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Close 'N Play Phonograph
by Kenner
Close 'N Play Phonograph

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: January 1, 2009

I was thinking mine was blue. I'm trying to remember how old I was... maybe 7 (looking at 50 in 2009!). My first record (and the one which came with my Close 'n Play) was "The Little Drummer Boy." I just loved it. All this reminiscence came about because my 16 year old and I were watching "The Little Drummer Boy." Out it came... "My first record was "The Little Drummer Boy," and I had a Close'n Play to play it on." Of course, she didn't know what I was on about, but she soon did. Thank goodness for Google! Brilliant stuff!

Happy Christmas,

This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

I remember getting a Close and Play for Christmas in 1970 when I was 4 years old. The first record I played was "SOUL MAN" by Sam & Dave. The song actually was released 4 years prior to that but that was my favorite song. My mother told me that before I knew my own name, I thought my name was Soul Man. With the first money I ever had of my own ($1.00) I bought my first record at the age of 5. It was "WHAT'S GOING ON" by Marvin Gaye. I've been a DJ for the last 30 years and one of my greatest inspirations had to be the Close and Play. Thanks for allowing me to share my story with the rest of you.


This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

I had two close'n play record players.

I remember the first record I got, and I now believe either my brother or my mother his it from me and don't know where it is to this day.

I DO remember "Let the Sky Fall" and "I'd love to Change the World"...I still have those records, won't play worth a crap on a good turntable to this day. The other was the Bee Gees "Walking back to Waterloo"...on Atco records...(a collectible lable today, if I'm not mistaken"...Still have that one too, but ruined.

My family got so tired of hearing those songs on my close'n play. I finally got a "big record" for my birthday one year, after they started giving me their hand-me-down portable record players, one looked like a suitcase (I still have it), and another was a stereo record changer. They were heavy as hell!

But, after seeing the pictures of the close'n play, some old memories came back...

thanks for posting the site! LOVE it..

BTW: I now have a collection of over 2000 vinly lps and better than 2500 45rpm records...music is the soundtrack of life!

William H.

This memory was added on: June 4, 2008

I got my first close and play when I was 2yrs old for christmas 1977. Since I was always messing around with my family stereos, my mom bought me my first record player. I remember the color being green and it taking D or maybe C size batteries.

I never knew what happen to it after a few years later when I got my new record player in 1979 which had disco lights on it. but I would do anything to find that close n play again.

Hispanicguy Latino

This memory was added on: February 1, 2008

OMG! I googled Close and Play Record Player and this site came up! my memory is, I am the youngest of 4 girls and my sister who is 2 years older than me received one of these for Christmas one year and I wanted one, but nooooo, i couldn't have one, so one day I wanted to hang out with her and her girlfriend, but nooo, I was the baby and she wouldn't let me so, I came up with the bright idea to pay her back, so I stuffed cheese doodles in her Close and Play to pay her back! lol I didn't mean to ruin it, but she should have let me hang out with her and her friend! I was truly sorry about it!


This memory was added on: January 11, 2008

I got one for my 7th birthday in November 1966:

Close & Play Phonograph

I don't remember all the details about it or what happened to it, but I know it worked well, and I learned from it.  How did the needle reset when you opened the lid?  I thought it was a rather clever arrangement, how gravity made it slide back to the starting position.

My favorite phonograph I own today? The 1907 Columbia Graphophone. It actually has a lot in common with the Close N Play, namely the way the sound is reproduced through mechanical means. It uses a wind up spring motor instead of the 3 D-cells that the Close N Play uses.

Huggy Bear (Angel-In-Training)
"Rondar! Untie Mr. Paslow! There's a customer"
---Monty Python, from "First World War Noises In Four"

This memory was added on: March 25, 2007

it was about 1965 i was 4yrs old and my mom had gotten me a close and play .. i played my moms records .. i remember sitting on the floor playing it and somehow i had just broken that big black peice off under the lid with the needle on it .. my grandmother came in to see what i was doing .. i closed the lid half way and held it there since it wouldn't have played anyway .. but she just stood there waiting for me to close the lid .. she said well are you going to close it?? i was scared to death and i had to close it .. of course it never played lol .. i was punished by being sent to bed .......

Bill West

This memory was added on: February 24,2007

My memory of this classic toy is a funny one , I took one of my older brothers 45's Venus by the shocking blue played it so much it turned the record white.The needle in the close and play was comparable to a sewing machine needle.Scratched the hell out of it.when he found out he beat the crap out of me! LOL! Today i won a close and play on ebay cant wait for it to arrive i wonder what other record i can ruin LOL!! maybe i will ask my brother if i can borrow one of his old records!!!


This memory was added on: January 20,2007

I am looking for a replacement needle for a Kenner close and play. If anyone can help, please email. Any information would be greatly appreciated! lenjorgen@sasktel.net


This memory was added on: January 11,2007

When I was young, I had gotten 1 1 yr. and it didnt take long for me to break it. The neaxt I got another one, had it a while longer, played a few things w/ it. Then I wanted to play some big people records w/ it but the record skipped everytime I tried to. I then got mad and didnt understand why it didn't play right but then it wasn't much longer after that that it didn't live much longer. I had to kill it because it wouldn't play the better stuff. I wish I had it now just for the reminiscent value; well okay, the EBAY value!

Ralph Griffiths II

This memory was added on: October 2,2006

Hey! I just found and purchased a 1967 Chad Valley Close N Play on eBay! Paid $200.00 for the thing, received it in the mail today and it won't work right!!! Anybody know of anyplace that will be able to repair and/or restore it for me? Just holding it in my hands brought back memories of my childhood. Emails welcome!


This memory was added on: September 25,2006

I loved mine as a child and found one on E-Bay that my 2 year old daughter is now loving too!! I still have all our old 45's so she is listening to the same music too :)


This memory was added on: August 30,2006

I remember hearing Crocodile Rock for the first time in third grade (1973) on a Close n Play. My friend Dina brought in the record and we all danced around the room.


This memory was added on: August 16,2006

This was my favorite toy of all time. I used to listen to "Hey There Georgie Girl" (The Seekers) and "Downtown" (Petula Clark) over-and-over again.

I googled "close 'n play" to get to this site trying desperately to explain this toy to my other half - GREAT SITE - all my old toys are here :)


This memory was added on: July 9,2006

My all time favorite toy. No one ever knows what I'm talking about when I try to explain what it is!!! I would love to purchase one.


This memory was added on: July 3,2006

I absolutely loved my first turntable. I carried it to every sleep over I had at my cousins houses. In fact, I think it was the reason why I became a DJ as a profession. Now, over 30 years later, I am still a DJ and still keep my records "Close & Play".

Bob Solis

This memory was added on: June 17,2006

I love these things - and I never even owned one! My Father was a fanatic about no one using his stereo and correcting positioning the needle with the needle arm lifter - etc., etc. etc. -- and here was this wonderful plastic thing that could play your records and you could just fold the lid down and pick it up and take it with you - vertically!! I used to stare at the ads and WANT one! Every other portable player was designed to weigh a million pounds and here they had a perfectly wonderful kid-thing!


This memory was added on: June 5,2006

Today is my daughter's 11th birthday and she is expecting an ipod as a gift. She asked me what she might be receiving and i told her it was a closn 'n play (kidding of course). My wife over-heard our conversation which turned into a trip down memory lane...I'm sure many of us 40- somethings first audio player.

Pete May

This memory was added on: May 25,2006

this was my absolute favorite toy! i played all of my storybook records on this player...i even put my chicken pox scabs on it and watched them rotate around. weird kid! this player went everywhere with me.


This memory was added on: April 14,2006

I loved my Close 'n Play! I played it so much I am sure that I wore it out. I thought it played regular 45's as well. I had the Disney 45's, does anyone remember those? I gave them away and of course now I want them back! My favorite song back then was "Downtown" but I don't remember by who. Played that song over and over. Thanks for the fond memories!


This memory was added on: March 18,2006

Back in the mid-late 60's, when I was just a youngster (4 or 5), my uncle had terminal cancer and needed some cheering up...or so I thought. I sat next to his bed opening and closing my Close and Play so that it would play quick little snippets of those horribly corny (and awful) children's records that were available back then. It didn't take too long before he was yelling for my great grandmother to get me and my records away from him. I thank the Close and Play because that's the only memory I have of my uncle.


This memory was added on: February 6,2006

Greeting's all...It's 4:12 am on a snowy, 19 degree a.m. here in Northwestern, NC...I was doing a websearch on some of my favorite childhood toys and the search led me to here...I was looking for a ' Close 'n Play ' on Ebay but none were to be found right now...I'm 40 years old. I got one for Christmas when I was about 7 years old I think...I remember that I had seen the TV commercials and really wanted one and ' Santa ' brought me one for Christmas...I wonder how many colors they came in ? To the best of my recollection, mine was orange...I know it was one of my all-time favorite childhood toys...My Close n' Play was right up there with my ' Vertibird ' helicopter, which I wouldn't receive for a few Christmasas later...Good memories...I'm so glad I found this little spot to share and listen to others fond recollections...

Tommy Main

This memory was added on: January 30,2006

I had several of the Close n Plays when I was a child. I used to carry it with me and put it in my clubhouse that I had made from a large refrigerator box!

Ken J.

This memory was added on: January 24,2006

Hi! I remember getting a Close-N-Play two Christmas's in a row! I loved that thing! I just seen one on eBay for $325! and another for $20.50, but it doesn't look like it has the records. Did it play ordinary 45's? I remember mine coming with 6 rcords; three on either side, stuck in the cardboard case. What were those songs? I have a picture of me holding it! Tricky Tommy Turtle in the background!


This memory was added on: December 30,2005

Oh my gosh,here i am at42,and theres close n play..what a memory!!!I got it as a gift on my 4th or 5th birthday...and i couldnt figure out how record played when i closed the lid...and when i pulled it back up it would stop-man di di wear out the batteries on it!!!But i was a cherrished toy of mine...

Cheryl Romo Crane

This memory was added on: December 27,2005

I have been thinking about this toy for some time now. I would ask people (younger than me of course) if they had ever heard of it and they thought I was nuts. I can remember "Santa" getting me my Close and Play when I was around 4. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.


This memory was added on: December 24,2005

i can't belive it , you guys are out there...i feel so old.what happen?.has time past us by?.wow, we should be greatful.look around.if you've seen this much,image what the next 20 years will bring.i had one and it was the only thing i valued at the age of 5 or 6.i would exit the loby from the housing projects in new york city like i was, "the man".. mike aponte

miguel a aponte

This memory was added on: December 9,2005

I never had one of my own. In fact, I didn't really know exactly what it was until browsing to your site. They Might Be Giants have a song called Toddler Hiway that says: "In the mornin' sun 'round seven o'clock The parking lot fills around Toys-R-Us And my little girl, she will get away Ride her bike down Toddler Hiway Take your Close'n'Play Toddler Hiway"

Thanks for clearing that up!

They Might Be Fan

This memory was added on: December 6,2005

I was just talking about my close and play yesterday and was wishing I still had it.I had a red one and I use to play it everyday and thought it was the best toy I had ever received. When I ask people if they remember it they say they never even heard of it. It was a joy to find your website and a photo of it too. Thanks for the memories.


This memory was added on: November 29,2005

I received my close and play record player in approx. 1970 and absolutely was on top of the world with it lol. I am now 43 next month and I mentioned it to the younger crowd at work at times and some just cant imagine the fun we had with them, especially with todays technology. I wished I'd have saved mine as well. My oh My those were the days. Thanks for all the posts about this special gift and my best gift I received as a child.


This memory was added on: November 28,2005

my mother's grandchildren & I were listening to gladys knight's heard it through the grapevine when the batteries started to make the record drag, everytime I hear that tune I start laughing because technology has come a long way.

michelle lee

This memory was added on: November 12,2005

I received a Close 'n Play for Xmas, 1968. It did not last long, however. I clearly remember being so upset that there were no batteries for it that I threw it down the basement steps! What a brat I was. I never got another one, but I did get a royal tanning on my hide. I wish I had one now to atone for that foolish behavior.

Matthew Knapp

This memory was added on: November 5,2005

I am 43 years old and I used to have a Close and Play. There was an old 45 record that had been my father's when he was young that I used to play over and over and over in my close and play. I wish I could remember the name of it! It was about a boxcar and something about the tune and the words had me hooked on it.

I was SO GLAD to find this website because no one I mention the "Close and Play" to knows what I am talking about! It even crossed my mind that it didn't really exist! So, I had to do a search online and print out a description to show to my friends.

I often use the term "Close and Play" when I am referring to something that is no frills and basic, such as a basic stripped down car with no options, forgetting that people don't know what I mean. My two sisters, we being close in age, know what the "close and play" is and also use the term to describe the plain basic.

This is great!


This memory was added on: November 5,2005

My sister & I both got one for christmas when we were 4 & 5 yrs. old. Mine was broke & my mom made her give me hers, to this day that is all I hear about. We are now 41 & 42 years old and she still brings it up. I wish I could find one now, so I can give it to her for christmas. & finally shut her up. ha ha.

Karen K

This memory was added on: October 17,2005

My parents recently moved out of our family home and still had mine. It is in my attic now.


This memory was added on: October 15,2005

Ahhhh, my favorite toy of them all next to my Baby-Grow-A-Tooth! I don't ever remember what happened to either one of those favorites. I loved carrying it with me where ever I went. If anyone has one they would like to sell, pleaseeee let me know. I have been searching for years now. The good news is that I did find my Mystery Date game!


This memory was added on: October 13,2005

I had one of these...I also had a Rover..it was kinda like close and play but the records slipped into the front like a CD player...did anybody ever have one of those.... I just remembered loving my close and play Susan Wallace OKC,OK


This memory was added on: September 29,2005

Memories are wonderful!! - whilst clearing out the loft the other day I found mine still boxed and was wondering what to do with and should i sell it - any offers


This memory was added on: September 25,2005

This is definetly my most memorable toy. My first two records were Hey Hey To The Monkees and Batman. I have continued my pasion for music because of this toy now owning my own music production company.

I wish I could find one of these today to put next to my awards.

Cesar Rolon Jr

This memory was added on: September 7,2005

The "Chad Valley" Close 'n' Play was the first record player I ever owned. I got it for Christmas in 1970. I was 7 years old at the time. I remember it ran on 3 batteries which inserted into one corner of the player. I remember the pink and white stripes on the top and the little white speed controller knob. The records I used to play on this little gem were "The Merseybeats - Don't Turn Around" & "Peter, paul & Mary - Leaving On A Jet Plane" Also "The Crickets - I'm Not A Bad Guy" I still have all the records I used to play and still remember the good times with my Close 'n' Play" !!

Ray Thompson

This memory was added on: September 4,2005

I can sympathize with Jeff. I was also born in 1962, and never got over not getting a "Close 'n Play". Still want one, in fact. I did get a really cool record player from Sears that year (1970)that had a speaker that also served as a lid, and it always sounded nice and boomy. "Hurting Each Other" from the Carpenters never sounded so good....

Bob Finholm

This memory was added on: August 20,2005

Finally a place with people that remember the close n play! I have told people about it and they look at me like I am crazy. I loved mine. Wore it out. I had a cool hot pink case to hold my 45's. Still have the 45's and the cool hot pink case(mended with a little duct tape)but they sit lonely in my attic without the close n play.


This memory was added on: August 15,2005

I remember using one of those c & p's at a day care center in my childhood. Nowadays i'm into tinkering with jukeboxes such as Seeburg for example. If your'e familiar with the Seeburg jukeboxes, you'd put records into a rack & a carriage would move back & forth & pick up the records & play them verically on both sides. Infact,I'm a member of a Yahoo group called The Seeburg Jukebox Information Club. Anyone familiar with the Seeburg home stereos that played 33 rpm LP's? Want to play a Close & Play thru a stereo without ruining it? Temporarily fix the lid switch so that the turntable runs without closing the lid & use a tone arm on a homemade base such as one from a Technics or Thorens turntable fitted with say a Stanton needle & pickup.

Mathew Bailey
May 21,1972

This memory was added on: August 14,2005

I had a Close-n-Play when I was in the 7th grade. The class had planned a party, and I was in charge of the music, so I brought my C-n-P to school. We had a great time, for a while. The one thing I really remember about that party was that our science teacher (male) was dancing with one of my classmates a little too close. This was long before "teacher/student" relationships. She was more well-endowed that the rest of us, and we all had crushes on this one teacher, but he wanted to dance with her.


This memory was added on: August 7,2005

These were so great. I'd love to find one that still works! Wish they'd reissue them.

PJ Hedrick

This memory was added on: July 7,2005

As soon as I could walk as a kid, I was attempting to remove the turntable from my dad's record player to see how it worked. The Close n Play was the hottest fuel for my obsession to learn how things worked. I think I had 4 or 5 of these as a kid. The ownership cycle included playing with them til the batteries ran down and then tearing them apart and "taking the generator out" (the drive motor). Other cool toys I enjoyed were the models with Mickey Mouse on the top and the "Carnival Record Player" which played 5 inch mini-records. Also, 2-XL the 8-Track playing talking robot was simply amazing. I just found a Close n Play, 2-XL and the Carnival on ebay...restoring all. My early "career" with record players landed me a job repairing them for the Library of Congress' Blind and Handicapped Program. I'm now an IT Manager.


This memory was added on: June 5,2005

This was the most important thing in my childhood, in fact, so valuable, I fought my daddy over it. It ruined me though, spoiled me from ever fully appreciating another toy after it. The Terrible 2's were born the day my daddy brought it into the house. It was Christmas 1971. I'll never forget that day.


This memory was added on: April 17,2005

I played 'The Monkees' "Daydream Believer" and "(You're Not My" Steppin Stone" until I wore them out. THen I played them some more. Wow. What a trip down memory lane.

Doug Griswold

This memory was added on: April 8,2005

My parents bought me a close n play when I was 6 or 7. I played it until I wore it out. I used to love that record player. My parents gave me their old 45's, so I thought I was sooo cool. Thinking about it makes me smile. I would love to find one again.


This memory was added on: March 29,2005

I broke mine when I was 5. Now I'm 41. For some reason I have regretted that all my life.

Tonight I found a BRAND NEW IN BOX WITH SEAL one on e-bay.

Bought it.

Have a happy day!


This memory was added on: March 19,2005

Ohmigosh!!! I had forgotten all about this; yet I remember I got one for my birthday (1967, I'm fairly certain: the New Vaudeville Band's "Winchester Cathedral" and the Mamas & the Papas "Dedicated to the One I Love" were in the Top 10 @ the time, and I wore these out on the %^#+ thing!) I definitely was the first in my class with one; only a few others got them.

But, good gravy, what it did to those 45's; do you remember? After a time, you couldn't even play the biscuits on Mom and Dad's Philco without it sounding like a gravel bed.

But it was a phonograph and it was mine.

"scuse me while I go root out my 45's.

Tom Kidd

This memory was added on: February 7,2005

We got this. Here it was on Christmas morning. We're all excited. No batteries.

My brother swears our parents could not afford the batteries after all they bought us.

Took a few weeks for Daddy to bring home the batteries, and the shear thrill of picking that lid up, and putting it down. Repeat a thousand times.

We also had that red TV thing, and the record went on top, and the slides down the side. That was cool too.


This memory was added on: February 4,2005

I am 42 and all my life i have wanted a close 'n play.....I am with my 6 year old and he is asking what is a cloes 'n play. When I was 5 i asked my mom for one for xmas and i did not get one it is f'ed up but i wanted one even now. I will never forget the adds on TV for it, o cool.

jeff alger

This memory was added on: January 31,2005

I was 4 when my parnets gave me this. I still remember playing Monkee records and me and my sister dancing in the kitchen to them.


This memory was added on: January 28,2005

I do not remember how old I was when I first received my close 'n play from Santa. I loved my close 'n play, but my father hated how I would repeatedly play the song "Winchester Cathedral." So he threw my player on the floor with the record in it. That was the end of my close 'n play. Even though this may sound like a bad memory, I love my father dearly and miss him terribly, as he has been gone for just over 2 years. I wish he were here to do it again.


This memory was added on: January 26,2005

I was perhaps 5 years old when I received my Close 'n Play. You know, I thought it was great because I have always loved music. It was the one gift that I actually wishes and prayed to receive. It seemed durable to me, but as my parents were somewhat strict I was pretty careful with the thing. We didn't have another phonograph at our home, and I seem to remember playing The 5th Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues" on it. But I also remember using it to play lots of kiddie records that were book and record sets. I don't know what happened to the thing. Assume it must have been broken, somewhere along the line. But I remember bringing it with me everywhere. Everyone, to my recollection, thought it was pretty cool.

Ken Coppola

This memory was added on: January 20,2005

Hmmmm I remember having one of these when I was about 4 or 5, but I really don't understand the appeal of this product. I mean, much of the fun of playing 45s was watching the record spin on the turntable, especially those 60s Capitol Records (with the orange and yellow swirling labels) and those Tommy James and the Shondells 45s on Roulette, where the label would strobe out.


This memory was added on: January 8,2005

ok. this one i dig.


This memory was added on: January 6,2005

When I was 4 or 5 I wanted a close 'n play record player for Christmas more than anything. I remember at the same time starting to become skeptical about Santa so I put him to the test...I went to see him at the shopping center and asked for a close 'n play. I guess since we already had one record player (a real one)my dad considered it a waste of money to buy another one, especially since it was only a "toy." My heart was broken. Not only did I not get a close 'n play, I knew Santa was a fake! What a lousy Christmas!


This memory was added on: January 3,2005

i had a close and play and i loved it i ruined a few of my older brothers records playing them if anyone remebers the needle used was similar to a sewing machine needle LOL!!! it used to turn the records white -scratching them so bad i remember one record in particular i ruined was by the shocking blue VENUS- my brother slapped me in the head for ruining it nice memory huh?!

mike g

This memory was added on: December 18,2004

I had one of these cool record players when I was about 5 or 6. I used to drive my parents crazy playing the same 45's over and over again. Naturally, with every toy I received for X-mas, I played the hell out of my close'n play until it was no longer playable. But as a joke, I always put it down on my x-mas want list I give to my folks every year, although if I found 1 in good working order, I would more than likely buy it if it was a decent price.


This memory was added on: December 12,2004

What a disapointment being a child of 3 or 4, getting a close n play, but mom accidently bough 3 7 inch 33 rmp records, that coul not be played on it. My sister was kind enough to give me me 2 45's to play on it it. (crimson and clover, by thommy James and the Shondells, and Morning girl by the Neon Philharmonic). According to my Dad I had the thing appart on the living room floor, cause I had to find out where the voice was coming from. .

Bubba Skarda

This memory was added on: December 10,2004

I'm not sure how old I was but I was pretty young when I saw the close-n-play in the sears christmas catalog, somewhere around 1969 or 1970. I had to have one. My mom still has the picture of me with the scarf she had knitted me around my neck and my arms around my close-n-play. Such a smile I had. That was the best christmas ever.

Doug Colson

This memory was added on: November 16,2004

I had about 5 of these things, they were great!!! I used to bring it to bed with me. I had two 45 singles - Bobbie Gentry's Ode to Billy Joe and The Beatles Hey Jude. I would play those singles over and over again until I fell asleep. Not very durable though. Drop it once and that's it


This memory was added on: October 29,2004

Aaaahhh....I remember it well! My sister and I loved that thing, we played all of our parents old 45's on it early in the morning when our parents were still sleeping and we had to quietly entertain ourselves. The records we played include the Beatles, Jackson 5, Osmonds, Beach Boys.....you get the picture! I would give anything to find a Close N Play that works, (cheap) somewhere so that I can revisit my childhood. Why didn't my folks hang on to that darn thing? We keep the junky stuff but always get rid of the good things. I guess I'm on a quest to find that red Close N Play that has the little yellow bird on the front!


This memory was added on: October 22,2004


Bob berkelhamer

This memory was added on: October 18,2004

Circa 1972 my first record player with my the current hits and my first 45's was he ain't heavy he's my brother -hollies and people are strange- Doors i'd love to have a player if i ever could get my hands on one because to this date i still have those first 2 45's


This memory was added on: September 19,2004

My parents sent me to sleep-away camp when I was very young. I was very homesick and played Simon & gafunkels' "Homeward Bound" non-stop for days. eventually all my bunkmates became homesick as well, so the counselors confiscated the record. Everybody recovered when I switched to The Turtles "Happy Together".


This memory was added on: September 8,2004

My brother got one of these for Christmas. I was so jealous! I am in my late forties now and still remember these being a lot of fun. I hope to be able to add a nice one to my retro toy collection in the not too distant future.


This memory was added on: August 21,2004

I recently picked up a Close 'n Play (complete with box and instructions) at a local flea market. Very neat collectible. I just listed it on eBay (item # 5916440603). Feel free to email me with any questions.


This memory was added on: August 12,2004


This memory was added on: August 12,2004

we had a close and play shared by five siblings. it was a step up from the barbie head record player. Between listening to Chip n Dale, we gave our Tammy doll a ride on the 45 - (needle up, of course)or let her rip at 78


This memory was added on: August 9,2004

Oh, yes, I remember these things. There were different styles. I had 2. My first was in 1974 I believe. I know that I loved that thing and had all kinds of records. This one was a brown square one with a variable speed control. In 1976 I got an oblong one with Big Bird on the lid and when you closed the lid he would spin around along with the turntable. That thing is gone just like the other one, but those were my first record players and they were the bomb.

Larry G

This memory was added on: August 6,2004

I remember our close and plays (my brother and I) I used to play my Beatles and Partridge Family 45's on it. I have been looking for one on ebay for the past few years and was staring to thing I had the name wrong or that it wasn't red at all. I am sooo glad to see that someone has one,,, so there is hope of me finding one after all. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. JIm

Jim Pappaconstantine

This memory was added on: July 6,2004

I remember mom was in the hospital, and dad had to leave town. He dropped me off at a relatives house, and the only comfort I had was my close 'n play. I was 4 at the time. 200 bucks would be a bargain to find one of these again!

Chris King

This memory was added on: March 15,2004

I got my first close 'n play for my 4th birthday. My parents decided to buy me one after my brother wouldn't share his close n' play which he got a year before I got mine. Does anyone remember the record cut-on the back of cheerios boxes? The vinyl on these cut outs were usually a flimsy vinyl (much more flexible then the regular records). You could play these cut-outs on your close n' play. I remember I had a couple of Jackson 5 record cut-outs. That was the coolest.


This memory was added on: November 20,2003

I'm actually trying to find one of these as a gift for my brother in law. My husband said the one he had was also a radio... does anyone remember one that had a radio??


This memory was added on: November 19,2003

My dad was really into his stereo and his record collection, so he started me and my sisters on the "habit" early, always buying us stacks of 45s for Christmas and birthdays. My sister and I used to trade them like baseball cards, and we'd sit on the floor playing games, with 45s in stacks arrayed around the floor -- stacked by 5 for the record changer -- remember those? I had a Close-N-Play for a brief time before I had a slightly better portable plastic record player, and then a series of progressively better players. My husband bought me a C-n-P on eBay a couple of years ago and spent $96. I was very touched, but cripes that's a lotta money.


This memory was added on: November 12,2003

This was my favorite toy as a child. I have a feeling that receiving this gift as a child made me the audiophile that I am today. Thanks to the manufactures of this toy, for I now play records on a turntable that cost as much as some new automobiles. I would love to buy one if someone has one. Top dollar for the memories.


This memory was added on: October 13,2003

Hey people! In case you couldn't tell, Kenny was yanking yer leg in his previous post. I can't believe the first Bill who subsequently posted actually believed him! Geez!


This memory was added on: October 13,2003

poor bill

This memory was added on: July 30,2003

I just found a close-n-play at a garage sale last Friday for 50 cents. The original batteries were still in it, so unfortunately most of the metal was gone around them. I did get it to work though, sort of. One of my other 8 siblings had one growing up, but I don't remember which. I also remember using my folk's 78s as frizbees.


This memory was added on: July 29,2003

A different idea but these record players were not very durable. I remember as a kid going through four of them. Before my parents just gave up and waited till I was old enough. Then they bought me a regular record player which I went through three of. So I guess it was me not the record players. Who's to say ?


This memory was added on: July 23,2003

When I was a kid, we were too poor to afford a Close'n'Play, so we made our own. Here's how you do it: all you need is a "Lazy Susan" for the turntable, a 4-inch nail for the stylus and an old soup can for the speaker. Then you take an old briefcase and position it flat on a table so that it opens up like normal. Next, you take the nail and poke it almost all the way thru the lid of the briefcase (pointed end of the nail inside) and then put the "Lazy Susan" inside the briefcase. Toss an old record on top of the "Lazy Susan" and give it a good spin and then quickly close the lid which will position the nail down onto the record. Hold the soup can up to your ear (open end facing the briefcase) and listen closely. It's magic! You can hear the record playing!


This memory was added on: June 21,2003

I still remember one of the neighbor kids pukeing in his brother's close n play. Somehow it's still funny.

Dennis Cline

This memory was added on: June 9,2003

You'd offer 200 bucks for a Close 'n Play? That's $199.99 more than it's worth!


This memory was added on: June 5,2003

actually, this is in response to the value of the close and play phonograph. know this sounds corny but i think everything has some kind of value depending on what someone is willing to pay for the item. in this case, i would be willing to purchase that mint close and play for a good couple hundred dollars (which is more than it was valued back then. i really would like one and i can't seem to find one. can items be put up for auction on this site? any way of finding out if i could make an offer on that mint close and play?


This memory was added on: June 4,2003

A mint never-been-used Close 'n' Play is worth the same today as a mint never-been-used Close 'n' Play was worth during the 1960's: absolutely nothing.


This memory was added on: June 3,2003

Hey, hey, close an' play!


This memory was added on: June 2,2003

Just found a mint never used close 'play kenner phonograph. Any idea of it's value?

cynthia miska

This memory was added on: June 2,2003

Just found a mint never used close 'play kenner phonograph. Any idea of it's value?

cynthia miska

This memory was added on: May 13,2003

I must say this is one of my most memorable toys. I received a Close and Play for Christmas, and my mom bought me one 45" record of a Diana Ross and the Supremes tune called " I'm gonna make you love me". I played the record over and over again.

dwilson@archstone smith.com

This memory was added on: May 7,2003

I was the tender age of 5 when I received my first record player. Yes, it was the close n play. I remember when my little sis put a pancake inside it!