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Mrs. Beasley
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Mrs. Beasley

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: December 31, 2006

I was in the hospital with a broken arm when my Daddy stuck Mrs. Beasley around the corner and made her talk. I was over joyed to see her! I had wanted her so badly! My Dad passed away this Thanksgiving and this is one of the many good memories I have of him now. He couldn't afford much in those days with 7 children to take care of. I know he must have sacrificed for it in some way. I will never forget it. I don't know what ever became of her, I know the string pull stopped working after a short time. I sure miss her:) I wish I could get a original one again just for the memories.


This memory was added on: December 28, 2006

I got my Mrs. Beasley doll when I was very small (5'ish?). I remember seeing her on the old TV show, Family Affair and I had to have one. It was under the Christmas tree that next December and I had her until she fell apart. I used to sleep with Mrs. Beasley and Raggity Ann for an embarrassingly long time. I still miss her and wish that I had known about collecting dolls and what their worth would end up being. I would have insisted that Mom buy a second one and kept it in the box!


This memory was added on: December 27, 2006

I had two Mrs. Beasley dolls when I was young. She was my most favorite toy for years. I watched Family Affair reruns for years. I received the second Mrs. Beasley after the first just totally wore out from being taken everywhere. I just adored her. I am not thinking of trying to find and obtain one in as close to new shape as possible. Maybe for my daughter maybe for me.

Rose A ustin

This memory was added on: December 24, 2006

My sister had a Mrs.Beasley. I loved to play with her.We live in Nevada. When we moved Mrs. Beasley was left behind in a storage shed. I wish I could go back to 1973 and get her out of the storage shed. I have always wonted a Mrs. Beasley of my own but never got one. Family Affair is one of my favorite shows. The first time I saw Family Affair was every morning before I went to Kindergarden. I now have the show on DVD. It is still one of my favorite shows.


This memory was added on: December 19, 2006

I recieved my Mrs. Beasley doll for Christmas probally in 1970 or 1971, and loved her. The only thing I didnt like was her voice box because the one on TV didnt talk out loud, so I pulled the string until it stayed pulled out, because my mom knew I did it on purpose she wouldnt cut the string off for a while, she finally did after I wouldnt stop asking her to cut it off. She had a distinct comforting sound of the voice box rattle when I would pat her back. Mrs. Beasley was my side kick & well loved, to the point that her body started to fall apart & her head was wobbley, so my grandmother took her to this lady who made beautiful doll dresses, she made her a pink fluffy dress complete w/ bloomers. I loved that doll & had it for a long time thru many adult moves then suddenly she was gone, I still dont know what became of her...

This last weekend I turned 40 and my mom presented me w/ a new Mrs. Beasley doll, and it made me cry, there were so many times I had wondered what became of my doll. I am happy to have my new one & I will let this one keep her voice box, even tho this one doesnt rattle the same... I am happy to see so many others also felt the same about their "Beasley" as I called her...


This memory was added on: December 18, 2006

I'm not sure the date I received my Mrs. Beasley Doll but I was very young. I'm now 29 years old and my daughter (2 years old) loves Mrs. Beasley. My doll doesn't talk anymore but she has been patched several times. My daughter will not go to bed without Mrs. Beasley.


This memory was added on: December 17, 2006

Mrs Beasley was my best friend thru thick and thin. My brother operated on her and removed her broken voice box and eventually her fabric was worn thin and she fell apart. i actually kept her vynil parts. then one birthday my sister inlaw lovingly remade her as close as she could. I was 23 yrs old and cried with joy. She is still my best friend. lol. I actually found another mrs beasley at a second hand store . an original. so now i have twin beasleys and am so thrilled. this 42yr old gramma.. still remembers and loves her.


This memory was added on: December 16, 2006

Oh, I loved my Mrs. Beasley... But my memory of her was my last one, when I'd finally outgrown her and I found her about a week later and she was all wet and tattered... I was sooo sad. I still get emotional thinking about it. How silly, huh?

Schaun Wagner

This memory was added on: December 14, 2006

I had one that talked. "My name is Mrs. Beasley"


This memory was added on: December 14, 2006

I received my Mrs. Beasley doll when I was 2 years old for Christmas from "Santa". She was my "security blanket" for much of my childhood years. One night I was walking up the stairs to go to bed for the night with Mrs. Beasley in my arms(I was about 5 years old)and I dropped her and it scared my dog and he bit a hole in her belly. I started to cry. My mother wasn't home at the time and my father sewed her for me with thick black thread. I still have her to this day (38 years later) and love every bit of her and the fond childhood memories she gives me.


This memory was added on: December 9, 2006

I remember very well the Christmas I got my Mrs. Beasley. I was 5. I loved her very much. She was my favorite doll. In 1973 we lost our home to a fire and unfortunately, Mrs. Beasley was lost as well. I've missed her every Christmas since that fire. I think of her often and wish I could have shared her with my daughter. She would have loved her just as much as I did. I still miss her today.


This memory was added on: December 8, 2006

She was my all-time favourite childhood toy! I loved my Mrs. Beasley and her grandmotherly voice. I apparently even gave her a haircut once (my mom tells me).


This memory was added on: December 5, 2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasley too! We were inseparable!!

I watched family affair faithfully and was soo completely thrilled when I got my very own Mrs. Beasley for Christmas. I played with her for months... and THEN her voice died! It was such a traumatic event. I was heartbroken... so much so, my dad searched everywhere until he found a new Mrs. Beasley! (I found this out years later.) I remember the day he gave me a new Mrs. Beasley... he said Santa knew I missed Mrs. Beasley and sent me a new one.

I still have that second doll but her voice did eventually break again. My father has since died and I will cherish that doll, not only over the happy times we shared, but especially for the trouble my father took to ease my sorrow.

Mary from Louisiana

This memory was added on: November 27, 2006

My cousin and I each got a Mrs. Bealsey doll for Christmas. Even though my cousin Spilled something all over hers and then switched them on me. I ended up with the one that now had a stain on it. I loved my Mrs. Bealsey. She was so cool. I took her everywhere. She had a rough life with me but she was sometimes my best and only friend. I used to make playhouses out of boxes from the local hardware store.(Deep freezer, oven or Refridgerator boxes.) We lived in an apartment with a small patio next to the road and one day I had my play table and chairs set up in the playhouse with my Mrs. Beasley ready for tea and the garbage man came and took the box. I was crushed and so was my Mrs. Beasley. I am 38 years old now and still keep watching for a good Mrs. Beasley doll. Maybe Santa Claus will be nice to me.


This memory was added on: November 25, 2006

Santa brought me my Mrs. Beasley when I was four, she was my best friend, lol my only friend. She went everywhere with me. I would sit in front of the t.v. with Mrs. Beasly and we would watch Family affair, I loved that show, and I loved my Mrs. Beasley. I carried her around so much that her arm got torn off, and it was close to x-mas, so Mom told me she was sending her to a Mrs. Beasly hospital,and x-mas morning Santa brought her back, well not my Mrs. Beasley but a new one. Mom says she was heart broken because I knew right away it was not my Mrs. Beasley. She had put the old one in the attic, but I did not have much to do with the new one. I don't know what happend to the clone Mrs.Beasley, but Mom said she forgot to get the old Mrs. Beasley out of the attic when we moved. Not too long ago I seen a Mrs. Beasley in a gossip magazine for sale, and it brought back so many memories of my childhood that all I could do was sit and cry, oh how I loved her.


This memory was added on: November 25, 2006

When I was a litle girl Miss Beasley was my best friend. She went everywhere with me. My mother gave her away when I was 11, it broke my heart. I still miss her.


This memory was added on: November 22, 2006



This memory was added on: November 19, 2006

I two had one of these doll i also had all the coloring books too


This memory was added on: November 16, 2006

I got a Mrs Beasley doll for Xmas somewhere around 1969, I still have her and just last year her glassed broke. She was in great condition, even though I played with her all the time. Now my 4 1/2 year old like to play with her and wear the clothes. great memories.


This memory was added on: November 15, 2006

I think I got Mrs. Beasley when I was 6 or 7 years old. She was the best doll I ever had. My older brother hated her. Every morning before school, my dad would stand at the bottom of the stairs and pull Mrs. Beasley's string to talk and wake up my brother for school. It drove him nuts. He couldn't stand her voice and wanted my doll to disappear. I still have the doll today. When I had my first daughter, my mother-in-law knitted a dress for Mrs. Beasley because I lost the skirt. She also repaired a tear in her arm. My daughter played with her a little, but because Mrs Beasley no longer talked, she didn't seem as interested in her as I always was. Mrs. Beasley now rests in my closet with fond memories of my childhood days.


This memory was added on: November 9, 2006

my name is lynley halajian and i got mrs beasley when i was a year old that was in 1971 she was my pal i carried her allmost every where i lost her a t my grandparents farm andi could not sleep with out her . mom said it was ok you will see her this weekend she even listend to story records with me i love her . i would have had her for 35 years in allmost mint condition but her feet were soiled she was cloth and i did not have a voice with her mom put her in my closet and the mold got her i got a noutherdoll but its not her i went to a doll museum near wher i live said its value is 5000 dolars and i dont know the value now and i dont care i wanted to thank you for making her


This memory was added on: November 6, 2006

Wow! Mrs. Beasley is the Best! I was really little when I got her but I totally loved her from the beginning. When I was little I had really blond curly hair and I also wore glasses so I kinda looked like Mrs. Beasley. I still have her tucked away but the voice part doesn't work anymore. If I remember right she was the doll that the girl on "Family Affair" had (I think the girl's name was Sissy). Great doll!


This memory was added on: November 6, 2006

My fondest memories about my childhood include Mrs. Beasley. My brother and I would operate on her when she would get ill. LOL! I carried that doll everywhere I went.


This memory was added on: October 25, 2006

well i have these glasses and my mom calls me mrs.beasly i never had a doll but its kewl


This memory was added on: October 24, 2006

My Mrs. Beasley doll was one of my favorite toys, My daughter liked her so much when she was little she would take her everywhere shes now 15, I have pictures in the ball pit at Hardys with her


This memory was added on: October 24, 2006

I loved this doll! And always wanted one after watching "Family Affair" does that still play on tv at all? maybe tv land. I can only wish that our kids today could grow up with such shows like that one that teach you real values!


This memory was added on: October 19, 2006

I had the doll for years. She was my best frieng growing up. At our summer campground everbody called me that. We had a reunion a couple of years ago, I wondered if anybody would remember calling me that. i asked My mother the same thing. she said probably not. Sure enough I just got of the car & they did. It was cool. So for Hall


This memory was added on: October 14, 2006

i have my own mrs.beasley and she is great i still can rememeber her from a while back she talks not very great but in good condish lol love ya mrs.beasley


This memory was added on: October 13, 2006

Mrs. Beasley was the only doll that I ever wanted. I got mine from Santa Claus when I was 6 yrs. old. Mrs. Beasley was my best buddy and went with me wherever I went. She took many trips fishing in the boat with me and my Dad. I know that my Dad had to have gotten sick from listening to her talk to me! When I was a teenager I let my neice have her and unfortunately Mrs. Beasley did not continue to live much longer. I have mourned her death for years, thinking of her often. Tonight she came back in to my life with my husband's help! She is just like I remembered her, even after all of these years!


This memory was added on: October 9, 2006



This memory was added on: September 22, 2006

My husband and I are expecting our first child and last night he told me a story from his childhood. When he was about 3 or 4 years old, he was at church and a little girl that was his friend had a Mrs. Beasley doll. He played with her at church and when the little girl had to go and take her doll, he cried and cried til his grandfather went and bought him one! He played with it for years and still has her! She is in a chest at our house. Unfortunately she doesn't have her voice but I read online that most originals don't but there are several people who will fix the voices for a fee. Anyway, he is going to tell his grandparents we are expecting by asking his grandfather if he thinks he can still find a Mrs. Beasley doll.


This memory was added on: September 20, 2006

My beloved Mrs. Beasley doll was given to me by my grandmother (Mrs. Helen Lee Price) many years ago.

Mrs. Beasley has been through my entire life with me since I was a little girl. She rode the school bus with me - she slept with me - she went to the hospital with me when I had heart surgery.

She is a bit tattered to put it lightly but I wouldn't trade her for a million dollars - she is just that special to me.

She brings fond memories of my childhood and my grandmother - and will forever be a part of my life.

Written with love to My Mrs. Beasley & in rememberance of my grandmother (Grandma Price)


This memory was added on: September 19, 2006

While my Mrs. Beasley doll was well worn her glasses had broken she was by far THE BEST...

While cleaning our room one day my mother decided that it was time to pack up our dolls, so we did. The box ended up in the garage...and of course DAD decided to clean the garage shortly there after. The box was thrown away...Maybe one day I'll be able to get another Mrs. Beasley doll.

Lynne Johnson

This memory was added on: September 16, 2006

Mrs. Beasley was mt favorite doll! My family was less than happy so my doll took on a lot of importance in my life.When my parents divorced I lost much...including Mrs. Beasley. For my 47th birthday Mrs. Beasley came home! My husband found her on e-bay and had her voice restored.Actually he bought 2 of them. I owned the American one and then when she had voice trouble, instead of fixing her Mattel sent a new one- the Canadian Beasley. I never loved her the same. Both sit proudly on my dresser. I pull their string whenever I feel a little sad.


This memory was added on: September 9, 2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasley so much, I got her for Christmas when I was about 5. She still sits in a rocking chair in my house (with her original glasses). Her voice box has long gone and the back of her hair is a little melty from being propped up against the space heater years ago but I would never trade her for a new one MIB because she was very loved!


This memory was added on: September 8,2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasley doll and had no idea she was from a TV show??? My husband told me that - he's kind and said I would have been too young to remember that part! She is only a vague memory but the name - I have never forgotten or the blue and yellow polka dotted dress!


This memory was added on: September 3, 2006

When I was two years old I was hospitalized for a undiagnosed food allergy. Apparently I meet another little girl at the hospital who had a Mrs. Beasley doll. I wanted one SO much and was thrilled when Santa brought me one for Christmas. My mom filmed me unwrapping her and then hugging and kissing that doll for what seems like 5 straight minutes! But my mom also loved clearing out old toys for the Goodwill and sometime before my 8th birthday Mrs. Beasley got donated as well. Just seeing her picture on this website makes me smile.


This memory was added on: September 2, 2006

When I was a little girl all I wanted was a Mrs Beasley for some reason I never got one though I didn't have many friends in my neighbourhood as they were all older one girl would give me Mrs Beasley to play with while they were off doing other things I would sit all day with her and talk and listen to her she was my best friend and I have some of the best memories and comfort and security came from playing with her.One day 34 years later my neighbour and I were talking about Mrs Beasley and a few days after she brought me one.She was missing her glasses and voice box but I was so estatic and touched to be able to have her even after all these years.


This memory was added on: September 2, 2006

I remember my Mrs Beasley Doll .I loved her very much .Over the years she dissapeared and I don't know what happened to her I recently bought 2 vintage talking Mrs Beasley's from people from Ebay. They are both so clean and have bright colors and they both speak in that sweet granny voice I remember. I bet she does'nt get away from me again.lol I LOVE my Mrs Beasley!! Darlene S.


This memory was added on: August 28, 2006

Mrs. Beasley was my first doll. I took her everywere. Her voice box broke and my mother had to send her back to be fixed. I cried everynight waiting for her to come home from the hospital. I have no Idea what happened to her. At 39 years old I am scanning e-bay trying to bring her home for my 40th birthday!!!!


This memory was added on: August 27, 2006

I got my Mrs. Beasley (affectionately known to me as Beas) on my 6th birthday, the year was 1968. I loved her more than any other doll. When I was 12, she had to go "visit" my grandma to get a make over. She came back with a new covering on her body, a new skirt and collar, and my grandpa even made her some new glasses. She listened intently to all of my teenage problems, was always there when I got home from school, went to college with me. I slept with Beas until I got married, and my husband said "no way" to her coming into our bed. I had Beas for 36 and a half years, until the day after Christmas 2002 when our home burned down. My mom and sister searched the internet for another Mrs. Beasley, and they gave me my "new" one for my 41st birthday in 2003. I will love showing my grandchildren my childhood friend.


This memory was added on: August 23, 2006

I got Mrs Beasley for my birthday in 1970. I remember she was the grandma for all of my other dolls, and I kept her on my bed. I remember she had a little skirt that matched the rest of her body, and that she talked. I don't know what ever happened to her. Probably wound up in one of my Mom's garage sales.


This memory was added on: August 20, 2006

I wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll just like Buffy had on TV; finally I got one, and she was my constant companion. In the summer between 3rd and 4th grades, I had an eye injury that required hospitalization for 12 days with patches over both of my eyes, even though only one was hurt. Mrs. Beasley accompanied me to the hospital, of course! The nurses put a patch over her right eye to match mine when I was released from the hospital, and everyone thought that was so funny. I kissed her and kissed her until there probably was no color left on her plastic face! Eventually Mrs. Beasley stopped speaking, and I was heartbroken. She somehow 'disappeared' some time after that, and all these many years I have regretted losing track of her. R.I.P., Mrs. Beasley!

Miriam K.

This memory was added on: August 16, 2006

Oh how I wanted Mrs. Beasley to be my friend! Family Affair was my favorite show. I wanted to live in the city in a high rise just like Buffy and Jody. I could think of cooler than carrying around a Mrs. Beasley just like Buffy. Alas, my mother wouldn't get me one. I still have moments when I check Ebay for one even today. I envy everyone who had one!


This memory was added on: August 9, 2006

My sister had Mrs. Beasley and used to wear her hair like Buffy (curly pigtails). To tease my sister, my other sister and I would make Mrs. Beasley do sit-ups and would chant "up-down-up-down" She would get so mad at us. One day we came home from school and our dog ate Mrs. Beasely's glasses and chewed up my Cinnimon grow hair doll's foot. Very upsetting. She still has Mrs. Beasley minus the glasses and her pull string no longer works.


This memory was added on: July 27, 2006

Outside of my Baby Go Bye Bye doll and her Bumpity Buggy, Mrs. Beasly was the best. I loved her SO much. I received her one christmas in the early 70's. I was probably five years old.(72) I dragged her everywhere with me. I remember losing her eyeglasses and being despondent over that for a while but loving her just the same. Now that I am almost 40 I have been on a major trip down memory lane and trying to replace these great memories. Thank God for e bay and the people in the world who saved everything!

Kimberly Strain

This memory was added on: July 26, 2006

Mrs Beasley kept me company when I had my tonsils removed when I was about 4 years old. I had her until I was about 14 and we moved to Puerto Rico. I would love to get another one but the re-make done by Ashton-Drake just isn't the same.


This memory was added on: July 18, 2006

My sister had one of these and I threw it on our roof in Jersey when I was a kid. Now I am trying to find one for my wife. I should go back to Jersey and see if it is still there.


This memory was added on: July 14, 2006

I love Mrs.Beasley so much that about 10 yrs. ago, I purchased a Mrs.Beasley in mint condition in original box for several hundred dollars !!! I have also purchased a couple more in o.k. shape that my daughter hauls around with her.Years later, I fell in love with Raggedy Ann, but Mrs.Beasley was my first true love.I don't really remember too much of the series, or if I even watched it or not, but Mrs. Beasley was a true friend !! Recently, I was thinking of parting with my mint condition doll, but I am having a very hard time considering it.....It is very valuable because of her mint condition, but monetary value can not replace my childhood memories......I know, I am a big kid !!!!


This memory was added on: July 13, 2006

I recall the fun I had with my Mrs Beasley doll. I would always go to bed with her and whisper my most secret thoughts. When my family moved I got to my new house and I could not find her. I was told she was in one of the boxes and ofcourse she wasn;t. I recently asked my mother what happened to her, I had thought she had thrown her away all these years. My mother said she would have never thrown her away because I was so attached to her. I remembered that I was considering my mothers time was devoted to my new baby asister. Mrs Beasley was my best friend, I miss her very much.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2006

My mom got this doll for her birthday and is in a glass case in the living room. To me it is a spitting image of chuckie( you know, the horror movie character).Every night when I go to bed, I have night mares of this doll killing me.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2006

My mom got this doll for her birthday and is in a glass case in the living room. To me it is a spitting image of chuckie( you know, the horror movie character).Every night when I go to bed, I have night mares of this doll killing me.

homer s.

This memory was added on: June 28, 2006

I don't remember how I got Mrs. Beasley but she was my favorite. One day I was pretending that she was in a bad car accident and came into the kitchen w/ her. Mom was surprised to see Mrs. Beasley covered from head to toe w/ band aids! She was always a faithful friend, her and Drowsy. I'm not sure what ever happened to her but I do speak of her often to my daughter.


This memory was added on: June 24, 2006

I got Mrs. Beasley Christmas of 1967. My older brother taught me how to tie on her apron strings. She traveled to college with me. Everytime I've moved she always rides in the front seat of my car. Over the years, when I was upset and crying I would hold Mrs. Beasley. She is very fragil now and sits on top of the dresser in my bedroom. Growing up Mom always had verbal fire drills with me and my sister. Our rooms were in the upstairs of the house. I knew I could grab one thing if that ever happened and my plan was always to take Mrs. Beasley with me.


This memory was added on: June 23, 2006

I had a Mrs Beasley doll and took her every where with me. My dog ripped her arm off and mom sewed it back on. Finally the dog killed Mrs. Beasley, we had a funeral including a burial in the back yard. i bought the house 14 years ago and shes still buried there. My friend bought me a Mrs. Beasley for my 25th birthday and I still love her know as much as I did. Sandy Robinson Indpls., IN.


This memory was added on: June 22, 2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasly as a young girl. I never noticed that she was an old lady doll. She was mine and Buffy's friend!!!


This memory was added on: June 19, 2006

I loved Mrs. Beasley. My aunt that was only a couple of years older than me had one and I begged for weeks to get one. Finally, one day my Mom brought her home to me. I was so excited. I am an only child and there were no children close to play with (my aunt refused to play with me), so Mrs. Beasley was my friend. I would put her in the basket on the front of my bike and we would ride up and down the road. We would go into the woods and make a house out of the tree limbs. I had the best summer of my life. One night near the end of the summer our house caught on fire and burned to the ground before any help could come. Mrs. Beasley was in the baby cradle that used to be mine, when mom grabbed me up to get out of the house, she wouldn't let me get anything. I lost all my toys, but especially Mrs. Beasley. Since my family didn't have insurance we had to spend what money we had to get another home and clothing. I never got another Mrs. Beasley.


This memory was added on: June 17, 2006

We used to pull her string and throw her down the stairs. It sounded really funny. Otherwise it was pretty annoying.


This memory was added on: May 27, 2006

My brother and I always watched "family Affair". We even pretended to be Buffy and Jodie. But one thing had always haunted me as a child..... That freakin ugly Mrs. Beasley doll. Am I alone on this or are there others out there that could of used some serious counceling to accept that some dolls are just plain scary. One day in a grocery store my mom wanted to buy me a paper doll kit of Mrs. Beasley. I started crying and refused her offer. She was baffled. I got a pony coloring book instead.

signed....a recovering "Beasley phobia victim.


This memory was added on: May 19, 2006

I remember for my 6th birthday I just had to have a Mrs, Beasley doll.thats all I wanted and nothing else.My birthday came and when I opened all my gifts( so thats what my mother wanted me to believe anyway) there was NO Mrs.beasley doll. I was so sad,I cried.My grandmother asked me what was wrong and I climbed up onto her her lap and said I didnt get her and grandmother said who, I said you know I have said every day grandmother. She oh yes now I remember it was Mrs. Beasley.As she said her name I cried even harder and bigger tears.Then grandfather came in with a huge gift he handed to me and I ripped it open and there she was my Mrs. Beasley!!!!!I took her every where and loved her so much. I still have her and bought one off ebay mine is.. well lets just say she could use some(no ALOT of ) plastic surgery poor thing.


This memory was added on: May 12, 2006

She came with a pair of glasses?!

I really loved my Mrs. Beasley, she was like a dear friend. I get all weepy to this day at the thought of her and wish I could return to those days. It was uplifting & refreshing to hear how that doll had much the same effect on so many other girls my age!

I actually went through 3 Mrs Beasley dolls: 2 as a result of torture at the hands of my little brother, and the third 'died' of natural causes - I grew up and eventually donated her, along w/many other toys of mine and my brother's, to the Salvation Army.


This memory was added on: May 10, 2006

Mrs. Beasley was my favorite doll. People used to say I looked a little like Buffy from Family Affair... the neighbor girl babysat me one evening and we "operated" on her and removed her voicebox. What stupid things kids do! My mom was furious.


This memory was added on: April 30, 2006



This memory was added on: April 24, 2006

When My family and I moved to Australia,my mom bought my sister Mrs. Beasly. I stole her from my sister's bedroom while she went to school,almost everyday. I loved her. She made me feel secure in my home. We moved back to Canada and we had to leave all are belongings in Australia, even Mrs Beasly. My sister didn't care but it was like leaving my best friend forever. I suffered in silence for a very long time. It would be great to have her again.

Michelle Hildebrandt

This memory was added on: April 23, 2006

I also loved my doll. I was fascinated by her glasses and wore them constantly. Once on a trip in the middle of the desert in southern Cal, I got car sick....all over my beloved Mrs. Beasley. My mother threw her out of the car....I never saw her again. Talk about being devastated.


This memory was added on: April 21, 2006

I had Mrs. Beasley. She could talk and said intriguing things like “Want to hear a secret? I know one!” and “Jumping rope is such fun, don’t you think?” I loved her dearly, but she had a hard life.

The first thing to go was her glasses. Grandma said it would have been a full time job keeping up with them.

Perhaps not being able to see well was a factor in her inability to avoid the clutches of my older brother, who taunted me one day by sitting on her. I tried to rescue her from this indignity by pulling her from under him. Rip--off came half her head from her body. This led to a massive bout of tears on my part, but Mrs. Beasley maintained a stoic silence.

Next Grandma tried to sew her head back on, but the needle broke off in mid-repair. Talk about a pain in the neck! Poor Mrs. Beasley had a needle sticking out from her vinyl neck from then on, but at least my brother quit sitting on her.

The coup de grace occurred after I went to college. Our family was camping when we received word my father’s house had burned down. When I arrived home to survey the wreckage, the first thing I saw was Mrs. Beasley’s legs sticking up from the rubble. That was all that was left of her. At least she could still jump rope. Rest in peace, Mrs. B.!


This memory was added on: April 18, 2006

I used to love buffy and mrs beasley it was my favorite show she is kinda ugly though


This memory was added on: April 17, 2006

My, story is very short. I wanted a Mrs Beasley doll, but am not sure why I never got one. Instead my mom gave me a Baby Alive doll. I always wondered was it because Mrs. Beasley came only in one color at the time.The Baby Alive Doll came in black and white. My Mom is still living but I never ask her why. I would still love to have a Msr. Beasley Doll today. Michelle W


This memory was added on: April 16, 2006

I remember having to have my tonsils out when i was about 6, My mrs beasley's head was falling off and i wouldn't have my operation without her having her head sewn back on, i guess when i was out, the dr gave her to my mom who took her home and sewed her up when i came to from the operation there was mrs beasley laying on the bed with me,she was always there with me for the scary stuff.my husband and kids are going to buy me on for mothers day, i can't wait


This memory was added on: April 2, 2006

Poor Ol' Mrs. Beasley! I remember my friend Anne-Marie and I had one and we actually used to try to "hurl" her over the telephone line in our front yard...why you may ask?...I have no idea! Guess when you are bored and grow up in a very small town in Ohio, you just find silly things to do. I remember watching the T.V. show with her on my lap, too. Those were definatly the "Good Ol' Days!" twodream@sbcglobal.net


This memory was added on: March 28, 2006

My Mrs. Beasley remains one of my favorite childhood toys. I can't remember what happened to her though. I do remember her dress being hidden a few times by my brothers; once it was on the ceiling fan in the living room! She was my source of comfort and stability. I think I'll order another one...


This memory was added on: March 27, 2006

I still have my Mrs. Beasley-she still has her original glasses & collar,but her voice box went out & my dad took it out(I don't know why) & my mom stitched her back up. I just bought a replacement apron through E-bay & I keep looking for a replacemenet voice box to make her whole again! I plan to keep her safe until a get a granddaughter.


This memory was added on: March 26, 2006

I got my Mrs. Beasley doll from Santa. It was the only thing I wanted that year and I just knew he would bring it. That Christmas nothing else mattered once she was opened that morning.I loved her and played with her for years later. She was ratted and torn and of course her glasses were lost but she was still loved. As I got older I retired her to my grandmother who had a doll hospital. Years went by and I soon forgot about her. One sad day my grandmother passed away and we got the task of going through her things. I picked up my Mrs. Beasley doll and started to cry. All the feelings and love that I had years ago, came flooding back. To my suprise my grandmother had fixed her up as good as new. I still have her today thanks to my grandma only she is bringing joy to my little girls childhood. Thanks and lots more happiness for generations to come.


This memory was added on: March 17, 2006

I LOVED my Mrs. Beasley. I had wanted one for so long, and yes, Family Affair was my favorite program. I finally received one for Christmas. Anyway, I loved listening to Mrs. B. speak, and every night I pulled her string three times. Sadly, one night something happened, and she didn't speak anymore. My little brother, who must have been about five at the time, summed it up perfectly. When he heard she didn't talk anymore, he said, "She must have had a stroke." This is still one of my most priceless childhood memories!


This memory was added on: March 16, 2006

I thought I was the only one!!!! My Mrs. Beasley lives in my memory, bringing back happy times. I can remember sleeping, cuddled up with her every night. I twirled her curly hair and was convinced, as a child, she only talked to ME. I'm so glad to know that she touched so many other people!


This memory was added on: March 14, 2006


I loved the tv show and still have my Buffy doll. She still looks wonderful, clothes and all, but she isn't talking anymore. I don't think I ever had Mrs. Beasley. I miss the good ole days and toys we had.


This memory was added on: March 14, 2006

mrs. beasley lived with my aunt mary for years. I can always remember going there to see her and heading straight to Mrs. Beasley. Her bright blue dress was refreshing and her wide smiley face was also to be enjoyed. I will never forget the face of this doll as long as I live. It will always bring me back to my aunt mary's house which was warm memories of orange it was so warm and loving to be there at her house. She was a happy aunt and i just wanted to take a minute to post a thought for her peace and eternal light of orange to remain in some other mrs. beasley fans held onto so tightly by their older aunts and Bless all the mary's all over the world who are fond of mrs. beasley as yesterday i lost my Aunt mary and today what makes me smile is the wonderful thoughts of going to her house to see mrs. beasley. Thank you heavenly father for giving us all of the smallest gifts of the world to have the insite to remember things from our childhood that makes us smile. some day i will own a Mrs. beasley in hopes that i can keep the warm loving memories alive. Bless all who read this and bless all who know our elders are moving on and we shoudl appreciate every blessed concisous moment we get with them. I love you Aunt Mary rest in peace.

Leslie Davis

This memory was added on: March 10, 2006



This memory was added on: March 8, 2006

Mrs. Beasley brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. I think she is one of the first dolls that I received and really wanted when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I can remember sleeping with her and taking her just about everywhere that I went. I am now 42 years old and have been collecting some of the dolls that I had as a child. Thanks for the wonderful memories and keep up the great retro site- I love it!


This memory was added on: March 8, 2006

I have received the best gift ever! I am a teacher and just mentioned in passing to one of my students the Mrs. Beasley doll I had when I was 4.The first week I had her I lost her glasses and was devestated. Our house was lost in a fire with Mrs Beasley in it. I am 42 and to my surprise this very day my class gave me a Mrs.Beasley doll as a gift! Glasses in tact, apron in perfect condition and voice box as perfect as the day she was made. I feel so lucky to have this beautiful and thoughtful gift. A GREAT big thank-you to Paula,Donna,Nancy,Jo-Marie,Brenda,Jessie,Karen and Pat. You all are Angels sent from heaven and dearly cherished. Love you always, Ms. Mary


This memory was added on: March 7, 2006

My name is Terri and I am 41. Mrs. Beasley was my favorite doll. I got her for Christmas because my best friend Nancy had one. Mrs. Beasley was my best friend and I enjoyed watching "A Family Affair" just to see her on there. I took my Mrs. Beasley doll with me everywhere. She got really dirty and torn and I ended up getting rid of her. I miss Mrs. Beasley so much. I am looking in to buying one from Ashton-Drake.


This memory was added on: March 6, 2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasley doll! She came with me everywhere and was my greatest confidante. I would sometimes take her glasses and clothes off, and try to dress my younger sister just like her. 35 years later, and I still have her in my parents attic. I think its time to get her out.


This memory was added on: March 5, 2006

I often thought about Mrs. Beasley throughout the years. I lost her when I was 6. I am now 40 and would like to purchase one for my daughter. Venus of Nova Scotia

venus H

This memory was added on: March 3, 2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasley doll! I was fascinated by her glasses, so I would take them off of her and put them on myself. One of my aunts would freak out and tell me (or my mother) to take them off because if I didn't, I'd go blind, or have some other vision problems. I still laugh at that today and continue to tell the story to whoever knows Mrs. Beasley!


This memory was added on: February 26, 2006

I am 43 years old. I still have my Mrs. Beasley. She' can't talk anymore of course and she was well loved. I remember when I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach with my family and lost her glasses on the beach.....I'll never forget that feeling!


This memory was added on: February 25, 2006

I lived in a house that was very beautiful and full of love. I remember getting this doll when I was 6 years old. I lived in a 3 block neighborhood and this Doll was my best friend.

kathi c

This memory was added on: February 22, 2006

Hello From Canada, I am 42, and all I wanted one year for xmas was Mrs. Beasley. I freaked out because I got her I couldn't believe it. One weekend I went to my grandmothers and I left Mrs. Beasley on my bed and I shouldn't have because I came back and my brother had broke her glasses, I was devastated. I still had her untill I was about 25 and then I just left her somewhere or threw her away, I regret that so much now. I should have treated her with more respect as I really loved that doll. I wish I had her now. I remember pulling her string all the time. Sorry Mrs. Beasley..


This memory was added on: February 20, 2006

i secretly used to play with my neighbor friends doll mrs beasley, i was born in 1972, and watched the tv show family affair in rerun and loved it, but this was a special doll she was aslo my friend, i am male 33 years old know and have no embarssment about playing with dolls i think she was the best mattel ever came out with and she will be remebered fondlly.

michael wilson

This memory was added on: February 18, 2006

In the early 1970's I had a Miss Beasley doll. No one really remembers buying her or where she came from, it seemed like she was just always there. Being a military family, she got lost during one of our moves I guess and though she wasn't the prettiest doll I had, I always thought of her. My brother and I would play surgeons and cut the seams, replace some cotton and sew her shut again, she was one big scar when she was lost but we loved her. Today I walked through a flea market and stoped dead in my track to call my mom: Mom theres a Miss Beasley doll head in the window, I can see part of the polka dot material still on her neck. We're going to town next week to see if we can find some polk dot material ... who'd have thought I'd be playing Surgeon with a miss Beasley doll again at my age?


This memory was added on: February 13, 2006

mrs.beasley was the doll that i wanted most.i remember wanting her so bad and talking practicly all year for it. then come christmas money was tight and each child was to get only one present and my family simply couldnt afford to get a mrs.beasley so i was forced to live without it. my mother and father had passed away and i was being brought up by my great-uncle claude and he had a hard time making ends meet, but said that he couldnt let his little angels go through the holidays without atleast one present. but this memory of coming downstairs on christmas morning and seeing my other 5 brothers and sisters opening their presents with me and not getting my mrs.beasley stayed with me throughout my life.i was not so much upset but more of confused. i had obvoiusly made it clear that i was being a good girl all year and said what i wanted, but santa still did not give me my one request. it brought me in a state of sadness for quite a long time. i felt depressed that i perhaps did not even deserve a doll or anything for that matter. then when i was finally 17 i was able to get a babysitting job and could afford a mrs.beasley. my family could not understand why on earth i wanted a doll at 17! but all i would say to them was that i needed this doll to show to me that i could work for anything and reach any goal. and buying that doll was probably the best moment of my childhood. i never took her out of the box never once played with her. she was in her special case on my shelf to look at in awe. i now keep her in the box but have passed on to my children.


This memory was added on: February 7, 2006

I had a Mrs. Beasley doll when I was 3 or 4. I took her everywhere. One day, she just disappeared. I thought that I had lost her and gave up looking. I asked my mother about her when I was a teenager and my mother confessed to throwing her away. She was so ratty that my mom just couldn't stand seeing her anymore. She thought letting me believe I had lost her was a lot better than admitting she tossed her in the garbage. She was right.


This memory was added on: January 26, 2006

I got Mrs Beasley for christmas when I was about 6.My step sister had one & I loved her's.When I first got mine I hated it,she was'nt as broke in as my step sisters.I must admit: I put my poor doll thru the torture chamber.The poor things head fell off & mom had to sew it back on.I remember crying my heart out as mom was performing the surgery.WE were then inseperable after that.I am now proud to say that my 8 year old has a new best friend.Yes she is still going.Lots of love still left in her.Even though her hair is falling out & she has socks for arms & legs.nothing could replace the look of joy on my daughters face, or the pride on mine when she is in her arms.Thank you Mrs Beasley for all the love,comfort & memories of the past&future.


This memory was added on: January 15, 2006

I had a Mrs. Beasley when i was young i took her eveywhere i went. She was my best friend in the whole world. we would talk and play games and i would tell her secerts and she would tell no one. I miss her and now at age 35 i want her back. she is a very treasured friend.

Renee Yauch of Buffalo,NY

Renee Y

This memory was added on: January 13, 2006

i remember watching family affair and mrs.beasley my mom bought me one when i was younger i carried it around everywhere i wore her out she didnt work anymore my mom waited till i was napping one day and threw it in the burning barrell and burnt it so i couldnt get it out of the trash i remember cryng for mrs.beasley for weeks my mom looked everywhere to see if she could fine another one for me and couldnt you could say that mrs.beasly was my security blanket

kyra w

This memory was added on: January 12, 2006

I remember enjoying the show "Family Affair" very much as a child. I was particularly taken with Buffy's doll Mrs. Beasley and wanted one when I was about 6 or 7. When I received her for Christmas, I was elated. She and I were inseparable! I took her everywhere--even to bed. She took quite a beating from all the use, let me tell you! As the years went by I put her into storage. I still have her, but her voice box no longer works. If I could locate a replacement, I would plie my surgical skills and let her speak to me again! I've always been a kid at heart and she'll always be with me no matter what.


This memory was added on: January 10, 2006

Mrs. Beasley was my very favorite doll of all time when I was a child. My mother worked for Mattel (we were very lucky children, let me tell you!) and I first got Mrs. Beasley for Christmas when I was 3 years old. Because we were inseperable, my mother got tired of seeing her dirty hair and clothes and would replace her for me from time to time. Since I was the only girl out of 3 boys, my mother loved the idea of buying me dolls - but the only doll I wanted was a Mrs. Beasley doll, I asked for her for each Christmas and for my birhtday. I wish I had kept one but when you're a child, you never think you will long for things years later.


This memory was added on: January 9, 2006

I used to watch Family Affair show and would day dream of having Mrs. beasly cuddled up with me watching all my favorite shows on my black and white tv. Unfortunately, little boys back in those days were not allowed to play with dolls. I will always remember her with fond memories!!


This memory was added on: January 8, 2006

I loved Mrs. Beasley. I dragged her around with me everywhere I went from the time I was 3 years old (1971) until I was about 6! I don't know what happened to her, but she was my favoite doll of all time. My mom picked one up for me about 10 years ago for me and I love her. One of my friends from church was talking about her favorite doll....Mrs Beasley! She couldn't believe I had one too. The one I have now doesn't talk or have her glasses but she is cherished!

I found a Golden book about Mrs. Beasley and Buffy at an antique shop in Lynden, WA and they wanted $11 dollars for it. It is scary that the things I used to have as a kid are now antiques! Yikes!

JoAnn H

This memory was added on: January 1, 2006

I loved my Mrs. Beasley. I received her for Christmas when I was 6 yrs. old. She went everywhere with me and slept with me at night. I still have her tucked away in my memory chest. Unfortunatley she doesn't have her glasses.