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Green Machine
by Marx
Green Machine

Read memories from others.

More memories from:    2003-2005   

This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

I'm 40 now and to this day whenever I am asked what the best present I ever received was I tell them it was my Green Machine. Being a girl and rockin' that thing down the street, slammin' the controls to whip the back end around and make gravel spray was even cooler. My male cousin got one the same Christmas - we had to wait until April for the snow to melt and then we raced those machines like maniacs.

There was an unwritten rule about leaving my large U-shaped cul-de-sac, but I remember one warm summer evening I just couldn't resist and rode it all the way to my elementary school a couple blocks away and back without my mom ever knowing. Such a rebel… two whole blocks out of "the zone".

One other afternoon, I was zig zagging down our street lazily. Since you sat so close to those noisy plastic tires it was impossible to hear anything unless someone else was riding next to you yelling at the top of their lungs. I was cruising along (for what seemed like a long time later) heard a funny squawk, shoulder checked and behind me was a police cruiser inching along behind me because they couldn't get past. I was so mortified and they told me to "drive on the sidewalk". I was choked at my mother who was sitting on the neighbor's front porch - I guess even if she had tried to yell at me to get out of the way I wouldn't have heard her over those tires.

I can't remember if I rode it until it broke down or if my legs got too long to ride it anymore, but I wish they'd make one for big girls. I'd slam on those brakes and whip my 40-year-old ass around all over again!!!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Born 1969 - had Green Machine when I was probably about 7/8 yrs old

This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

I vividly remember the Christmas of 1978, in Bethlehem, Pa.. My little nephew, Anthony, had just gotten the Marx made Green Machine that morning. I got the bright idea of pulling him down the street with my sister's 3 speed bike, using a rope. As we neared the front of her house, I did a sharp U turn, which promptly yanked the bicycle out from under me, as I crashed to the street my little nephew slid in an arc and slammed into the driver's side door of my mom's parked Caddy. I will never forget the horrified look on his face, his jaw was dropped and his eyes were as big as saucers.

A couple of months ago I bought a Huffy brand Green Machine, and found its newer, metal frame design, easily supports my 180 pound, 5' 6" frame. I built an axle to accommodate an aluminium rim, pneumatic tire. This makes it more of an exercise machine. I flip flop between both axles for spin outs or a quiet, smooth, ride. I bought a second Green Machine for my wife, same deal. I have such a blast, tearing up my neighbourhood on an almost daily basis. Hail to the Green Machine!!


This memory was added on: February 21, 2010

Living on a corner lot with with a bit of down slope and several interconnected driveways with gates meant we had a twisty course setup for Big Wheels, trikes, bicycles, and even a Honda Kick-N-Go. I'd ride the Big Green Machine like it was and F-16 with afterburners. The trike with the neighbor kid was first out of the hole, but if you grabbed just the right amount of left handle as you went into the first corner under the awning....keeping on the pedals to claw through the turn...you could rocket out the back straight down the full length of the RV pad.

Going into that corner hot was always sketchy though because it was downhill and you had to LEFT!, RIGHT!, LEFT! just right to make it through two gates. Hook a wheel and you were tossed into the shrubs and had to suffer the indignity of a 7 year old laughing as they pedaled their Big Wheel by.

But get ahead of the field you could set into a good pace and eventually lap everybody again....except the big neighbor dog that would cut through flowers and lick your face.

Man, growing up in the 70's with the BGM was the best!

Matt W.
Tri-Cities, WA

This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

I was the only one in the neighborhood that had one. It was soooo much better than everyone else's Big Wheels! I completely wore it out! My Dad finally took it to the dump and my life was permanently scarred! When the new ones came out...about 2000? I quickly bought one for my neice..who was only two at the time. Warning: Do not try to relive your youth on these. At 60 pounds...you slide around easily and you are on top of the world. At 125...not so easy. I ejected myself from the Green Machine and slide down the pavement! Either way, it was still GREAT! Green Machines! Best Toy Ever!

Greenville, Alabama

This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

Today I am creating a memory book for my son who is turning 40 years old this June (born in 1969). His favorite toy was his green machine. At age 8 or perhaps 9, he was known to head downhill, crank a sharp turn into our driveway and SPIN...........Funny, today he still prefers to turn a few donuts in a shopping mall parking lot. Some memories die hard. Thanks Green Machine for the best riding toy ever!


This memory was added on: December 22, 2008

First of all , I love this page.

I got my Green Machine when I was about ohhh 7 (about 1974?). I wanted it so bad. I woke up on Christmas morning and that baby was gleaming like a Martini at an AA meeting in my eyes. I jumped right on with my zipper PJ's and all, feet sliding off the pedals and I tore up that asbestos tile floor for hours on it. Of course there was snow on the ground so I couldn't take it outside right away. I was a girl and didn't know if Santa would bring it to me, I mean look at the ad for God's sake " for guys". Well , I went against the grain, and no I am not lesbian. I still remember them tires all chewed up and it didn't stop me. God rest my Green Machine with the Wacky Ad stickers all over it. I loved ya !!

Robyn Royston

This memory was added on: December 22, 2008

The Green Machine was the $#!t!

I would tear down the alley and hit maximum speed and skid out to a stop. The hardest part was pulling it back up the alley.

It was awesome at turns, I remember lining up trash cans in the alley to make a speed track to weave in and out of.

I went from Inch Worm to Big Wheel to The ULTIMATE Green Machine. The 70's were awesome.


This memory was added on: November 26, 2008

I remember my green machine. EVERYONE wanted a ride but nope… They couldn’t touch it. I rode that thing until I was too big for it and was riding my bike. When my younger brother (5 years younger) was big enough to ride I threw the world’s biggest fit about it and squeezed myself on to it and took off. When we finally moved away, II still didn’t want to give up my green machine, but didn’t have the room to take it, so I gave it to a kid down the street who didn’t even have a big wheel. Last I saw of my best toy was another kid riding away with the world’s biggest smile……. I miss those days. Now I want to get one for my nephew, my own boys being too old and too big for one, I hope I can find one soon!

Walter Wilson

This memory was added on: October 7, 2008

It was 1979. I was 6 years in the making. It was a nice summer day and I decided to go for a little ride.

As I was riding down the driveway an idea came to me as I saw my Irish Setter run across the yard. I decided to use him (Zeke) as my mode of propulsion.

"Here Zeke!"....I said, and in response he said "Woof!"....as in "Sure mate!". So I hooked him up to the shifter, and then my vision became reality. "Mush Zeke! Mush!" I chanted. It was a great feeling. The wind in my hair, the thoughts of reckless abandon racing through my head, and then it all came to an end. The bastard ripped the shifter off my Green Machine. I cried. I loved that Green Machine.

Lafayette, Indiana

This memory was added on: May 20, 2007

I remember watching the commercials on TV and wanting a green machine so bad. I was probably 4 and very small for my age, and my parents kept saying they didn't think I could ride it. Christmas day, there it was, under the tree. I was SO excited, and spent the next few hours riding it up and down the hall, hating the snow. I couldn't wait for Spring. I remember I couldn't reach the pedals all the way, so I would take up the hill in front of my house and go flying down the hill, then peel out towards the bottom and slide all over. They make green machines again, and unlike most toys, the new ones are metal when the old ones were plastic... They even have the slide out wheels. Sometimes I wonder if I'm small enough to fit. =)


This memory was added on: May 14, 2007

I remember when i was ridin fast then i turned quikly then my back axel comes off so im flipin then my steering brakes off it sucked

alex young

This memory was added on: May 8, 2007

I remember driving my green machine at the age 8-9 years old and drove mine til the tires went flat,cause they were plastic tires. It was awesome ride,they do incredible donuts and til my son learns how to pedal, i want my son to have the experience the fun and excitement of the green machine


This memory was added on: May 8, 2007

That thing could do the best spin outs ever!! I was the coolest girl in the neighborhood When the plastic seat broke my dad replaced it with one he made out of wood. What a Dad!


This memory was added on: May 5, 2007

I remember the kid across the street had a Green Machine. He was the kid with the divorced parents so he had a house full of the toys my brother and I wanted. Our parents never wanted to spend the kind of money that a guilty divorced dad would. To top it off, that kid was the most selfish sob you'd ever meet. He never let anyone even try his Green Machine, we had to settle for riding our Big Wheels.


This memory was added on: April 26, 2007

When i was a kid i snuck up to the attic around my birthday and to my joy i found a hidden green machine. I was the envy of my brothers on my wicked cool big wheel.


This memory was added on: April 20, 2007

I remember when I turned 6 years old. I had just came out of Kindergarden. My Mother surprised me with a Greenmachine. It was the coolest looking Big Wheel Ever. I remember riding it fast and making sharp turns. it was awsome. Now that I have a son who just turned 3 years old. I am planning on buying him one too. I think He would enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine.


This memory was added on: April 4, 2007

This had to be the best toy that I ever had. I had a bike but I always wanted to ride the green machine. I can recall me and my brother racing, and spinning out. Wow...those were the days!!!

Wallace Harper

This memory was added on: March 27, 2007

i wish that i can have a green machine for my birthday ! i wanted one for a long time but i want the old kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish that yall still made them but mama said that they didn't make my age group but she wants to by me clothes instead buutv i really want a old green machine for my birthday!!!!!!!! thats what i really want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlyn Payne

This memory was added on: March 17, 2007

I was lucky enough to have not one, but two green machines. The original one and a "special edition" called the green machine "shadow". It was still green but had white and gold stripes and most importantly it had a huge rear wing. My best buddy and I used to play dukes of hazard with the other kids on our street. He was blond so he played Bo Duke and I played Luke. We each rode on a green machine. The other kids on our street had tricylcles; the where the police. I remeber my dad ordering replacement front wheels for both my green machines at least 2 times each. That toy was without a doubt, my all time favorite.


This memory was added on: March 13, 2007

My friends and I would cut holes in the wheels of those green machines and fill the tires up with what we called "smokey dirt" You know that white powder like stuff. I wish I could find some tires for my truck that are made out of that stuff those green machine wheels were made of. They lasted forever.


This memory was added on: February 23, 2007

Oh, man the Green Machine was awesome. I got one for Christmas the year it came out and rode it all over the neighborhood. My best friend made his mother buy him one and we would recklessly skid around the whole neighborhood. The trick to the GM was you needed a good place to ride it, you needed some wide sidewalks or open streets. The one thing the GM didn't have was the "clicker" that was on a Big Wheel. Which was just as well since on my street there were two Dobermans that hated the sound of Big Wheels "clicking" past their drive way. I think I rode my Green Machine for two years before I just like riding my Schwinn bike. In the mid-1970s having a Schwinn bike was still the gold standard.


This memory was added on: February 15, 2007

I remember my Green Machine. My Aunt Nancy bought it for me. It was the sweetest thing a skinny lil girl like me ever saw. It took me forever to be big enough to actually ride it, but oh man it was worth the wait. I remember I used to ride it down our long driveway In Circleville Ny and spin out just shy of Rt 302. Ive heard it described as dangerous, it probably was. And to think I never even wore a helmet! They dont really make cool riding toys like that anymore...even the big wheels seem to lack something of the 70's era toys.

Joannah Trimboli-Bill

This memory was added on: February 15, 2007

This was the most bitter part of my childhood. I never had a green machine. I had, and loved my big wheel, but my friend with the green machine was just a little more cool than me. Maybe I'll get one now...do they hold 195 lbs?


This memory was added on: February 4, 2007

I can make it on a Big Wheel, I don't need no Green Machine!

Flash Gordon

This memory was added on: January 31, 2007

It was the early 80's and my cousins and I rode that green machine down hills, sidewalks and steps for hours on end. My grandpa kept it under the porch. We only stop riding long enough to eat watermelon and have seed spitting contests. My "Green Machine" memories are sweeter than that cool melon juice that ran off my chin those hot summer day. Man, I miss being a kid in 1985.


This memory was added on: January 15, 2007

I saw the commercial and I had to have it. My parents and I went to the toy store (Children's Palace), my dad assembled it and I instantly became the ONLY kid in the neighborhood with the real GREEN MACHINE! FUN TIMES, FUN TIMES!!!

My neighbor's parents bought her a BATMAN reject Green Machine by another brand. We were the only young kids in our neighborhood and two of us would ride all day, in the middle of the street. I swear we'd reach speeds of at least 25-30mph when descending those hills (SOUTHERN HILLS). Hers was long destroyed but my GREEN MACHINE was still in the garage when I left for college.

I was the envy of all the boys in our predominantly white neighborhood. I was a girl, a black girl at that, AND I had a GREEN MACHINE!!!!!! My most favorite toy! --I stumbled upon this site while looking for another one to purchase, for myself!


This memory was added on: December 26, 2006

Retro toys, what a great site! I was an only child and was lucky enough to have gone though two Big Wheels and one Green Machine, all of which I loved. But when I look back as a kid I preferred the big wheel. Granted when you first look at your new Green Machine sitting next to all your friends sun faded Big Wheels it looked like an exotic sports car but it had it's draw backs. Most kids had hills to ride down and that was fun with both BW and GM but pushing the GM up a hill was a PAIN. The BW was short and the handle bars were up far enough where you could just stand behind the BW and put your hands on the bars and push, very practical, but the GM was long and low and had no place to push, if you leaned over the back you would need to put your hands on the turning levers to push and if you did that with out keeping the same amount of force on both levers the GM would rapidly turn and could flip you over the side so I had to pick the back two wheels up and wheelbarrow the unstable thing up the hill. Also the seat was thin and flimsy so when the fat bully sat on my GM the seat cracked. So I went back to my sun faded flat spotted Big Wheel and had a blast!

Benjamin L Self

This memory was added on: December 17, 2006

by far the koolest toy ever made! I had to buy one for my son and he loves it as does every other kid on the block.I still have my original green machine from the 70s and now my son has the new one. two generations of fun for one great idea.so many wonderful memories, however I am at least 150 lbs too big for this toy now and would consider selling it to any interested party.


This memory was added on: December 9, 2006

My favorite memory about my Green Machine was, my mom told my sister and I to write our Christmas wish list. I put a Green Machine for my first choice. One day a few days before Christmas (i still believed in santa claus), my mom asked me to get a blanket out of my dad's closet in their bedroom, she was about to take a nap on the couch and when i opened my dad's closet door, all of my Christmas gifts were at the top of the closet and what stood out was my green machine. I was so happy to see it however, that meant their wasn't a Santa Claus. My bestfriend also got one as well for Christmas. We rode those Green Machine's as if we were racing at nascar

Deanie Johnson

This memory was added on: December 1, 2006

As a Child is san francisco I had a green machine, taking such risk flying down the streets of s.f. Lived in the sunset in the hills of quantera and racing down hills and only praying to stop at the bottom without hurting myself. Sometimes it was a success and sometimes a disaster! The green machine was my best friend.....

Stacy Bornia

This memory was added on: November 25, 2006

I'll never forget the Green Machine! I never even had one, but my friend did. I think I only rode it a few times, but dreamed of riding it all of the time. It was so much cooler than the Big Wheel.


This memory was added on: November 20, 2006

The 1970's were great!!!!! All those trips down Murphy's Hill on my Green Machine!!!!!

Todd M., Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Todd Meister

This memory was added on: November 7, 2006

those were the dayze!!!!


This memory was added on: November 2, 2006

The Green Machine was always the one everybody wanted to ride. My cousins had every rideable bike, trike there was. Which was great because the also had a very long driveway that wrapped around the house to a huge hill in the back. We'd start out at the top of the hill, pedaling like fiends, racing to the end of the driveway. There were some collisions and rollovers but we had a blast. We all became experts at spinning out at the end of the race.


This memory was added on: September 19, 2006

Wow. I wound up here while searching for some old photographs of the original Green Machine. I never had one myself, but two of my best friends did. I remember how priviledged I felt being able to ride them. There were big wheels, and then there was The Green Machine. One of the few childhood toys that created life-long memories. In fact, the memories are so strong that "Green Machine" is what I call my green Neon--my grown up street-toy that I throw around in much the same way I did that '70s classic...


This memory was added on: August 26, 2006

My green machine was great!.....The thing they are passing off as a green machine today is bogus...lol...nothing ever compared to the trill of riding a green machine.Especiallt if you were the only kid that had one...Unfortunately Mine was stolen and my fun ended...Was never quite the same after that, but hey life went on...The Green Machine was one of if not the greatest childhood memory I had...By the way, do anybody remember the fake purple one that came out...lol

Johnny E. Sampson

This memory was added on: August 8, 2006

What's a "Big Wheel"?

My green machine was my favorite toy of my childhood. I could go any place, I was mobile, and faster than all the other kids on the block. Remember the kids that had the flat sided tire on the big wheel and couldn't go anywhere because the tire had no traction??

My GM would just keep going.....until one day I parked it too close to the trash pick-up..........my GM was gone..............x-mas day i got a huffy.............

just wasn't the same


This memory was added on: August 8, 2006

Deadly toy. Big hills, loose neighborhood dogs, lacked the stability of the Big Wheel, stitches and road rash - no fond memories here.

Joe L.

This memory was added on: July 25, 2006

Im pretty sure it was in 1976 when I got a GM for my birthday. I was envied by all of the kids on their gay big wheels. This was in Danville, Virginia. Shortly thereafter, our family moved to Richmond and we lived on a steep cul-de-sac. I could go down the length of that court and give her the lever slam and do about three 360s. All the other kids were amazed. Those were good times.

But what ended it for me was a rollover crash. I was really going fast on one run, faster than ever before. The end of the court was comming up and I had way too much speed going. People are talking about brakes, but mine had no such thing. The only way to stop was to put down your feet...And that wasnt working, so I went into the spin...and flipped over. I blacked out when my head bashed the street.

My much older brother had been watching me through a large window upstairs and saw it happen. He scooped me up off of the street and got me into the bathtub to clean off the blood and see if I had broken bones. We have had a closer relationship since that event, and I have some cool scars.

I donated my beloved GM to my cousin who rode it until the wheels fell apart. And if I could get another one, I would take it to that same street and do the spins.


This memory was added on: July 14, 2006

I guess it was around 1976 and it was Christmas eve. I was hoping to get a Green Machine from my Mom that night and it was all I had talked about. The time came to open gifts. They brought this big cardboard box out. I tore into it and on removing the contents found a long wooden 2x4 with a single wheel on front and two on the rear. It had a crude seat made of plywood. In bold letters on the side it read 'The Green Machine'. I just stared at it as they laughed. After a few minutes, they asked if I liked it. Once they had finished with their fun, they rolled the real deal into the room! (much to my relief) I rode it for hours that night.


This memory was added on: July 10, 2006

Ahh the green machine... all of my friends had big wheels but i had the coolest ride of all... while their front tire wore out from pedal stopping, my green machine tire was perect, due to the sweet sweet slide stops that were possible with the lever steering... wow i miss that thing!


This memory was added on: July 7, 2006

My brother and I each had one and we kept them at my grandparents' house. We couldn't wait to get there and ride them. They had a dozen or so rock steps in the back that led to the lower level. My brother and I would get a big start from the driveway out front and go down those stairs. Such a blast! Here I am at 34 and I'm buying two for my kids! Glad to see they make them in the adult size now. I may have to get one myself!!


This memory was added on: June 30, 2006

I had one when I was a kid in... hmm... '78... It was the hit of the neighborhood... I loved it. Incidentally, Green Machines did NOT have any type of "brake."


This memory was added on: June 30, 2006

The green machines were necessities with my five kids in five years...what a way to exhaust them, keep them healthy and happy...great memories...I NOW NEED HELP IN FINDING A WIGGLE-WAGON riding toy which was propelled by gyrating your body side to side as you pulled the handle bar left-right-left-right. The sculpted sitting base was a bit of a triangle with the handle bar at the front point. E-mail me at Gin-448@Juno.com I have some children with special needs who would dearly benefit from such a wagon.

Virginia Helgeson

This memory was added on: June 29, 2006

The Green Machine---- without question, the absolute Shit! My mother wasn't so fond of the black marks I would leave on her carport after tearing down the driveway and spinning out just short of the brick wall (most of the time, anyway.) Ah, to have an adult Green Machine. If they make it, I'm on the waiting list! "If you build it, they will come..."


This memory was added on: June 17, 2006

To Wil - actually, they do make Big Wheels for adults now, LOL. I saw a website for them a little while ago, and they can hold up to 250lbs.

I had an Inch Worm, then I graduated to a Big Wheel, then when I outgrew that, my parents bought me a Green Machine. I was the coolest kid on the block for a while, we used to have races down the street; everyone else had Big Wheels and I had the only Green Machine. I loved how I could do 180's on it at high speed, just by slamming the levers :-)

Toni Oliver

This memory was added on: June 16, 2006

The green machine reminded me of a three wheel toy i received in the early 70's. It was metal, blue and had a sitck you used to steer it. Any one remember this?



This memory was added on: June 11, 2006

I had a green machine when I was a kid. I used go as fast as I could down the street then hit the brake and SPIN! It was the greatest thrill! Too bad some bastard stole it. I wish they had an adult sized green machine. I think I might make one...


This memory was added on: June 7, 2006

I had a Big Wheel. A hand me down one at that, but it did have the small storage bin behind the adjustable seat. BUT....the rich kid down the street had a Green Machine. That was the shiznizzle. He was a nice rich kid though and let me ride it all the time. Just last week I told my buddy they should make Big Wheels for adults and he said, "They're called bicycles." When I was a kid all I wanted was a kid version of my dad's Jeep. Now I'm almost 40 and I want an adult's version of a Big Wheel.

Wil Whalen

This memory was added on: June 1, 2006

Did you ever have the thought..."If I could change something from the past, what would it be?" I often think back to the green machine! I had a regular old Big Wheel, but my little brother had the Green Machine. We used to love racing it around the pool, until he slid his rear tire into the deep end causing my older sister to dive in to rescue him (in the winter!) That's not what I wish to change though... seriously he's fine, successful and now is married and has 2 beautiful daughters of his own. It was shortly after the pool incident, that he and I along with a group of neighborhood friends were racing up and down the street. He was becoming bothersome and annoying as younger siblings do and hearing the sounds of the garbage truck turning onto the street I decided to make my move when he dis-embarked the Green Machine. That's right I tossed it a-top a garbage pail and off it went to the dump. If I only new it would become a nostalgic relic, and if we kept it in good condition his adorable girls could enjoy it today!


This memory was added on: May 28, 2006

I would ride it from sun up to sun down in our cul-de-sac round and round I would go...The neighbors complained about the noise, so my folks added a liberal coating of silicon to the wheels to quiet the plastic wheel/concrete friction sound (that I loved to no end). The wheel treatment only lasted a few days, as I was frustrated with the amount to work it now took to pedal, and the new rubber coating eliminated the burn out potential so I peeled it all off!



This memory was added on: May 27, 2006

THE GREEN MACHINE WAS AND STILL IS....THE SHIT!! My first encounter with the Green Machine was in 1979 ( I remember the year because I briefly lived with my grandma ...God Rest Her Soul). Grandma just bought me my first BIG WHEEL! It was a Spider-Man one Red, White, Blue, the works! When I got it home and showed the kids on the block, one of them said: "I got something way better" Sean ran into his parents' garage and voila! out came this monstrous contraption.....THE GREEN MACHINE! When I saw it, all I could do was say "Darnit, I didn't see that one in the store.." To make a long story short(er), I never got to actually own a Green Mchine, but the hours of fun I had riding Sean's (after sneaking into his parents' gagrage and "borrowing" it) made up for not having the coveted kids' ride the 70's.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2006

The Green Machine is not crap. I remember my nephew playing with one and the secret behind the Green Machine was it's ability to lean into a turn. Just like a two wheeled motorcycle. Imagine, a three wheeled car capable of leaning into a turn getting motorcyle milage.

It could make the oil companies tremble in fear.


This memory was added on: May 13, 2006

Whoa nelly--

I used to have a Green Machine and was telling a friend recently about it. I couldn't remember how it worked but I described it as having an 'octopus' movement to it. I remember wearing out the wheels and taping them up where the skidded out holes were. Good times....


This memory was added on: May 11, 2006

See this? A seven stitch scar....High speed Green Machine collision...I'm still proud of it....


This memory was added on: May 7, 2006

Oh my god. The Green Machine was the coolest toy ever back in the late 70s. I reckon i got mine when i was about 7 or 8 and living in Australia. I used to rip down streets that were hilly and pull one lever at the bottom and make the sucker spin round. I think i even rolled it a few times. What i would love to go back to those care free days. The green machine was classic. I think someone liscenced the name a few years back as i am sure i saw a new model green machine for sale somewhere here in the UK. (where i now live) Ashley Irons 33 year old ex Green Machine rider ;-)

ashley irons

This memory was added on: April 13, 2006

To Chris Bretl---You are so right! on our Clay St. block, my daughter had a green machine, her brothers big wheels, and all the other kids had big wheels---Only one Green Machine on that block, and my daughter Queen of the hill! Christmas 1978

Kathy Recicar

This memory was added on: April 10, 2006

my green machine was distroyed by bullies. does anyone remeber the gm rival red baron. our was that a figment of my imagination.


This memory was added on: March 30, 2006

i had my first experience on a green machine and loved every second of every powerslide on some very smooth surfaces even managed to spill a few times but got back up and off again, i couldnt help but notice a small lack of power and speed so am venturing out to modify a green machine with the addition of a go kart engine, bigger brakes, rubber slicks etc etc but am lacking original schematics to work from. any help would be much appreciated.


This memory was added on: March 7, 2006

wow.... I use to have one of these rockets, loved it for about a summer until I wore it out....then I grew a bit and forgot about it for a while, then out of no-where i thought about it again....the all mighty green machine....i want one again....


This memory was added on: February 22, 2006

OH! The mighty Green Machine. My Dad was a dragracer with a choptop 1957 funny car with the hottest paint job on the track. Naturally, I could only drive the best and the best was the Green Machine. I was the envy of all the little dirty drag racers children with beer tab necklaces and beer can tap shoes. Oh, what memories, if only those assets would work for me now.


This memory was added on: February 19, 2006

One of the best toys I ever had! I remember having to wait tell Christmas of 77, I do believe, to get it and then to find out we had to put the thing together. That wasn't the worst part though.. We ended up having to exchange it because it didn't have all the pieces. Finely, after waiting forever to get it together, I was able to ride it. And ride I did! There where two other kids on the block who also had one, and we became the GM threeow! I remember at one point my set broke off with all the three eighties I did, but that didn't stop me from riding it. I just took some small puffy pillow and used it as a set. It wasn't as comply, but some how I learned how to make it work with out falling off of it. I figured it just made me a better rider.lol I remember a couple years later giving it away when we had to move and didn't have room to take it along. Funny, because even with out the set, the kid I gave it to was very excited to receive it.


This memory was added on: February 16, 2006

I never had a green machine, though I lusted after one almost every day of my life until age 8 or so. Every big wheel gang had 1 green machine. never 2 or 3 but only 1. The green machine's owner automaticly became the alpha male of the naborhood big wheel scene. if you strayed out past "the big road" into another gangs turf ... you dare not run into a green machine on the road. stories of green machine sightings would surface amoung the kids in my naborhood, but the only one we new existed for sure was housed in an apartment building basement. the kid who owned it was not allowed to bring it outside, so i only saw it in action a handfull of times. each one of those encounters is loged in my memory in vivid detail. MY GOD the glory of that machine. Power slides like you have never seen. I don't own a Ferrari, but if I did.... I trade it for an origonal Green Machine even steven.

chris bretl

This memory was added on: February 10, 2006

They DO make them for adults. Sadly they are sold out often.

Anthony Munoz

This memory was added on: February 8, 2006

Oh my goodness! The picture of this thing still haunts me to this day. I was riding behind my sister on her Green Machine and was probably 4 or 5 years old at the time. My foot was caught on the ground and dragging behind us so I am yelling at her to stop. What does she do? She pulls on the dratted handle so the thing spun around in a semi-circle with my foot trapped beneath/behind it. I still sport the scar on the inside ankle of my right foot. Thanks a lot for that one Tiffany and The Green Machine


This memory was added on: February 6, 2006

As an adult some days seem just too hard, and then I thought about my green machine. I wish they made them in adult sized so that on days like these I could go screaming through the hallways and slide out in front of the CEO's office. Boy, would that make my day! PLEASE someone build an adult sized Green Machine...


This memory was added on: January 26, 2006

The Green Machine was the greatest 3 wheeled vehicle ever created, and far superior to a Big Wheel by the way. I used to aim mine down hill and when top speed was reached----jam on the levers for an awesome slide/donut. I would get another one if I weighed 180 or less!!!


This memory was added on: January 23, 2006

Back in 1978 our soccer team was named after the famous "Green Machine" big wheel.


This memory was added on: January 12, 2006

I grew up in a family of 8 and was the only child to experience the joy of the g.m. my mom bought me one in 1976-1977 for my b-day.I had it for a few years,but it seemed like every time I had some type of riding toy my brothers would get ahold of it and they would shoot at it or blow it up with M80'S. About ten years ago I went back to my childhood home and found the complete back axle in the field next to the my old neighbors house. Just looking at that brought back good memories.I have a 5yr. old now and I would like her to be able to share the same old memories.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2006

I lived in Texas at the time, I begged my mom for it seemed like months for one. I finally got one about '78 or '79. I was ecstatic! I literally rode the wheels off that thing before a big kid on my block got on it and collapsed and broke the axle joint. But I never forgot it. Fast Fwd 25+ years: My son was 9 last Christmas and HE saw the commercials on t.v. and begged for one and Santa got him one for Christmas last year. It was the very first white Christmas I ever saw (in West Tenn) and he was riding around sliding on the snow up and down our driveway. He had that look on his face like I must have had back in the day. I just wish the G.M. I owned back then had all the improvements of today's. Especially the metal frame.