The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch

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This memory was added on: January 1, 2009

The brady bunch i always liked! my favorite episodes were when marcia falls for the dentist and her first day in high school! and i always loved the girls' room.


This memory was added on: October 26, 2008

I remember the episode where marcia helped a girl in school go from a plain jane to a pretty girl! i loved that episode.


This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

I enjoyed the first season of The Brady Bunch the most. Marcia was my favourite. The episode when Marcia cooked dinner, the camping trip, were my favourites. The show was groooooovy.


This memory was added on: August 12, 2008

Like most kids in the 70s I must of watched this 10,000 times growing up. My favorite episodes were those that had a 'mystery' or scary event in the story, like when they were in Hawaii and were spooked by the tiki, or when Bobby & Cindy got lost in the desert when the family take a vacation out West.

I had a huuuuuge crush on Marsha at one point. Still do!