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This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

Does anyone remember Kenner's "Real Sound" projector? I remember asking for it for Christmas in 1968. I couldn't wait until Christmas. My mom told me she didn't know if Santa could afford it. I would constantly re-read the description in the Sear's catalogue. I remember my excitement when I opened it on Christmas morning. My dad had to make some adjustments, but we finally got it to work great. The film had an actual soundtrack on it like professional film. Great memories!


This memory was added on: July 6, 2008

Hours of fun sitting in my bed with the lights out watching stuff projected on to the wall. I was so excited for it to get dark out so I could use the Easy Show Projector! My mother didn’t have to tell me to go to bed – I couldn’t wait.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2008

My Dad's income when I was young was not high enough to get some of these fancy type toys. Like some others I've made up for it now on ebay buying these things, and showing them to my Grandkids who just love them all. I just got a Motorized Easy Show Projector on ebay, and can't wait to play some movies for my Grankids. Some other toys I've gotten for them recently are the Talking Viewmaster Projector and tons of reels, Show 'N Tell Phono Viewer & Record Sets, Fisher Price Movie Projector & movie cartiridges, Disney 4 Speed Record Player, a bunch of Disney Readlong Record Sets, and a tabletop pinball game.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2008

This was one of my favorite Christmas presents. I had the Munsters movie where the stairs in their house opens up and Fred Munster comes out. My sister and I would sit in the dark in my room and after we watched it once, we would turn the handle backwards and watch the whole movie really fast going backwards. We thought that was the funniest thing we ever saw!

Sue M

This memory was added on: March 19, 2008

I remember getting this for Christmas one year. If memory serves me correctly, I had two movies, the Flintstones and Scooby Doo. The neatest thing is that I remember my father emptying our a hall closet (one of the double-sliding door types), putting in a pillow and a crate for the movie projector to sit on. He then popped up some corn, and let me and my brother sit inside of our own personal "movie theatre"!

Great memories from a great era!!


This memory was added on: February 1, 2008

My little brother and I spent countless hours in our bunk beds with the blankets drawn over the sides like curtains. Our favorite was watching reels of the old Mr. Ed TV series with subtitles.

How I wish I could do two things now:

The first would be to thank my Mom and Dad for giving us this wonderful toy which provided so much joy to us a children as well as all of this nostalgia that I am feeling right now.

And secondly, that I could find a similar toy for my children. A toy that inspires and requires imagination, without the use of computer chips or an electrical outlet.


This memory was added on: May 16, 2007

My sister got one for Christmas ,It was around 1965. I was 3 years old and SOOOO upset because I wanted one too!. She wouldn't let me touch it. So in a fit I remember taring it apart a few days after Xmas. To this day she will bring up how I was such a horrible child for breaking her projector..lol!


This memory was added on: March 20, 2007

I do recall that the very first Easy Show Projectors put on the markrt had an engineering flaw. When you thread the film, it had to be placed behind some tight springs. The film would very easily get caught behind the springs, and would often get tangled, making the film impossible to project. If you kept trying to project, the film would snap. It did not take Kenner long to learn that they had errred, and a "new improved" version came out in no time. Physically from the outside it was identical. Inside those springs were replaced by some very loose plastic clips, allowing the film to project much more easily. Does anyone remember Kenner's follow up product to this; The Change A Channel TV Set.


This memory was added on: March 20, 2007

I am so happy I found this!! This projector is one of my favorite memories from childhood. I would watch the scooby doo cartoon over and over again and rewind when they were sliding down the slopes trying to get away from the snow monster!


This memory was added on: February 7, 2007

I got one when I was 7 and played with it till all the films broke and the bulb finally blew. I used to shine on the celling, walls or anywhere else that had a flat light coloured surface. I used to like the Bugs Bunny cartoon the best.

Irving A. Briscoe

This memory was added on: August 24, 2006

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know how to thread the movie into the projector?? I am having problems!!!


This memory was added on: July 6, 2006

When i was a kid "born 1956" because of our parents income this and other cool toys ask for during the holidays were never under the tree Christmas morning. Wow...seems like yesterday! Now when i find these retro toys they are mine and i share them with my two boys. I just wish they appreciated them like i do.

Michael B

This memory was added on: March 17, 2006

I remember this toy. Actually I was kind of haunted by it.

It was fascinating. About the age of 8 (borne 1958) the best xmass ever recalled.

My brother tore it up in a jealous fit a few days later. My Dad wouldn't bother to fix it, so it got tossed in the trash.

I remember going to bed with it, shining it on the ceiling and running it forward and backwards. Quite a trip back in those days.

I think my kids would like it. If for nothing else but to have something to play with waiting for the sand man.



This memory was added on: March 15, 2006

Does anybody remember the projecter that you put the plastic discs in that were filled with colored water and oils and they would show the colors and bubbles from the discs on the wall?

Thank God for Ebay!! You can regain parts of your childhood, and who doesn't need that!!


This memory was added on: February 1, 2006

My dad did advertising artwork and design for Kenner for years. As a result, depending on the look they were after, I got to model some of the stuff whether it went commercial or not.

That's me on the box with next door neighbor Diane.

Steve in Cincinnati