The Banana Splits

The Banana Splits The Banana Splits Adventure Hour was a well-loved, goofy, hour-long Saturday morning show featuring four actors in animal costumes miming wacky host segments in between some cartoons and live-action adventure features. Given that this was the late 60's, the menagerie had formed their own rock band. The show, with its variety format and frenetically-edited pace, resembled a cross between Laugh-In and the Beatles' Hard Days Night.

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This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

I liked the BS in the Sat Morning, too. Always wanted one of thier 6 wheel cars! The two little "Tra ra BOOM de AA" girls used to stick in my mind, and would "pop up" at the worst of times, and, of course, I would sing along, and get into trouble.

I got to be superstitious of that song. There was a time I would sing it ALL THE TIME. For example, while on my bike, singing, something would happen, like a crash, and I would blame it on the Song. I started noticing a pattern with crashes, getting into trouble and all, and assotiating that with the song, so I started trying to avoid the "Tara ra BOOM de Ay" girls or any thoughts of them! I didnt realize back then that those kind of things like bike crashes, happen.

While watching the show I used to run and change the channel when those doors opened and the two girls were there with their guitars, then time it and change it back so I wouldnt miss Arabian Nights.

Its great to laugh at that now, but I used to think those girls could actually cause me to get into trouble and such!


This memory was added on: September 19, 2008

I remember watchin BS on a satday morning... they had loads of cartoons, like Arabian Nights and 2 little girls always singin on guitars when a door was opened.. i do hope they come back in as close to their original form as they can get!! ; D