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This memory was added on: July 15, 2011

My twin brother and I each got one for Christmas in early 70s. He actually knocked out his front tooth trying to move it one day – still, we loved them. Like others, we rode them until they wore out. I found something similar for my son in 1988 but it kept tipping back ward which was never an issue with the ones we had. I went to an amusement park in Germany that had all sort of manual toys blown up to adult size – everything had to be pedaled or pushed, etc. It was awesome – they had a Krazy Kar (no brand on it), giant swings, see saws, etc. Wish someone would market an adult one in the U.S., I would buy several – these are fun ways to exercise.


This memory was added on: July 12, 2011

The youngest of 4 children, much of my childhood was spent keeping myself occupied. My siblings were 11, 13 and 15 yrs older. Back in those days, we respected every Mom on our block as an extension of our family and the children we grew up with were more like brothers and sisters. We did everything together. There were 9 of us and each household had at least 1 Big Wheel, except mine. I had a Krazy Kar. I remember begging and pleading with my Mom, Dad and Santa Claus for a couple years, for the Big Wheel that had the adjustable seat which never arrived. For no less than 3 yrs (which at that age is more like 3 decades). Bottom line is, after years of cranking those wheels to keep up with the kids on Big Wheels, I'm now a 45 yr old woman with the shoulders of a football player. ;)


This memory was added on: August 26, 2010

I grew up in Bayside, NY and during the 60's, we had a large area in our apartment complex where people would put unwanted toys, bikes and carriages to be disposed of or re-used by someone who needed them. I found a Krazy Kar but one of the wheel axles was broken. My father contacted Marx toys, (no 1-800 numbers back then, he used regular mail) and purchased a new metal axle. As I remember it was $10.00, a lot of money back then. We put the new axle on and I road that thing until I wore down the wheels. I loved it. The funny thing is that I purchased a brand new one for my first grandchild 2 years before he was even born. I just wanted my first to have a toy from my childhood, that gave me so much pleasure and fun. My grandson Dylan just turned 3 years old, so he has a little way to go till he is 5 when I think it would be a great time to ride it. I hope he loves it as much as I did and he will be the only one that has a retro Krazy Kar.

Kevin F.

This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

I received my Krazy Kar for Christmas one year in the early 70's (that's 1970's) and it didn't matter how cold it was outside, I was ON that thing. My little brother always wanted to ride it and was BARELY able to rotate the wheels with his little hands and I remember being pissed that my parents didn't get TWO of them. When the weather started getting nice, I had that thing out on the sidewalk all the time, roaring up and down the street. You couldn't hear a thing when that Krazy Kar was tearing up the sidewalks. It didn't do well on grass. That was more fun than any video game ever invented. Then one summer day, when I was dead tired from swimming and riding my Krazy Kar all over the place all day, I left it on the front lawn close to the house before I went in for dinner. The next morning my beloved Krazy Kar was GONE. Apparently some neighborhood kid thought I was having WAY TOO MUCH FUN for myself, and took my Kar away.

Of course it could have been some adult who grew tired of the noise all day. Never saw it again. I asked for another one, but never got one. I guess they figured I was too irresponsible with the first one. A few years later I had a bike stolen from the SAME SPOT on the front lawn. I began to think there was a Bermuda Triangle on that part of the front lawn - the Bermuda Triangle was a BIG thing back then. Just on the off chance that this was actually the case, I tried parking my little brother there to see if he would disappear. Theory proved wrong...


This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

We had four, metal, adult size Krazy Kars when I was a kid. My mom said she got them in the early 70's for my brothers and me. They came from a company in Germany. I have never found anyone else who has seen the large, metal ones. They weighed a ton! I don't think I could get the thing to roll until I was about 6 or 7yrs old. They were a tractor seat welded to a frame with bicycle tires for the wheels. The front and back of the oval frame had a piece of a car tire cut to make a bumper. We used our back cement patio as a bumper car arena. My mom bought them with the intention of keeping them for her grandkids someday, but my dad left them behind in a move....


This memory was added on: April 18, 2010

The Krazy Kar~best toy I ever owned....We use to take chalk and mark the neighborhood side-walks with road signs, you know left turn only, stop sign etc... I put many many miles on that Kar.... And I agree if they ever make them again, ~no upgrades!~just as they were in the 60's I'd buy a couple, in a heart beat!!!!!


This memory was added on: March 11, 2010

My mom and I were just talking about the crazy things kids do and I was reminiscing about riding a Krazy Kar. We did not have one but one of our neighbors did. We lived on the edge of town close to a gravel road that went down hill for about three blocks before ending at a grassy area close to the Willamette river. My brother and I had so much fun on that thing. We would start about a block from the start of the hill and go forward to build up speed. Then just after we would begin the decent of the hill, we would spin only one wheel to generate a wild (unstoppable), high speed, spinning ride to the bottom of the hill. We usually had to lie in the grass for a few moments to get our bearings before we would carry the Krazy Kar to the top of the hill for the next person. It has been more than 30 years since I rode one but it is still some of my favorite childhood memories.

I agree with many others, if they ever come out with an adult size one, I would most definitely be showing my kids another way to have a load of fun!!!

Tammy S.

This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

The Krazy Kar was was by far the best present I ever had. I just found a picture of me on Christmas Day 1971 with me in it (attached). I must have rode and spun that thing around the neighborhood for hundreds of miles! I still have not forgiven my older brother for crashing it against the curb. Sigh.....

Krazy Kar


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

My all-time favorite toy ever! So glad to find this site because my younger friends didn't have a clue what I was talking about when we discussed favorite childhood toys. I thought everyone within 10 years of my age knew what a Krazy Kar was. I got it for Christmas one year and wore out the wheels in just a year and a half. Begged my Dad to replace them with bike tires but it just doesn't work. You don't get that great skidding and spinning action. I swear, as dorky as it might look, I would certainly ride an adult version of this thing. The fun would far outweigh the embarrassment! Of course my "weight to muscle" ratio isn't what it used to be but I still think I could get a lot of fun out of it.


This memory was added on: January 8, 2010

I was trying to explain this toy to a co-worker and decided to try and find it on the internet. I was so excited when I found your website. I use to love this toy. I was an only child and we lived out in a rural area so this toy was my outdoor companion. I use to ride this toy for hours. I would spin circles in it to the point to where I would almost make myself sick. What great memories I have of this Krazy Kar.


This memory was added on: September 19, 2009

This was by far my best toy ever! I used it so much I finally wore holes in the plastic tires.

I was the only one in the neighborhood who had this toy and everyone wanted to have a turn on it.

I think I was around 8 years old when I got mine but my older sisters of 13 yrs & 15 yrs liked to be silly and ride it too!

I’m so excited to have found the picture on line. I’ve tried to explain this toy to my kids; now I can show them.


This memory was added on: August 18, 2009

Oh my goodness....where to start! Like so many others that have posted I too had gotten my krazy kar when I was about five years old. I was the only one in my neighborhood to have one.....needless to say I was pretty popular because of it. I didn't just used to ride it but sometimes I took it into the back yard, tipped it over and put a sheet over it.....there's my tent! hahaha I'm happy to say I still have my childhood friend and have now passed it on to my own daughter. I hope it brings her as many happy memories as it has me.


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I received a Krazy Kar the Christmas of 1972, when I was six years old. Here's a picture of my sister and me, from that morning.

My Krazy Kar was the BEST. It did, however, earn the disdain of my mother: one afternoon she was moving it from the living room in the house and as she struggled to get it through the doorway the balance shifted and it spun and broke her nose! She always cursed the thing after that.

They really SHOULD make adult ones, but some folks have found a way around that... Every Easter Sunday there's a Bring Your Own Bigwheel race down Lombard Street in San Fransico. It makes one CRINGE to see Krazy Kars being treated this way, but it's still brilliantly crazy fun.



This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I had a Krazy Kar when I was between 8 and 10 years old. I think my mom bought it at a garage sale. Like many others posting here, it was my favorite childhood toy. I would make many laps around our neighborhood block and still attribute my large biceps to this. When my daughter was about 8, I searched for one until I found it on a retro website. She never liked it... I was so disappointed! Like the others, I also wanted to ride it again and would buy one if they made an adult size model.


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I remember when I was young, I had a Krazy Kar and my little sister had a Big Wheel. We would spend hours in the basement (which was huge) chasing each other around. Sometimes we would just have races. Sometimes we would make up stories just so we could chase each other down: she would be the "police" trying to chase down a speeder (me); or I would be a "flying saucer" chasing her down on her "motorcycle." It was a blast, and I'll always have fond memories of those times.

Jim Leonard

This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I couldn't remember the name of this toy; when I'd try to describe it people would suggest, "Sit n' Spin" which of course is totally wrong but sent me thinking down the wrong track. I tried the Search Term: "riding toy hand spinning wheels" and got a lot of useless links but then I added "retro" and it led me to your site. I'm so glad you had a direct link for it, when I saw the image I jumped! I loved this toy. I had one all the way back in the late Sixties. I was surprised how fast you could go in this thing, I could take on my friends with Big Wheels and beat them, and then spin for victory and go off in another direction. Every time I see one of those zero turning radius riding mowers I think of the Krazy Kar.


This memory was added on: June 26, 2009

I just found your site today while doing a search for some of my favorite "retro" (aka: childhood) toys. Gotta tell ya, so far I'm LOVING your site!

Onto the sharing memories sister and I each got one of these from our grandparents one year for Christmas although I can't remember the year exactly. I have a picture of me sitting in mine on Christmas Eve (grandma & grandpa always came over to give us their gifts on Christmas Eve) and the box is in the picture so I know that was when I first got it, but I can't tell what year the picture was taken or even how old I may have been. My best guess would be around 1970 or 1971. Maybe a little later because my sister would have been a little too young to ride it then and I know we both had one, unless she got hers later than me but I think I remember getting them at the same time.

Anyway, I have lots of memories of the two of us riding these things all around our grandparents basement. They had a really big house with a full basement and that's where we kept them for many years to ride at their house. But I think maybe at first we may have kept them at our house for a while because I do also remember riding them in our driveway some and all the neighborhood kids would swarm to OUR house to ride the Krazy Kars lol We also had a really cool outdoor toy I think our parents got us one year for Christmas and I think it was called a Whirlybird but I've had a really hard time finding info or pictures of that one! Maybe I'll check around your site a little more and see if you have some info or pics of this cool "retro" toy!

Thanks for the memories!


This memory was added on: May 3, 2009

I bought my kids a krazy kar (plastic one) 20 years ago or better from a yard sale and all 4 of my kids had a blast with it as well as the neighbour's kids.I had not seen another one since till now. That thing kept them all intertained till it broke where the axcel runs through. I couldnt bring myself to throw it out so i went and bought some materials & was able to get it back in motion & got another few years use out of it before my kids outgrew it. I gave it to another family, Have no clue how long it lasted them. Now I have 9 grandkids whom I am bound to get a few for but couldnt recall the name. I kept describbing it to others till I found out. Money is tight so it will take time but since yall have the adult 1 they will all get a chance to enjoy what their parents did. Thanx for such a great creation , I think every child should have 1.

Pleased cutomer,

Nancy Smith

This memory was added on: December 6, 2008

i have been racking my brain for years trying to remember the name. found your website and THANK YOU!!!! i was about 10 when i first got the chance to ride. i am an only child but i was fortunate enough to live in a small community with larger families, so i always had friends to play with. our little community is a private park. we have a swimming pool, and an abandanded tennis court. the park itself is a 1/3 of a mile around so we had plenty of room. everyday after school we would get into our play clothes and hit the tennis court. the krazy kar wasn't mine but my best friends and she always let me ride it. we would stay out there as long as we could. sometimes our parents would have to come get us, depending on the time of the year. if it was summer we were allowed to stay out until dark. and living in Arizona for us that could be around 7p.m. or later. sadly i had to give it up because my friends family was moving to another city. but i will always have fond and fun memories of krazy kar.

thanks again
joan marsh

This memory was added on: November 30, 2008

I was about ten years old that Christmas that we all each got a krazy kar. My parents were divorced and my dad's girl friend brought them for me, my brother and one for her daughter, we all love them, it was the best christmas gift ever. We played with them in the snow, in the summer we played bumper kars,tag and cop and robbers, we played in those kars until they fell apart. then we were all sad. Thanks for the memory. They should make new krazy kars for both adults and children.


This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

Someone with the contacts (and money) needs to manufacture the Krazy Kar, but this time with a greater weight limit. My son just turned 12 and I was telling him about when I was his age my brother got a Krazy Kar for Christmas. Even at my mature age I all but stole his toy from him. It was awesome. We had a blast. We would get going really fast and then crank one of the wheel handles backward and spin out! If a new and improved version was made I would buy two, one for my son and one for me. Anyone know any toy manufacturers?


This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

The Krazy Kar was easily the most enjoyable toy that me and my brother had as children. I forget which one of us it actually belonged to, but we both made heavy use of it in the early 70s. It was in our basement and we had the whole breadth of the house to race around and spin in it. As I recall, we wore one out and had to get another. I rode it even when I was too old for it. Only when I was physically too large to fit in it, did I give it up. Sad day.


This memory was added on: August 2, 2008

I still remember the size of the box wrapped up on Christmas morning. It was the largest present under the tree. I knew that it was mine. See, about 3.00am. every Christmas morning, my older brother and I would go on a recon mission with flash lights to peek at our gifts.We would then send information back to our sisters. This was 1970. My Krazy Kar had a blue base with red wheels. I had a great time with it. In 2000, when my daughter injured her foot, I tried to find one for her. I knew that marx still manufactured this toy but I could not find one in my area.


This memory was added on: May 18, 2008

OH MY GOSH! I am sooo excited to finally find a good picture of this! I loved it so much that my dad and I have wanted to build an adult version for many years. I couldn't remember the name of the toy and none of our pictures showed the inside and how it fit together. Now I see and I WILL ride again! :)


This memory was added on: February 14, 2008

I'm 45 now ive been talking for a long time about my favorite toy as a kid and had a hard time remembering the name, then i found this site and oh my god there it is... it was the coolest toy ever.. as a kid that toy would take me anywhere i wanted to go... god i loved that whole spin out thing... thx for the memory

glen steinberg

This memory was added on: February 1, 2008

My brother got a Krazy Kar for Christmas around 1967 and although it was intended for him, I road in it as much as he did. We would pretend we were unable to walk and it was our super-deduper wheel chair. Or we would take our cat and put him on our legs and take him for a spin. He seemed to like it.... That toy was one of the best toys ever invented and I never knew why it was not still sold when my children were young as I certainly would have tried to get them one. Thanks for this site to jog some of the best memories of my life.

Laurie Foreman

This memory was added on: December 18, 2007

Ahh! I had the pleasure of getting two of these when I was little boy. My all time favorite ride on!!! The first one I wore out the wheels. But, unfortunately, I had accidentally left it out by the road and the trash man took it thinking it was junk. I was heartbroken. Then, one day, after going shopping with the family at the local K-Mart I noticed one was stashed in the back seat are of our station wagon. When I noticed it my mom told me that it was a birthday gift for my cousin. So I got bummed again. But lo and behold it was given to me at Christmas!

Later on in life I got married and when my wife was pregnant we wanted to find out the sex of the child. When we found out it was a boy. I immediately went on-line and found that you could still buy them! So now it is in the basement and my boy never rides it like I did! I guess there are too many toys to choose from! Oh well, if it could just support 175 pounds I would ride it!

Keith Moser

- circa 1964

This memory was added on: December 1, 2007

Actually found this site on a mad hunt for one of these things for my son. Found the bloody thing online. If there was one thing from my childhood I remember well, it was spinning the daylights out of myself in one of these. I rode from one end of the neighborhood to another with it. One time I rode so far, my mom had the neighborhood searching for me. There is no other toy that stands out in my memory as much as this one.

We had the only one I knew of. I always called it the big wheel, but then everyone said the big wheel was the tricycle like riding toy. Makes no sense to me, this thing has the biggest wheels of any of the other similar toys. Oh well.

We rode that that thing till it literally fell apart. Eventually the wheels started cracking. We still rode it. The wheels actually cracked so much they started splitting. We still rode it. Finally the wheels were so broken up that the thing barely moved, and by then we were already a bit too big for it, so we never got another. I am 100% in agreement with all the previous posters who said that they should make an adult version of this thing. I'd snatch it up in an instant.


This memory was added on: June 4, 2007

I had the Big Wheel, and the kid across the street had the Krazy-Kar. We used to trade off and go crazy riding them all day!! They had different names depending on who made them: Krazy-Kar, Crazy Wheel, Turn-N-Go. I was working at an older customers home, and I saw one in her basement, and said "Remember Those", she told me she put it out for trash, but the garbage men didn't take it. I assured her that I had a dumpster at work, and would take it with me and throw it out, as I type this in 2007, my kids are outside fighting over whose turn it is to ride it!!! And yes, I rode it too, just for old-time sakes!!! There The Best!!


This memory was added on: May 29, 2007

our spoiled neighbor girl, Joey Meyer had one. She would never let any ride in it. She took great pleasure in wheeling circles around us. "Bet you wish you had one!" By the time I got hold of one I was 14 and too big to fit in it. So I moved on to four-way window pane.

Lisa Hammer

This memory was added on: May 25, 2007

I loved this toy! A lot of my friends had Big Wheels, but this was so much better, you could go backward, forward and spin like crazy in circles. Don't know why they didn't keep making them.


This memory was added on: May 11, 2007

It was the last day of school in 1972. Me and some friends were playing on top of the roof tops in Hollywood. I was eight years old and sure enough, I fell off a two story house and broke my heel. My crazy wheel saved my summer. It got me to the park and to all my friends houses. Thank you crazy wheel. You were my best buddy during the summer of 72.

Eric Bordagaray

This memory was added on: April 18, 2007

My younger sister had one. We called it a “Turn-N-Go” and it was the first Christmas present given to my sister that the rest of us were jealous of. The three of us would quietly wait until her bed time. Until then the youngest one guarded her toy with the zeal of a Lioness. We watched outside the door while mom tucked her in. When the first page of her story book was turned and mom began with “Once Upon a Time” the three of ran downstairs and fought over who had the first turn on Tricia’s “Turn-N-Go”. One particular night the oldest of the three of us had a brilliant idea and us two remaining siblings enthusiastically agreed. We quickly set up moving the dining room table to the far end of the room, grabbing all the sofa cushions off the couch it had been my job to place them at the right distance from the bottom of the two steps that lead from the living room into the dining room. It was John’s job to get up enough steam so that the piloted “Turn-N-Go” would clear the two steps and land on the pillows. It was Pat’s job to steer the airborne “Turn-N-Go”. We calculated, checked and double checked. We made sure dad was in his office and mom was still reading the youngest one her night time story. When all elements were in place, Pat got in, John got set and I waved the flag from the far end of the dining room. The “Turn-N-Go” gathered steam. As it approached the steps dividing the living room from the dining room John put all his muscle into it. As it hit the top step it became airborne. I had the best seat in the house and yet I could not have seen what would happen. Pat and the “Turn-N-Go” hit the floor. They became airborne again. And it was on that second landing that it happened, the end to fun as we knew it. Splitting right up the middle, it was all over. Not Pat, the “Turn-N-Go” split right up the middle along with our hearts. It makes me wish there was an adult size “Turn-N-Go” and although none of us lives in an split level home, make we can safely become airborne again.


This memory was added on: April 17, 2007

I too remember it as Krazy freaking ride ever......loved spinning it brothers used to put me and my sister in them and push us really fast off the step and we'd go flying.....loved it until one day it cracked right down the middle....I would also love to ride this thing again....they need to make them adult sized for all of us who had them when we were kids.....great memories and deffinately better than the big wheel


This memory was added on: March 31, 2007

The BEST TOY EVER!!! I loved my Kracy Kar! In the early 70's my friends and I would ride around the block for hours. What great memories. I wish they made adult size one's. :)

Christina Bege

This memory was added on: March 27, 2007

this also came in the color of red? I remember riding one of these things for days on end till I was so dizzy...I had to stop riding none the less...we need to see kids today playing with these crazy rides...rock on...Walter


This memory was added on: March 14, 2007

This was my favorite toy when I was a kid. I would just spin around 'til I wanted to get sick. I'm so excited that I finally found one for my son. I'm not sure who will be more excited when he opens this for his birthday.


This memory was added on: February 28, 2007

Oh the Whiz Wheel (thats what we use to call it)!! My sister and I would ride around the driveway for hours. Our friends would come over and only want to play with that one toy! One day there was a big party for my dad and one the older kids sat in it and broke it- we were devastated by it. I can't wait till my daughter is old enough for one!!!

Samantha G

This memory was added on: February 24, 2007

I remember getting a Krazy Kar for Christmas around 1968. I loved the idea of turning around on a dime. I also loved how it contained you, especially your legs and feet. My brother and I would get some pretty good speed on those things using our arms. I thought the wheels looked cool when you saw them moving with the red and white design on them. I remember when I was starting to get too tall to ride it anymore. I often thought how cool it would be if they made one for adults. Sounds silly, but it was a lot of fun, and I'm sure it still would be a blast even today.

Bob Sebring

This memory was added on: February 16, 2007

It's funny how certain things now can bring me back to such a happy time in life. I got talking to some friends somehow about the Sit and Spin, when bamm, the memory of my Krazy Kar hit me. One friend, much younger than I had no clue what I was talking about, and another my own age instantly connected to the Krazy Kar memory and all its glory. The memory for me was such a happy one,spending hours spinning and turning those two huge wheels in whatever direction I wanted to go. Man those where good times. Long Live our childhood memories. Thanks Krazy Kar.


This memory was added on: February 16, 2007

I got mine when I was 12. Very old for a kids toy. I rode it down the cellar. I would love to counter spin the wheels and go round and round. That was when toys were toys, not the stuff that is made overseas that doesn't last. What a great toy!!


This memory was added on: February 16, 2007

awesome toy! I had one back in the 70's and rode it all over the house. Then when I developed my "skills" I could ride it down the driveway and turn it sideways and slide!


This memory was added on: January 28, 2007

I never had a crazy wheel but a freind down the street did. Hahahah. I still feel dizzy. I grew up in a great neighborhood. All these toys were at one kids place or another.


This memory was added on: January 26, 2007

I had one of these when I was about 5, but I'm pretty sure it was called a Whiz Wheel. I loved this thing. I would ride it everywhere, spinning until I was almost sick. I have video of me riding it- what a great way to capture those memories. I was so excited to find this; I am buying my youngest son one for his birthday in April.

Katy Enriquez

This memory was added on: January 19, 2007

I loved this thing it was like being a kid but having a car, and it took some skill to learn how to work it to . I went everywhere with this thing up to the store to get milk and cigarettes for my mom , to the play ground, to my friends. and nobody else could work the darn thing so I felt so talented .

Linda Smith

This memory was added on: January 14, 2007

Krazy Kar-Wow-this was the best Christmas gift ever! My sister and I were only one year apart and we always got matching gifts. One year our parents brought us down into our big, open cellar after we had opened a few gifts and there, sitting in the center with big, red bows on them, were two Krazy Kars. We rode those things all day and night and into the spring. We had them until some of the bigger kids tried to ride them and they broke (I think they had a 60 or 90lb limit?). Our parents were so cool for giving us great gifts like Schwinn bikes when we know that they couldn't really afford it but Krazy Kar was the best gift ever!


This memory was added on: December 20, 2006

Wow, wow, wow --- what I wouldn't give for one of these now, but adult-sized! I loved my Crazy Wheels - it was better than a bike!


This memory was added on: December 16, 2006

God! I loved it! I was on it every single day until I wore the wheels down. And still I tried to ride it. When my Mom threw it out I was so sad. She told me she'd get me another one, but she could never find one again. The photo above looks like the original one and it was called a crazy wheel, I'm almost positive! I think I remember the red one coming out after, but it just wasn't built like that heavy duty yellow one and it seemed smaller.(maybe because I got bigger?) But, it just didn't seem the same.