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Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap
by Aerosol Corp
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bath Soap

Read memories from others.

This memory was added on: December 24, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy soap is one of my favorite childhood memories. I can still remember the wonder I had as a kid trying to figure out how soap could grow fuzz. Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one who remembers this great piece of childhood memorabilia.

Dave D.

This memory was added on: December 23, 2006

I had one of these when I was a child and loved it so!!! It broke my heart when he was not fuzzy any more...every kid should have one.


This memory was added on: December 14, 2006

I had a blue poodle fuzzy wuzzy bath soap in the mid 60's that grew fur and had a little plastic yellow and red hot dog charm inside-what a great memory.


This memory was added on: December 6, 2006

Oh thank you, I knew I wasn't nuts. I've been nostalgic lately with the oncoming holiday season and all of a sudden remember this little pink bear with fur. I googled exactly that and found your website. Thank you very much!


This memory was added on: November 19, 2006

Oh my I remember this soap I use to play with it till it was all gone it looked fuzzy too, God I cant remember how old I was at the time but it was so cool


This memory was added on: September 23, 2006

i have also been looking for fuzzy wuzzy soap. I would like to buy a few to give to my sons and my nephews.Does any one know where. i asked at the Vermont country Store but no luck. Anyone else know where???

Ellen Hampton

This memory was added on: September 18, 2006

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Song was performed by Al Trace, who also did some work with the Disney Silly Symphonies. Circa 1944. My copy of Fuzzy Wuzzy was broken as a teenager. Miss it. On the reverse was Al Trace's Barnyard Carnival of Animals. Does anyone have or remember this song too?

Daniel B

This memory was added on: September 11, 2006

Hello from Scotland--I had many Fuzzy Wuzzy soaps when I was a child growing up in New York--imagine my total delight when a "Stocking Fillers" kind of catalogue arrived a year or two ago and a Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap cat was being offered for sale! I bought several of them. The prize inside is a tiny toy mouse. The cardboard box is blue and white with very 60's graphics--I believe they were made in Germany. I have to admit that I was like an excited 5 year old watching the thing sprout hair! Fuzzy the cat is still sitting happily on my bathroom shelf--I can't bear to use him!


This memory was added on: September 11, 2006

I used to LOVE my Fuzzy Wuzzy bears as a kid. The smell was pleasant, and the fact that it would grow "fuzz" WAS FASCINATING to a little girl from New England growing up in the 1960's and 70's. Oh, and the toy inside was an added bonus. We would get these from my gramma and sometimes my mom when we were good (which wasn't often!) Now I'm early 40's, living in Michigan/Wisconsin , still live for my long bubble baths, but am reminising simpler times when a Fuzzy Wuzzy would always put a smile on my face!


This memory was added on: September 5, 2006

I am 45 and my favorite childhood memory was Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap I loved the smell. I tell my little one all the time that she would probably want to bathe more often if she had Fuzzy. She doesn't believe that I had soap that grew hair. Then again she can't grasp the concept of having a television with only 5 channels, and no remote!


This memory was added on: August 28, 2006

I'm 51 now and I remember getting fuzzies on trips with grandma from Fla. to Va. I was only 5 then early 60's. I got them at Stuckey's and Horns, does anybody remember those places, we would stop at one in every city. Get fuzzy and pecan log roll, and gag gifts, whoppie cushions all that crazy stuff. I was trying to go to sleep tonight and thought about fuzzy, so here I am, now maybe I can sleep! nite-nite fuzzy.


This memory was added on: August 23, 2006

I was about 5 or 6 and we would stay in the bath tub (claw foot) for hours just to see what kind of toy there would be. but I can not remember wat was inside I think my sister always got it. everone knew that fuzzy wuzzy was not fuzzy was he.


This memory was added on: August 23, 2006

I am 37 years old, and am proud to say that I still have my fuzzy wuzzy soap bear. I remember getting him for Christmas back in 74.


This memory was added on: August 13, 2006

Update on Fuzzy Wuzzy song. It was written in 1944 by Al Hoffman, Milton Drake, and Jerry Livingston who are also responsible for Marsie Dotes, When You Wish Upon A Star, Bippidy Boppity Boo, and several other Disney and non-sense songs.


This memory was added on: July 30, 2006

O.K. This is what I know. Fuzzy Wuzzy was the first record I claimed for my own. It was a childrens 45 rpm and I had it before the soap came out. I still have a copy but in bad shape. I started playing and performing it as a teenager and do so to this day. Most people know the rhyme but not the whole song so here it is. Fuzzy Wuzzy ( was a bear ) Little Johnny Johnson traveled up Alaska way... Saw the strangest animal walk through the woods one day... Right there and then he took a pen and wrote his folks a note.... They chuckeled when they got the news 'cause this is what he wrote....OHHHHHH! Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear..Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?.... Fuzzy Wuzzy lost his hair..In a north pole barber's chair..Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he? They say that all the seals in Hudson Bay.. envied Fuzzy's fuzz.... But when they cut his hair away... He wasn't what he used to was...CAUSE!... Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear..Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair...Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he? As it was a childrens record I don't think they gave credit to the author, composer or performer but I'm going to dig it out and check. That's how I ended up here cause I'd like to know more about the song. Anybody remember it? Danny

Danny DeCosa

This memory was added on: July 29, 2006

I remember buying a fuzzy wuzzy when I was six at the rexall drug store in Jackson Ms. I couldnt wait to get it home. When mom wasnt looking I got a kitchen knife and cut cut cut until I got that little red whistle in the middle. I hardly had the patients to use it until the toy appeared. What a great memory and Im still working on having patients. I also had to order sea monkeys and when I got then it said it took 3 to 4 days to see them swimming so I poured them down the drain. I thought it was going to be a instant circus of sea monkeys doin tricks. Im still working on my patients.


This memory was added on: July 24, 2006

I loved Fuzzy Wuzzy soap - got it as a present from my aunt and was so excited that I didn't have to share with my sister (we got different animals, so there was no chance she'd get mine!) I loved the fur but remember thinking the toy inside was kinda chintzy - a charm or something that you really couldn't play with. I've put a request to the Vermont Country Catelogue to see if they can find it. I'd love to get my hands on some now.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2006

...Okay...I have to say...I don't remember any toy in the middle...I was scared to death of this soap!!! It HORRIFIED me! I was telling my kids about it and they thought I was crazy (what else is new) =) I guess I never got to the toy, since I wouldn't go anywhere near the soap. It's funny now, but then it was a nightmare =)


This memory was added on: July 11, 2006

I had a few of these because I was a kid and got them as gifts. My fave was the red bear. He had hair til the very end :)


This memory was added on: June 29, 2006

It was fuzzy!


This memory was added on: June 28, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy are you kidding? I had every color every shape. They were all over the house. I'm laughing here. Half the time I would knock them down and the fur on one side would fall off.. I remember my parents telling me to stop touching it:) I don't know too may 6 year olds that would do that. It was wild when you think about it. So funny, it was my favorite thing and I have thought of it often.....so many good memories... My parents would pick them up in Philly on Market street, loved them!


This memory was added on: June 26, 2006

Only one was purchased for me when they first came out. It was a yellow monkey, but I can't recall what the toy was hidden inside. My brother and I were just fascinated. I loved it and always wanted another.


This memory was added on: June 17, 2006

This is great to see! I was telling someone about this soap from my childhood (they did not remember it) and they asked if perhaps what I was thinking of was just moldy soap!


This memory was added on: June 8, 2006

No way! I was just telling my kids about this maybe a week or so ago. I had this soap maybe a few times, but probably the last time was one beautiful summer night, I was on our patio in my jammies after my bath, and I decided I couldn't wait one more night to get that toy out of the middle. I snuck in the kitchen and got out a wire cheese slicer and sliced away at that fuzzy little bear. The wire got stuck and I finally broke the slicer in my attempts! I was too little to really be in trouble, but that episode pretty much describes my personality to a "T."


This memory was added on: May 20,2006

Ohhhh it's so good to see so many Fuzzy Wuzzy fans !!! For many years I thought I was the only one yearning for this memory again...I had one, and as it sat on my vanity after I washed my hands to get it wet, I would almost "take care of it and the fur" it is such a fond memory (I don't remember the toy inside) But I will ALWAYS remember the thrill it was to see this little bear grow fur...I guess times were simpler then and something this silly was a true treat ! Thanks for the memory !!


This memory was added on: May 12, 2006

Oh, yes! I loved the Fuzzy Wuzzy soap! When my sister & I got ours, I remember washing our hands constantly so we could hurry up and melt all the soap to get to the little prize inside! The fuzzy part was so cool! I miss all my old toys!!!


This memory was added on: May 6, 2006

I just now told my oldest daughter about the fuzzy-wuzzy soap I had as a kid (she's 17) and she found it hard to believe. My wife was listening and she said she remembers having it when she was a kid. So I thought I'd get online and see if I could find anything about it. I would love to be able to buy this somewhere but I haven't heard of it since I was very young.

Scott N.

This memory was added on: May 1, 2006

I was never allowed a fuzzy wuzzy soap but deperately wanted one. I remember the song on the commercials and somehow today, it came into my mind. I wanted to make sure my memories were acurate and here online, I find they were. My parents were children of the depression and I have 6 siblings, so we had quite a "no frills" childhood. I even remember my mom saving old slivers of regular soap. She would crunch them up and mix them with water and make "new" soap balls. So you can see, there was no way fuzzy wuzzy was coming to our house. The only time we got a cool new toy was at Christmas. We each got one new toy and were expected to share with other sibs who were around our age/interest group.


This memory was added on: April 23, 2006

Cool Fuzzy Wuzzy soap - finally I have proof this stuff existed! I would try to describe this soap to my husband and he thought I was crazy! If I could only find a way for him to smell it! Thank you!

Sharon Dowdle

This memory was added on: April 13, 2006

I never had or knew about Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap, but those of you who want something similar can find "cat soap that grows hair" on the website www.wonderworkshops.com under the Scientific Wonderments category. I don't know if they have it in stock.

tina e

This memory was added on: April 5, 2006

Today was the first day I ever thought of looking on the web for info about it. I told my kids about it when they were younger (they now range from age 9-13, so this was a while back) and how much I loved it and wished I could get some for them. And just today when I was volunteering with my 9 year old's 3rd grade class, they were saying the tongue twister "Fuzzy Wuzzy", which I don't know the association between that and the soap (other than in my mind and my memory's not the greatest these days...) but it goes, for those uninitiated:

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, so Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?"

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


This memory was added on: April 4, 2006

I love fuzzy wuzzy soap an remember it well. it was a game on who would get to the toy first so you can see we were the cleanest kids in the area. I would hide the soap when it was brought in so I can be the first to get it to grow hair an then an only then were we allowed to use it an that seemed like forever an I always had one hiden so I would get to use it first an to this day know one (but you) knew I did that////// thank you.


This memory was added on: March 28, 2006

I love those Fuzzy Wuzzy soaps. I remember my Mom going them for me and how the hair (the fuz) would grow. I remember getting a ring once and a charm the next time. In the 1970's when we had Woolworths I saw but didn't buy it and I and sorry to this day about it.

Janice Fowler

This memory was added on: March 15, 2006

I remember this soap, I had a a yellow poodle, but it did'nt seem like they stayed on the market to long. I believe I was about four or five, when I played with it.

celeste decker

This memory was added on: March 13, 2006

I vaguely, vaguely remember this soap. Seeing something about it online jogged my memory. I can't remember actually using it, but there is a photo of me as a two-year old getting bathed in the kitchen sink (!), holding a worn-down piece of blue, animal-shaped soap that I suspect is the remnants of a fuzzy wuzzy, although there was no "fur" on it.


This memory was added on: March 2, 2006

Wow! I sincerely thought my memory of this toy was something I had just dreamed up! NO ONE I know remembers this soap. I can remember the excitement of coming home from school and waiting to see if it had grown hair.... the soap made me itch though and I couldnt use it. Thanks so much for the memory rush!


This memory was added on: February 28, 2006

I had a Fuzzy Wuzzy when I was young--I was into all of the cool toys back than, and that hasn't changed except the price tag! :-) But can someone please refresh my memory? Did it only grow hair once out of the bag, or would it grow again after being used and drying out?


This memory was added on: February 23, 2006

Another early childhood delight that brings a rush of memory! I was young, but do remember the little toy in the middle and the fur! Between this and crazy form (remember that) we were entertained at bath time! I only remember the bear! Glad to see my generation listed here with interest of these items from a simplier time! Thanks for the memory


This memory was added on: February 21, 2006

Oh wow, I remember this soap as well and the nice smell.

I can't recall what sort of prize I had, but I seem to recall it was a red plastic skull maybe? Would that have been one of them?

What fun, though. I believe we had a blue poodle, but I'm sure, being the spoiled kids that we were that we had other shapes as well.

Miss Jibba

This memory was added on: February 13, 2006

I am so delighted to hear of others who remember fuzzy wuzzy soap. what an odd product. it seemed that the only prizes we ever got, my brothers and myself, were either a rat fink or the ring upon which the rat fink attached. i always heard it was grass seed in fuzzy that made him grow. those were really "the days."

r wolfson

This memory was added on: February 9, 2006

Loved that soap. I remember I got some for a birthday present and I could not be more happy. I was just recently telling my own daughters about this neat stuff. It was cool to get it wet and watch the fur grow!!


This memory was added on: January 24, 2006

I was born 1960, we all had Fuzzy Wuzzy soaps!Mine was left in the closet on a shelf and I believe it came with a stand made out of card bord. mine was the bear and I DO REMEMBER THE SMELL OF THE SOAP I LOVED IT.the prize inside was a small plastic gun so i shot my brother with it lol....I used it in the bath tub and actually got a kidney infection they said it was the mister bubble but now I wonder????


This memory was added on: January 9, 2006

I remember loving my fuzzy soap and could'nt wait for it to be brought home for me to play with. there was an even more obscure soap made by dial in the shape of an aligatorand an a whale. there was always a neat treat in the center of the soap......like in a box of cracker jacks, it was made by dial soap and was called 'surprize soap' . tony

tony perini

This memory was added on: January 2, 2006

Reading all your posts, made me feel so very nostalgic:) I've been wanting a Fuzzy Wuzzy again since my children were born. It was the most wonderful soap:) I've told all my children about this magic soap. At least it was magic to my eyes, as a child... The simple pleasures of youth.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Rocks:)))