizes. I had locket Kiddles, jewlery Kiddles, Freezy Sliddle, Kola Kiddle Olivia Orange, and Story book Kiddle Liddle Middle Muffet. Not too many years ago I used to love to go to a doll show here in Indiana at the state fair grounds. There I found many of my Liddle kiddles that I once had but lost. To add to my collection, I found Liddle kiddles that I did not have as a child at the doll show.

Roachdale, IN

This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I was the boy on the block who was the "sissy". Big deal, so what. I had the best Barbie stuff and Liddle Kiddles. My female friends envied me some. I had some of the Kologne Kiddles, some Skididdle Kiddles, one with a dresser, a small house that flipped up and had a place to put one doll. And other stuff I really don't remember. I wish I had all my old toys back---Barbies, Liddle Kiddles, GIJoe's, Hot Wheels.


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

Loved liddle kiddles -- sooooo much. Had a plastic house -- it was Christmas gift with my kiddles so I think it was a liddle kiddle house but no one has mentioned it on this website yet! One side folded down and the plastic looked like a pond with bridge over it. Also had 2 floors, and a plastic elevator that you cranked up with a string. I pretended kiddles were Barbies babies!!!


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

Last spring my Lilly of the Valley produced flowers for the first time. When I picked the flower and smelled it what I saw was my Lilly of the Valley doll. I am 47 and my birthday is in May. I think my Grandmother got me the doll. We were both May birthdays. It was such an amazing experience to smell the flowers and see the doll right in front of me. I had long forgotten I had even had such a doll. I don't know what happened to my Liddle Kiddle but there is something comforting about seeing her face again. Smell is such a powerful thing. Looking forward to visiting her again in a few months.

Indianapolis, IN

This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

This site saved my life! For hours last night, I was thinking about my room when I was little, and could remember everything EXCEPT for what the name of the little scented dolls in the plastic perfume bottles were called. To my amazement, “Lily of the Valley” came to my mind – haven’t a clue HOW I remembered that! – and searched all night to find something on the internet. Then this site came up and life is good again J. I remember not wanting to open the bottles often for fear that the scent would be gone too soon for my liking!

Thank you, and looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight!


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

I had all the Little Kiddles and even the "town" - I have such fond memories of playing with these and I regret not keeping a single one. I can still remember when I "outgrew" playing with dolls and packed everything up and gave them away. Such a huge mistake; I would love to have kept them for my own children...I still remember acquiring each new little kiddle one by one.....thanks for the trip down memory lane.....I am 48 years old.

Jill Patton

This memory was added on: January 27, 2009


I never owned a Kiddle but my best friend had Lily of the Valley.

Oh I was so envious but she never seemed to care for her that much. I never forgot the smell and the love I had for that little doll.

When I was just approaching my 40th birthday I told my friend about how much I had loved that doll. For my birthday my friend arrived with a gift and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it was the very same Lily. Her mum had kept it all these years and so I now have her.

And yes I can still smell the Lily Of the Valley scent. Although no one else seems to be able to smell it!

I am glad to know I am not alone.


This memory was added on: January 1, 2009

Wow! I’m so glad I found your site. It brings back many happy memories! I would play with my Liddle Kiddles and Barbies and pretend that the Liddle Kiddles were Barbie’s children, fathered by Ken of course ;) Thanks for the memories!!!


This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

My Liddle Kiddles meant so much to me! I think I pretended that they were real! I had two Skididdle Kiddles (sp?), a Lucky Locket Kiddle ("see how groovy they look.."), a tiny tiny one in a jewel pin, Soapy Siddle (bathtub), Wendy Fliddle (airplane), Lemon Stiddle? (lemonade stand) and one of the ice cream cone ones - pink. They got lots of love and attention!


This memory was added on: August 2, 2008

My sister and I loved our Liddle Kiddles we even had the house. My favorites were the ones in the lockets that had different scents. Every Christmas growing up in Mississippi my grandfather would make a record on his old recordio and we would have to tell what we got for Christmas and one year my sister and I sang the Liddle Kiddles song. My brother somehow or another managed to transpose the albums onto 8 track tapes so I can still listen to it anytime I want and you can’t beat that memory! I see them on E Bay and certainly wished I had kept some of my toys but my mom threw most of them away.


This memory was added on: June 4, 2008

I don't know how I managed to keep this one all these years. I have it sitting on my computer. My kids say it does not smell like roses to them, they say it stinks! To me it smells like a memory and yes, ROSES!! It is one of the few items I still have from my childhood. I wish I still had my Mrs. Beasly doll!!

Thanks for the site..........Happy Memories to everyone!

This memory was added on: June 4, 2008

I loved my Kiddles and was so sorry after I gave them away because I was 'too old' for them. I remember coveting all of them and standing for what seemed like hours at Kmart, just staring at them all, trying to decide which ONE I wanted most. I too have replaced most of my Kiddles through ebay, but still remember most fondly, my originals.

Barb Shevlin Woloszyn

This memory was added on: March 10, 2008

I had so many of these Kiddles. I even had the Little Kiddle Town carry case. I got to the age where I was no longer playing with them, but I had them all cleaned up and I put them away because that was one thing that I wanted to keep for my children. I had searched in my closet for them one day to notice they were no longer there. I asked my mom where she put them and she said that she gave them away to a little girl she baby sat for. My heart has been broken ever since. I see all these Kiddles on ebay and what people are asking for them. It is amazing. I just wanted them because they brought me many hours of fun. I just might have to bid on ebay to get one.


This memory was added on: September 25, 2007

Oh my gosh what a great site this is!! I have been trying to remember for years what the little dolls in the plastic perfumed cases were! I don't really remember anything else about them other than the smell and the bright pink plastic case it was in. I wish I still had it! Thanks for the memories!!


This memory was added on: June 5, 2007

Oh WOW - My favorite doll of all time was the one that came in the cherry popsicle with the pink hair. She was a gift from my Grandma for my 7th birthday. She went everywhere with me, even to school, the tub, etc. The one day that I left her home, however, my cat tossed a hairball on her & that was the end of her. My mom threw her away. I was devastated. I am still on the hunt for another one.


This memory was added on: June 3, 2007

Wow, When I think back to those carefree days of the 60's and 70's and all these dolls I played with and wish I still had. I love my Liddle Kiddle's! My twin sister and friends and I had many hours of fun and imagination playing and collecting all of them. I was recently recalling all of these memories and sharing them with my 20yr old daughter. Those were the days!


This memory was added on: April 29, 2007

I loved those little dolls. I had Lily of the Valley. I can almost smell her now. I still have my Heidi, Jan and maybe Hildi dolls. I also may have their little brother. those dolls were so Darn cute. You would press their belly button and they would wave to you.


This memory was added on: April 25, 2007

OO my god i love my kiddles. it was like a little jeany....good memories

angie munoz

This memory was added on: April 20, 2007

Wow! These were so fun my Mom bought these and Dawn dolls for me to put in my little purse and they kept me very happy and occupied on every Sunday morning during Dads sermons. :-) what a fun site

Deborah Kilpatrick

This memory was added on: April 14, 2007

What memories.. I still have three dolls. Rosebud, Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle. I remember having the locket, grape lollipop, and ice cream cone. It is amazing that after all this time, they still have that sweet smell. It is wonderful to know that others still appreciate how special they were and are.


This memory was added on: March 30, 2007

Hello everyone. I am from Germany and I had 2 of the very cute "Little Kiddle" dolls. I remember this again when I join in to ebay. If I had a wish: I want all of them! They are so cute and it was a good time to play with the "Little Kiddle" dolls. Tace care your´s Isabella

Isabella Kuragu

This memory was added on: March 22, 2007

Wow, what memories!!! My sister and I use to have a lot of Liddle Kiddle dolls and we both had a clubhouse too. In fact, I still have one. The one I have is a locket pin and the doll in it is real tiny. She has a little wear and tear on her, but overall is in great shape. I love it and will never part with it - it has so many memories attached to it - plus I can't believe I still have it after all these years. I also still have my Chrissy doll (who's hair still works). She is in her original outfit and shoes, and I even still have the box. Some other dolls I have kept from my childhood are 2 Sasha dolls that my mother got for me when she worked at the Creative Playthings toy factory. The other doll is a life size boy baby doll who is anatomically correct, which I found out 5 minutes after I unwraped him on Christmas day and decided I was going to change his diaper. Talk about a surprise, I can remember my mom trying to explain that one. LOL It's great to see that so many people still have their dolls and that there is still so much interest in the Kiddles. They were always my favorite dolls.


This memory was added on: March 22, 2007

I loved my kiddles growing up, and now that I'm a mom and founder,, I find myself thinking back to my favorite toys as a kid. I wish they were still made. My mom, may she rest in peace, discarded all my old dolls when I moved out, so I have none to cherish. It has been a bit of a heartbreaker for me.

I had a locket kiddle and perfume kiddle and still have fond memories of both!


This memory was added on: March 18, 2007

I adored my liddle kiddles and I still have 2 of them, very well worn- cinderiddle and alice in wonderiddle. I got these when I was only a baby. I used to carry them around in an orange plastic Halloween pumpkin and call them "My Littles" when people asked what I had in there. I remember when I was about 2 I lost the pocket watch from Alice in Wonderland and I cried and cried, ohhh I loved that little tiny pocket watch! I used to carry it around in my hand and just pet it and stare at it. It is a wonder I never ate these things, they are so tiny LOL. So after all these years I just decided to replace it with one from ebay :) Ohhh I can't wait until it arrives!!! It feels like Christmas :) Who would think something the size of a button cell battery could contain so many awesome memories. Over my choldhood years I amassed quite a lot of kiddles and their houses etc, all gone but two now but I will forever be fascinated by the pocket watch! My other most favorite and prized Kiddle was the mini- kiddle princessa and her pop-up book castle- Ohhhhhh, that castle and the tiny little doll were the most beautiful thing in the world when I was 3! I have such wonderful memories of just laying on my bedroom floor surrounded by my Kiddles playing for hours with all their wonderful special little accessories! I really pity kids now a days, new toys, like new cartoons are stupid. I loved all my kiddles, but especially the jewelry ones and the pop-up book dolls. The smaller the better I guess :) I have recently decided to replace my Kiddle Kollection, sorry couldn't resist. After so many years of being "practical pig" from the three pigs I have decided to spend money on toys! FOR ME LOL. Heck the kids have plenty already anyway!


This memory was added on: February 19, 2007

Oh Mary 921, you had Heidi too? Heidi was my favorite doll. When one Heidi got too ratty, I got another one. I even had her sister, Hildy.And her friend Jan from Japan. You know, finding old Sears catalogs on e-bay really brings back old memories.(My birthday is 9-21-59).


This memory was added on: February 12, 2007

I sure did (and still do) love my Liddle Kiddles. And my Dawn Dolls, too. I did not have many Liddle Kiddles, but I treasured every single one of them. I had the locket, bracelet, and ring. When I was in third grade, my ring fell down the register vent into the furnace, never to be seen again. I remember being really upset about that. My favorite was Cinderiddle - I remember holding her with her dress completely covering my hand, and my mother hand-sewed a beaded, fully-lined wedding dress for her that I still have. I have kept them all these years in my Grandma's old leather falling-apart suitcase in the back of my closet. What Memories! I think I will have to go look at them this afternoon!


This memory was added on: February 11, 2007

WOW Flashback! I had a TON of these.. lucky locket kiddles, Skediddle Kiddles.. one riding a tricycle, pedaling a helicopter and the weird ones that had the "goose" shaped thing you plugged into their back... I wonder whatever happend to them all.. ( along w/ the other TOYs i recall now that i'm thinking... TOny the Pony, the other dolls, barbies, Heidi, Chrissy, baby magic,the GI joe i got just cuz Ken wasnt good enough... GI Joes were "barbie" sized back then.. not the pygmies they became in later years...ha ha ha... why did they make them smaller?


This memory was added on: February 1, 2007

me and my sister got a kiddle locket necklace when my dad was stationed in japan i still the a pic of us wearing them like a necklace. i had forgot what they were called until last week our parents are both dead dad died 5 years ago and mom just past 6 months ago i want to get one for my sister and myself to share memories are so precious long life the kiddles

debra roy

This memory was added on: February 1, 2007

Love reading everyone's stories about their Liddle Kiddles. I had several between the ages of 3-6. A couple of the Luckey Lockets, Swingy Skediddle, and Orange Blossom Kologne. I carried them everywhere with me. At that age, they were the greatest! Sadly, my original dolls met their demise during one of my parent's "Let's throw these unused items away while the kids are at school" yearly routines. Like many here, I have replaced my childhood Kiddles from auctions on Ebay, and ever discovered some new favorites along the way. Lola Liddle, Babe Biddle, and Kiddles N Kars. So sweet!


This memory was added on: January 29, 2007

For all the crappy stuff kids have to play with these days, it astonishes me that Mattel hasn't figured out a way to bring these dolls back. I was too young for the "troll" thing, but my jewelry and perfume Kiddle's were the best. I recall mine was Lilly of the Valley, and I remember the Kiddle Locket and little ring too! Thanks for taking me back to Christmas 67.


This memory was added on: January 29, 2007

I had a birthday cake and the lady that made it for me used kiddle heads. It was a bed with girls all over it listening to records in there PJ's. I played with all the kiddles and today I still do. I have almost a complete collection plus. I have a beautiful display case of cherry wood in my bedroom with all my kiddles in it. My boyfriend doesn't mind because they keep me busy while he is away skiing with his buddies. I don't like to be cold so I don't like to go as much as they do. I would rather stay home and play dolls with our granddaughter.


This memory was added on: January 24, 2007

My oldest son Mike is almost 35 and his nick name as a little guy was "little kiddle". He was a tiny guy then! We live 2000 miles apart and he has 2 of his own little kiddles now and I miss him and them very much.


This memory was added on: January 20, 2007

I loved my Kiddles & I have pics of me proudly wearing my locket kiddle & holding up the bottle, making sure you could see her adorable face. I had quite a few of them, & I can still remember admiring Peter Pandiddle before I took him out of his box. I had 2 last kiddles in my adult years, & recently they vanished, so now I have become a kiddle collecter, & my husband does'nt mind but also does'nt want me buying anymore until I pay for the ones I already got (on e-bays PayPal). I can't believe I deprived myself all these years of their beauty & charm...never again!

Nov. '62

This memory was added on: January 18, 2007

Oh, I loved my Liddle Kiddles. It all started with a Kiddle ring, then Kolone Kiddles, then Kola Kiddles. I was sooooo proud of my collection. I didn't have all of the Kiddles, but I adored the Kiddles I had. And just when I thought life couldn't get any better, one rainy morning coming to school, on the edge of the playground I found a muddy, naked, long blond haired Kiddle with a worm intertwined in her hair. I was speechless with delight. I cleaned her up, and she became one of my prized possessions. I no longer have them; probably purged during a move, but when I think of my childhood, that's my first thought, Liddle Kiddles.


This memory was added on: January 17, 2007

I was watching TV this pm and saw a commercial about some little doll and I thought about Little Kiddles-I hadn't thought about them since about 4th or 5th grade! SO here I go googling and here I land. I don't remember the name, only this pale magenta plastic case and the smell! What a smell! I also remember that I got the toy at a time other than Christmas-which was really a treat. I think I will fall asleep with that thought of another time...


This memory was added on: January 15, 2007

I had a couple of Kiddles, and still have my little ring. It is a blonde doll with a peach dress & gold trim. The background of the ring is green and heart shaped, with pink "jewels" around it. I found it in a box of stuff today and that is what prompted my websearch where I found this site. I also had one of the perfume bottles, green apple as I recall. Lots of cool memories associated with these cool toys and nice to see so many others out there liked them too.


This memory was added on: January 13, 2007

I was crazy about my liddle kiddles. I might have started collecting them around the age of 7. By the time I was eleven, I had 12, the townhouse with the elevator and the town. I was one busy little girl keeping up with all of their personalities and the drama... oh the drama in kiddle town! ... but somewhere along the way, we lost my lovely kiddles and i was heart broken. It was as if my life was taken from me... Later, years later, kids in college, they have heard one too many stories about my missing kiddles so my daughter said to look on ebay and THERE THEY ARE!!! I am actively rebuilding my kiddle family and even purchased the town again! I am whole once more. I love my Liddle Kiddles. Glad to know there are many of us that have shared the same feelings toward them.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2007

What a wonderful site! Reading these entries makes me nostalgic for my childhood and for a simpler time! I have so many fond memories of playing with my Liddle Kiddles and Barbies. My favorite were my Sweet Treat Kiddles. I had the three lollipop (grape, lemon, peppermint) and the tutti frutti kone kiddles, and can almost recall their scent. My sister had had the blue softside kiddle lunch box and a couple of the locket kiddles. My family was briefly stationed overseas in the Philippines when I was in the 2nd grade, so toys like these were scarce and along with my Barbies, were my prized possessions. Since we were a Navy family, we were constantly moving, so our toys were not included in the shipping back to the States. Wish I had them today! They are really hard to find in mint condition, and expensive, but I hope to add them to my collection. Thanks for letting me share my memories!


This memory was added on: January 4, 2007

Liddle Kiddles!!! I could not think of the name for years, and no one at work knew what I was talking about! Finelly, I just got desparate and started googling "tiny colored dolls in perfume bottles" and found them. I had the orange blossom, violet and apple blossom. It has taken awhile and some hairy ebaying, but have replaced the apple blossom and gotten a sweet pea and honeysuckle. I plan on obtaining the original 9. Hopefully I will be able to get them but am picky, I want at least "nearly mint" condition. I don't know why, but for some reason they have become as addiction, I HAVE to have them!! My husband thinks I have gone crazy, and my co-workers also. Oh well, even just a little of a happy childhood is need when you are on the downhill slide to 50!!!


This memory was added on: December 27, 2006

I have a photo taken at Easter in 1970, when I was 4, with Alice in Wonderliddle. Sadly, I no longer have her. They are too expensive for me to replace her right now, but I distinctly remember playing with her for hours on end. Happily, I still have some of my other Kiddles, including Violet Cologne, Florence Niddle, and Shirley Skediddle. As on only child my dolls were my constant companions and I loved Kiddles because they were small enough to put in a pocket and take almost anywhere. I really like this site!