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This memory was added on: July 15, 2011

It is July 2011 and I have been reading these comments for a long time but I am tired of searching now. What I was looking for was anybody else who had felt it was not good that Zip's fingers were stuck together. I cut them apart to find they were hollow ! I still have him and a few of my stuffed animals. I walk by Zip everyday and sometimes notice his cut apart hands and still feel sorry. Did nobody else cut apart his fingers?

Trish J.

This memory was added on: May 31, 2011

My brother Jim of 11months my junior had several stuffed monkeys as a kid. Although most were the standard "zip" type, there was one that vividly stands out in my mind til this day. It was a white stuffed monkey covered in multi-colored polka dots, the most hideous stuffed toy I've ever laid eyes on. At around the age of six or seven I decided it was time for Jim's emancipation from his primate obsession. One day i found the monkey unguarded on his bed and thought this is the day. I grabbed the monkey and whipped it out the second floor bedroom window just as Jim entered the room and witnessed this traumatic act. As we both rushed to the window to see the chimps final resting place we saw it get run over by the rear tandem wheels of the local garbage truck. Upon further investigation at street level we discovered the toy permanently flattened with an indelible tire track impression across the center of it. Jim wept bitterly while I laughed dastardly.

That was over 45 years ago. I never thought that incident would come back to haunt me. My brother now a successful businessman and avid lottery player vows he will not cut me into his potential vig unless I come up with an exact replacement for that monkey. I am now on an eternal mission to find that replacement.

William D.

This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

Zippy became my best friend when I was two years old on Christmas Day in 1955 when Santa placed him under the Christmas tree. Shortly, after his arrival, after a number of bouts of severe tonsillitis, the doctor said my tonsils had to come out … yes, I was two years old. Because I insisted that Zippy accompany me to the hospital, my mother (who feared Zippy might get lost during my hospitalization) purchased a smaller Zippy for the trip to the hospital. My much larger Zippy patiently waited at home for my return. Oh, how I loved that monkey!!

I don’t know what happened to the small Zip, but my well-worn, constant companion and beloved large Zippy who continues to wear his bright red pants with the green buttons (the little red hat and yellow shirt are sadly long gone) continues to reside with me. No other toy ever took Zippy's place as my favorite!


This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

Wow!!! What can I say about Zip. He was my most loved toy as a three and four year old child. I remember that he had a banana in one hand, a cute red jump suit, and cute whit shoes. I also remember chewing his hand and ears (poor guy) my mom had to sew him many times. I lost track of him and don't remember what happened. All I know is one day he's gone!! I know he was my protector, my confidant, and my BEST friend!! I miss him sooo much.

But joy of joy, I found a smaller version of my Zip on ebay. Same smile, same cute white shoes. I bid on him and won!! I counldn't wait to get him. It brought tears to my eyes when I got him and took him out of the box. My haert leaped for joy!!! I finally have my Zip back, and I will cherish him forever.

I don't think I will be chewing on him either :)

Richard S.

This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

I was born in 1962. When I was 2 years old I remember getting a big cardboard box in the mail at Christmastime. It was a present from my Mom's twin brother. We lived in Ohio and he lived in California so we had never met him, he was larger than life to us from stories. I climbed in the box and pulled out my Zip. I was in love with him from that moment on. I played with him everyday. I tied strings to his arms and hung him over the banister in our old house and set up chairs in the living room and made my family watch me put on plays with him. My friend down the street had all sorts of dolls when we played, but I only wanted Zip. I took him to the Cleveland Zoo when I was little and made the chimps go mad over him.

He lost his original clothes along the way but my Mom made him a new suit and an aunt knitted him a few sweaters. Something about those eyes, made everything okay. I could tell Zip anything. When I was about 12 my Mom got me a new Zip and Tippy for Chirstmas. I never really played with either of them. Several years ago I took him with us to the zoo again with our son, the chimps still went crazy for him, trying to show off for Zip. I still have all 3 safely stored away. After reading all these comments today and thinking about my Zip, I think I might get him out tonight.


This memory was added on: March 11, 2010

As a girl, I was in love my Zip. I kept him well after he was tattered and torn. My mother said that I would meet new friends, give Zip away and then cry hysterically at bed time because Zip was missing. My sister and I have been looking for a way to purchase another one. I never knew that so many people had one. I would very much like to have one of my own.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

I had a Zippy when I was very young-3 or 4 years old. He was my best friend, my confidente, my solace, my protector. I loved that monkey like he was a person. I did not have a happy childhood and my mother caught me "acting out" with Zippy...treating him like she and others treated me. One day he disappeared. When I asked her where he was she told me I had imagined him, that he wasn't real and I had never had a stuffed monkey called "Zippy."

When I was a teenager a friend of the family asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her I wanted a Zippy monkey. She tried to find such a thing and did come up with a stuffed monkey...but it wasn't Zippy. Nice of her to try though!

Even as an adult I remembered Zippy and wished I still had him. A friend pointed out that if he had really existed, he would be considered an antique and I might find this particular stuffed toy in an antique shop. So off I went to Petaluma, a town in our area known for its antique shops. I went to ALL of them looking for Zippy and asking the proprietors whether they had ever seen such a toy. None of them had. In fact I saw very few stuffed anumals of any kind. I was discouraged.

However one of the proprietors told me to check back in a few months because he had a lot of dealers and he would tell them I was looking for my childhood friend. Sometimes if they knew someone was looking for a particular thing they would keep an eye out for it. Perhaps one of them would be able to find him.

I did go back as he suggested. The guy at the counter was a different person but I asked him if any of the sellers had a Zippy (this was a large warehouse store with sections for each dealer). He said he didn't know what a Zippy was but he thought there was a stall near the back of the store that had several stuffed animals, including monkeys.

Almost afraid to look I went to the back of the store and found the stall he had mentioned immediately. It was as if I already knew where it was. The dealer did have a number of stuffed animals, including about 6 different stuffed monkeys which all more or less matched the description I had given the proprietor.

One of them was my Zippy.

He was a little worse for wear and he didn't have his cute little red overalls or his yellow tee-shirt that said "ZIP." But he matched my 50 yr old memory to the last detail. I couldn't believe it!! He WAS real!!

I was glad the stall was in the back of the store. It would have been a little embarrassing if anyone had seen the grown woman weeping in the arms of this ratty old toy. Needless to say he came home with me. And I am only sorry that I do not know who the dealer was who found him for me. It did appear that there had been a concerted search for older stuffed monkeys and I would love that dear person to know that they found the right one, and I am tremendously grateful.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

I was blessed and had 2 Zips. I know I still have one of them, but don’t know about the other and I’m now 34 years old. Somewhere growing up, I lost his hat and his squeaker stopped squeaking. The plastic hands became dry rotted and I have had to glue the fingers back on. His cloths have worn out from going on all the adventures I went on. I have packed the tattered outfit away and mended it the best I could. He now wears Cabbage Patch Kids clothes to keep from getting a cold. For years I have searched high and low for another one for my son. Knowing how destructive he is, he’s only allowed to look at mine. All I can say is ‘Thanks Zip for all the great memories and always being there for me.’


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

When I was just a sprout, my famly went to the zoo in Minniapolis. I dont recall much of that except for an angry silverback gorilla. He was pounding on a thick glass window as hard as he could. I was scared he might actually break the glass and get out and kill me.

The angry gorilla gave me nightmares. One time when I was talking a bath, I pointed to a wash cloth, partially submerged in the bath water, and was terrified. My mother thought I was saying "monkey, monkey" as I pointed to the wash cloth. So she got a book out of animals and sat me in her lap. One by one we went thru the book till we got to the monkey.

She could tell I was very upset over the monkey. Later I recieved a present, it was Zip. I slept with him and dragged him everywhere with me. Zip and I were inseperable.

One day I came home from school and zip was gone. My mother tossed him out because he was old and the stuffings were falling out. Naturally I threw a tantrum. Weird as it may seem, I still wish I had Zip.


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

I'll always remember my Zip. I didn’t have him long, but he was my favorite. I took him every where with me. One day in 1967, when I was five, I went to the Post Office with my mom and set him down, forgetting him there after doing some exploring. I remembered him just a few blocks away, but by the time we got back, he was gone. I still miss him.

P.S. Does anyone out there happen to have a Zip they found at the post office in Chula Vista, CA in 1967? I want him back!

Valerie L.

This memory was added on: January 27, 2009

Well I have had my share of stuffed animals throughout the years and many memories to go along with them, but none of them compare to the memories my boyfriend has shared with me about the one and only Zip. My boyfriend and I have been together going on 3 years now, and shortly after we started dating he introduced me to his childhood friend Zip, now when I met Zip he was naked and I believe he was missing his hat. But in Bill’s eyes Zip was perfect, the one friend that was there one matter what; he wouldn’t blame things on you, he wouldn’t tell on you, he wouldn’t steal your girlfriend, and you could tell him anything and his lips were sealed. And the day he found Zip’s pants was a day to be celebrated because finding them was like finding a long lost prize or something. It was so cute to see my 37 year old boyfriend run to his room and get Zip so that he could put his pants on him.

Finally the day I thought I was moving in with my wonderful boyfriend was actually the day I became Zip’s roommate, because low and behold he sleeps with us. I don’t mind because Zip doesn’t take up too much room, and Bill doesn’t kiss Zip like he kisses me!! I always thought that when they say “Men and their Toys” they were talking about Boats, Trucks, 4-wheelers, or Motorcycles, but ladies I was wrong they are talking about Zip the Monkey.


This memory was added on: December 22, 2008

My research has led me to find several monkeys from the 50's I think these facts are correct.

Zippy has a shirt on with Zip on the front. He was fashioned after Zippy from Howdy Dowdy. He was a little pricey, so several toy companies made monkeys that looked very similar.

Mr. Bim has red suspenders made of cloth and his eyes nearly closed. He was made from a factory in Ohio.

Joey Jingle has red elastic suspenders with a jingle bell on each suspender and his eyes are fully opened. He was made by the Superior toy company out of Kansas City Missouri.

I had a Mr. Bim when I was about 3 (in 1956). My brother, 3 years older use to take him away just to hear me cry. He went everywhere with me. I took him with me to my first day of school. I spent many years with my best friend. I chewed off the tips of a couple of his fingers, but he was still my best friend. I bring him up often, but no one knows what happened to him. Then when I saw him in movie from the 50's a few weeks ago, I decided to look on ebay. I found one. When He arrived, I held him and cried. Even though he was not my original, memories flooded my mind. I am building a new home and I have already bought the shelf where my Mr. Bim will reside the rest of our years together. He will be in eye sight and hugging distance every day now.


Thanks for the informatioin, Ellen! - your editor

This memory was added on: December 22, 2008

Back in 1962, I was five years old, and I, too, had a Zippy Monkey that I loved. My dad had just gotten his private pilot's license, and we were flying in our small plane from Michigan to California to visit my cousins. Part way there, my dad turned to us and said, "Look down below, kids. There's the Mississippi!" I strained to look out the window, thinking I would surely see "Mrs. Zippy", my monkey's mother. In my mind, she would have been hundreds of feet tall, or my dad wouldn't have been able to spot her. After a bit of confusion, I was told that Mississippi was a famous river. I was unimpressed and disappointed. I was hoping to see the biggest Zippy doll ever. I am now fifty one, and on a whim, thought I'd look for a Zippy Monkey on the internet. I had no idea he was even available to buy as a vintage doll, much less so popular! Coming across this website by accident and reading so many heartwarming stories was like a Christmas gift to me, since Christmas is in just four days. Maybe I'll even buy one to have ready for future grandkids to play with when they come over.


This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

My Monkey , I called her Sheila, was white “ish” she had plastic hands and tennis shoes and was holding a plastic banana. My sister called her my “dumb white monkey”, I loved that monkey and wish I still had her, I would love to find one for my Granddaughter.


This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

I had Mr. Bim when I was three and he was a great friend that got lost in my many moves as a child.

I have searched for 37 years to find him, but before internet the closest I got was an auction where I was outbid and an antique store where he was much too expensive for my budget.

Now I found a replica of Mr. Bim online where he is called Cheerful Chimp, for 20 bucks.

Hope some of you who lost a Mr. Bim and want to relive some old memories might find this useful.

Thanks so much!


This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

My monkey was a present from my "Paw" that raised me. She looked just like Zip - only Candy (as I named her) had on a white dress with colored polka dots and a hat to match. Her hat was more like a old style nurses cap.


This memory was added on: August 23, 2008

Well i am very lucky to still have my zip. We are still very close. He is my best friend, we have been together forever. I was very small my when i got him. My grandma said my life was hard as a child and without him i would not be the person i am today. He has been a life saver, i could not imagine my life without him. He is very special to me and i love him. Thanx for always being my my friend zip, i love you.


This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

My son, Billy, was born in 1977. My brother and sister in law gave him a stuffed monkey named ZIP one year for christmas. He carried this little fellow around everywhere. They slept together every night and I remember checking on Billy at night and Zip was always in his arms.

Billy died in 1987 (9years old). He was tragically run over by a farm tractor. I didn't want him to be alone so I lay Zip in his arms in the casket and they are forever together. Since then I have been looking for another Zip for me, but, I can't find one. I loved that monkey because he brought my son so much joy and love for 8 years.

Vernon W.

This memory was added on: July 6, 2008

Holy Monkeys! My brother had a bunch of these, but without the shirt. They were like the one on the album cover. He had "Old Monkey", "New Monkey" and then one Christmas he got "Big Monkey'. I don't know why but the night he got him I was trying to cut its hair and it got a huge bald spot. My brother bawled. He doesn't remember his childhood toys, maybe I traumatized him.


This memory was added on: April 12, 2008

In 1985 when I was 2, I saw Zippy in a store and loved it, so my mom bought it for me. It was a larger one (the 1984 model) and so I would hold its hand and have it “walk” with me. I took it everywhere with me for years. However, when I was 8, my brother (2 years my senior) had some strange fears regarding various things in our house and he decided that my Zippy was “demon possessed”. My dad had always tried to alleviate these fears by getting rid of whatever he was afraid of. They told me that Zippy would have to go. I felt numb with pain. I rode with them to the city garbage dump and watched as they threw Zippy in and he was run over by a heavy machine. The tears flowed down my face. It was one of the most traumatic events of my childhood, next to the death of my grandfather when I was 11.

He also decided that he was afraid of my mom’s childhood doll which had 3 faces. A full body suit with a hard bonnet hid the other faces. A lever under the chin changed the faces, a happy one, a sad one and a sleeping one. My mom and I returned home one day to find that my dad and brother had burned it in the fire place! My mom had been from a very poor family. She had seen the doll and loved it. Her parents saved up and bought it for her. I would love to find that doll again. I don’t know why I never got smart and decided that I was “afraid” of some of his favorite things!

I recently found another, smaller Zippy at an antique shop when I was there with my second son, a 13 month old baby. He was immediately drawn to it and squeeled with delight when he hugged him. When I put the Zippy back, my baby cried, so we bought it for him for 20 bucks. He loves his Zippy, he carries him around like a baby on his shoulder with his head resting on it. He also hugs it while he is nursing. My older son, almost 3, also likes the zippy so I am now looking on Ebay for one for him. I love all things monkey, I have noticed that I gravitate toward monkeys on my kids clothes. If it has a monkey on it, I buy it! How I wish I still had my Zippy.

- Mercedes

This memory was added on: March 10, 2008

I'm 31 years old and had forgotten all about my Tippy monkey with her banana and squeaky arm until I saw a cartoon still of the 80's cartoon on someone's MySpace page. I instantly had a wave of memories of sitting on my bedroom floor playing with my Tippy, having her and my other stuffed animals talk. Especially with my other monkey, Kokomo, that my dad bought me at Long's Drug Store. Now that I realize Tippy and Zippy were 50's dolls, mine had to be a reproduction from the 70's. Which also means I must have received her for my baby shower, before I was even born; I know she was a gift from my paternal grandmother. I loved putting her thumb or her banana in her mouth and squeezing her arm to make it squeak-those were the best features of the doll to me, she was interactive! I played with her until I was at least 10.

I'm sad to say, I dont know where she went :( . I must've given her to Goodwill one Spring cleaning year. She stuck with me through my parents divorce, my mom and me moving in with my uncle Al; then we moved in with my aunt; finally living with my maternal grandma; and then our own homes twice. That's 5 different homes I lived in and I never lost my Tippy.

Now I want to find a 70's reproduction to give to my daughter so she can have years of enjoyment and friendship just like I did with my sweet, squeaky Tippy, whom I thought was from 'Planet of the Apes'.


This memory was added on: March 10, 2008

My great grandmother had a stuffed monkey named 'Zip' that she kept at her home for all of us to tote around when we would visit. He wore a yellow shirt with red trim and a red 'ZIP' in the middle of the shirt, red pants with suspenders, and white shoes (the ones that looked like toddler shoes). We all toted him around, but for some reason he was my favorite! In fact, as a young teen, I often carried him around on my shoulders. All of my friends would just laugh, but Zip and I had a great time together; it truly was a simpler time. I would love to find one to add to my collection of stuffed animals. Thanks for allowing us to share our stories!


This memory was added on: February 14, 2008

Based upon all of the comments in this web site, the Zip cult is alive and thriving. My brother and I had a couple of Zips when we were growing up in the 1970s. Our parents gave them to us for Christmas when we were in grade school. Those Zips took quite a bit of abuse, but we loved them and still have fond memories of them as well as a few pictures. Up until a couple of days ago, I was not very familiar with the history of Zip, but after doing some research I came across this web site. I was amazed at how many people have been touched by the Zip magic at some point during their life. Zip brings back memories of a simpler time, before cable TV, video games, cell phones, and the Internet. The last Zip we had met an early demise when my younger brother decided to start him on fire and then toss him up in the garage attic. No damage was done t o the house, but the little fella didn't survive the incident. Our parents never bought us another Zip. We miss ya, little guy. No hard feelings (I hope).

(Did not list my brother's name in order to protect him from possible blowback from Zip lovers across the globe)

Check it out: Zip on an old comedy album cover!
(Or is this a generic knockoff? Does anybody remember having this one?)
Zip the Monkey

This memory was added on: January 11, 2008

I lost Zip a few years ago on New Years in El Paso, TX. He had been with me since childhood. I was bringing him to a sleep over and next thing I knew, he was gone. I was sad. I wish I could see him again. He had a banana in his hand too. I love you buddy, where ever you are at. Peace be with you.


This memory was added on: December 1, 2007

Can Anyone tell me where I can once again find the joys of my early childhood?? His name was was "ZIP", and we were totally inseparable from the day of my adoption till the day we had a housefire 7 1/2 yrs.ago. Even my son loved to play with my ZIP when he came into my room and layed on my bed.

The man that bought me ZIP was a judge, and he remembers buying it at Sears. I got another years later because ZIP#1 was getting tattered from overuse. So when our house burned down I lost Zip in special box, and Zip from my bed.

Does anyone know where I can find a ZIP to purchase???

Feeling Like I Lost My Best Friend
someone,somewhere in OHIO

This memory was added on: November 4, 2007

My sister Phyllis was given zip as a gift when she was a little girl, but sometime through the years it was lost. I'm hoping to find her another for her 60th birthday which is in November.


This memory was added on: October 14, 2007

Zippy was my very first best friend!! My parents gave him & Tippy to me when I was 5 yrs.old. I loved them soo much-although I have to admit, it was Zippy that really won my heart! We lived in Plains, Georgia at the time and one day we went to visit my grandparents who lived a couple of hours away. Of course my Zippy went with me to visit them, as he went everywhere with me.

Well, that night, after we had drove back home and it was time for me to go to bed, I realized, OH NO!!, I had left my Zippy at my grandparents house!!! There was no way in the world that I could ever even think about going to sleep without him in the bed beside me!!!!! I remember just bawling and crying out for him over & over! My dad got on the phone and called his parents to make sure it was there. And you know what my loving family did? My grandparents called the local Trailways bus station and found out when the next bus left coming to Plains, well, actually Americus, the next town over. They took my Zippy up to the station and asked the bus driver if he would please take their granddaughters favorite stuffed animal along on his trip.

I remember my dad leaving in the middle of the night to go to the bus station to wait for the bus to get there. And I'll never forget my dad telling me that when that bus pulled up and opened its door, my beloved Zippy was sitting right there in the front seat!!!!!! Unfortunately, 10 yrs. later, my mother sold him & Tippy in a yard sale. I was about 15 yrs. old at the time, and didn't want a bunch of old stuffed animals and baby toys anymore!

About 10 years after she sold them, at 25 yrs. old, I realized how much I really loved them, how much I loved Zippy. I'd made such a mistake letting her sell him, my bestest friend ever! And here I sit tonight, at 35 yrs.old, remembering how I realized 10 yrs. ago that I'd made such a terrible mistake 10 yrs. before, getting rid of my best friend that I had received 10 yrs. before that. And now, as I watch my 5 yr. old daughter sleep, I wish so much that I had my Zippy here, to be her best friend!

I'm going to go cry now!

East Texas

This memory was added on: September 25, 2007

My Zip is called Monty. My parents gave him to me for Easter in 1976 when I was 2 - he was up in a tree. He has green overalls, red/white striped shirt and black shoes. But his face / hands and banana are the same. His overalls received an upgrade with superman transfers from a cereal box in the late seventies and after coming off worse in a tug of war with the next door neighbour his legs were placed inside a pair of my old red socks and re-sewn onto his body during surgery performed by my mum. His nails are chewed (as I was a nail biter) and his face and clothes are now faded, and I have considered getting him repaired professionally, but I don't think he would be the same if he looked brand new. I too was mocked for my scary looking friend but never cared. I love my Monty and wouldn't part with him for a million dollars.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2007

DeAnna 39,I have collected zip the monkey through the years and now need to part with my collection...........I have about 20 of them some are in great shape and some I have bought with plans of restoring them. I also have other vintage monkeys available. Rememer Mr. Bim?I also have a few Tippy's available. I can send you some pictures of what I have available. My email is


This memory was added on: May 14, 2007

I loved zip the monkey, my mom gave me a birthday party at the roller skating ring when I was 15 and zip the monkey was there and he was awsome he can roller skate better than any human I ever seen. you go zip!!!!!!!!!!!! your pal Eric


This memory was added on: May 13, 2007

It's funny how you remember an old friend many years down the road of life. I got Zip for Christmas in the early 60's. I recieved many wonderful gifts over the years for Christmas and Birthdays, but Zip remained a constant in my life. He went for bike rides with me, read books with me and slept with me every night. When I grew older he sat on my bed through my teenage years. And then my nephew asked me about him and thinking I was done with him I gave him away. Now I wish I had told my Sister that when David was done with Zip I would like him back. But I didn't. I am 51 years old and still think of that happy faced little monkey. How I would love to have him back. I hope all children get a stuffed animal they they love as well as I did Zip.

Joyce H

This memory was added on: May 10, 2007

I was 2 years old when my Uncle gave me my zip monkey and until I was 9 he just sat on my shelf and I never played with him. When I turned 9 though, I decided I didn't like him as zip and I took off his origanl outfit and dressed him in my old baby clothes and changed his name from zip to Angela. Then in 2003 I found out that Angela could were build a bear clothes so I started buying outfits for her and to this day I can be seen carring around Angela with me every where I go and sometimes we are wereing similar outfits too.


This memory was added on: April 14, 2007

i am turning 60 this month and i still have my zip monkey who gave me alot of security at an early age and that is why he has been with me throughout my life. I just happen upon this web site and did not realize there were so many people who have the same feelings about this monkey and i don't know why i sending this thought but zip is telling me to speak out for him. Thanks


This memory was added on: February 25, 2007

I never knew! I've had Zippy since I was 1 year old (now 32). I didn't know the history of the character. He was always just my stuffed animal monkey


This memory was added on: February 16, 2007

I am 55 years old and have had Zippy as long as I can remember.He is one of the earliest ones.I slept with Zippy until I was 10 or 11 years old and never went anywhere without him.Almost all of his fur is gone now, as is his shirt.The oddest memory I have of Zip is this: My sister was 2 years older than me, and she had a habit of biting her fingernails. Keep in mind this was over 50 years ago.My Mother put red pepper on her fingernails to stop her from biting them.So she bit Zippy's fingernails off since she couldn't bite her own.Another great memory I have of Zippy is 23 years ago, my daughter was born.When I called my mother to tell her to come to the hospital because the baby was on the way, she asked me if we needed anything. I said "Yeah, bring Zippy".I still have old Zip, displayed proudly in a curio cabinet, and I always make sure all visitors to my house see Zippy.I don't know if I will be buried or cremated but I plan for Zippy to go with me.


This memory was added on: February 11, 2007

Ahh, man ... memories...... I got Zip when I was maybe 2-4 yrs old. I'm almost 44, now & I STILL have him! He went everywhere with me.... and I do mean everywhere. He has the scars to prove it. I remember a couple of times leaving him outside accidently and one of the neighborhood dogs got him. He had to be rescued and brought back to me; cause everyone knew Zip was mine! But, I renamed him Cheetah (I grew up watching Tarzan! hahaha) There isn't enough money in the world to buy him from me, even though I finally cleaned him up & officially retired him a few months ago......


This memory was added on: January 26, 2007

I was just a little girl when I first got my Mr. Bim. I loved him but I put a dress on him and changed his name. I carried that monkey every where like it was my baby. I have a picture of me nad a friend of my mom and dads sitting on the couch with me talking on a play phone and making Jay babysit my monkey. I wish I could find another one like him. My mother gave me my first dress and shoes, I would dress him up again and set him in my little rocking chair and remember all my best childhood memories. Thanks for letting a 53 year old woman ramble on about a little girl and a stuffed monkey she called her friend.

Rhonda E.

This memory was added on: January 8, 2007

I am a 38 year old male. I recieved Zip the monkey doll when I was 4 yrs. old. Zip was my favorite toy and companion growing up and I kept him for a long period of time. When my mother passed in the year of 2000 from a terrible cancer, it was then Zip was lost forever. Being in her posession for around 5yrs. in her attic, it was somehow lost when the attic was emptied and has never been found since. One of my greatest memories of having Zip was bringing him to the 1st day of kindergarten and kicking my teacher in the shin for not allowing me to have him in the classroom! Needless to say she gave in and I sat with Zip in the classroom for the rest of the year. I don't know what the attachment was, but I sure would like to find my long lost friend "Zip"! Tony A.


This memory was added on: January 2, 2007

My Mom and little brother had just died in a house fire and I was really sad. My Dad brought me to Toys R' Us and said I could get whatever stuffed animal I wanted. He showed me Zip, but I didn't want him because he was small. I wanted the one way up on the top shelf. He pulled down what seemed like a really big white monkey, Tippy, with the bright smiling face and real looking sneakers. I fell in love instantly. I named him (I didn't realize it was a girl) John Monkey after my brother who had died. I was inseparable from him for 7 years, lovingly repairing his injuries until one day his head fell off and I knew it was the end. He was my best friend for my entire childhood. I don't know how I would have made it through without him.


This memory was added on: December 30, 2006

Zip was my best friend... I took him everywhere. I was a thumb sucking kind of kid and when I was made to stop... I took up Zips! He didn't mind he succombed to the nightly ritual and never told a soul.

One day when I was nine, I was walking around the complex that I lived in with my Mother. She was not a very nice person; still isn't. She took my buddy, Zip, and tossed him into the garbage dumpster!

I was scared of her (not any longer)but I musterd up the courage to climb up to the dumpster an snatched my best friend from an untimely demise.

I put him under my bed wrapped up in some rags... I would take him out from under my bed and hug on him very tightly and fall fast to sleep.

Sadly, on day my mother was waiting for me when I came home from school... she found him! She beat my good. Then she told me that I would never see Zip again. She ripped him apart and tossed him into the dumpster. I couldn't save him... I missed him so much!


This memory was added on: December 18, 2006

hi i have been searching for a monkey that i remember my brother getting as a child.. we use to play with him all the time! after years of climbing trees and other adventures my brother's monkey which name was sammy...was in despereate need of sewing...well a friend sewed him up for my brother and needless to say he came back from the doll hospital purple...after that he just wasn't the same.. my brother didn't like him anymore...he was ruined..well anyways the monkey wasn't zip at least i don't think so...but i belive it is Mr. Bim... we loved this monkey and one day i recieved this catolg in the mail called betty's attic and low and behold I think it's Mr. Bim or something like him.. he has the bannana and the red suspenders and is very cheap so i odered it as a suprise for my brother..... not sure if this is the one... also in the catolg he is just called retro monkey...after reading this i looked up mr. bim and the one i saw mr. bim top was different.. this was another web site for toys from different era's ..Well i hope this can help all of u. i'll let u know if i got the right one...


This memory was added on: December 18, 2006

My brother had one of these and he just loved it, took it everywhere with him. we went on vacation and left it at home, he cried for 2 weeks, honest!


This memory was added on: December 14, 2006

I got my monkey when I was around 4, in 1964. I named him Micheal Monkey and he was my best friend. My sister Betty made him talk and we went everywhere together well into high school. Betty saved him from the trash many times and saved him with restuffing surgery on her top bunk. I chewed off his hand and she gave him a masking tape cast. In the seventies I drew Dark Shadows vampire marks on his neck with permanent marker. In the first grade I wrote left on his right foot and right on his left foot also permanent marker. I still have him on my bed today and I am 46. Micheal will always be my first friend.Micheal has survived many washing machine loads because of pinworms!!

marilyn c

This memory was added on: December 7, 2006

My poor Zippy, he had pen marks all around his eyes and face to make them stand out. His shoes were so dirty, that I tried to to wash them. He got swung around by his ears, arms and legs, but he was my best friend. Then when I out grew him, my brother got him. HA! He'd disappear for days at a time. (I secretly knew that Zippy didn't love him as much as he loved me!) Well one time Zippy disappeared, and never came back. AND I got blamed.... to this day 40 years later, that I did him in, SO.....on E-bay I went and found a Zippy, he may not be as colorful as the old Zippy, but maybe my brother will have forgetten my art work, (just like the time I dropped him out the window), and he will be happy Zippy is back in his arms!


This memory was added on: December 3, 2006

I just bought a Zippy doll on eBay for my wife. Her story of Zippy resembles many others listed on this site. She named him "Jimmy" and didn't know how to go about finding the doll she'd lost when she was 9 and cried for over a year about. She never forgotten her Jimmy and many times mentioned him to me. Jokingly I'd ask her how much she would pay for Jimmy and she would say $3000 w/out hesitation. Luckily, I found him for a fraction of that. My wife is a bit of a clean freak, hence her nickname "Monk", however when she saw her Jimmy she hugged him like it was yesterday. It was PRICELESS. I guess Zippy, or Jimmy has left a lasting impression on lots of folks over the years. My wife is one of many.


This memory was added on: December 2, 2006

My mom has told me her story, and my Grandmother has confirmed it. This Christmas, my mother was 8, and it was 1957. My Mother was smitten with Zip the Monkey. Everyday, she walked by the Woolworths, were Zip the Monkey sat in the window display, at the affordable price of 9.99$. Every school day, my mother would stare and admire the little monkey, from his white coveralls, down to his little white tennis shoes. My mom told my Grandmother about the monkey, hoping she might buy it for Christmas. My Grandmother was a busy woman for those days. Raising 3 daughters, by herself without support was and still is a difficult situation. My Grandmother did find a monkey for sale. She believed that the monkey looked very real, having real fur and looking almost alive. This was not the monkey my mom wanted, but a more expensive monkey which sold for 30.00$ My Grandmother thought she was getting the best gift ever for my mom. Come Christmas day, my mom recieves the monkey and has a breakdown. She cried and cried on Christmas morning, and her older Sister and Younger sister taunted her with her. She ended up crying all night, because the real fur and its look terrified her. My Grandmother who had spent 30.00$ on a monkey that was not wanted was furious and took the monkey away from my Mom. She ended up selling it to her Sister, and no more was ever said about the monkey. Every now and then she tells us this story, and today it made me laugh out loud, my Grandmother as well. I decided to see if I could find the monkey today, and I think im getting closer. Merry Christmas all.

Richard Melgar

This memory was added on: November 27, 2006

I actually don't have any memories of Mr. Bim or Zippy, but my fiance had a chimp doll similar to both. I believe it is a Mr. Bim from the descriptions I have seen, but this one has no suspenders and it has a rubber hat on its head that looks like some type of circus or band member's hat. Anyone know what monkey this would be? It did have a banana and the vinyl/rubber face, hands, and ears. It looks like a Mr. Bim, but the hat is really throwing me. Can't find anything like it on the Internet. (Oh yeah, it's tag says "Elka toys"

Tiffany Mettlin

This memory was added on: November 18, 2006

My sisters and I played with Zippy when we were young. We used to love him so much and would often fight over who was going to hold and carry him when we went to his house. His house was our grandmothers house. My mother used to play with zippy when she was little also. Mom is 60 years old, I am 39. My grandmother held onto Zippy forever and after my sisters and I became too old to really care so much about playing with Zippy, grandma put him away. I asked grandma about him in my early 20's and she fished him out for me. Zippy just hung around again,his favorite spot seemingly the back of grandmas sofa. As time went by, Zippy acquired many new outfits. I dont remember the original I've seen on different web sites. Two years ago, grandma passed away and now Zippy lives with me and sits on my nightstand beside my bed. I cant say Zippy is fragile. He's a tough old guy for sure. There have been small tears here and there that I've repaired but my own kids enjoy picking him up and playing with him. I would love to purchase another Zippy and even his girlfriend, Tippy? He's such a terrific monkey that I cant imagine being without him. He's a wonderful memory of times long passed and a wonderful of grandma who always took such great care of him. He still is in amazing shape, by the way. I'd like to pass him down to my grandkids someday but only if they share my love of Zippy.


This memory was added on: November 13, 2006

When I was little I got got my first Zip monkey. My sister got one at the same time. I hear stories about everyone getting them in the 50s and 60s, but we got ours in the 80s. I remember carrying it around everywhere. I loved it! We moved arround a lot and it got lost. I wish I still had it. Now my son's favorite animal is a monkey. He has quite a collection of stuffed monkeys.Including one from my husbands old toys. It would be nice for him to have mine.


This memory was added on: November 10, 2006

My Zippy the chimp was my best friend in the whole world from the time I was 5 years old in 1955(purchased from Sears and Robuck catalog) until I was 23 (pathetic huh?)and moved down to Maryland from New York. He had been sewn so many times, he was literally falling apart. I took him into a doll hospital in New York and asked if they could fix him up for me. They told me no. What a shame! I finally threw him away since he appeared to be a health hazard. I am 56 years old and I still remember the day I received him for Christmas with his white buckskin looking shoes and cute little outfit, and sitting him on my lap. My dad once had to turn back 100 miles to a relative's house because I left him there and didn't want to be without him. I am now trying to obtain one on ebay. Hope it's possible!


This memory was added on: October 6, 2006

My twin sister an I shared our Zippy, who was a hand-me-down from cousins. One night I got him, one night she did. We ate off his ears, made some headway at eating his fingertips, and rubbed his fur off. When I was in my early teens, I re-built Zippy's body, now his torso, arms and legs are black with horseshoes....and even that tore because he was a REAL monkey until we were way to old to be going to sleep with a stuffed animal. We knitted and crochted sweaters, jumpsuits, and hats for him/her. He was always on the top of the list of things to grab if ever there was a fire. Now Zippy is on my dresser next to an original Zippy and his blond girlfriend which my sister bought me for some holiday on eBay. I'm lucky I got to keep Zippy, all the kids in the next generation thought he was scary. What do they know! If we ever had a fire, Zippy is the posession I'd go for first.


This memory was added on: September 9, 2006

Zip and I were inseparable when I was a child. I wasn't a Howdy Doody fan, but for some reason I was drawn to the stuffed animal. I took him everywhere, on vacation, shopping, out to eat, the beach, you name it-he went with me. I used to keep him by my bed as a kid so he would protect me at night. My wife and I had a baby girl two months ago, and guess who is sitting on her dresser! Zips presence is a bit of a friendly quandary in our house these days as my wife thinks he's a bit creepy looking:)

Kurt H

This memory was added on: September 8, 2006

I still have my Zippy doll. I don't remember a time when I didn't have him. My mother gave him to me when I was a baby. I have friends who make fun of him, but I don't care. He has leather ears that my dad made for him after our dog Timmy chewed the first ones off. His stuffing is coming out of one foot. His squeaker stopped working when I was little. He has a little hole in his neck, and I am afraid to wash him because he's so old and torn. But I love him and I always will, and my fiance says "he's OK" although he doesn't like him in bed with us.


This memory was added on: August 9, 2006

We were watching old movies this weekend while visiting my parents, and my son commented on the "creepy monkey" that I carried around. My brother thought that was funny, but I did NOT! Tonight I brought my Zippy out of my closet, and was devastated to discover his left arm squeaker has dried up, and now goes "crunch" instead of making that endearing monkey noise. I am thrilled to find out there are many other Zippy monkey fans!!


This memory was added on: August 2, 2006

My Zip was handed down to me from my older sister. She probably received him in the late '60s, I was born in '73 and loved Zip my whole life. I still have him today, he has no clothes and all of his fur has been rubbed off. My family still laughs about the "ugly" monkey I used to carry everywhere! He was my best friend. I had no idea there were people out there that felt the same way about their Zips.


This memory was added on: July 24, 2006

I was born in 1967 and got my first Zip when I was about 4 years old. I got him on Christmas day. My older brother told me his name was "Zip" because he could actually read what was on the t-shirt. I showed my mother what Santa had brought me. She asked me what I would name him and I had to tell her that he already had a name: Zip! Zip got put through the ringer and went everywhere with me. Whenever he'd get torn, he'd go home with our family friend and house keeper to the "monkey hospital". I'd miss him for days until he finally returned all fixed up! Over the years, I only had fond memories of Zip until my wife, as a wedding present, reunited me with him (via eBay) in 2003! Now he has a place of honor in my bedroom.


This memory was added on: July 24, 2006

I was born is 74 and I had one also .. BUt now i have to spend at least $100 to get one again.. Is this healthy???? He went to JAWS with me at US and I was so scared I was squeezing him so tight... I want my kids to enjoy him also. For now Im buying one and seeing what great deals I can get on other ones in the near future


This memory was added on: July 23 ,2006

I had no idea that Zip meant as much to others as he did to me. I called him "Zippy" and he and I were pretty much inseperable after I got him for my 2nd birthday in 1975. He sits in my closet next to my husband's "brown monkey" that was his childhood friend. I still remember the night Zippy lost his squeak...My parents were out and we had a babysitter. I was in bed and Zippy stopped squeaking. I was devastated, and the sitter had no idea why I was so upset. I lost him once and for several weeks couldn't find him anywhere. One day I opened the milk box on the front porch which had not been used in months, and there he was. I never let him out of my sight again. My other stuffed animals have been long since thrown out or given away, but Zippy is a permanent childhood memory that I will never part with.


This memory was added on: July 14, 2006

My Zip was given to me by my big brother when I was born....Apparently I chewed off his ears at some point and I loved him untill his body fell apart! My grandmother bought a monkey and sewed on Zip's hands, shoes, and face. I still sleep w/ him and all though everyone that sees him makes fun of him and his strange body I LOVE him and I tell me fiance all the time that he is just going to have to get used to the "other" love in my life! Zip Rocks!

Beth R

This memory was added on: July 10, 2006

I still have my Zippy. He was my favorite now my daughter plays with him. My zippy looks just like the picture he is missing his hat. If my memory serves me mine had a white hat. I had no Idea he was such a popular Item. I was born in 74', none of my friends ever had on. I never new he was this special.


This memory was added on: July 10, 2006

My mom took me to have my picture taken when I was about 3, and it still hangs on her "picture wall"...I was holding Zip, my favorite toy in the whole world. I still have him, although he doesn't have any clothes, and his mouth is split wide open so that if I'm not careful, all of his stuffing is going to be pulling out by my children! I've been working up to buying another one on Ebay; I'm really surprised at how often they are listed! I probably should get one now...who knows how much longer they will be available. I love my Zip!

Cindy Schafer